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A tall building in the middle of a huge city. It's a school, red brick. Blacktop surrounds it like a dark murky moat. Most of the children call it the prison, which isn't unlike most around the world.

(Rp inside the double lines)

Chance stood in the basement hall, waiting for the bell to ring so he could see his girlfriend. It would be about another five minutes.

Selena sat impationatly in class. She taped her foot along with the clock. A few more moments. She thought to her self. Finaly after what seemed forever the bell ran. She rushed out of class and down the hall to the basement where she meets Chance everyday. She turned the corner and saw him. "Hey babe! It felt like I was never going to get out." She embrased him in a hug and kissed his lips.

Chance smiled broadly after the kiss and the hug, "Doesn't it always? So where do you want to eat?"

"Humm.. I was thinking somewhere nice. I dont have another class for about 2 hours. Why dont you take me home so I can change and then we will go out somewhere nice. You know surprise me."

Chance nodded, "Sure. The car's out front. Let's go."

Selena took Chances hand in hers, and started towards the outside door leading to the car. "So where are we going?" She asked as they reached the door.

He shook his head and smiled, "can't tell yah, you said surprise you."

Selena smiled. She knew Chance wouldnt tell her. She did however wait for him to open the door.

As they got to his car, he opened her door then got in the drivers side and began driving to her house.

Selena turned up the music, but didnt like the station so she changed it to a gurlish one, and then began to sing along.

Chance just shook his head and kept driving. Some people just don't appreciate good death metal.

Selena knew he didnt like her pop music and did he know she didnt like his metal. She turned it down and asked. "Chance where are we going to eat?"

Chance smiled again as they pulled up to her house, "Told ya, you'll find out soon, now go change and we'll get there quicker." He leaned across and gave her a kiss while he opened her door for her.

"Fine." She smiled and got out of the car. I love it when he does that! She though to herself as she walked up the steps to the front door and unlocked it. She looked back and called out. "I will be just a minute you can come in like always." Then she walked threw the open door and up the stairs to change. As she was looking threw her closet, she couldnt decide what to wear. "Chance," she called downstairs, "do I wear formal clothing, churchish clothing, or a mini skirt?" She honestly knew that answer before she asked it but she liked letting him choose.

He smiled broadly. It was kinda nice to have a routine, "I think a mini skirt would work."

She had already been planning which one to wear before he even said anything. She smiled when he said what she had expected. She got dressed and went downstairs. She entered the living room wearing her tight black mini skirt, and a red sleevless top. She had no bra on and her shoes were black high hills. "How do I look?" Again she knew the answer, but it was nice to be told. She spun around for him, and waited for the answer.

Chance's smile said it all, "You look better and better everytime I see you. Are you ready to go?"

She added a bit of lip gloss. "I suppose so. Where did you say we were going again? Oh and I have decided to skip afternoon class. We can come back here and watch movies. That place freaks me out anyways. Its so dark and cold like a prison. Besides Mom wont be comimg home until late morning. You can spend the night." Selena smiled this was only the second time she had been able to offer him to stay the night.

"Perfect, and I told you, you'll know where we're going when we get there."

"You didnt tell me that this time. You told me that last time." Honestly he doenst remember short term things very well, thats how I usually get him to tell me. Its ok. I love it when he plays cute. Selena though to herself. She exited the house and closed the door after him, and locked it. Then she walked down the brick steps to his car. She waited by the door.

Chance opened the door for her then went around to his side of the car and got in. The car started smoothly as it always did and they were on their way. The place he was taking her was just outside of town, so it would take about ten or fifteen minutes to get there, which left them plenty of time to talk. "Where do you THINK we're going?"

"Hmm... I think we are heading to our favorite resturant. The one we had our first date in." Selena smiled. She knew this was the place there was only one reason for going into town this way and it was to have dinner at La Resha. The popular Italitan resturant, all the people who had money and popularty had dinner there atleast twice a week.

Chance didn't agree or disagree with her, he just kept driving with a smile on his face.

Selena reached over and took Chance's hand in hers. She then placed it on her thigh. "Chance I love you. Will it be alright with your mother if you spend the night?"

He shook his head, "Nah, they don't really have a say in what I do anymore now that I'm 18."

"Yes thats true." It wasnt long now before they were to reach the resturant. Selena let go of Chances hand and reached up changing the station to country. The song was Hicktown. Selena sang along with it as she put her hand on top of Chances which was slowly sliding up her skirt.

Chance grinned and squeezed her leg before putting it on her knee.

Selena giggled. They were getting closer to the resturant, or atleast Selena though considering she didnt know for sure if it was La Resha. "Chance where are we going?"

"We're almost there, chill out." He stopped at a redlight. "We'll be there in another two or three minutes."

"Okay." She said after a long pause. A few minutes later the light changed to green.

Chance drove down another three blocks and then parked. "Here we are. Are you hungry?"

"Thats a stupid question. I am a girl I can always eat. Espically from our favorite resturant." Selena smiled at Chance. She opened her door and got out of the car, walked around the front of it and took Chance's arm.

Chance just smiled as they walked into the restaurant and the waiter seated them.

Selena picked up her menu after they were seated and decided upon getting a salad to start and then for the meal a plate of the famous spaghetti and meat balls. She told Chance this, while he decided.

Chance ordered Selena's food when the waiter came by and for himself ordered angel hair pasta and a soda. As the waiter went to get their food he noticed one of his old teachers sitting across the room and waved.

"Oh Chance! I forgot about a drink!"

"Oh! What do you want and I'll catch the waiter before he gets to the kitchen."

"A Coke as always. Thank you sweetheart."

"No prob babe." He hurried to the waiter, tapping him on the shoulder and explaining that he needed a coke along with the rest of the order. He was happy to get the extra drink and nodded to Selena.
      As he was on his way back to his seat his old teacher called his name. Chance went to the table and talked to him for a couple minutes before returning to the table.

As Chance was talking with the teacher Selena sat there looking content. She was missing him so much and he was only 10 feet from her. Selena never told him how much she always missed him, in her mind he already knew. He always seemed to do the perfect things for her. As he spoke to the teacher she let her mind drift on these subjects.

As he returned to the table he thought hard about what the teacher had said but dismissed it as he sat down. He'd think about it later. "Can't wait for the food to get here, I'm really hungry..."

"Huh? I'm sorry I was spaced out. What did you say?"

"I'm really hungry and I can't wait for the food to get here."

"Oh, me too. What were you and the Professor talking about?"

"Oh you know, the normal 'how are you doing Mr. Henlsey...' They always ask the same things when they see you around."

"Seemed longer than that." Behind Chance came the waiter with her salad and the drinks. He sat the salad down and then the drinks serving her first. "Thank you." "You are welcome Mrs. Henlsey." Selena blushed.

Chance smiled, "Did you know they knew your name here? I didn't know." His voice was full of fake innocence.

"Chance dont even play you know we come here every week at least once. Of course they will know us by now. Hell I think they think we are married."

He laughed, "I know, that was my point."

Selena rolled her eyes, and began to eate her salad.

Chance sat and patiently waited for the rest of the food so he could eat.

"Chance why dont you ever order a salad, they are good for you." She took another bite.

He shrugged, "I dunno, never really felt like it I guess."

Selena finaly finished up her salad, just as the other food arrived. "Here you are Mr. and Mrs. Henlsey. Let me take that for you Mrs. Henlsey." "Thank you very much, Thomas." Selena replyed. "Is there anything else I can do for you Miss?" "No Thomas that will be all for now unless Chance needs something." Selena placed her napkin upon her lap.

Chance sat there laughing after thanking the waiter, "They honestly think we're married.... wow."

"I told you." Selena picked up her fork and began to eat. Within the first few bites a sauced noodle slung across her face. She slurped it up politly but it left a trail of red sauce across her cheek.

Chance leaned across the table and pulled her face towards him. "Dear, you have a little..... something..... right...... there..." Then he quickly licked it off. And started laughing. No one had seen, so it was ok. "Never mind I got it."

Selena let out a girlish giggle. "Oh Chance! I cant wait till tonight." She picked up her fork again and ate more carefully.

Chance grinned and began eating his food.

After about 15 minutes Selena layed down her fork. "Chance I cant eat anymore. I think I am going to take it home and save it for mom."

"Ok, that's fine. I'm going to go pay the bill. Be right back." He stood and kissed her cheek then went to the counter. After paying he stopped back by the proffessor's desk and talked to him a little more before returning to the table and Selena. "Ready?"

"Um no you are forgetting a box for my spaghetti." Selena took a sip of her coke.

Chance slapped himself in the forehead and laughed and returned to the counter to get the box. While he was there, he was approached by a younger kid. The two exchanged words and Chance returned to the table with a puzzled look on his face. "Ok, I have the box. Are you ready now?"

"Um Chance why are you so keen to leave. The food isnt even in the box. Besides that we usually just sit here and talk. What is wrong tonight?"

Chance glanced over his shoulder, "That little kid freaked me out...."

"What did he say?"

"Thats just it," He shook his head, "All he said was be careful. It was the look on his face and the tone of his voice...." He looked over his shoulder again, "Weird little kid....."

"Oh. I wonder why he would say that." Selena put the remaning food in the box, and got up out of her seat. With the box in one hand and Chances arm in the other they left the resturant.

"I have no idea, but I kinda want to leave. We can like go to the park or something. How's that sound?"

"Ok but lets go to the one with swings. I really want to swing."

"Whatever you want." As they pulled away from the restuarant, Chance saw the kid standing on top of the building next to them, watching them leave.

Selena scremed. Chance wasnt paying attention and Selena had to grab the wheel to avoid a car. "CHANCE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING! STOP THE CAR! RIGHT NOW!!"

"SHIT!" Chance slammed the brakes and stopped the car inches from T-boning a Camero.

"Thats it get out of the car. I am driving. That kid shook you up more than you know. I am not going to die because of your stupid mistakes." Selena got out of the car and walked a few feet away trying to catch her breath.

Chance numbly did what he was told without saying a word.

After Catching her breath, Selena got in the driver seat of the Blue Miata and took off threw the parking lot onto the parkway. "We are heading home. You need some rest and so do I after that." She shifted into the fith and final gear doing about 80 miles per hour. She took a sharp turn onto the High way.

"Watch my car!!!! I have lotsa money in this thing!!!!"

"Shut up about the car you almost wrecked." She slowed down a little after that turn not to mention cops hung out ahead so eventually she slowed to do the speed limit. Taking an off ramp she turned onto another road and then pulled into her driveway. She put the car in park and turned the key. "Here Chance." She handed him the key and got out heading to the front door. She unlocked it and enterd the house. She went straight upstairs and changed into her pj. Then layed in the bed for a few moments waiting for him to come into the house.
Chance sat in the car for a moment thinking back. That kids face wasn't normal. Something was wrong with it. It was twisted, in some strange way, almost non-human. There was malice in that look. Nah, there's no way..... I was imagining it....

Selena turned on her television. She flipped threw channels.

Chance quickly locked the car and entered the house, making his way up to Selena's room. "Hey, I'm sorry about that...."

"We could have died Chance. What were you thinking?"
Selena didnt even look at him.

"I was wondering why the hell that kid was staring at us... Didn't you see him?" Chance shook his head, "He was on the roof next to the restuarant staring at us..."

"You are imaging things. There was no kid Chance."

"And you didn't see me talking to him in the restuarant at all???" Am I going crazy.... No, that kid was definitly there. What the hell is going on???

"I saw him in the resterant. Chance no one was on any roof."

I'm just going to give in....for now "Maybe you're right...."

Selena got up and went down stairs taking the rest of the food to put it in the fridge. After doing so she locked up the house.

Chance sat upstairs thinking, waiting for Selena to come back up.

Selena sat on the couch in the living room. "Chance come on down here I am not mad anymore. Besides my dvd player quit working. Want to watch Titanic?"

He got up and walked downstairs, not really caring what they watched. It would give him a chance to think about what the proffesor and that kid said and how they might fit together. "Sure, sounds good to me."

Selena poped in the dvd, and grabed the remote. She layed on the couch and waited for chance to join her.

Chance layed down next to her his back against the back of the couch, her head resting on his arm.

She pushed play on the remote and the movie started. She was lying on her back her head on his arm. she took his left hand and placed it on her stomach. Then reaching to the back of the couch she grabed a blanket and placed it over them.

"How long is this movie again?"

"Two and a half hours."

"Are you going to kill me if I fall asleep in the middle of it?" He chuckled slightly.

"Maybe. If you fall asleep first yes." Selena never like to be the one awake she always wanted to feel protected. She had to fall asleep first that way she felt safe and protected.

"OK. I promise I won't fall asleep first."


The movie was on for about an hour Rose and Jack were having sex in the back seat of the car. When Selena leaned over and started making out with Chance. she took her right hand and placed it upon his left sliding it up her shirt.

Chance had no problem allowing her to move his hand up his shirt as he kisses her neck and ears.

Selena shiverd at this. Her ears were sensitive and her biggest turn on. She turned her head back towards teh television while Chance kissed her neck and ears.

His tongue slid around the very edge of her ear and then gently stroked the bottom of her ear lobe while his teeth nibbled lightly wherever his tongue wasn't in the way.

Selena loved this and she forgot about the movie all together. Soon it got really ruff. [but we are not going into details.]

The next morning they both awoke naked and next to each other in Selenas bed. They cuddled for a long time. Then watched tv cuddling.

"Would you like breakfast babe?"

Selena nodded her head.

Ren arrives outside 13 and smiles a little. She goes inside to hear rock music being played and moves in among the crowds, dancing and keeping an eye on her stone.

"Ok." He begins to prepare her breakfast, eggs and bacon and toast. "What do you want to do today? We could go to this club I heard some people talking about.... I think it was called 13....."

"Sounds ok." Just then the phone rang. Selena answerd it. "Hello" "His is Selena there." "This is her speaking." "Selena, this is Mrs. Henlsey, Chance's mom. Have you seen him lately he didnt come home last night and didnt call me. I was worried." "Yes he is here. It was really late last night so he spent the night." "May I speak to him." "Yes hold on." Selena called downstairs. "Chance your mom is on the phone."

"Fucking great...." he picked up the phone and put the reciever to his ear with a look of boredom and uninterest. "Hello..... yes, I stayed here last night....... No, I was really tired and I almost got into a wreck on the way to drop her off so I just stayed here...... Yes, I'm fine.... Ok, bye." He hung the phone and began working on Selena's breakfast again.

She put the phone down while he was talking to her. He never likes talking to his mom. I dont know what I would do if I didnt mine. Selena fliped channels.

"So anyways, do you want to go to that new club later?"

"I said that would be ok." She got up out of bed. "I am going to take a quick shower." She walked to her bathroom and started the water.

As she was in the shower, Chance finished up her breakfast and sat at the table.

Selena turned of the water about 10 minutes later grabing a towel she dried off and then put on her silk robe. She opened the door and walked downstairs. She walked to the table and sat down.

"Mom kinda distracted me, so it might not be as good as usual..."

She took a bite of the omlet and was amazed as always. He gets it so perfect. "Chance its perfect as always."

"Thank you." He got up and kissed her on the forehead. "Do I still have clothes here from last weekend?"

"Yes they are in my closet." She took a bite of the baccon. Chrispy and crunchy just the way she liked it. I am in breakfast heaven. I have the most wonderful bf of all.

Chance went to her closet and found his clothes. He chose a pair of faded blue jeans with a rip over one knee and a black wife beater. After changing his clothes and putting his shoes back on he went back down stairs to wait for Selena to finish eating.

She took the last bite of the omlet. "Yummy."

"I'm glad you like it. Do you know what you're going to wear to the club?"

"No I figured you would pick something out."

"Hmmmmm..... I could probably. If you want."

She walked up stairs and put on her matching bra and boy shorts undergarments. "Okay Chance, you can come up and dress me."

Chance followed her upstairs and into her closet. "I like this one, he picked out a black tank top with rips down the sides and a pair of tight blue jeans. "I'm going to be jealous of your pants all day." he luaghed slightly.

Selena rolled her eyes. "You know you cant wear them. What shoes." Esentual to the outfit a girls best friend besides her purse is her shoes. Selena put on the pants and top and walked down the hall to her walk in shoe closet. being the only child rock.

Chance followed her into her closet and stood looking at her shoe's for a long time until he chose a pair of black ankle length boots. "Do you like these?"

Selena gave him a you dont expect me to were them look. "Chance. Be real. That doesnt go with this outfit. Besides we are going to be danceing. I dont want to have weights on my feet."

Chance grinned, his face red, "I'm not really good at this...." he scratched his head. He looked around nervously. Then he spotted the pair he had seen her wear the first time they met. They were a sleak black pair of high hills that straped up half of her leg. He defintaly knew she would like these. "I think these would look good, but you may want to wear a skirt instead. Or maybe that one dress thingy you have thats ripped way up one side??"

"I think a skirt will be good. I like this shirt and that dress is too hot for the club." She walked back to her room and took off the jeans. She then opend her skirt drawer and pulled out a short mini placed it on. It was so short you could almost see her pink boyshorts.

Chance smiled, "Damn. You look really good. Are you ready to go?"

"Will you quit russing me. Its still early." She went to the bathroom and put on makeup. It took her about 30 minutes but she finaly finished.

Chance sat patiently waiting for Selena to finish getting ready so they could go to the club and he could get his mind off of what that weird kid and his old teacher had said.

Selena walked out. "How do I look now?" She did a spin.

Chance's jaw would have hit the floor if it could stretch that far, but it couldn't, so it settled for his chin. "Incredible. Are you ready now?"

"No we need to go to walmart so I can get my favorite perfume. I ran out last night." She smiled.

Chance shook his head, "Ok, let's go."

She took the lead, grabed his hand and walked out the door draging him with her. She stoped and locked it then took his keys and got in the driver seat.

"Hey! Why do you get to drive?"

"Remember yesterday?" She started the car. Put on her seatbelt and waited for him to get in.

He shook his head again then got in the car and grumbled, "I can drive now...."

"Too damn bad." She said as she pulled out of the drive way. She when up the road a little way and then turned onto the parkway. From there she got off on the exit and pulled into walmart parking lot about 14 minutes after leaving her house. She found a spot pulled in and turned off the car. Unbuckling her seatbelt she got out.

Chance unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car and stood there waiting for Selena.

Slowly she closed her door. Then rememberd she left her purse at the house. "Oh crap. My purse is on my bed. See what you do when you rush me."

"Don't worry about it, I'll pay." He knew she probably wouldn't want him to, but oh well.

"But Chance I dont want you to. I will pay you back when we get home atleast. I want you to save your money." She took his hand and both started walking up to Walmart.

Chance shook his head. He had been expecting this, "It's no big deal. Don't worry about it."

She heard him but didnt listen. As soon as they walked threw the doors they were greated by a nice old man, and given the ad. She walked straight to the perfume department without even opening the ad. Carefully she picked it. "There it is my favorite perfume, White Dimonds." She asked the counterwoman to get her an 12oz bottle. As she rang it up Selena said to Chance. "Its quite expensive I hope you know that."

He shook his head again, "It's fiiiiinnnnne."

The sales woman spoke up. "The final price is only $46.57. Will that be cash, check, or charge?"

"Cash." Chance got his wallet out and handed the cashier a fifty.

There goes my club drinks. Selena busted out laughing. She was getting weird looks from the other shoppers. The sales lady handed Chance his change, and perfume. They both left the store. Heading back to the car, Selena threw him the keys, and took the perfume. She gave one spritz on her neck and one on her wrist. "You can drive now."

"Bout time..." He smiled as he got into the car and opened her door from the inside. "Are you ready to hit the club now?"

"Yes, I can offically say I am ready. Well with the excption of my purse, but I have my cell phone so its all good." she said as she got in the car. She closed her door and put on her seat belt.

As he drove to the club, Chance toyed with his car, speeding up slowing down, power braking at stop signs. It felt good to be behind the drivers seat. The club was on the other side of town, so they had some time to talk while he drove.

Selena didnt like him testing the car but she understood that he han't been able to drive for a while. "Chance do you think today for once we can drive normal this way we dont die?"

Chance luaghed, "Does my driving really scare you that much? I haven't gotten into a wreck yet, knock on wood, but I guess if you want me to slow down that much I will." As he came to a stop sign, he slowed down normally and took his time looking both ways to make sure nothing was coming, then he checked again. "Good enough?" He asked with a grin.

"Better." She smiled weakly, and then rolled her eyes.

Chance laughed as they pulled up to the front of the club. He opened his door then went around to Selena's side and opened hers then used his electronic keychain to lock the car up. "Ready?"

Selena stood there for a moment straighting her self. "Umm.. yes I'm ready. My cell is in the car so I dont get it stolen right?" She looked threw the window. "Yes I see it in there."

Chance took her hand as they walked into the club. After entering the door, Chance paid for the cover charge and they were let past into the main room. "This place isn't too bad..." In one corner there was a dark mahogany bar trimmed with neon lights. A disco ball hung over the center of the dancefloor sending bright spots of lights spinning around room, playing off the walls, floor, and the balconies on the second floor.

Selena looked around the room. It was a normal club. She wasnt too impressed.

Chance saw the look on her face, "I'm sure it'll be better when the music starts." There were already people in the club standing around talking and what not. The music wasn't scheduled to start for another ten minutes though, so Chance decided to get a drink, "Do you want something to drink babe?"
Ren, in a far corner of the room, looks at her amulet and smiles. She smiles up at an annoyed looking boy in front of her and her eyes go blank for a second right before the boy starts swinging at his friend. She grins simply, watching for a moment before walking off to somewhere else in the club as security comes to get the boys.

Distracted Selena looks at the fighting boys and forgets what Chance was saying.

Chance turned towards the fight and watched as the bouncers forced the two guys apart, wondering what they were fighting about. "Selena! Did you want something to drink?"

"Huh? Oh sure."

Chance walked off towards teh bar to get himself and Selena a drink. On the way there, he passed a girl dressed completely in black. Her hair was put up in a sinlge braid and she wore a guady cross around her neck set with a red stone. That things kinda ugly... After he got the drink he returned to Selena, "Here ya go. The music should be starting anytime..."

Ren winced a little. Some strange agitated spike ran through her mental awareness. What the....? She searches for the disturbance and spots a young man. She glares and pushes into his mind, noting he had a girlfriend and smiles a bit. She places a subtle hint he should pore his second drink on her then moves on through the crowd, dancing as the rock music starts.

As he went to hand the drink to Selena, he almost dropped it, but cuaght it at the last moment. "Wow, that was close." He had felt somebody looking at him also, but when he looked around, everyone else was engaged in conversation or were doing something else. He dismissed it as pranoia as the music started.

Selena took the drink and siped it. Looking out at all the people in the club. She started spacing out. The first thought that went threw her mind was the fact that this club was very socially differing. She saw a girl in all black with a weird ass necklace. I would never wear that.

Ren felt that weird spike again and looked around, quickly getting annoyed. She spots a girl this time and near her, the boy she had been spiked by earlier. Who do they think they are?!?! She glares at the girl, her eyes going blank for a second. Stay outta my head... She pushes a hint into the girl's head to slam her drink down and storm out(on the priciple that she hated the club, just for good measure), then moves off deeper into the crowd, searching for people she could influence who didn't mentally assault her like the strange couple seemed to do.

Chance caught Selena looking at the girl he had seen when he was bringing the drink back, "Ugly isn't it??? The necklace??"

"WHY DO YOU SAY SUCH THINGS!!" Selena slamed the drink upon the floor of the club. "I HATE THIS PLACE." She walked away from him towards the VIP room. After storming off Selena reflected. omg did I just cause a scean? What in the world made me do that.

Chance stood there, mouth agape. What in the hell... Suddenly he remember the strange kid he had seen standing on the roof of the building next to the restaruant and what his professor said to him. Something's not right...

Selena fought her way back threw the dance floor to Chance. She bumped into the girl in all black. "Excuse me. My fault." Selena moved on thinking again. God that girl is even uglyer up close. She finaly found Chance. "I am sorry I dont know what came over me."

Chance shook his head, "It's ok.... You ain't going to leave me, but somehow I don't think it was your fault..."

"Well I found out I couldnt leave... you have the keys. How do you figure that its not my fault."

Chance shook his head, "I'll explain later... Let's go talk to that freaky chick."

"No. I dont like her I had to pass her on the dance floor and she stared at me all weird like then wouldnt move an inch."

Ren didn't like the way that couple kept looking at her. I hate attention... I am so outta here... She walks to the door, but looks at the couple before exiting to go walk through the darkened streets. No one will notice me in the dark, thankfully...

Chance didn't answer Selena. He saw that the girl was leaving, and he really had some questions he wanted to ask her, so he began shoving his way throught he crowd until he came to the door. But as he stepped out the door and looked around, he noticed that she was gone. "Damn....."

Ren looks down the street back at the club from around the corner, to make sure she is not followed. She see's the boy's head stick out of the club and decides to have a little fun. She grins, her eyes going blank, and completely enters his mind, which exposes her own thoughts, but she figured she could risk it:

I think I'll go back inside. And my girlfriend, she's being so annoying tonight, and I hate this club. I'm going to dump her after I take her home and get on with my own life

Ren turns then, a smile on her face and wraps her cloak around her, walking off down the street, wistling an eerie tune.

Suddenly, Chance felt totally invaded in most horrific sense. It felt as if every inch of his brain were being picked apart like someone was looking for something. Just as he was about to pass out, it stopped and was replaced by a strange tune. GET OUT OF MY HEAD BITCH!!! Suddenly he was alone again....

Selena went out on the dance floor because she was tired of waiting. She started danceing and all these guys started flocking around her. As the song ended she announced, "Sorry guys I am a bit tired and I have to find my boyfriend." She walked off the dance floor leaving the guys upset that they had just lost a sexy sexy girl. She walked up to the bar and orderd a Martini.

After he was sure that he could walk again, he returned just in time to see Selena order her drink. He quickly placed a smile on his face and approached her, "Drinking so early???"

"Yes. Oh and there are some guys that are on the dance floor that are upset at me." She takes her drink as the bartender hands it to her.

"Why's that?"

"I started danceing and they swarmed around me as usual. Only this time when the song ended I had to tell them I had a bf rather than show them. It was a bit weird some didnt believe me." Selena siped her drink. "Did you ever get that weird girl?"

Chance shook his head, "No, she kinda disappeared..." He almost told her about the headache and the feeling of pure invasion but stopped himself becuase he figured she'd think he was loony.

"Well I think you were right about her.. as I left you I felt intranced. I cant explain it. I am sorry I blew up." She kiss his lips softly.

Chance kissed her back, slightly shocked. Selena was the down to earth one between them. It was highly abnormal to hear her say something like that. "What exactly do you mean... entanced?"

"Oh I dont know." She just left it at that it was unusual for her to talk about these things. Usually Chance was the one mixed up in this physical entrancing or messing with others minds.

Chance let it drop, "oh, ok. So what do you wanna do now??"

Selena though for a while.. the best thing was that girl all night. "Hm why dont we club hop there really is nothing going on here." she finished her drink.

Chance nodded his head, "You pick," then, after thinking, he really didn't trust himself to drive. "And I would appreciate it if you would drive." He held out his keys.

Selena smiled took the keys. "Wait," she had just though the last time he let me drive it was bad with him, "What is wrong you never usually let me drive."

Chance plastered a smile to his face, "Nothing, I just don't feel like driving and I thought you would enjoy it."

Selena felt that something was wrong. "Ok" she said just to shake off the feeling. "lets go."

Chance nodded and followed her to his car, thinking about all the odd things that had happened the past two days.

She got in and started the car, buckled up and checked her cell phone. No missed calls good she though. Chance had gotten in and buckled up so they were off. she drove threw the windy streets and ended up heading back to her place. As she pulled in the drive way she said. "I though we would just go home for the night I am a bit shaken by that girl still. Plus mom wont be home again tonight."

Chance nodded absentmindedly, "OK."

Selena turned off the car, grabed her cell phone and opened the car door. After closing it and walking up the steps she unlocked the door and went inside to change.

Chance followed herout of habit and went directly to the kitchen and sat down after he entered the house. I should tell her, but she'll probly just laugh at me....

Selena got into her favorite blue silk pajamas that Chance had bought her and she went down the stairs. "Chance are you hungry?"

Chance shook his head, "No."

"Oh." There was a bit of dissapointment when she said this. They hadnt had anything since breakfast. She took a seat at the bar in the kitchen. "Are you ok Chance?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm fine." Should I tell her????

"Well you dont look fine. That girl really spooked me out. As soon as I though that necklas was ugly it was like she made me freak out. I dont like her Chance I dont like her at all." She was hoping this wouldnt seem weird coming from her.. she never ever talks about these things with him. Ever since she was little things like this were not appealing to her.

Chance was shocked that she would come out and say things like this. "Selena, if I tell you something, you can't laugh at me and you have to take me seriously."

"Chance I take everything you tell me seriously."

Chance nodded, "I know, but what I have to say is going to sound really crazy...."

"After what I think happend with that girl nothing will sound as crazy as what I have told you."

Chance was silent for a moment, "OK. You remember my old professor I saw in when we were eating?"


"Well, what he said to me is why I was acting weird when I saw that kid. He told me to protect my mind and watch for the outcasts. When he said that he kinda glanced at that kid. And then we left the restaraunt and the kid was standing on the roof of the next building and staring at me. And then at the club when I chased that girl, I felt someone picking at my mind.... It was the most horrible sense of invasion I've ever felt... I think there's something going on here and in some way we have a part in it... but I don't know what part we play...."

Selena sat in slience for a long time. why does this weird stuff always happen. there must be a lodgical reason. I dont believe in just spirtual things going on. Chance is right. What part do we play? What do they want with us?

Chance shook his head, "Anyways, I don't think we'll get any answers until we run into one of those people again or my professor."

"Well nothing is going to change tonight. Tomorrow we will go back to that club. For now though lets watch a movie. I feel like watching something scarry. Why dont you pick?" Selena leanded over and kissed his lips.

Chance nodded, "Yeah, let's watch... skeleton key."

"Okay put it in." Selena got comfy on the couch. She was laying down on the whole thing only place for Chance was on her.

Chance got the Dvd and put it in and then turned around, "And where am I sposed to lay??" :p

"Fine, Fine." Selena stood up, and tossed Chance onto the couch and jumped on him, stradling him and kissed him passionatly.

Chance laughed as she threw him down, then his mouth was busy.

Selena didnt care about the movie she just wanted some reason to get Chance on the couch. She slid her hands up his shirt.

Chance grabbed her shoulder and pulled her down closer to his face and began nibbling on her ear.

Devlin started to pick up the dishes a couple had left on the table, the silver ware and cups, his hair was in a braid and a net, and he had a uniform for the all night chinease buffet resturant he worked at on. there were only four other people in the resturant at the moment, another couple and two seperate drunks. Devlin ignores them all and starts wiping down the table.

Ren walks in and takes a seat at one of the tables. Why don't we stock food at... Scrunches her nose. Home..

Devlin look over, he sets down his dish tub by the kitchen and comes over."hi can I get your order miss." He says, he had a pad and pencil out already.

She looks up at the boy and raises an eyebrow, but grins. "Yes, th-thanks," she manages to get out before being nice was abandoned. "I'll just have a bowl of egg-drop soup and an order of sushi with soy sauce."

"right it comes with rice and a side of vegetables, you have a choice of green beans, corn or steamed mixed." devlin says writing down what she had ordered, he wasn't really paying attention to her at all.

"Mixed's fine. Whatever." She makes a shooing motion with her hand and rubs her temple, thinking. Who was that boy and girl? How the hell did they get in my head?! *sigh* And this waitor... She looks at him. He has that same damn mental signal.. but he's not bothering me... I'll just stay out of his head for now.. I've got too bad of a head ache....

"It'll be ten to twenty minutes I'll bring you a coke and some asperin." Devlin says softly before turning and leaving. Just another stupid job. He thinks to himself, before entering the kitchen.

God.. why are people so nice... it's sickening... But asprin does sound nice... He seems so miserable... Ren grins to herself, looking at the kitchen doors. What's more trouble... One cute depressed boy, or making him quit?...

devlin comes back out and sets the coke and two asperins on the table, without a word he leaves and goes to the other four people to get what they wanted, the couple get up and leave. So Devlin gets the bucket and gets there dishes and wipes down the table.

Ren takes the two asprin and glares at the coke. She pulls out a bottle from her cloak and drinks from it then looks at the boy, very gently looking into his mind and has to stop herself from laughing. He really hates this job...

Devlin turns around taking the tub back into the kitchen. when he comes back out he has a tray with Ren's order on it. he walks over and starts putting the plates in front of her.

Ren keeps her hands out of the way as he sets the stuff down and smiles, looking at the table. "You hate it here.. don't you?"

"It doesn't matter." Devlin says, shrugging. he sets down the last plate " Enjoy I'll be back when your done." Devlin says nodding turning away. ' why do people feel the need to speak to me.' He sighs slightly.

Because you look so depressed.. Bet a smile suits you better.. Ren says inside his mind, a grin on her face.

Devlin stops walking and shakes his head, trying to clear those thoughts 'no time to think strange thoughts Dev, your working wait until the orphanage.' He sighs again and pickes up his rag cleaning off a few other tables.

Ren continues smiling and still speaking in a small voice in his head. Orphanage? Parentless? Surely someone like you has someone who loves you, but I guess looks aren't everything... Why not make a friend Dev? Just look at that girl, she's been watching you...

'Love is meaningless, girls are useless, many people watch me.' Devlin says to himself still shaking his head now and then. he concentrates on working as well though.

Ah but.. Don't you want friends? Don't you want company sometimes? Surely you don't want to be alone... I think she is interested in you... Such things are not useless... Why do you live for nothing? You deserve something to make all this worth it.. What do you wish for?

Ren starts eating, stilling keeping the little connection she has with the boy.

' friends betray you, company slander you. Being alone in solitude, is a far less evil then facing the world. such things are wasted if not useless. If I live for nothing, then I will already be able to see the truth. I want nothing even if I deserve it. I wish for solitude.' devlin says sighing, he gets out the broom to sweep under the tables. He wasn't thinking about where the voice was coming from or why it was talking to him.

There are things you don't yet understand, Devlin... But soon you will... Ren switches the mental voice to her own. Come speak to me... I, too, wish for solitude... But solitude is not solitude, if one thinks they are lonely.. as I do... Come speak to me...

"What?" Devlin says outloud standing up straight.'what is it I don't understand? what do you mean solitude is not solitude if you are lonely?' He asks himself mostly trying to puzzle it out.

Ren continues eating, unperturbed. You shall see soon, Devlin... Soon... Ren smiles up at him. Solitude is the choice to be alone... But you, Devlin, do not have solitude.. You have loneliness... You do not choose to be alone, you simply have no one... You are lonely...

devlin just looks at Ren and starts sweeping again.'then I am lonely, fine with me.' He thinks stubbornly, he was getting curious and cautious, who was talking to him? how could they, he was going to find out.

Ah, but it's not fine with you.. It bothers you, and you shouldn't hide that.. You have much negativity about you.. It is not healthy to hide that...

'how do you know this? where are you? who are you...' Devlin asks putting away the broom he walks to Ren ." everything alright?" He asks like he's paid to do.

"Yes, you have good food here." She smiles at him, still talking to him. Who or where I am is unimportant, though it is fairly obvious... Ren goes back to eating. And I know because I'm here in your mind aren't I? I can see it..You don't have to be alone Devlin... You just have to ask for her friendship.. Just ask...

"yea... authentic cooks I guess." Devlin says going back to his broom. 'I can't I'm....working. I have to make money I can't.' Devlin says sweeping again.

Look. She only smiles when you look at her... Maybe she will help?... Just trust it, and ask her for her friendship...

'I don't want a friend, she can't help me no one can, I have to do this myself. alone.' Devlin thinks more to himself then the other voice. He finishes sweeping and checks the time, three hours till his shift was over. So he goes and checks on the seperate drunks.

You lie! You say you don't want a friend but that is because you fear their betrayal! You say you have to do everything yourself but that is because you want to feel independent! You are wrong Devlin! Without trials, one remains weak and inexperienced! You may be making it without guardian, but you still do not understand anything!

Devlin runs into a table. "Stop!" he half yells, shutting his eyes tightly. one hand going to his head. "shut up!" he says again. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" he all but screams in his head.

Why should I leave you alone? You apparently have absolutely nothing better in your life than to argue with the voice in your head that actually makes sense! Face it Devlin! You hate your life and no one likes you because you don't trust them! You have no friends and you have no family! You are condemed and the only thing you can do to fix it you won't even try! Befriend her, or forever be alone and WEAK!

Ren puts her chopsticks down, finished, and takes a drink from her bottle. She looks up at Devlin, her mouth set in a worried frown, but a small smile hidden in her eyes.

"no... I'm not, not weak." Devlin says softly, he starts shaking 'I... I don't know how' He says to himself, he opens his eyes, clearly defeated.

It's ok... Just let it happen now... the voice says kindly but clearly with a smile. Then goes silent.

Ren gets up and walks over to him, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Hey, are you ok?" she says, her brow furrowed a bit with worry.

"what? oh uh yea...fine. who are you?"Devlin asks, rather forceful and cold.

"Well it's good to know your ok." She smiles a little at him, defensively. "And I'm Ren. Ren Bl- er.. never mind. Have a seat." She pulls out a chair. "I'll be back." She smiles again and takes his tub, cleaning her own table then comes over with it and sits with him, the tub on the table. "You look like you need a break."

"...yea..."Devlin says sitting down hesitently, he slowly relaxes his shoulder by degrees.

She looks at the tub. "I hope your boss doesn't mind.." She looks around then takes the tub, going into the kitchen. She comes back out without it a few minutes later and sits with him again, looking him over. "So who are you?"

"devlin.." Devlin says tensing slightly and looking back up at her, feeling somewhat nervous and awekward in te chinease clothes he wore for a uniform.

Ren smiles a little, her eyes ever holding that odd mischeif. "Devlin.. That's a nice name... Hey, it's kinda stuffy in here... Would you like to go on a walk with me?" She smiles invitingly.

"no." Devlin says standing with a small frown.

"Oh..." Ren frowns and looks at the table. "I see..." She smiles sadly and starts for the door.

You are shoving everyone away again Devlin... Weak.. Just like I said.. You don't even try to experience anything.. You're nothing but a little boy!

" you like coffee Ren?" Devlin says thinking quickly. wincing at the voice in his head slightly.

Ren turns and looks at him, a little worried at the wince, but says a bit hesitantly. "Yes..."

"um...we can walk to...a coffee shop?" Devlin says looking anywhere but Ren. he really didn't know how to do this.

Ren smiles kindly at him. "That sounds wonderful."

Get ready to leave and lead the way...

Ren waits patiently by the door for Devlin, smiling softly.

"yea...I"m going to change and tell them I"m off...I'll be back?" Devlin half asks, shifting his wieght slightly.

Ren nods. "Of course, take your time. No rush." She smiles again. "Relax ok? I'm not going to hurt you."

Go! She may change her mind then you'll be alone forever! You don't want that, do you orphan?

Devlin quickly walks into the back. 'shut up! Leave me alone dammit.' he thinks angrily, before grabbing his backpack after changing and walking out."..." he just walks out towards the door opening it and walking out. not even waiting for Ren to come but expecting her to follow of her own accord.

Ren follows quickly after him, catching up and matching his pace but keeping about half a person's space between them. "So.. What kind of coffee shop did you plan on going to?"

Devlin shrugged truth was he never went to one before and really didn't know where any where in town. So he kept walking.

Ren looks at the boy curiously, then sadly down at the ground as they walked. "I'm sorry.. I should have never asked if you wanted to hang out with me... It was really rude and you didn't have to come.. I understand.. Hardly anyone ever likes hanging out with me anyway.. If you want.. I'll leave you alone.."

"whatever." Devlin says in a slight bored tone. He hadn't wanted to in the first place.


Selena moaned with excitement and giggled as Chance nibbled on her ears. He knew that was her soft spot and a big turn on.
Ren moves and steps in front of Devlin, stopping him. "Why do you look so negative? I bet you have a nice smile.." She smiles at him, reaching up to place a hand on his cheek for a second, then lets her hand fall, frowning. "But you don't seem to like me much and I don't blame you...." She starts to walk back the way they had come, away from him.

See? You are not the only lonely person out there Devlin... Other people need friends as much as you...

'I don't need friends.' Devlin says, he sighs. "oh bike." he says to himself, he had left it parked behind the resurant, he too starts walking back the way they came.

Would you stop lying to yourself?! You think you don't need anyone, but that's a lie and you know it! It is a natural human NEED, not want, to love and be loved, so stop being such a ponce and make a friend! You're depressing everyone by lying to yourself, you'd be happier if you'd just TRY! So just go apologize! She meant you no harm and you shoved her off like she was a threat! It takes alot of courage to do what she did, as much to say 'yes'. But fine. Fine! Just be forever lonely you stupid little boy! You don't need anyone because you think no one wants you! But it's not true and you used to know that! Just give it another try....

Ren turns away from where she had come, heading out into the streets instead of right back to the restaurant.

' NO! thats not true! I'm already needed! shut up! Sh's just another stupid girl! it was useless in hte first place!' "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Devlin nearly screams, his eyes tightly shut.

Ren turns and runs quickly back to him, worry all over her face. She tries to look into his eyes, but keeping her distance so as to not upset him further. "Devlin? Devlin, what's wrong???"

Devlin, look how she cowers at you.. If you don't like her, you can easily tell her to go away. You are in power.. Just give it a try... How can you know what she's like before you get to know her? It's terribly unkind to steriotype... And you may be needed, but you think you are unwanted.. Like you are being used... But she's not here to use you.. She's here to befriend you! STOP DENYING EVERYONE WHO TRIES TO GET TO KNOW YOU!

"I've...I've got a a song stuck in my head..." Devlin says extremely lamely. "sorry... for being rude.." devlin says sitting down on the sidewalk back to a brick wall.'leave me alone, please just go away...' he asks the voice, almost pleading.

"I'm... sorry?" Ren says gently, still standing on the sidewalk and shifting and looking around awekwardly. "And, you dont' need to apologize, but if you feel bad, I can tell you that it's really ok, I don't blame you for being rude.. You don't seem the type to be much of a people person.." She keeps looking around, unsure if she should sit down too or not.

"I'm not...sit down you look like a fish out of water..."Devlin says sighing, rubbing his forehead now he had the headache.

Ren sits next to him, a few inches away though so as to give him his space. "Thanks... So... Why are you so unhappy? If it's not too rude to ask..." She searches the pockets of her cloak.

"It is, extremely rude actually. I'm just not a happy person in general." Devlin sighs shrugging his shoulders, he looks at his watch. "yea thats a good start..." he sighs.

Pauses. "Oh.." She pulls out a small bottle of asprin and lays it in his lap. "I'm very sorry to have been so rude..." She pauses again, looking out at the stars as if thinking about something, then says curiously, "Do you even like coffee?"

"it's the fowlest drink ever created." devlin says almost dead pan. he hands the asperin bottle back not taking any. he lays his head against the wall bihind him and closes his eyes.

Ren puts the bottle back in her pocket. "Then why would you offer to get the fowlest drink ever created with someone you don't know who you didn't even want to spend time with?" She looks at him curiously.

"because a really annoying nagging loud female voice kept talking in my head and wouldn't shut up..."Devlin says honestly, staring at nothing with uncaring eyes.

Ren widens her eyes at him, but keeps quiet for a minute. Then says carefully, "You don't like this much, do you? I can go if you really hate me..."

"I really don't care one way or the other, I don't hate anyone, I just don't like anyone. not much a difference I guess." Devlin says shrugging. "besides everytime you try to leave the stupid voice screams at's getting annoying."

"Is it just screaming? Just that loud noise?" She scrunches her nose. "Aweful. I know ever since I walked into that restaurant a male voice kept yelling at me to get off my ass and talk to you, but you just seemed to busy and-oop!" She closes her mouth, blushing a little and looks out at the stars. "Never mind..."

"thats half interesting...."Devlin says nodding."we're both insane... I had a suspicion I might be..."Devlin say bored. Ignoring what she had said, he really didn't care.

Ren sighs. "Your boring... No wonder your angry all the time, no one can prolly stand being around you..." She pulls out a dagger from her cape and twirls it lazily in her fingers.

"Probably...most of the time they leave before talking to me this long..."Devlin says boredely again. he doesn't or look when she pulls out the dagger. Instead he stands up. "yea I have to go, bye..." Devlin says dusting off his pants and stretching slightly before starting to walk back to the resturant.

"You could drive someone crazy you know, between your looks and attitude..." Ren says softly both aloud and in his head, never taking her eyes off the skies and still playing with her knife.

"yea..probably." Devlin says softly. not bothering to be shocked now. He gets to the resturant and gets his motorcycle and puts on his helmet. when he gets to te orphanage he walks in quietly so as not to wake any of the small children.

Ren sighs. Damn... Lost... She gets up and walks home.

Chance woke up three hours later, rolled over and stood up. He needed to go home and take a shower and change his clothes so he woke Selena up. "Hey, I gotta go home and change clothes and shower and all that. I'll be back later." Chance kissed Selena's forehead and walked out the door as Selena rolled back over and went to sleep.


Selena woke up because the sun was streaming threw the windows in the living room. She knew Chance had been there that night but she assumed he went home and she didnt wake up fully to say good bye. She got up to take a shower.

Chance had made it home fine. Coming in the door he greeted his mom, and went to his bedroom where he picked out his clothes for the day. After he was satisfied with the days outfit, he went and took a shower, not bothering to mess with his hair after brushing his teeth and putting on deoderant.

Selena put on her robe and steped out of her steemy bathroom. Hmm.. What should I wear? She looked threw her closet and picked a pair of tight fitting jeans and a low cut top with no sleves. She sat down on her bed and phoned Chance. It rang and rang.

Chance had heard the phone ringing as he left his house, but didn't think much of it. If it was Selena calling, he would be there in a couple minutes. He waved to his mom as he backed out of the driveway and started to Selena's.

Chance's mom answered the phone and told Selena he just walked out. They hung up and she just assumed he was on his way. She began to brush her hair in front of her mirror of her room.

Chance had been speeding, not becuase he was in hurry, but becuase it was good to push the car a little bit every once in awhile. He had gotten halfway to Selena's house when he saw the same professor he had talked to in the restuarant walking down the street so he pulled over and offerend him a ride. "Hey Mr. Estidny. Want a ride?"

Selena finished with her hair and she put it up into a tight bun. If Chance was on his way he sould have been at her house. She got a bit worried, but she figured he was getting her something or planning their next date.

As they drove, Chance began asking him questions, and the answers nearly blew his mind. "Ummm, sir, you don't mind if I take you to my girlfriends so you can tell all this to her do you?"
  Chance's passenger shook his head, "No, she has her own part to play in this..."

Selena started to get upset. "Usually he will call me." she though aloud. She began to get worried about him.

Chance pulled up in Selena's driveway and put the car in park. "She might not believe what you are saying right away, but just give her time to think and let me talk to her ok?"
  Mr. Estidny nodded and smiled, "I would expect as much."

Selena heard Chance's car in her drive way her heart leaped and she rushed down the stairs and waited by the closed door.

Chance walked up to the door and opened it without knocking and motioned for the other to walk ahead of him as he was yelling for Selena, "Selena, I brought someone over."

She steped out from behind the door. "You dont have to yell I was right here and who did you bring?" Selena saw the man and her face express was shock. "What is he doing here?" Selena hissed at Chance.

Chance gave her the cut it motion as he walked the man into the living room to sit down, "Selena baby, can you get us something to drink and come in here and sit down so we can talk to Mr. Estidny?"

"Sure." She said with a smile, but then gave him a look of what the hell. She made three glasses of ice tea and brought them into the living room she handed the man his first then one to Chance. She set hers down not wanting to drink anything at the moment.

Chance shook his head slightly and turned to Mr. Estidny. "Go ahead and tell her what you were telling me please."

Selena stood there in her living room.

The man took off his hat and coat and laid them across his lap, revealing a fairly muscular upper body, and a tatoo across his neck showing the threads of time and a large hand twisting them at one end. "I was telling your boyfriend here about some people I have.... observed around town lately..."

She looked at Chance then back to the man. She finaly decided that this was going to take a while so she sat down on Chance's lap. Hoping he would protect her from what she was to hear.

The man continued, "You have both had run-ins with them, Chance's seem more personal somehow, but he isn't the only one. Selena, you have to. The difference between you and Chance is that Chance noticed his, while you.... you were completely unaware."

Selena just looked at the man. She didnt know quite what he was talking about. "Umm.. What?"

Chance interupted, "Remember when I said I saw that weird kid standing on the roof?" He looked over at the other man.
  "That kid was there, but you didn't see him becuase the majority of them are....." He glanced at Chance as he said the next, "...telepathic."

"This shit is way to weird. There was no kid on the roof. I dont care what he draged you here for but I dont want to listen to any of this any more. Chance I want you to take this man out of my house now." She got off of Chance's lap grabed her tea and headed into the sunroom.

Chance shook his head at her as she walked away, "Fine, but I'm leaving with him." Chance turned to the other man, "Come on sir...."

"What do you mean you are leaving with him? You better come back to explain why you brought him here. You know I dont believe in this stuff. I dont care if it explains a bunch but you knew I would act like this...." She started crying and threw down her glass which broke on the hardwood floor. "I.... I am sorry... I will listen." She started crying harder as she looked at the floor and saw blood from where a peice of glass cut her foot.

The man looked at Chance, not having moved from the couch. "There's band aids in the bathroom in the medicine cabinet."

Chance was halfway to the bathroom before he wondered how he could know this.

Selena steped over the glass and tea and sat on the couch but out of reach from the man. She looked at the top of her foot. "Chance there is glass still in it." She moaned to him.

Devlin had just left on his motorcycle to his second job, He wasn't exactly thinking about work though. his mind was filled with questions about that girl Ren, that he had met and the voice in his head. He wasn't paying attention to where he was going or how he was driving. Not until a car honked and he grabbed the brakes looking around. He wa in one of the housing areas, on the wrong side of town.

Chance got into the bathroom and got the band aids and was about to walk out when he remember that the glass was still stuck in her foot. He turned back around and got the tweezers out of the drawer beneath the sink. The whole time he was wondering how his old teacher had known about the band aids. It seemed like a lucky guess, but he had been so sure about it....

The man sat calmly on the couch, "Your foot will be fine, Chance is coming with band aids and a pair of tweezers. He'll take it out, throw it in the garbage, put a band aid on your cut, wash off the tweezers, put them back, and then give you a kiss....."

Selena stared at him like he was crazy. "Anyone can figure that out I am his girlfriend of course he will kiss me." Anyone with brains can figure that out.She thought to herself.

The man just smiled and turned his head as Chance came back into the room.

"Babe, I have the band aids and I also grabbed the tweezers," he immediatly dropped to his knee in front of Selena and removed the glass, and tossed it in the garbage. He then returned to Selena's side and put a band aid over the wound. After making sure it was on nice and tight and wouldn't come off he stood and went to the kitchen sink and quickly rinsed off the blood, then walked back to the bathroom.

The man looked over at Selena to see if she noticed that everything had happened in the exact order he had pointed out.

Selena saw the man looking at her. "What do you want?" She got really snippy because Chance had done ezactly what the man had said, well all except the kiss. Which this alone had satified her enough to say the man guessed.

DEvlin shook his head an started up his bike again. He was on the exact other side of the street as the house Chance and Selena were in. though he didn't know them. He put his helmet back on, making sure his motorcycle stayed on and finished strapping the helm on his head. he was getting ready to leave again. His motorcycle was as loud as any other.

Chance returned from the bathroom and immediatly gave Selena a kiss, "Is it feeling better?"

The man looked at Selena again and smiled, "We are going to have a visitor shortly....."

"Yes Chance. What do you mean a visitor?" She finaly asked the man herself. She then sat in Chance's lap to be protected by him again.

Suddenly Devlin's bike stops." what the hell..." Devlin sighs pulling his helmet back on he gets off his bike after turning it off and starts checking things. "Shit..." he says pulling out two dead sparkplugs." just waht I need..." He stands up and looks around. no pay phones, car in driveways almost no one home. He sighs. Puts his helmet under his arm and walks across the street running his hand through his medium length hair before knocking on Selena's and Chances front door.

Chance was slightly confused about Selena's and Mr. Estidny's conversation, but got up to answer the door. "Hello?" In front of him stood a guy around Chance's own age holding a helmet, "Can I help you?"

Selena got a weird feeling about him from the moment he answerd the door. She peered around the corner to get a better look at the person.

"sorry 'bout disturbing you, my bike died across the street, you think I could use your phone and call my workplace tell 'em I can't make it?" Devlin asks trying to look pleasent not like he normally does whitch was bored but he wasn't doing it very well, almost at all...really it wasn't working at all. so he stood outside holding his Helmet frowning slightly.

Chance nodded his head, "Of course!! The phone is in the kitchen which is right past the living room." Just let us know when you're leaving so I can lock the door back up, sorry to be rude, but we have company."

Mr. Estidny heard the whole exchange, and again, looking at Selena he spoke, "Biker, long hair, helmet under his arm..."

Selena nodded.

"thanks.."Devlin says stepping in. he starts walking past the Living room opening and stops. "Mr. Estidny?" he says almost dropping his helmet but catches it before it hits the ground. he stands there looking at the man all the children learning to write calledMr. Destiny because he taught them how to change leters around and make different words.they liked it. he was rather confused as well as to why the girl was staring.

Mr. Estidny gave Selena a pointed look at the mention of his nickname and then nodded to Devlin, "Problems with you bike I see. Spark plugs???"

Chance stood looking at everyone's expressions and looks and wondered what the hell was going on.

"Look that was cool when I was ten, but right now after yesterday I don't need it... the kids that are learning to write call you Mr. Destiny, they thinks its funny, and we're all grateful for the monthly money, but I'm using a phone right now." Devlin says walking into the kitchen shaking his head, grabbing the phone and Dialing before talking to the manager.

Selena took notice of the glance. She nodded her head. This is real isnt it?she didnt know if he could read minds but she decided to ask it inside her head anyways.

Mr. Estidny took no notice of Selena's thoughts, he couldn't read minds, but he suspected that Devlin was about to get fairly angry. "Don't mess with him when he comes out, he is going to be in a bad mood.... Let me talk to him."

She nodded and looked at Chance who was still stunned

Devlin comes out of the kitchen, hand grabbing the front of his racing helmet tight enough the plastic groaned, his jaw was clentched. He'd just been fired because he couldn't make it. he wasn't angry though no he was irritated. He doesn't stop in the living room again he starts to head past it. "done with you phone." he says in a voice of mild contempt.

Selena jumped up. "Hey do you need a ride back to your place or something. Where ever you need to go I can take you. If you want." She looked concerened about the boy. She didnt want him to walk.

Chance watched Mr. Estidny closely.

Mr. Estidny shook his head, "Why don't you sit down for awhile Devlin, you don't have to go to work anymore, why not sit and have a friendly chat with us???"

Selena put her head down. She knew she dissapointed the man.

"I don't need anyone pity." Devlin says still with the same tome getting slightly more irritated. " and we have nothing to speak to each other about other then our financial state and I don't think these two are very interested in that so excuse me Mr. Estidny." Devlin says in mild anger finally. though he had stopped he was glaring at them all.

Chance stood to the side, wondering what this guys problem with everyone was.

Mr. Estidny shook his head, "I don't want to give you pity, we're just having a normal", he looked at the other two, "conversation between friends. Won't you please sit and join us?"

Selena made a move to do something but she decided it wasnt worth it considering how mad he was. Why dont you just stay awhile no one is going to hurt you. She glared at him.

Devlin sighs and sits down on another seat away from them all. "fine." Is all he says unclenching his jaw, he was mostly calm again, his body relaxed his face bored again.

Selena smiled. There that wasnt so hard....

Chance relaxed and sat back down on the couch again, looking expectantly at Estidny.

Estidny nodded, "Thank you Devlin, now where were we before Selena here hurt herself?"

"We where talking about the kidd on the roof." She looked over to the boy named Devlin.

Devlin watched as Mr. Estidny talked then he slowly turned his intence and watchful gaze to the girl. He knew her vaguely but couldn't think were.

"Anyways go on with the story." She kept watching Devlin.

DEvlin smiles slightly just a hint of a smile runs his hand through his hair once then looks back at MR. Estidny.

Estidny clapped his hands together, "Ah, you're right my dear girl. Anyways, Devlin here has had a similar experience, and I believe with the same person you ran into in the club, if I'm not mistaken? A young girl that seemed to speak straight into your mind??" He looked around the circle waiting for the astonished faces from the couple next to him and the anger from Devlin.

Vala looked to her right, the sign said 10 miles to the next town. Her truck would need gas soon, she decided that she would stop and have a look around. The young woman had been driving for the past 3 days straight, only to stop long enough to sleep and take a piss. No matter how long she drove the dreams kept coming at her. And the headaches weren't much better. The last time she had these was when she was 5. She told her mom, but being the logical woman that she was, didn't understand. Her father however knew exactly what she was talking about. She could see his face now, that old teddy bear, and how he carefully told her about his own dreams. Vala gave her head a shake. Enough day-dreaming. Ruffling a hand through her long jet black hair, she could see the outskirts of the town.

Devlin said nothing but his body was tense, and his eyes narrowed slihgtly on Mr. Estidny. he still didn't say a word.

Selena knew who he was talking about. She didnt like that girl at all.

Chance nodded his head, "Yah, Selena and I had a run with her... That necklace she wears is so damned ugly..."

Estidny nodded, "Yes, there is something about that necklace that unerves you, yes?"

"How did you know she spoke in my mind." Devlin asks sititng up a little straighter finally interested but still looking bored.

Estidny shook his head, "I think I know more about you than you know of yourself..." His face lightened up again, "But all in good time, in good time..." He turned to Devlin. "I know, becuase she speaks in whoever's mind she wants to, except for mine of course, and believe me, she tried once and did not like the results."

Chance just sat absorbing it all, it was unreal. How could they have all been through the same thing and this man, a former teacher of his, know exactly what is going on... It wasn't possible. Chance was of course, at first inclined to disbelieve what he was hearing, but everytime he tried to, his rational mind threw all the evidence back in his face.

Her stomach grumbled. She hadn't eaten since yesterday morning. Coming into the town, Vala saw a gas station, and pulled in. Taking out $40 she gave the money to the attendent and waited for him to fill her truck up. Her purple eyes survayed what was out in front of her. Nice looking town she thought. The attendant handed her the reciept, she started her truck and pulled out. Next a place to eat. She decided to stay away from resturants, so the next best thing was a mini-mart. Buying bags of chips, packages of cookies and a sub sandwich, Vala sat on the hood of her truck and ate. She kept getting stares from guys as she was eating. Maybe its my clothes Vala looked down, she was wearing a tank belly shirt and hip-hugging blue jeans. Yeah that must be it She got these looks all the time, she just ignored them and the catcalls.

" Yea okay, why then do you want me here with these two. And whyare you treating us like children." Devlin says basically accepting the truth since it had already happened. "And what's the little bitch got to do with this." he adds in as an after thought. His hand went through his hair pushing stray peices out of his face the other hand still holding the helmet on his lap.

Selena stood up and had a look of anger. "I know you are NOT talking about me." She said this with atitude

Devlin simply looked at Selena "And if I did?" he asks softly, watching her. his voice only held the sound of boredom.

"I would call the cops and send you on your way." Selena folder her arms.

"hmph." Devlin snorts leaning back into the chair he was in eyes back to Mr. Estidny and then a quick look to Chance before staying on the elder man.

Selena got pissed off and left the room. She went up the stairs to sit and calm down for a bit. As soon as she sat down on her bed she called out. "Chance can you come here for a quick second."

Chance gave Devlin a look of anger and shook his head, "You need to chill out man..." He turned to go upstairs but was stopped by Estidny.

The man stepped in front of Chance, "No, don't." He turned to Devlin, his eyes changing somehow, showing infinate wisdom and something else... power maybe... "And you Devlin, need to calm down. What you are here for is your life. There are things you all need to know if you are going to survive for the next coupls months." He walked to the bottom of the steps and called up for Selena, "Selena, everything is settled, please come back down."

Chance was sitting there quietly when he suddenly felt that sense of utter invadement again. After recovering from the shock he turned to Estidny. "I believe they know where we are and they are coming... She was just in my mind...."

Vala slowly counted her money. She touched the pouch around her neck. She wondered how her dad and boyfriend were doing...Can't think about that now.. She finished her sandwich and got to think of what to do next.

Devlin stands helmet in one hand. "Who ever your talking about I don't care. I've got things to do." He says looking at Mr. Estidny. " And I was talking about Ren. the mind girl not your girlfriend." devlin says gettitng ready to walk out the door.

Selena was on the stairs when she heard Devlin speak. As she turned the corner she said "I am sorry I assumed. All this is a little much for me." She sat down on the couch and looked at the so called professor. I dont like him much, not letting my own bf come to my room to talk to me. Something about that isnt right, and to think Chance just allowed him to act like this was his house. Its more Chances house than anything. She drifed on about various things.

Devlin shrugs, he really didn't care. but he did have a feeling like something was going to happen soon. he often had feelings and they often came true. but this time he shrugs it off. he needed to get new spark plugs anyways.

Selena sat down on the couch. "Alright... let me get this straight. We are all in this together?" She looked at Devlin for her answer.

"Ask Mr. Mumbo jumbo." Devlin says shrugging again.

"Actually Devlin, I want to know from you. Are you with us on this or not? Whatever this may be for that matter. I know I can be a real bitch to say the least but I noramly dont believe in this stuff and I trust your judgement and everyone's in this room. I just want to know what the next move will be and if you are going to be working with us on this."

"why trust me." Devlin says turning scowling.

"Because you are one of us. It was destiny that make your bike malfunction. Speaking of your bike I have spark plugs in the shead out back."

"whatever." Devlin says rolling his eyes. Which meant he gives up. He would stay.

Selena smiled.

"I"m not your friend." devlin says sitting back down in the livin room.

"I didnt say you were."

Devlin nods, he was fine with that answer.

Vala felt a tug at her mind. She shook it off. She wasn't gonna listen to people's thoughts anymore, too much had come from it.

Ren lead Karm up to the corner and stood in a shadow, leaning against a building. She pointed to the girl over by a truck. "There she is.. I can't risk going in her mind, so it's up to your charm. You know how important it is to get rid of these people." She looks at Karm seriously.

There it was again, that pull. Vala got in her truck.
Something is not right

Karm nods at her, still observing the girl.

Estidny stood, smiling, "Good. Now that we have this all straightened out, well, the personal issues at least, I think we need to leave here. We are going to go to our base of operations if that is fine with everyone." He looked around at them all waiting for their answers.

Chance nodded, "Fine by me..."

Selena paused. "Where is that exactly? And Chance could just me and you drive there?"

Chance looked over to Estidny, "Ummm, is it possible for you to ride with Devlin, if Devlin decides to go?" Chance looked over to Devlin to see if he was going to accompany them.

"It's not like I've got anything important to do now." Devlin says with a small glare at Estidny." but I need two spark plugs." He says standing.

"I will get some." She walked out of the room and to her shead. After about 8minutes she came back. "Here they are." She handed them to Devlin and smiled. "Just like I said."

Estidny smiled again, "So we're off!" and walked out the door.

As soon and he walked out the door, Selena wisperd to Chance. "Can we do this?"

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