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The Emerald District

The Emerald District has the same architectural design as the rest of the city, but with an Elven flare. This is district was dedicated to the large population of Elves that had found themselves drawn out of the forests and woods and into the bustling city. It was really a small Elven town that resided inside a much larger city, as it had its own markets, inns/taverns, stables, etc. While the owners and residents of the district were all Elvish, that did not mean that individuals of the other races were turned away. The downside to this was it allowed anti-elf dissidents into the area who would then vandalize property with graffiti or just the old fashioned rock through a window.

The day of the tourney has arrived and the district is almost entirely empty as all the inhabitants have gone to watch the event.

There came a polite, but urgent sounding knock at Yalala's door. "Mistress Yalala? It is Lai'or, may I come in?"

"Come in." She said, her voice coming from behind the dressing blind in her room.

Lai'or came into the room and shut it behind him once he saw she was behind the dressing blind before turning around to put his back to her so he wouldn't be considered ungentlemanly. "Are you nearly ready for the tourney?"

"Nearly." He could hear the sound of a few snaps and buckles before she stepped out from behind the blind. She was dressed in her armor and her sword and bow was on the bed. Rutger too was in his armor and he appeared to have been brushed, which made him look much fluffier, which he didn't seem very excited about.

"Very nice, very nice." Lai'or said as he risked a glance back to see if she was ready. "You two certainly look the part now don't you. We'd better hurry before we miss the sign in and starting ceremonies."

Yalala picked up her gear and gestured for Rutger to follow. She still didn't seem too enthusiastic.

"You could at least act like being the champion of your people wasn't such a chore." He said with a frown.

"I'm hardly a champion of anything yet." She told him.

"Definitely not with that attitude." Lai'or said as he turned around and opened the door for her.

"You're the one who came to me." Yalala told him. "If you don't think Im champion material, find someone else."

Lai'or shook his head as she obviously didn't catch the sarcasm. "Nevermind, let's just get you to the arena."

Yalala stood by, waiting for him to show the way.

Seeing that she wasn't going to go through the door he was holding open for her, Lai'or let out a small sigh before starting off towards The Royal District with his guards in tow behind him and Yalala.

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2012-05-26 [Ravenclaw]: Yalala and Rutger arrived being led by Lai'or and followed by his onterage. "There's nothing here..."

2012-05-26 [Ravenclaw]: Now that you posted that comment isnt funny any more.

2012-05-26 [Lord Josmar]: HAHAHAH!

2012-05-27 [Lord Josmar]: I like how you are trying to spark a reaction about your dog being in the lodge. Lol.

2012-05-27 [Ravenclaw]: I like how you just used out of character knowledge to keep my character in place. Uncool.

2012-05-28 [Lord Josmar]: Even if he hadn't said anything, he was going to place them there. I figured it would save time if I just had him mention it.

2012-06-05 [Avaz]: Man, Yalala's a bit of a hardnose bitch, huh? :D

2012-06-05 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz.

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