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This page is intended to be for Neutral players or those that wish to hire a mercenary.

(Art was done by J.R.R Tolkien)

This place is set up as a camp, both men and women offer their services, for a price, to other travelers.
The smell of camp fires fills the air. These people travel a lot as they need to to take advantage of some of the "services" they offer.
The feel of a desperation for life clings around the camp. You have the feeling that their unity is only brought on for security purposes.
Will you turn away or do you wish to hire a henchman?
This camp is in the woods.

The Tower of Seletar

The Woods of Semedia

The Head Mercenary's Tent

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2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: "I know. Will you be safe?"

2007-03-25 [Ravendust]: "Yes..."

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: *Hugs her close and hands her a dagger with gems in the hilt.* "I will do what I can, good luck."

2007-03-25 [Ravendust]: "Same to you, stay safe." She murmured.

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: He heads away

2007-03-25 [Ravendust]: "Goodbye..." She murmured after him.

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: "Take care."Than he was gone.

2007-03-25 [Ravendust]: She watched where he'd disappeared for several long minutes in silence.

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: all went quiet except for the mercinaries moving about

2007-03-25 [Ravendust]: At last she looked away from the spot, "Stay safe..."

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: "Are you all right?" A young boy asked coming out of a tent

2007-03-25 [Ravendust]: "Fine... thanks." She said softly, "Just... a bit worried."

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: "Oh....can I help?"

2007-03-25 [Ravendust]: "Probably not unless you know where I can find a sould berserker... or at least someone who knows how to help in the matter..."

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: *Looks frightened*

2007-03-25 [Ravendust]: "I'm sorry... I was just kidding." It was worth a shot...

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: "Oh...ok..."

2007-03-25 [Ravendust]: "I should probably go..."

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: "All right..bye."

2007-03-25 [Ravendust]: "Goodbye..." She said, walking slowly into the woods.

2007-03-25 [Silver Moon]: *********************************************************

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