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Contest Closed! Digital Painters' Poll
Cast Your Vote! Voting Deadline is March 10, 2007!
The Digital Painters' Contest 2

Thank you, [Jitter] for the awesome graphic!

The Digital Painter's Gallery
A gallery of the entries from the first contest or The Digital Winners to see the past contest winners.

Theme:   Rules:
1.  I don't mind artistic nudity but, I don't want to see any pornographic or ultra-violent peices. I want you to be able to be creative and express yourselves freely. 
2.  All entries must follow the uploading art rules or they will be disqualified. No questions asked.
3.  Each member is allowed two entries.
4.  No art collaborations this time, sorry guys. 
5.  No Photomanipulations for this one. 
6.  Acceptable medium is limited to digital paint programs. This includes programs such as Paint Shop Pro, Corel, Picture it Now, etc. This includes Raster and Vector images.
7.  Art that has previously been entered in more than 1 Elftown Contest or has won a previous Elftown Contest is not allowed.
8.  All entries must be uploaded to Elftown. If you have questions about this, then please message me.

Deadline:  , 2007

Winners will be chosen by a voting poll unless I can recruit some judges.

Place your entries here

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2006-02-21 [moira hawthorne]: it matters in the amount of gorcery you need to buy... and in tuition... and all the other costs..more clothes shoes boots coats.. games ect!

2006-02-21 [Cia_mar]: well yes that is true... they eat like dragons really....

2006-02-21 [moira hawthorne]: hahahaha... you mean by the mess in their caves?

2006-02-21 [Cia_mar]: no i really mean like in the quanity... 8 lbs of fried potatoes....5-6 larg pancakes each... 3-5 fried eggs each ... and 4-8 pieces of bacon.... and you would think that the yonger ones wouldn't eat that but i have one who can put away at least 4 chicken hind quarters and all the fixing with it!....

2006-02-22 [moira hawthorne]: yah children normally eat more than adults.. which is why ... child meals ... always make me laugh.

2006-02-22 [Cia_mar]: no kidding... and we as parents are like... "hmmm i can get two kids meals for the dame price as the adult meal.... and maybe just maybe they will be full".... we stopped getting kids meals a while ago... and ya know our pizza hut has a family night where kids under 12 eat free... they lose money on us every time!!!!

2006-02-22 [Jitter]: Five children! Yay! I want to have five too! Or more :) Heck let me have as many as dear God wants me to have xD

2006-02-22 [moira hawthorne]: I started too old... my fist was at 36... if I had started at 26.. I may have had more... but Eirikr is doing fine... he gets all of our resourses... and he has lots of friends too

2006-02-22 [Cia_mar]: ah... i cheated i married into 3 of them.. but i started when i was 21....

2006-02-22 [moira hawthorne]: well that is cheating in a way! so you only body built two... easier on your body!.... historical one of the killers of woman was child birthing many many child just worn them out!.. exspeaically if the general health isnt very high...

2006-02-22 [Cia_mar]: well no one really ever thinks they are not mine unless i say something.. so i gues is really isn't bad... and we haf full custody so in all ways but one i am their mom!

2006-02-22 [moira hawthorne]: oh most definately! who ever raises a child is thier parent!

2006-02-22 [moira hawthorne]: what is 9mths to 18 plus years!

2006-02-23 [Jitter]: I plan to start next year at 22 ^_^ But I'd gladly have one now. Like NOW!

2006-02-23 [Ocean Soul]: Really?!

2006-02-23 [Jitter]: Yeah :D

2006-02-23 [moira hawthorne]: very traditional.... to go to the wedding with one started... make prefect sense to... prove you are a fertal match to each other since the main biological purpose of marriage is foe children to be produced

2006-02-23 [Ocean Soul]: I feel like a total child.. far from being married or having children myself.. meh

2006-02-23 [Jitter]: Haha don't worry less than three years ago I didn't even want to get married :p The problem when you have children before marriage is that stupid people think the guy gets you only because you're pregnant <_<

2006-02-23 [Lerune]: I was pregnant with Gabby when Bill and I got married. We were already wanting to anyway, it just sped the process up a bit forus, since we were eager to be with each other and raise a baby. People said we were only getting married for the baby and that we'd never last, but 7 years and two more children later, we're still going strong. ^^

2006-02-23 [Jitter]: ^_^ People are mean. When I and Giannis got together they said that with the distance and all (he lives ~400km away) we wouldn't last. We're more than two years now and planning to marry in summer 2007. We might "accidentally" conceive a baby two-three months earlier :p

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