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2010-06-13 20:26:27
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Good Knights

naya khiolanWindIreland Dark AgesNoob (unwittingly using her powers)
Knight Vincent RimeWaterFrance Dark AgesExpert
Knight Enna LockharteFirePresent DayNoob
Knight Lorelei AlaryDarkDark AgesExpert
Knight Karien ReikaLightTudors
Knight DemosEarthAncient GreeceNoob

Evil Knights

Knight Lacan AngelDarkIron AgeExpertLone Wolf
Knight Aubrey AshFirePresent DayNoobLacan's Sidekick
Knight SergeWaterRenassanceExpert
Knight Teles PeisinoeWindAncient Amazonian??
Knight Kyoran ShadowbladeEarthFeudal EraExpert
Knight KakraLightEgyptianExpert

The RP's Gods

Lady Nexah
Lord Ragna

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2010-05-05 [Dezmond]: i can't do anything it's pw protected xD

2010-05-05 [wicked fae mage]: Try now?

2010-05-05 [Dezmond]: shit I dunno...

2010-05-05 [wicked fae mage]: That and some of the other changes aren't sticking for some reason...

2010-05-05 [Dezmond]: try changing the page name on the actual wiki *shrug*

2010-05-05 [wicked fae mage]: Tried that and it didn't show up still...

2010-05-05 [Dezmond]: damn....

2010-05-05 [wicked fae mage]: I'm tempted to ask hedda what might be wrong...I don't know the tag to not show links and tags

2010-05-05 [Dezmond]: i gots no idea either xDDD maybe just a council member might know i'm friends with a few, i'll see if they know

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