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2009-03-08 18:30:43
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<img200*0:stuff/L1040154.jpg>  <img150*0:stuff/dsgs.jpg>  <img300*0:>
the model :) [Lord Läxus*] and first scribbles

me working on the clay mold (yes, it really was early... -.-)


<img400*0:stuff/L1040257sd.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/L1040297.jpg>

<img400*0:stuff/L1040305.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/L1040318.jpg>
making the negativ, the negativ pieces of the face part

<img400*0:stuff/L1040320.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/L1040328.jpg>
all negativ pieces put togeather and further more ingredients

<img400*0:stuff/L1040331.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/L1040335.jpg>
.. for the armoring ..finished negativ pieces put togeather for doing the positiv

<img400*0:stuff/L1040337.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/L1040348.jpg>
detaching the negativ pieces from the positiv, still has the detaching fissures

finished gypsum mold

<img400*0:stuff/L1040411.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/L1040412.jpg>
doing the plinth with adhesive bond, the armorings for the plinth

<img400*0:stuff/L1040421.jpg>  <img400*0:stuff/L1040442py.jpg>

back to final exam piece

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