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The Library of Seletar

This room is very large, books and scrolls fill every bookcase that fills the room.
Tables are placed so people can read in comfort.
There are a few people that set reading or collecting books.
You guess that it would probably take at least half of your life to read all of these tomes.
The bookcases seem to stretch on as far as the eye can see, length and width.

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2007-05-17 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Are you sure? Your eyes seem troubled.

2007-05-17 [Lirerial]: no...I just worry for Roke....

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *nods and just keep quiet but finds a book*

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Raven...I wonder could there be...

2007-05-18 [Lirerial]: what? *turns to look at her*

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) I need information about shards...I only know general information. *looks at books but have a hard time finding the information*

2007-05-18 [Lirerial]: *chuckles and hands her the bok he held in his hand*

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Why are you chuckling Preach.*looks at the book* er...will that have the information I need?

2007-05-18 [Lirerial]: most likely

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Why didn't you tell me that before I caused the mess *looks at the books and a embarrased look comes over her face*

2007-05-18 [Lirerial]: *laughs* because I was having to much fun

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *smacks him with a book and goes to the corner pouting* Fine be that way. *reads on*

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *memorizes the passage and puts the book up* Thank you meany Raven.

2007-05-18 [Lirerial]: *rubs his head* no problem...

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Aww do you want me to kiss your head?

2007-05-18 [Lirerial]: will you?

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Meow meow..(of course) *kisses head*

2007-05-18 [Lirerial]: *grins*

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) Preach is that a proud grin.

2007-05-18 [Lirerial]: of course not *pulls her towards him and kisses her, then lets her go*

2007-05-18 [loonygirl2005]: (Minoku) *looks slightly surprised* Really you mean you aren't feeling pride then. Sorry I think I will check on my sister. Bye. *leaves for her sister's room*

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