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2006-08-29 05:26:21
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2006-08-29 [Little Insane Cat]: sorry but i had to add the 'the' 'cause cat chat was already taken >.<

2006-08-31 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: *sobs* we will never forgive you...

2006-08-31 [Little Insane Cat]: heh -___-; lol

2006-09-10 [Little Insane Cat]: ROFLMFAO i got new slippers that are tigers and when i came home wearing them my cat freaked out and attacked them! it was sooo funny, she kept trying to tear its ear off :P

2006-09-11 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: HAHAH I have tiger slippers....thats so cute I wisg you had gotten it on film!

2006-09-11 [Little Insane Cat]: i know i'm so mad!!! it was hilarious!! oh and by the way i sent your presents to Matt today so i'm not sure when you are going to get them, probably sometime this week ^_^

2006-09-11 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: what presents?

2006-09-12 [Little Insane Cat]: the one i got from France and just another little something

2006-09-13 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: ooh sara!!! ^_^ I'm gonna get you something in London. :) And on tour since its on the east coast this year. I hope its in NY!!!!!!!!

2006-09-13 [Little Insane Cat]: OMG YOUD BETTER!!!! and my mom wants to go to China and Taiwan, just me and her and i'll buy you something from there to ^_^_^_^_^ we are probably going to stay with my uncle or something :P

2006-09-13 [Little Insane Cat]: on the Kitty side of the news, Mimi was playing with her toy and i threw it too close to the wall and she ran right into it!!! o_O

2006-09-14 [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]: hhahah! funnny. Sod get up every morning, stretches, whines at me for attention and then goes to lick hte curtains..... for like 30 mins. Very odd cat indeed.

2006-09-14 [Little Insane Cat]: LMFAO that's hilarious! i didn't know he does that ha ha ah that's so cute!

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