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The Gathering of Heroes

A call has gone out in the Kingdom for the best and bravest of individuals to help aid in this time of need. The kingdom has fallen on dark and meek times as people are vanishing in the woods and hills of the valley and caravans are being attacked and pillaged, the survivors reporting strange and scary figures.

A competition will decide who is given the honor of going after these villains and help bring the kingdom out of the darkness. The danger is great, but so is the chance for reward and fame. Should they succeed they will be given a knighthood and a small piece of the kingdom to call their own along with the granting of one favor.

Will you stand up to defend the weak and those who cannot defend themselves or are you just in this for fame and fortune?

The Rules

Anyone who joins will be expected to post consistently as to not slow down the game. I understand outside obligations can get in the way, but I would like it if everyone posted at least once every other day. Maybe more once we enter combat.

This is going to follow the 3.5 rule set with a few exceptions here and there. I won't be a rule Nazi and follow every rule like penalizing you for having wealth (i.e. gold has no weight). Here are a few house rules that I generally play with.

1. You cannot buy everything that appears in a book. So you won't be able to go into a store and buy a Ring of Three Wishes. Ask me if very rare/expensive items exist in the world.

2. Not all items will be available in all towns. A small store in a village of a couple dozen people will not have a +3 Vorpal Greatsword and so on. Your character (or you) will have to ask if it is available there.

3. Against my normal rules I am going to use copper pieces (cp), silver pieces (sp), gold pieces (gp), and platinum pieces (pp) mainly for the purpose of making item purchases and loot figuring easier on me. I will let you guys convert the money to gold (if you want) at a "bank". Might make a small fee required.

4. I strongly encourage the selection of flaws and traits from the Unearthed Arcana book. Traits give a small bonus at the expense of something else while flaws give you a bigger negate at the bonus of an extra feat at creation only. These are not required though. They can also be found here: Traits and then Flaws . You can only have two Traits and two Flaws.

All other general rules that go along with a game like this apply here. If you have a question then ask.

Character Creation

There isn't really many rules I need to explain here. Any race/class combination is allowed as long as I have the book for it and it is one that would be accepted by a civilized society. The only exception is Gestalt characters. I probably spelled that wrong, but if you don't know what it is then you're fine.

Before you go through the actual creation process let me know what your character idea is so I can ok it. Chances are you will get the OK, but you never know.

When rolling your character's primary stats I use the four d6 rule. You take four d6's and roll them, rerolling 1's. Once you've done this you take away the lowest roll and add up the three highest.

Once done please post your characters on this page: The Heros.

Here is a link to where you can download and print some character sheets ( The first two are both empty templates for any class/race combination. The revised version is a four page high detail sheet while the other one is only two pages. There are other character sheets you can use further down if you are playing that class.

I finally got the file to upload for the Player's Handbook so ya'll can download it and have one on your computer for quick reference. It works best with Adobe Reader.

The Game

The Kingdom of Mrath

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2012-02-01 [Lord Josmar]: There's another rule I want to add here, but I just forgot it...damn.

2012-02-01 [Ravenclaw]: lol

2012-02-01 [Lord Josmar]: AH! I remembered.

2012-02-01 [Avaz]: Nice. Would it be pedantic to mention "heroes" is misspelled? ^_~

2012-02-01 [Lord Josmar]: Yes. Yes it would...

Now to look up pedantic.

2012-02-01 [Lord Josmar]: I got the privs to upload files so when I get home I can upload character sheets for anyone who needs them. I can also upload the PHB if anyone wants it.

2012-02-01 [Avaz]: I'd appreciate an uploaded PHB. And character sheets, for that matter.

2012-02-01 [Lord Josmar]: Ok. I have two character sheets, the normal two page sheet and the expanded four page sheet, I will upload them both.

2012-02-02 [Lord Josmar]: So, it's going to take me a bit longer to post those files because my computer won't open the disc for some reason. So I'm going to have to redownload them and then post them directly from my computer.

Also, I am going to have to figure out how to post files now that I have the privs.

2012-02-02 [Lord Josmar]: Alright. Link is up for some character sheets. Still unable to find a free upload site for the PHB that is 100% legal.

2012-02-02 [Goma]: interested but unsure how all of this works..

2012-02-02 [Avaz]: [Goma], have you played D&D before?

2012-02-02 [Avaz]: Lord J, I'm not sure if you knew about this or what, but I just downloaded the PHB. It downloaded as an .exe, which I had to somehow open in Acrobat (don't know how it let me) and resave as a .pdf, so it would open normally.

2012-02-03 [Ravenclaw]: We just usually call him Josmar or JC, fyi.

2012-02-03 [Goma]: I haven't been able to, but Josmar is helping me out.

2012-02-03 [Lord Josmar]: Well when I downloaded it to make sure it works it opened it just fine for me so idk.

2012-02-03 [Lord Josmar]: Also, if anyone wants any of the other books just let me know and I will try to upload them for you.

2012-02-03 [Lord Josmar]: Another also, it would be a good idea if you also download the Magic Item sheet that is on the same page as the character sheets are. This is a handy page that lets you keep track of all the magical items you have equipped and offers a spot to put the page reference number incase you forget something about it.

2012-02-03 [Avaz]: Do you need to audit the character sheet before we can put it up?

2012-02-03 [Lord Josmar]: Go ahead and post it in the character wiki and I will chrck it there. I dont know how I would be able to look over the ful character sheet, so this will have to work.

2012-02-03 [Avaz]: I would have scanned it and.. oh wait, I don't have the privs to upload it here. In that case, chances are, I'd upload it to my own site and link the pdf to you to check out.

But I'll go ahead and just post the character in the wiki first. (I don't have the character completely done yet, I was just wondering how I should proceed once I'm done. :)

2012-02-05 [Flisky]: Jos, are we going to be able to run playable monsters from MMs, and do you have PH2? (Just so I can be sure.)

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: Flisky: I have the PHB2 on a disk. I don't have access to it right now, but should in a few days. I originally said that any race/character combination was ok, but in a conversation with SoD I realized that it wouldn't work very well. You can play any race that would be accepted, or at least tolerated, by civilized society. (So no orcs, goblins, etc.)

Avaz: You should be able to get the privs very easy, I just went to the linked wiki and asked. However you do it will work, the basic information is the most important, but being able to see the whole character sheet will allow me to run through it with a fine toothed comb.

2012-02-05 [Flisky]: So...what about a changeling? *looks hopeful* (I'm referencing Races of Eberron for this one, also in one of the MM.)

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: FYI I fixed the Flaws link so it works now. Turns out it was counting the period as part of the URL.

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: Hmm...I would have to look at the Level Adjustment for them. And if they could hold a form for a very prolonged amount of time.

2012-02-05 [Flisky]: There is no level adjustment, and their shape changing ability is a supernatural ability as though they are using the disguise self spell. It affects their body only, and is not illusory but a minor physical alteration of facial features, skin color and texture, and size within the limits for the spell. The ability is at will and lasts until used again or death. (Uh...paraphrased from RoE.)

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: Ok, let me see if I can't look it up. I have to download the book first.

2012-02-05 [Flisky]: Aye aye, captain.

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: Ok. Yea, I don't see any problem with you playing that.

2012-02-05 [Flisky]: Yay!

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: Whenever you guys get your characters all done up, get 'em posted. The sooner we get all the characters the sooner we can start.

2012-02-05 [Flisky]: I'm almost done. (I got a changeling rogue all made up.)

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: Cause I know you're almost done and so is Avaz. I haven't heard anything else from anyone else.

2012-02-05 [shadow of darkness]: i'm workin on mine

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: What was the lvl adjustment on yours again SoD?

2012-02-05 [shadow of darkness]: +1

2012-02-05 [Avaz]: I got mine up. I'll probably change the formatting soon though.

2012-02-05 [shadow of darkness]: what level are we starting at?

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: Ok so we have two rogues and a no class character, lol.

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: Lvl 1

2012-02-05 [Avaz]: Mine's only a rogue because we're starting at level 1, heh. Part of the 3.5 mechanics is that if you plan on multiclassing (like I do), it's worth it most of the time to start out as rogue 1 to get the skill points. If it's too cheesy or cheap for you, I'd be happy to change to a single class.

2012-02-05 [shadow of darkness]: gah its been so long since i rolled one

2012-02-05 [Lord Josmar]: No. You play what you want to play Avaz.

2012-02-06 [Ravenclaw]: *headdesk* I don't remember how to start a character... I'm so doomed...

2012-02-06 [Avaz]: Ravenclaw, I didn't either. I got a big boost by looking online. You can google "3.5 character generator" and get a good number of results. There's a pretty good one that is browser-based (it uses java), and there's another great one you can download (Redblade). That is, if you don't want to stumble through blindly just going by the PHB. :P

2012-02-06 [Ravenclaw]: OK... I think I found the java one you mentioned. Working on it now... Wait a second... Scout isn't in the classes...

2012-02-06 [Avaz]: If you're looking at the one at, then yes Scout is listed in the classes. Do a find for Scout. There should be two hits. It's the second one.

2012-02-06 [Ravenclaw]: Class(es)
Level 01: Barbarian Bard Cleric Druid Fighter Monk Paladin Ranger Rogue Sorcerer Wizard

I did a word search for scout and came up empty.

2012-02-06 [Avaz]: You're not looking low enough. It's about 6 bold categories below that. Pass the sections for Clerics, Rangers, Prestige classes and a few more and you should see "NPC/Other Class <Restrictions>" the word Restrictions is a link.

Scout is right there. :)

2012-02-06 [Ravenclaw]: I'm on pathguy but I don't think we're in the same place.

2012-02-06 [Avaz]: Oh, that's why. You're using the "lite" version. I'm using

2012-02-06 [Ravenclaw]: Lol ok. I was about 2 seconds away from just going with Druid. I've played a druid before.

2012-02-06 [Ravenclaw]: *headdesk* skill points

2012-02-07 [Avaz]: ...are for chumps. :P

2012-02-07 [Lord Josmar]: HEADS UP!: I am going to give bonus XP to people who provide backgrounds. And by backgrounds I mean a good background of why the character is doing what he is doing and what not. Pretty much let me know stuff about your character so I can totally ruin their psyche (like making them kill their only true love after just finding out that they are still alive).

2012-02-07 [Avaz]: Hotness, free XP. :D *begins working on backstory*

2012-02-07 [Flisky]: I already have the backstory. Just gotta type it up.

2012-02-07 [shadow of darkness]: already has mine....just need my character now lol

2012-02-07 [Lord Josmar]: Character should come first SoD, lolz.

2012-02-07 [shadow of darkness]: i have the basics of him. just need the fine tuning and i couldn't work on that at work. so i did backstory

2012-02-07 [Avaz]: I've had characters that developed because of their backstory, instead of the other way around. Luckily, a couple of them were pretty badass as a result, too.

2012-02-17 [Avaz]: Any idea when this will get off the ground?

2012-02-17 [Lord Josmar]: I am actually going to start the wikis tonight, I was wanting to wait for one more person, but I can add them later.

Everyone will be posting on one wiki, but will have separate sections so there wont' be any confusing mixes. Also, if you haven't put your character into the character page then go ahead and do so and if I notice any errors I will fix them.

If you don't have your super awesome XP boosting background story made and posted/sent to me then do not fear, I will award you the bonus XP once I receive it. And if it is super spectacular and uber-original beyond words (like making it a bard's song sung to the tune of a very popular song) then you will get double that bonus.

FYI: That song thing has been done so I won't thing it is super original...sorry.

2012-02-17 [Flisky]: What about an epic iambic pentameter? (Like in Canterbury Tales?) If so, total dibs!

2012-02-17 [Lord Josmar]: ....I honestly have no idea what that is, lol.

2012-02-17 [Flisky]: Then I'll surprise you with it.

2012-02-17 [Avaz]: Hooray for iambic pentameter! <3

2012-02-17 [shadow of darkness]: that song thing was done by yours truly

2012-02-17 [Avaz]: Is it posted anywhere for us to see?

2012-02-17 [Avaz]: Nevermind, found it!

2012-02-18 [shadow of darkness]: my backsong?

2012-02-18 [Avaz]: Yes. Though it could use some line breaks, if you ask me. :P

2012-02-18 [shadow of darkness]: line breaks?

2012-02-18 [Avaz]: Err, wait. I may just be confusing it with that story where you had to fill in the blanks with the names and stuff.

2012-02-18 [shadow of darkness]: well the song is up on Dargo_the_bard. I Forgot all about the blanks on Nathaniel's backstory page lol

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