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2006-10-20 05:20:56
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The Litter Box

10/19 - The Silly Face Contest is still open and has no current known deadline so feel free to enter your caption.

A new cat has just arrived at the cattery. He's an odd fellow so watch your step! Also the founder's golden birthday was had October 17.

I apologize for the belated cats in the cattery and custom cats. My school has taken up alot of time and i have a temporary job that is also keeping me behind. I will try and post at least one cat every week. Any donations would be wonderful! just send them to [Little Insane Cat] or [Fetish Dolly Koneko™]. Thank you. Also Still loking for comics to post on the little Box. Thank you. 

10/1 - Due to lack of interest in the competition 'Silly Faces', the deadline will be held back until we have 4 or more contestants. PLEASE LET OTHER PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THE CONTEST! If there continues to be a lack of interest in 'Silly Faces' the contest theme will be changed.

For more cats, check out the cattery on There are 5 cats up for adoption.

There are two new cats up for adoption in the cattery at the moment so head over there to check them out ^_^.

8/28 - Insane Cat Cattery Has finally opened to elftown! whoohooo!!! *throws confetti*

Don't forget to check out Insane Cat Competition for the new competition! the theme is "Silly Faces" and the deadline is [September 14]!!! so hurry and get that picture taken!

Also, since this will be a sort of newspaper people are welcome to submit 'comics' of some sort that include cats, felines, kittens, etc. you get the idea. Send them to me, [Little Insane Cat] or [Fetish Dolly Koneko™] for approval and they will be posted on the Little Box for others to view ^_^. Good Luck artists!

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