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The Compound: Dome - Compound: Field

Dorms: N1 (F) – Dorms: N2 (M)

Compound: Patio - Compound: Parking East
The Compound: Security Checkpoint Alpha

Dorms: S1 (C) – Dorms: S2 (C)


The location of Dorms: N1, Dorms: N2, Dorms: S1, and Dorms: S2. The paved road from The Compound: Security Checkpoint Alpha leading to Compound: Parking East runs through the northern and southern dorms, and sidewalks running along either side lead to the Compound: Patio and the main compound. Behind the north dormitories is the back entrance to The Compound: Dome and the Compound: Field, a large grassy area for people to hang out in.

A little over a week post-mission #218, after the new Specials received their inprocessing briefings, implants, tattooed barcodes, and access cards, the entire compound was put on lock-down for two days for undisclosed reasons, though the rumors abound. After forty-eight hours of being confined to their dorms, the inhabitants of the compound receive an announcement via the Computer Jane modules built into their walls: "Attention, lock-down procedures per code #56835 have now been lifted. Please have a great day." The previously locked doors unlock themselves and the windows, which had gone black or switched to a pre-set theme depending on the individual, return to their normal transparent states.

Coming out of the men's dormitory, Fulther turned to Harkin. "So, why do you think they had us in lockdown? That AI's explanation wasn't much to go by." He suddenly grinned. "I wonder if it was anything to do with Silera."

"The woman that fell from the sky? I don't think so...If we were locked in our dorms because one of us is a danger, wouldn't that risk the others?" Harkin said in a surprising moment of lucidity. "If it was anything life-threatening, then the reason would've been on the outside. Like a jello avalanche rolling over the dorm building. That would explain why it took so long."

Heading in the direction of the main building, Fulther considered Harkin's point. "True, but she is an agent of chaos. But then why lock all of us up? Wait, jello?!" He took a look at the other Special before continuing. "Yeah, maybe an external threat. Maybe the Handlers will tell us."

"Yeah, probably not jello...More like molasses. Slow moving, but goes around instead of getting stuck." Harkin nodded to himself as if the building was undoubtedly surrounded by a molasses flood during their time under lockdown.

With another bemused look, Fulther continued on to Compound: Patio.

Harkin followed Fulther out to Compound: Patio.

Shrill came out from one of the co-ed dorms, grumbling about the distance it had to walk just to get food. "Wish they would just let me keep food in my room, be easier." it mumbled, without mentioning that the food it was referring to was people. In the quick paced, slow movement style in which it walked, it headed towards Compound: Patio.

Asher held the door open for the other two and then closed it once they were out. Whistling as she skipped along. "I am so glad they finally let us out of that stuffy building." Smiling she lead the way across to the Compound: Patio.

As if she were a duckling, Thena followed Asher out of Dorms: S2, and she bobbed her head and mumbled a soft, 'Thank you,' as the woman held the door open; said nothing else. In light of the heat of the desert, Thena pulled her sweater even more snuggly around her torso, and she, too, went to the Compound: Patio.

Marcus walked out of Dorms: S1 and took a breath of fresh air and looked around. The place wasn't too bad even for a secret installation full of 'specials' at least so far. So he set out on path for Compound: Patio.

Rehn followed quickly behind Asher and Thena. He felt a little odd when the door was opened for him, something he wasn't exactly used too anymore. If he wasn't out right ignored, people tended not to be near as kind, and though it was refreshing, it was still somewhat uncomfortable for him. Compound: Patio

A door opened and Aailyah stepped out, pausing to make sure she was being followed.

Cerah followed in behind Aailyah. She scanned her surroundings as she continued to follow Aailyah.

"As for the lockdown, it was probably nothing. I'd wager some special lost control and it was safer for us to stay put til they got them under control again." Lysander offered as he followed the girls through the door.

Luther followed behind Lysander. "It could also have been from the large number of new editions to the compound. Just to make sure no conflicting personalities had an explosive interaction." Luther added. He then went on. "At any rate its over, now its just a matter of avoiding the handlers and trying to enjoy our self." 

Coming out just as the other group was passing the entrance to the underground parking garage, Delilah followed the same route. It was nice to see everybody out and about now that the lockdown was over, and it was so beautiful outside too. She took her time as she followed the sidewalk, reaching out a hand to run along the railing until she passed under one of the large trees that marked the border between the dormitories and the Compound: Patio.

"Trying being the key word there." Aailyah commented, giving Luther a smile, "There's just not much in the way of entertainment here." she said with somewhat exaggerated woe as she continued on to the Compound: Patio

Luther smiled and followed Aaliyah to the Compound: Patio.

Cera followed them quietly to the Compound: Patio

Lysander couldn't help but stare as Aaliyah walked before his eyes. He smirked, thinking that he knew plenty of things for entertainment, and they swayed right before his eyes as he followed to the Compound: Patio

Cyrus came to the dormitory complex and quickly checked his computer again. Mentally noting Irah's dorm room number in his head, he headed into Dorms: N1.

Irah paused for only a moment before she gathered where she was supposed to go and turned heading out the doors towards the Compound: Patio.

Returning from the dormitories, Cyrus headed back the way they'd come to the Compound: Patio.

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2014-07-06 [Sheamus Finn]: Aw, I was hoping to see what room Marcus was gonna get....

2014-09-23 [The Black Goat]: The Dorms here are a playable area rather than a list, unless you guys would prefer it as a list

2014-09-23 [~Valkyrie~]: I like them being a playable area, but I think a list might also be useful so that we can see where everyone lives.

2014-09-23 [The Black Goat]: I think I was going to attach that info on the character page itself instead

2014-09-23 [~Valkyrie~]: Sounds like a perfect idea

2014-09-25 [ancienteye]: So our chars are in their rooms, now? :o

2014-09-25 [The Black Goat]: hold on, but yes, I'm going to update the character page and arrange folks by dorm, then leave a GM post here for everyone to see explaining why they are in their rooms

2014-09-25 [ancienteye]: OK. :P

2014-09-25 [The Black Goat]: Now people can post in their respective dorms

2014-10-16 [The Black Goat]: Hey Reonowyn, your character is outside right now, not in a room

2014-10-16 [Reonowyn]: Oh, geez sorry I knew that lol, sorry don't know what I was thinking I will fix now

2014-10-18 [The Black Goat]: SoD lol how are they going through a door? they're outside, the patio is outside :P

2014-10-19 [shadow of darkness]: *shrugs* I don't know... didn't we go through a door to get here?

2014-10-19 [The Black Goat]: Well a door leaving your dorm building to go outside, yes

2014-10-19 [shadow of darkness]: pretty sure thats the door I was thinkign about lol

2014-10-20 [The Black Goat]: ah. now I understand

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