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The Kingdom of Mrath

The Kingdom of Mrath is an old and powerful Hold that stretches from the Sea of Mrath to just shy of The Brine Sea, these seas form the east and west borders while the northern border lies in the Flores Canyon and the southern stops at the edge of The Woods of the Fey which belong to the Elves and other mythical creatures of old.

It is currently the largest kingdom on the continent and most influential in the Grande Council that is responsible for making decisions concerning all the kingdoms. Despite all this, they are in trouble. A strange evil has descended upon the land causing panic and death and building in strength. All efforts by the King so far to end the problem have failed and none of his allies are willing to involve themselves in fear of inviting the evil upon their lands.

As a last effort, the Royal Court ordered a call be sent out to every last settlement in the land no matter how small. This call was for any and all willing citizens to come to the capital city of Mrath Teeg for a competition to determine who is the best suited to join an elite group of adventurers being put together to find out more about this evil and put an end to it. The group is warned of the great threat and risk they will be taking, but are also enticed by the promise of great rewards and reknown.

Cities and locations of The Kingdom of Mrath:
Mrath Teeg
- The Emerald District - Elf Dedicated and owned
- The Royal District - Where the castle and armory/barracks reside
- The Market District - Where you can buy all sorts of stuff
- The Blessed District - Also referred to as Church Row
- The Poor Disctrict - Full of low quality and cost homes. Rumored location of the "Thieves Guild"
- The Gold District - Where those of noble birth or great wealth reside.

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2013-01-24 [Avaz]: Hey, remember when this was a thing? :P

2013-01-24 [Flisky]: And then is lost it's thingy-ness?

2013-01-24 [Avaz]: I remember that.

2013-01-24 [Flisky]: I kinda wish it hadn't died. I was enjoying this.

2013-01-24 [Avaz]: Me too. Josmar was running this at the same time I was running mine. It was friggin great. And then they kind of both died right around the same time. For no real reason.

2013-01-24 [Flisky]: I blame Josmar. He makes good games and always lets them die.

2013-01-24 [Avaz]: I wonder if he had a kid, too. >_>

2013-01-24 [Flisky]: He has two kids, I believe. But he had them before he started the games.

2013-01-24 [Avaz]: Right, so it wasn't an excuse/reason to stop.

2013-01-24 [Flisky]: He has a history of doing this...

2013-01-24 [Avaz]: This was my first experience. But good to know for possible future happenings.

2013-01-24 [Flisky]: It's been a while since I've ran a game. Maybe I should try something.

2013-01-24 [Lord Josmar]: Most of my games die because my attempts to keep them going fail and everyone stops posting. However, for this one, I have no idea why this one died.

2013-01-24 [Flisky]: I was waiting for a GM post...

2013-01-24 [Avaz]: Flisk, I would love to see how you handle behind the wheel ^__^

2013-01-24 [Lord Josmar]: I know. The last thing I remember was that I was waiting for a post or something from someone, but now that I look at it I can't find what I was waiting for.

2013-01-24 [Avaz]: Any chance of reviving this one, [Lord Josmar]?

2013-01-24 [Flisky]: I'm pretty decent so long as my players post.

2013-01-24 [Lord Josmar]: Well it would depend on if I could reinterest everyone in starting it up. Otherwise I will have to find more people and it would require a reboot. Also, I currently have school five days a week and work four to five days a week. I am willing to give it another go, but It will have to be known that Might go a day or so without posting.

2013-01-24 [Flisky]: I think the players would keep an RP going if they could just...move the NPCs when the needed to.

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