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The Legends of Serene

Welcome. Grab a a comfy chair and sit down a while to here the story about adventure, love, fantasy, magic, betrayal, revenge and the good-ole battle of good versus evil. With many side-changes, plot twists, and magic, I hope to entertain and captivate you all.  If your still not feeling too sure about it please just read the Prolouge and see what you think. (By the way I stink at intros, ^_^U so . . .) Welcome the Legends of Serene Trilogy.

If you do end up liking my trilogy, I would love it if I had readers comment on the story! You can comment on a particular chapter, in the Comment box on that chapter. If you have any questions or suggestions on the story comment on the main page or message me on my House.

[I would have to rate this story PG-13 because of violence, gore, and sexual innuendo later in the story.]


Even though Book One is listed, it has NOT been written yet. I suggest, being the author and all, that you start at the prolouge fot Book Two. Also, all the chapters written so far have a '2' after them. That is so i the author know they are for Book Two so do not concern yourself with that. Hope that helps ^_^.


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(Note: For all intent and purposes, you must start with Book Two, because Book One has not been written. i have already written books 2 and 3 and am editting them so they will be fit to have here on Elftown.)

Book One: Katrine the Warrior

Book Two: Valruuah the Carrier

Prolouge 2: Time Awaiting
Chapter One 2: Ill News and An Eveningtide Robbery
Chapter Two 2: The Answer, Plans, and a Shattered Bowl [done!]
Chapter Three 2 [working on it!]

Book Three: Ella the Dream

Appendixes and Related Items to Serene

Appendix I: The Serenian Creation Story: Legend I
Appendix II The Fifth Goddess and the Dream: Legend II

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