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The Cursed Woods of Admore


The Tower of Seletar

These woods have a bad feeling in the air. You feel like you are not alone, and you are being watched.
The center of the woods has a ruin of what once may have been a tavern of some sort.
These woods never see day, it is always night, and they harbor many evil and dangerous beasts.
Legend has it that the Drow sorcerers of Maul'la cursed the elves of this wood and turned them into horrid beasts. No one knows if this is true, however it is known that the legendary city of the Admore wood has never been found.

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2007-12-08 [Fearathress]: "Don't play games with me. THe warlord who was an elf. HE is under your controll and cannot wake." She said her vioce filling with feary.

2007-12-08 [Silver Moon]: "We hold no one here who hasn't perished, we are the keeper of souls."

2007-12-08 [Fearathress]: "He has not pereshed and yet I was told a group of cloaked black figures was heading through the cursed woods.. so either you have it nad are lying or you know of another group who has it!" She said through greeted teeth.

2007-12-08 [Silver Moon]: "Another group came through, because we have only the spirits of the dead."

2007-12-08 [Fearathress]: "Did you see them?" Lenwe asked decideing to take over.

2007-12-09 [Silver Moon]: "No."

2007-12-09 [Fearathress]: "Of cource not." K'htress mummbled.

"How do we know you are not who we are looking for?" Lenwe asked.

2007-12-12 [Silver Moon]: "You don't. We manage the condemned spirits here. Judge as you will but know we are supported by the gods."

2007-12-12 [Fearathress]: K'htressa grumbled and looked at Lenwe. "This is no damn help. I sear this though, if that creature back there gave us false information then I shall kill him myself."

Lenwe smiled. "Sorry for the rudness... it is hard to trust anyone anymore. Do you mind if we rest here while we think of another plan?"

2007-12-12 [Silver Moon]: "Go to the light is safe there. The spirits will feed on you if you stay here."

2007-12-13 [Fearathress]: Lenwe nodded catching K'htressa's arm and pulling her back to the pilar.

2007-12-24 [Silver Moon]: The cloaked figures went back to their mutterings.

2007-12-27 [Fearathress]: When they finnaly arived within the circle of light K'htressa sighed in fustration. "Where the hell are they?!?"

Lenwe raised an eyebrow before setting himself down next to the pillar. Letting out a breath he concentrated his mind to connect with his goddess.

2008-01-12 [Silver Moon]: Something slithered through the leaves nearby. But Lenwe soon felt a sooting entity touch his mind. Have no fears or doubts my child. The elf's soul is here, but it isn't held a prisoner by another. His fears are what keeps his soul here. You and K'htressa must seek out his soul and reassure it..mend his mind and memories and only than will he be free.

2008-01-13 [Fearathress]: K'htressa jumped and screamed at the noise.

Lenwe ignored her scream and calmed himslef into a relaxed state. In what form does the elf keep his soul in?

2008-01-14 [Silver Moon]: It will appear like the numerous others in this place..but there will be a sadness about it.

As Lenwe was preoccupied, K'htressa spotted a small cloaked figure crawling towards them. Something told her it wasn't mortal

2008-01-14 [Fearathress]: K'htressa got up letting out another sherik and ran to Lenwe pointing at the cloaked figure.

Lenwe let out a sigh thanking his goddess and opening his eyes. He looked at the figure. "No need to fret K'htressa."

By this time however K'htressa was more than freaked out.

2008-01-31 [Silver Moon]: The cloaked figure stopped just shy of the barrier and seemed to observe them.

2008-02-04 [Fearathress]: Lenwe held K'htressa back and looked at the cloadked figure. "Will you be the elf who is prisoning himself within these woods?"

2008-03-13 [Silver Moon]: "Who is asking tratourious one?"

2008-03-13 [Fearathress]: "One who is here to save you for your daughters sake." Lenwe replied softly.

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