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2009-09-17 20:01:28
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The Gaslight Ghost Contest

Welcome to The Gaslight Ghost Contest. It seems there have been some strange happenings at The Gaslight Asylum; the most prominent of these are phantom comments. Haunting's afoot in the Asylum! But no one seems to know who this ghost is...

Your task is to let the cat out of the bag, the skeleton out of the closet and the tick out of the clock. That's right, you're revealing the ghost! Or is it ghosts...


1. Allowed mediums are: art (digital or traditional), photography and photomanipulation with YOUR OWN stock*. Please bear in mind that photomanipulation is more than just changing colours and contrast.

2. All images should be uploaded to Elftown.

3. Good quality, please! No lined paper etc!

4. If you want to enter it would be nice if you were a member of The Gaslight Asylum - you don't have to be but it would be preferred. As this is a community contest, even the creator may enter!

5. No copied artwork. Referenced images are fine, though. If you are unsure, ask.

6. Entries should be Steampunk styled, obviously.

7. Have fun!

*This is to make it more special!



December 16th 2009


Judging & Prizes
This contest will be judged via public poll - and we may also bully [playslashwrite] and [Saray] into picking their favourites.

The prize for this is being the official creator of the Asylum ghost. However, there may be additional prizes which are yet to be announced. A further contest to tell the story of the ghost will be issued once the results of this one have been announced.



0. [username]

1. [nehirwen] could it be da cat?
Letting the cat out of the back eh? Look what I found just outside the Asylum,
a steampunkcat that might have some loose wiring, I think it likes to randomly push buttons anywhere it comes!

Username (or number or email):


2009-09-17 [Chimes]: :P It would look better with a less busy background... I went a bit mad when I made that. :P

2009-09-17 [playslashwrite]: Considering you're quite mad to begin with, that's not all that surprising :D

LOL@ Neh's entry XD Steamcat XD it's adorkable XD

2009-09-17 [nehirwen]: :P

2009-09-17 [Chimes]: Hooray for being quite mad :D

It is, it is!

2009-09-18 [playslashwrite]: *pat pat* :D

2009-09-30 [The Matter of Splatter]: Hmmmm...

2009-09-30 [playslashwrite]: yesh?

2009-10-01 [The Matter of Splatter]: Just thinking. I could probably do something pretty neat with this idea. Me thinks procuring a scanner first would be key.

2009-10-01 [playslashwrite]: they're probably not that expensive anymore.. i think..

2009-10-02 [The Matter of Splatter]: No not at all. I'm just having technical difficulties. A compaq 2000+HP 3100 all in one do not mix very well :P I'll figure it out

2009-10-04 [playslashwrite]: probably just a driver issue..

2009-10-04 [The Matter of Splatter]: Yes indeed it was a driver issue. I did, however, procure a mac and such and the scanner works just fine! I'm gonna start on my piece this evening.

2009-10-05 [playslashwrite]: le awesome! very curious! :D

2009-10-05 [The Matter of Splatter]: I am sure you will be very suprised and pleased :P I am going to employ some new digital painting techniques I'm learning. Just to clarify though. Steam punk is defined as a Victorian Era setting wherein Tesla is pretty much god, meaning that steam has taken place of electricty and whatnot?

2009-10-06 [The Matter of Splatter]: Oh and does it strictly have to be photo manip?

2009-10-06 [The Matter of Splatter]: Oh nevermind, missed the commas...

2009-10-06 [Chimes]: Tricky things, commas. They hate everyone. Except, maybe, Lin.

2009-10-07 [The Matter of Splatter]: Yes commas are my worse enemies. I've fought them for years but to no avail.

2009-10-07 [playslashwrite]: Aw, but I like comma's!

2009-10-11 [Linderel]: Yes, I am very good friends with commas. Apostrophes, too. *pokes*

2009-10-16 [The Matter of Splatter]: Not I said the fly. Man I am glad the deadline for this is a ways off.

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