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2007-10-18 02:40:26
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The Cursed Woods of Admore


The Tower of Seletar

These woods have a bad feeling in the air. You feel like you are not alone, and you are being watched.
The center of the woods has a ruin of what once may have been a tavern of some sort.
These woods never see day, it is always night, and they harbor many evil and dangerous beasts.
Legend has it that the Drow sorcerers of Maul'la cursed the elves of this wood and turned them into horrid beasts. No one knows if this is true, however it is known that the legendary city of the Admore wood has never been found.

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2007-11-03 [Silver Moon]: *signs of someone being dragged were evident in the dirt*

2007-11-18 [Lirerial]: *Zataria steps out from the shadows and looks around* yes..this place looks human free *she murmers to herself*

2007-11-20 [Silver Moon]: *feels an ominous feel in the air*

2007-11-20 [Lirerial]: *glances around and allowed her wolf ears to replace her human ones as she quietly explores the surounding area*

2007-11-20 [Silver Moon]: *feels as though icy fingers brush against her

2007-11-20 [Lirerial]: *whirls around wildly, drawing a dagger as she moves and crouching close to the ground*

2007-11-20 [Silver Moon]: *sees nothing, but hears voices whispering*

2007-11-20 [Lirerial]: *allows her form to change abit so that she stands straight but is covered with fur and her head is that of a wolf, this done she continued on her way searching*

2007-11-20 [Silver Moon]: *the voices seemed to follow*

2007-11-20 [Lirerial]: *her fur bristles as she scents the air* who's there??

2007-11-20 [Silver Moon]: *no reply came but the whispering continued and she felt cold fingers touching her*

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