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I'm in love with my Lust,
Burning Angel Wings to dust...

Please may all members show this Banner in there description, it is not compulsary but it would be nice. Loyalty to the Underworld.

The picture no longer works, we will have to get a new pic... any suggestions?

This page is for people wanting to join the creed! A vampire sect, we are a devoted organisation always looking for outstanding individualls...message [The Dark Lord].

We do not just want Vampyries, we are looking for Goths, Donors, people who like the Dark and Evil or just outcasts

Follow this, the text of The Creed:

I am a Vampyrie.
I worship my ego and I worship my life, for I am the only God that is.
I am proud that I am a predatory animal and I honor my animal instincts.
I exalt my rational mind and hold no belief that is in defiance of reason.
I recognize the difference between the worlds of truth and fantasy.
I acknowledge the fact that survival is the highest law.
I acknowledge the Powers of Darkness to be hidden natural laws through which I work my magic.
I know that my beliefs in Ritual are fantasy but the magic is real,
And I respect and acknowledge the results of my magic.
I realize that there is no heaven as there is no hell,
And I view death as the destroyer of life.
Therefore I will make the most of life here and now.
I am a Vampyrie.
Bow down before me.

If your not a Vampyrie, just take out the word Vampyrie and Replace it with what you are. Simple.

[The Dark Lord]=Aslen Icewind

Creed Members,
Thankyou and sorry for any inconvienience

....we are a new race...we feed off blood but are also psi-vampyries....we shall crush the weaker and unite the stronger!!!!
 JOIN US!!!!!!!!!

For your Vampyrie email address go to then on the right hand side click on email and sign up for free...remember for your name write your Vampyrie name and for your occupation go for the small business!!!!!

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Message to Council members there is now a Creed forum open for the is forum number '-1016'

The Vampyrie homeland:


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