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Enter The Compound: Security Checkpoint Alpha
The Compound: Security Checkpoint Delta
Echo Checkpoint via Helicopter Landing Pad on Compound: Rooftop

A long drive out of the city, down a deserted highway, there is an unmarked dirt road leading out into the desert. Ten miles down the road or so all system navigation will fail in commercial or other unauthorized vehicles and the AI built in, usually the standard Computer Jane model, will appear on the smart screen of the windshield while all the other windows go dark. "My apologies, but it seems that you have entered a secured area. Per protocol 57A2441 your vehicle will now be commandeered by the local authority. Please remain seated inside the vehicle until you are instructed otherwise." She will say, then phase out, after which the vehicle will no longer respond to operator control or instruction. It will continue onward through the vast, empty desert before coming up over a hill to reveal a monstrous building made of steel and concrete, encircled by high stone walls and guard posts at each corner, as well as have a dozen armed sentries. This is the Compound.

Compound: Level One West
The Compound: Front Desk and Lobby
Compound: Level One East
Compound: Women's Locker Room 
Compound: Pool
Compound: Men's Locker Room 
Compound: Archives
Compound: Library
Compound: Garden 
Compound: Lounge
 Compound: Medical Files
Compound: Clinic
Compound: Waiting Room 
Compound: Cafeteria
Compound: Patio
Compound: ER
Compound: Front Office
Compound: Armory
Compound: Apt 3BW
Compound: Apt 4BC
Compound: Apt 2AW
Compound: Apt 5CE
Compound: Apt 1AW
Compound: Apt 6CE

Compound: Level Two
The Compound: Dome
Compound: Co-Ed Showers 
 Compound: Library Balcony 
 Compound: Gym
Compound: Conference Room 2A 
Compound: Personnel Files 
Compound: Cafeteria
Compound: Interview Room 2C 
 Compound: Medical Inprocessing
Compound: Conference Room 2B

Compound: Level Three
Compound: Handler Gym 
Compound: Dome CC 
Compound: Handler Lounge
Compound: Apt A3W
 Compound:Conference Room 3A
Compound: Apt F3E
Compound: Apt B3W
Compound: Control Room W3 
Compound: Control Room E3
Compound: Apt E3E
 Compound: Apt C3S
Compound: Apt D3S

Compound: Rooftop
Compound: CCC
  Compound: Vehicle Maintenance
Compound: Parking West 
Compound: Parking East 
Compound: Morgue 
 Compound: Lab and Disposal 
Compound: Secured Weaponry 
 Compound: Medical Holding 

Compound: Fields
The Compound: Dormitories
Dorms: N1
Dorms: N2
Dorms: S1
Dorms: S2

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2014-07-28 [The Black Goat]: Note to self: maps and links per level go here

2014-08-25 [The Black Goat]: Just need links now

2014-09-25 [The Black Goat]: there's yah damn list XD all the links to the compound BAM.

2014-09-25 [Synirria]: Wow... *Places a hand over my head, and braces myself against the nearest wall*

2014-09-25 [ancienteye]: There's a lot. XD

2014-09-25 [The Black Goat]: yeah there fucking is, know how long it took to organize just this page?


2014-09-25 [~Valkyrie~]: lol, I love you sometimes Nox :p

2014-09-25 [The Black Goat]: damn right XD

2014-09-25 [ancienteye]: Only sometimes?

2014-09-25 [Synirria]: *Nudges ancient with her elbow* Shhh... she didn't catch that part.

2014-09-29 [Ms. Steel]: Does this page contain all of the watchable pages in the game? I keep discovering that I am not watching certain pages :***(

2014-09-29 [Ms. Steel]: NEVERMIND found my answer

2014-10-04 [Lord Josmar]: There are two cafeterias. Is this on purpose?

2014-10-05 [shadow of darkness]: do we just start anywhere we want?

2014-10-05 [~Valkyrie~]: In your room. I think your room shares the same common area as Aailyah and Luther, come join us :)

2014-10-05 [The Black Goat]: the cafeteria's are connected, first floor is food and some seating, second floor is all seating

2014-10-05 [Lord Josmar]: I saw that shortly after posting my comment, but was too lazy to come back and delete said comment.

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