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2005-02-24 16:15:37
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The Body

   With an additional 100 hp available for beating back the wind, aerodynamic emphasis shifts from minimal drag to additional downforce. The ZO6 has a taller front fascia slot to ram extra cooling air through the radiator plus a central nostril dedicated to engine air. A horizontal surface, called a splitter, extends forward of the fascia to help neutralize front-end lift at speed. The rear portion of the front wheel opening is reshaped, and the side vents are larger to relieve underhood pressure. The rear tires are shrouded by meatier fender flares, and forward-facing slits duct air to the rear brakes. The black spoiler affixed to the center portion of the fascia is more than twice as tall as the one used on standard Corvettes. Wind-tunnel testing is ongoing, but it's clear that frontal area, drag coefficient, and wheel loadings will be increased over C6 figures. 

   After dabbling with a carbon-fiber-reinforced hood for a few 2004 ZO6 Commemorative Edition cars, the Vette team revisited that strategy for its new road warrior. More than five pounds was saved by switching from fiberglass to carbon fiber for the balsa-cored floor panels. Fifteen pounds more was trimmed by molding the front fenders and their liners out of the wonder material.

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