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Elfwood Selections

One of the Top Three Wiki-Pages in the Wiki Awards! for the months of September/October/November


This wiki is about showing art and writing in Anyone is free to make a feature. I [iippo], won't be making any more features here, (for my next stage you can join me in Selections), but if you want to make a feature, be my guest :)


-No featuring mod's choices. They get enough attention as it is. Also featuring an artist/writer who has plenty of mod's choices and is generally a very well-knows Wooder is not very nice. This is more about the unknown treasures in the Woods.
-No featuring anything that is part of a tour. Again, they get plenty of attention as it is.
-No featuring your own work. This wiki is for honouring others, not yourself, you selfish tit. And no, don't ask your friends to feature your work either. The wiki's point is also to get us Townspeople off the streets and into the Woods, wandering and searching for things.
-What you feature doesn't have to be the best thing ever in technique, since this is not a race or a contest. If a piece caught your eye because of the philosophical theme that touched your inner self in a way that nothing else ever has - even thought it's just a pencil sketch - you can feature it.


About the feature
-No sloppyness. Good spelling and grammar are important, as well as content: you have to discuss the piece, the why it is here and what you think of it. Both ups and downs, every piece has positive and negative sides. Write at least 10 sentences.
-It is recommended that you comment on the piece in Elfwood, telling the artist the same things you'll tell us here. You can also mention that you'll do a feature here.


The current feature

25th May, 2011


About this feature:
I randomed across this picture and immediately delighted in its light mood and sweet spirit. It brings back vividly childhood summer memories of similar encounters with the fascinating creatures that we share the world with. So while the artistic execution isn't professional quality (mainly in terms of colour and background shading; her line quality and composition on the other hand leave you needing nothing more), I would argue that it doesn't have to be. Give me a drawing that actually has feeling and mood over Photoshop mastery any day. And that's why I give it now on to you :)

Featurer: [iippo]


Past Features in past page versions:
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-The Elfwood Selections 66 - 12th October, 2007: April S. K. Parks.
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-The Elfwood Selections 63 - 14th September 2007: Aaron Valdez.
-The Elfwood Selections 62 - 7th September 2007: Michelle L. Gerst.
-The Elfwood Selections 60 - 24th August 2007: Petra Nygren.
-The Elfwood Selections 58 - 17th August 2007: Sherry LeAnn Andreason.
-The Elfwood Selections 56 - 10th August 2007: Steven S. King
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-The Elfwood Selections 46 - 12th January 2007: Rose A. 'Po' Campbell.
-The Elfwood Selections 44 - 6th January 2007: Emily 'Tally Bean' Tremlett.
-The Elfwood Selections 39 - 29th December, 2006: Safraz A. Sattaur.
-The Elfwood Selections 38 - 25th December, 2006: Kory Bingaman.
-The Elfwood Selections 35 - 8th December, 2006: Collette J. Ellis.
-The Elfwood Selections 34 - 11th November, 2006: Tabatha Kate Warner.
-The Elfwood Selections 32 - 29th October, 2006: Lori 'Lolli' Thomas.
-The Elfwood Selections 31 - 20th October, 2006: Jayde Hilliard.
-The Elfwood Selections 27 - 11th October, 2006: Laura Truxillo.
-The Elfwood Selections 23 - 4th October, 2006: Jason P. Robicheaux.
-The Elfwood Selections 21 - 27th September, 2006: Rose Meloche.
-The Elfwood Selections 17 - 13th September, 2006: Maria Sjöstrand.
-The Elfwood Selections 16 - 5th September, 2006: brigitta ter wiel.


If you would like to participate, message [iippo] with the feature you have prepared (preferaby in a wiki or some other format where I can easily copy-paste code), please follow format of the page here to make my life easier.


Dividers by [eyes of frost] in Elftown Graphics. Many thanks.

Username (or number or email):


2007-02-04 [Linderel]: Don't you dare. *whacks with pillow*

2007-02-04 [iippo]: That is the very first remote-attack ever that does not make my eye bleed (I get poked alot... long story). I might have to make up a new response. Or steal PUNK's and get hit in the head...

2007-02-04 [Linderel]: Pillow is my primary weapon. Well, I use the encyclopaedia a lot, too...

2007-02-04 [iippo]: A lot more than my eye might bleed if you whacked me with an encyclopaedia. Well, unless it was a minature one, or an online one.

2007-02-04 [Linderel]: I don't currently own an actual encyclopaedia, so I think it would be an online one. I only have dictionaries. <3

2007-02-09 [iippo]: Just realised that I'm two days early this time. Blast it, I just can't get this feature-jig right, can I? >.O

2007-02-16 [iippo]: Anyone feel like doing a feature?

2007-02-17 [Yncke]: I know some images that would fit here, but I'm lousy at writing why I like them. :s

2007-02-17 [iippo]: o.O Lousy? You? I'm having trouble understanding those two words in context with each other... :D

2007-02-17 [Yncke]: You flatter me, [iippo], but I do lack the vocabulary to properly talk about images.

2007-02-17 [iippo]: I was trying to figure out ways to get this wiki more attention... Honestly, when starting it off I thought there'd be queues of people's features lined up, waiting for me to just put them up... o.O;

Anyhoo, I was thinking of a contest, where people's entries would be a feature. So who finds the most creative and amazing thing in EW to make a feature about would win as well as the person who'd write the best feature. And the prize would be... Elfwood merchanidise maybe?

2007-02-17 [SilverFire]: Sounds good to me: a contest that gets people searchign through Elfwood? Can't be a bad thing. O.o

2007-02-17 [iippo]: Just realised that I again forgot the fact that EW has writings as well. ;>_> Unless text and images can be compared in finding the "most amazing thing" (finding a good text is more difficult, though... takes longer because you need to read, can't just glance like with pictures...)

2007-03-02 [iippo]: Instead of a feature this week, we'll have a beatch-ure: why is EW down, why why whine whine, bitch bitch... :P
Did anyone happen to have an image for a possible feature stashed away anywhere again, since EWancient seems fine...? (I really should have learnt from the last time this happened and saved some image url's in case of another occurence... >.<) Linderel?

2007-03-02 [Sunrose]: There's a problem with the powersupply, Thomas has a new one but [Hedda] can't help install it if Thomas doesn't give it to him. Thomas appears to be pretty busy and overworked. Something along those lines...

2007-03-02 [Linderel]: No, nothing here. ._. I've been a bad girl. <_<

2007-03-11 [iippo]: EW back. Feature anyone?

2007-04-15 [Sunrose]: Miew..

2007-04-18 [Perplexity]: =B

2007-04-19 [iippo]: Features people! Please!!!!oneone

2007-05-11 [iippo]: *sigh* This wiki has failed. :( It didn't get Elftowners strolling in the Woods, it didn't get anybody making any extra effort for communication between EW and ET. The gap between the two is just too big, nobody cares and nobody bothers to make the effort to try. :(

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