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The Katie Army

We are the Katies! We shall dominate the world over! This page is just for those whose names relate in some way to the name Katie. If your name is similar to Katie, starts with a K or C, or something like that, you're qualified. To join the force, don't hesitate, just join!

If you can't figure out how to put your name, go somewhere and ask someone.

If you want to design a badge or add a picture (that has some sort of significance) please ask me [YokoTsuta], [Fox of Fire], or [Raiko Fire].

The Katie Army Badges

btw, I didn't delete the old ones, they're in the wiki link above

And if ya get bored with this page, go to The Katie Army RP and role-play.

Basic Rules:
(1)Don't vent your anger here.
(2)Please '*' your swearing.
(3)No really naughty stuff
(4)Have fun!
Now we need drinks all around, savvy?

President- [YokoTsuta]Katie
Vice President-[Raiko Fire]-Katie
Badge Manager-[Raiko Fire]/[Fox of Fire]-Kitsune "Kit"

(don't bother asking, just join! unless your name is Emily Devitt, in which case, you suck! and please put your true name next to your screenname)
(1) [Cati Stormweaver]
(4)[Hello Sunshine]-Kathleen. But she hates this name and refuses to go by it, so she goes by Katie.
(5)[Inoni]-Katherine!! But a freind has the same name, so she goes by Katie.
(6)[Stoned Immaculate]
(7)[katie_y2k]~ called Katie.... all Katie's rule!!
(8)[White Mystic Fox]
(9)[adriane]....identity is secret but you may call me........kelly
(10)[Znieisaes]...katie's my hero...
(11)[Kt_says] REAL name... hence why i started Kt's Unite!!
(12)[. x o x o .] my real name's Kaylee, but everybody knows me as Katy.
(13)[patient love.]Katherine really but i've always been known as Katie...^.^
(14) [cowsgomoo14245] kathryn but my mom and friends love the name Katie....YAY I GOT #14!
(15) [*~*Pink Charmed Barbie*~*] Wow this is just like my wiki Katies United KATIES ROCK!
(16) [suducing rayne] o.o ..

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2004-07-17 [Kt_says]: don't doubt the power of the [Chi]!

2004-07-17 [. x o x o .]: lol

2004-07-17 [Kt_says]: how do you know Chi?

2004-07-17 [. x o x o .]: i know her from school

2004-07-17 [Kt_says]: me TOO!!!! she goes to MY school. how scary is that?!?

2004-07-17 [. x o x o .]: O.o really? 

2004-07-17 [Kt_says]: of course!!!

2004-07-17 [. x o x o .]: *freaked out* kidding right? wait do i know you?O.O

2004-07-17 [Kt_says]: haha, of course not. i sit behind you in Mrs. Fredrick's English class.

2004-07-17 [. x o x o .]: O.o?????? *confused*

2004-07-17 [Kt_says]: you're Carla, right?

2004-07-17 [. x o x o .]: lol

2004-07-17 [Kt_says]: ROFLMAO!!!!

2004-07-17 [. x o x o .]: lol ^ ^ *yawn* im bored

2004-07-17 [Kt_says]: congratulations. now, if i had a nickel for everytime i've heard that...i'd be rich.

2004-07-17 [. x o x o .]: lol what about hearing this- derob mi *nway* ^ ^ lol

2004-07-17 [Kt_says]: uh, i'd have a nickle!! woohoo! go me! i'm rich!

2004-07-17 [. x o x o .]: lol

2004-11-24 [Kt_says]: Hey, Katie....?

2004-11-24 [Raiko Fire]: <<; j0

2005-03-01 [*~*Pink Charmed Barbie*~*]: lol WOW this wiki is just like mine Katies United

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