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The Couch Potato Contest!

          A contest for the TV junkie in all of us

The Rules are simple...

<img15*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874513.jpg> Be sure not to violate the uploading art rules and make sure you are especially familiar with Copying vs fanart & referencing.

<img15*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874513.jpg> Original fanart created by you from your favorite current running television show.

<img15*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874513.jpg> Each participant is allowed 3 entries.

<img15*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874513.jpg> Winners will be chosen by a voter poll.

<img15*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874513.jpg> Be creative and have fun.

<img15*0:img/drawing/19683_1095874513.jpg> No Photography or Photo Manipulations please.


1. [Yncke] - Calamity Jane from 'Deadwood'.


2.[Jitter] - John Winchester from "Supernatural"

3.[Jitter] - John and ghost Mary Winchester from "Supernatural"

4. [Nioniel] - A more playful version of Abby from "NCIS"...yum!

4. [Jitter] - Sookie from True Blood


Brought to you by Contests Hosted by Lothuriel and the letter C!

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2009-12-02 [Lothuriel]: I am the daughter of a Marine LOL...I always plan ahead and improvise at the spur of the moment!! <img:img/mood/61513_1224163020.gif>

2009-12-02 [Nioniel]: Oh gawd...

2009-12-02 [Lothuriel]: It's true...<img:44166_1164145305.gif>

2009-12-03 [Jitter]: Amagad John Winchester <3 By the way JDM had a small guest appearance on Angel too :3

Sam is my fella though :P

2009-12-03 [Jitter]: Num num I might make something from the Vampire Diaries too... :3

2009-12-03 [Nioniel]: Nice submissions [Jitter]!

2009-12-03 [Alexi Ice]: Wow Jitter! amazing.

2009-12-03 [Jitter]: Thank you :)

2009-12-03 [Nioniel]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2009-12-04 [Ravendust]: woo, Supernatural entry :D my most favorite show... one of 'em anyway, but it's way up there, hehe

2009-12-05 [Lothuriel]: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

[Jitter I LOVE IT!!

2009-12-06 [Iske]: great one Jitter

2009-12-12 [Jitter]: Ty ^^

2009-12-20 [Ravendust]: that's really cute, [Nioniel] :) I love Abby xD

2009-12-20 [Nioniel]: Aww, thankies! ♥

2009-12-22 [Flisky]: I was going to do this, then I realized that I really don't watch enough TV to even know what shows are on anymore...

2010-01-02 [Lothuriel]: i am sure you can figure something out. Supernatural and Smallville art is always welcome....teehee

2010-01-02 [Ravendust]: I'm contemplating what I wanna go with myself, I absolutely ADORE both shows :3

2011-07-29 [XxTsomexX]: Omigosh I forgot about this place :P

2011-07-29 [Lothuriel]: oooh I love it Jitter!

2011-07-30 [Jitter]: Thank you :) I have made LOADS of fanart this year :)

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