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2005-10-07 14:16:43
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I am the most BORED person on the earth. Every time I join a wiki or create one people join too...BUT NO ONE DOES A THING!!! So I thought id make a wiki that people will actually do something in. I was hoping that we could make the page look really, really HOT! So if you have cool banners or a badge POST IT. And please DO SOMETHING

1.) [WinglessFairy]
2.) [Lanrete] ha ha i'm always bored! always!
3.) [Princess Carwash] I am always bored... and im never satisfied with people who attempt at ending my boredom!
4.) [This Profile No Longer Exists!]

Bordom banners!

Donated by [Princess Carwash] 10/7/05 10:19AM eastern standard time!

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2005-10-06 [Princess Carwash]: u guys need some wiki banners. I'll make you some when im not busy.. not that i ever am but im in school so i cant cuz school sux.

2005-10-07 [Princess Carwash]: im making a banner! yay!

2005-10-07 [Princess Carwash]: its a pun!

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