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The Mommies of Elftown

Ok, here's the deal, there are a lot of mommies on Elftown, and every mommy wants to show off their baby(ies) so, I'm making this wiki so that the mommies of Elftown can!

What you do, is you post your user name your child's name and birthday, and I'll make you a wiki page that you can put up your pictures of your children on, you'll be the owner so you can make it so any and or no one can see your page, but you'll be on here so people will know you're a mommy! Daddies aren't allowed to be actual members but, there is a link at the bottom of the page where any daddies can post pictures of their babies too.

Keep in mind that if you're expecting, have had a miscarriage, had to have a abortion, for what ever reason, or if your child has died, you're also welcome to put up your name and "in memory in" or something like that.

On the other hand, if you had an abortion because "you didn't want a baby" "didn't want your body to change" or something STUPID like that, you're not welcome, and get out!

~1~ [†Sweets†], Carter, May 12, 2009 †The New Mizz Moody† Son

~2~ [vampire of darkness], Megan, November 18, 1991 vampire of darkness Daughter

~3~ In memory of [Pretaya]'s child, Sage or Gabriel. Mozamique's Child

~4~ [Bella HeartAttack], Landen, December 14, 2008 Bella HeartAttack's godson

~5~ [hanhepi] Shawn, February 22, 2000 and Thomas, September 6, 2002 hanhepi's kids

~6~ [moira hawthorne] Eirikr, November 16, 2000 - I dont have just one wiki... according to Eirikr
hawthorne's family photo ablum * hawthorne's family photo ablum 2007 * hawthorne's family photo ablum ~THIS YEAR!~

~7~ [haldirrox] Stephen Paul Miller, born February 10, 2010.

~8~ [Fallen Child Athena] Jade, October 15, 2007. Also in loving memory: Aroura Rose. [Miscarried] Damon Anthony [Miscarried 23rd of December 2012] Vear's Jade

~9~ [Jitter] Dimitris, February 23 2008 Tri in public

~10~ [Kyrinn] Mykael Talion, February 13, 2002 Mykael Pictures

~11~ [pooh bear] [~Crimson Angel~], November 7th 1990 and [Morganath], January 2nd, 1987 Old pictures of Misty-chan and Pictures of Misty-chan (none of my son yet.)

~12~ [Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ] Lily Cecilia was born on December 2, 2009 at 6:23am Lily Ultrasounds ~ Lily Cecilia ~

~13~ [Xuan.] Cecilia Tran Horizon Sisk, December 16, 2009 Xuan's Cecilia

~14~ [sequeena_rae] Baby Bean miscarried at 3 weeks, June 2009 Baby Bean / Bean

~15~ [Mrs. No_One] My little angel Rose Marie, born April16, 2010. ~ Rose Marie

~16~ [Angelis Nightfall] My sweet baby boy Korvin Xavior Trotter, born October 6,2010. Korvin Xavior Trotter, [Miscarried Baby Samples May 3, 2013], Samantha Castieal Keller born 8/27/2014

[XxTsomexX] My little girl Lily Anna, born November 30th, 2015

The Daddies of Elftown

Even if you're not a mom or dad or even expecting, you're more than welcome to support the rest of us! ^^

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2010-07-16 [Pretaya]: You may come into money soon.

2010-07-17 [haldirrox]: huh. Sure.

2010-07-17 [Pretaya]: I found out that there is pocky in City Market too. It could be King Super there or even Just Kroger.

2010-09-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: I saw Pocky and some other Japanese candy in F.Y.E. once.

2010-09-10 [Pretaya]: They have it at FYE here.

2010-09-10 [Kyrinn]: Just came back from Anchorage where they have a really awesomely stocked asian market there. Sooo many kinds of rice. and treats. I love that place, it makes me happy. 

2010-09-11 [Pretaya]: Glee!!!

2010-09-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: Good, I'm glad you're happy

2010-09-13 [haldirrox]: lol

2010-09-20 [Pretaya]: My cat agrees.

2010-09-22 [~Crimson Angel~]: :D

2010-09-23 [Pretaya]: I love to make people smile.

2010-09-24 [~Crimson Angel~]: Me too.

2010-09-27 [Pretaya]: Doesn't it make the world a much better place?

2010-09-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: Indeed it does. :)

2010-09-27 [haldirrox]: lol.

2010-09-27 [Mrs. No_One]: I'm a mommy my baby is 5 months old now, I had her April 16th.

2010-09-27 [Kyrinn]: I adore that age. They are so much fun at that age! :D

Ive been so busy, Ive not been able to upload more pics to my boy's page, so Im going to try and get more up there. Found out a week ago he needs to get glasses and now he will be taking flute!

2010-09-27 [Mrs. No_One]: That's so cool, my little girl is so adorable, I just can't help but love her! Her name is Rose Marie.

2010-09-28 [Pretaya]: Awwweeeee....

2010-11-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: What a pretty name!!

2010-11-04 [Pretaya]: I know, right?!

2010-11-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah.

2010-11-05 [Pretaya]: So...hi!

2010-11-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: What's up?

2010-11-06 [Pretaya]: Not me!!! What about you?

2010-11-06 [~Crimson Angel~]: I'm going to Washington (the state).

2010-11-08 [Pretaya]: Glee! Have fun!

2010-11-09 [~Crimson Angel~]: Thanks, I'll try.

2010-11-11 [Pretaya]: Good

2010-11-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: I made it safely

2010-11-15 [Pretaya]: Glee!!!

2010-11-15 [haldirrox]: doobie doobie doo...

2010-11-17 [Pretaya]: Haven't heard from you for a whil, hal. Where have you been?

2010-11-17 [haldirrox]: lol. Just busy. Haven't been in a sociable mood lately; I'm trying not to cut myself off from everybody, as I have a tendency to do.

2010-11-18 [Pretaya]: I'm sorry

2010-11-18 [haldirrox]: It's fine. Not your fault. My "friends" just suck is all.

2010-11-20 [Pretaya]: *sad face* If you ever need to vent, my inbox is open.

2010-11-20 [haldirrox]: Thanks Pretaya.

2010-11-21 [~Crimson Angel~]: Mine is too hun.

2010-11-22 [haldirrox]: Thank you all so much. I think I'll take you up on that once I get home. I'm on vacation right now. ^_^

2010-11-23 [~Crimson Angel~]: Oh, where?

2010-11-24 [haldirrox]: South Lake Tahoe! ^_^ My dad and step mom have a vacation home up here.

2010-11-24 [~Crimson Angel~]: Sounds lovely!

2010-11-24 [haldirrox]: It is. We've gotten about 5-6 feet of snow, just since we got here! ^_^

2010-11-24 [~Crimson Angel~]: Whoa!

2010-11-25 [haldirrox]: I know, right!??? It's epic. It's so cold outside right now that my beer is frozen solid. lol!

2010-11-26 [Pretaya]: I hope you get to feeling better and I hope you enjoy your vacation.

2010-11-26 [haldirrox]: I hope so, too. My alcohol has since thawed...^_^

2010-11-27 [Pretaya]: Good for you.

2010-11-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: YAY!

2010-11-27 [Pretaya]: I concurr.

2010-11-27 [haldirrox]: haha. lol. I found rum in the cupboard, so I'm good.

2010-11-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: Oh, awesome.

2010-11-28 [haldirrox]: haha. lol. Yeah. Now I'm drinking wine, though. I beat my dad at Texas Hold 'Em for the first time *ever*, so that was pretty cool.

2010-11-29 [~Crimson Angel~]: That is cool.

2010-11-29 [haldirrox]: It really was.

2010-11-29 [Pretaya]: Congrats!

2010-11-30 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeppers.

2010-11-30 [haldirrox]: ^_^ thanks.

2010-12-01 [~Crimson Angel~]: *thumbs up*

2010-12-01 [haldirrox]: ^_^

2010-12-01 [Pretaya]: You are welcome, hal.

2010-12-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: So how's your kid Hal?

2010-12-02 [haldirrox]: He's amazing. ^_^ He's going to be 10 months in a few days. He's trying to's soooooo adorable. He's also starting to try to pull himself up on things so he can start trying to stand up...Christmas is going to be interesting...

2010-12-02 [moira hawthorne]: watch the tree!!!!

2010-12-02 [haldirrox]: ^_^ Yeah, I know! We just got his "baby's first Christmas"'s ADORABLE!!!! It's this little porcelain rattle.

2010-12-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: Aw, that's so cute! Oh, at Christmas if he disappears and you can't find him anywhere check behind the Christmas tree. lol

2010-12-03 [haldirrox]: ^_^ haha! lol! I'll do that.

2010-12-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: I did that when I was a a toddler, my mom got a picture.

2010-12-03 [haldirrox]: haha! That's adorable! You realize we're talking in 2 wikis at once??? ^_^

2010-12-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yes, I do. lol

2010-12-03 [haldirrox]: ^_^

2010-12-03 [~Crimson Angel~]: Your little one is so cute!

2010-12-03 [Pretaya]: How sweet! I used to fall asleep under the Christmas tree.

2010-12-03 [haldirrox]: aaaaaaaawwwwww He really is adorable, but I need to put up new pics of him. The ones I have are really old. He was only a couple of months in that pic.

2010-12-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: Aw, cute!

2010-12-04 [haldirrox]: ^_^ Yeah...

2010-12-04 [~Crimson Angel~]: Heehee

2010-12-04 [haldirrox]: *poke*

2010-12-04 [sequeena_rae]: Just wanted to let you guys know my good news :) I'm 5 weeks pregnant and my EDD is 6th august 2011 x

2010-12-04 [haldirrox]: ^_^ Awesome, honey!!! Congrats!!!

2010-12-04 [moira hawthorne]: awesomespanks!!! gratz [sequeena_rae]

2010-12-04 [sequeena_rae]: Thank you both :D

2010-12-04 [haldirrox]: ^_^ np

2010-12-06 [Pretaya]: Congratulations, sequeena!!!!!!

2010-12-06 [sequeena_rae]: Thank you!

2010-12-06 [Fallen Child Athena]: Would any of you allow your S/O to tell your child to cry them a river?

2010-12-06 [haldirrox]: Depends how old the kid is.

2010-12-06 [Fallen Child Athena]: 6 years old

2010-12-06 [haldirrox]: Absolutely not. Not till the kid's at least 12-13.

2010-12-07 [Fallen Child Athena]: The father of this little girl allowed his new gf to tell her that. And the guy is now denying all four of his children

2010-12-07 [haldirrox]: Wow. What the hell is wrong with people?

2010-12-07 [Fallen Child Athena]: I wish I knew

2010-12-07 [haldirrox]: I know, right?

2010-12-08 [~Crimson Angel~]: That's horrible. And Congrats Sequeena!

2010-12-08 [Kyrinn]: Congrats, [sequeena_rae]!!!

2010-12-09 [Fallen Child Athena]: Yes it is Misty

2010-12-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: *hugs Veari*

2010-12-10 [Fallen Child Athena]: ~hugs Misty~

2010-12-10 [Pretaya]: People are dumb. I wouldn't even let the father of my child tell the child to "cry me a river." It really does promote sarcasm.

2010-12-10 [haldirrox]: Well, what's wrong with sarcasm?

2010-12-10 [~Crimson Angel~]: ...

2010-12-10 [moira hawthorne]: sarcasm like satire and puns is a form of intelligent humour

2010-12-10 [haldirrox]: Exactly my point. Of course, there is a point when sarcasm goes to far and becomes mean, but that point depends on the people involved.

2010-12-11 [moira hawthorne]: balance! some traits need to be balanced with another trait... respect and sarcasm need to be balanced... just like taunt and skilled in a barfight need to be balanced...

2010-12-11 [haldirrox]: Exactly.

2010-12-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yeah.

2010-12-11 [haldirrox]: ^_^

2010-12-11 [moira hawthorne]: Chandler Oscar Wild Mark Twain RA Heinlien ... just to name a few masters

2010-12-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: Cool

2010-12-11 [haldirrox]: I love you guys...^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

2010-12-11 [moira hawthorne]: yesyes we are all about the love here! <3 hey how is little Stephan?.... bet he is growing alot

2010-12-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: I love you guys too.

2010-12-11 [haldirrox]: He's perfect! Only 10 months and already standing!

2010-12-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: AW! CUTE!

2010-12-11 [moira hawthorne]: ooooh funfun.... trouble here he comes!

2010-12-11 [~Crimson Angel~]: lol

2010-12-11 [haldirrox]: lol. Yup. Already is. He fell asleep in his play yard

2010-12-11 [Fallen Child Athena]: Hmmm I wonder if I could put pics up of my neices and nephew

2010-12-12 [Pretaya]: Lol

2010-12-14 [~Crimson Angel~]: :D

2011-01-16 [~Crimson Angel~]: Can I put my niece up?

2011-01-17 [†Sweets†]: no guys. you have actually be the parent. sorry.

2011-01-18 [~Crimson Angel~]: Aw, that sucks.

2011-01-18 [†Sweets†]: sorry hun :\

2011-01-18 [~Crimson Angel~]: It's ok.

2011-06-26 [haldirrox]: Anybody here?

2011-06-26 [†Sweets†]: i dont know anymore v.v

2011-06-27 [haldirrox]: lol

2011-06-27 [†Sweets†]: i find it sad. i wanted to get all the moms and dads on et on here and then expand to the aunts and uncles, and it just didnt work.

2011-06-27 [Angelis Nightfall]: Well there is still time ya know, we just need to bring it back to life & get it more exposed. Don't loose hope yet, cause we can still bring life back into the wiki & then push forward if we all just try!

2011-06-28 [haldirrox]: Yeah. What Angel said!!!

2011-06-28 [†Sweets†]: then everyone on here needs to tell all their friends and have all their friends tell all their friends who need to tell all of their friends! i need mistis help... wheres misti??

2011-06-28 [†Sweets†]: told misti... if any of you have any popular growing or frequantly visited wikis or have friends that do and dont mind posting somethin about mommies, please do.

2011-06-28 [~Crimson Angel~]: I already told all of my mommy and daddy friends on here

2011-06-28 [†Sweets†]: i love you misti ^^ do you know if they told all their friends?

2011-06-29 [Angelis Nightfall]: I have told everyone i could to.

2011-06-29 [†Sweets†]: aw ^^ thank you guys.

2011-07-02 [~Crimson Angel~]: Don't know, I told them to.

2011-07-02 [moira hawthorne]: <img500*0:stuff/aj/49339/canadadaymhfamily.png>

2011-10-25 [sequeena_rae]: Just wanted to say my little man Thomas Emlyn arrived on his father's birthday, 3 days overdue. 07:42am on the 7th August 2011 weighing 6lbs 8.5 oz :)

2011-10-26 [moira hawthorne]: dancin congo rats... he is a cutie

2011-10-26 [~Crimson Angel~]: What a cutie!

2011-10-26 [sequeena_rae]: Thank you girls, he's a little sweetheart x

2011-10-27 [~Crimson Angel~]: Looks like it

2013-01-15 [Fallen Child Athena]: Wow.....Its been forever since people talked here

2013-02-11 [†Sweets†]: forever and a day

2013-02-12 [~Crimson Angel~]: Yep

2013-04-21 [Angelis Nightfall]: I have an update, im expecting again. ** Blushes gently**

2013-04-22 [~Crimson Angel~]: Awesome! :D

2013-04-22 [Fallen Child Athena]: Congrats, Night =D

2013-04-23 [Angelis Nightfall]: Thank you very much

2013-04-27 [†Sweets†]: yay my angel is having a baby ^^ not sure how i feel about being the owner and not having any of my own lol

2013-05-13 [Angelis Nightfall]: ** blushes madly & just smiles gently, then softly cries.** Well i have an update on the baby, but it's not such good news. V__V ** curls against mamma sweets**

2013-05-13 [XxTsomexX]: :(

2013-05-15 [†Sweets†]: what happened babe?

2013-05-16 [Angelis Nightfall]: I lost the baby & i was at 13 weeks into it, but they said i must have been overly stressed. There wasnt enough fluid around the baby & i was put at high risk for loosing it, so yea thats what happened. My fiance hated that it happened & he is so upset over it. He has been so supportive of it all though & said that there will be other chances that we wont give up yet.

2013-05-17 [XxTsomexX]: :( I'm so sorry to hear that.

2013-05-17 [~Crimson Angel~]: Aw, that sucks.

2013-05-20 [Angelis Nightfall]: ** nods then softly sighs ** Yes indeed it does suck.

2013-05-21 [XxTsomexX]: XD As for comments on Vampire of Darkness' daughter... that's MEEEEEEEE. Not Misty.

2013-05-22 [†Sweets†]: unless they said your uteran wall is torn your good to try again in a couple months :)

2013-05-22 [Angelis Nightfall]: They sid everything was fine, that i would be able to try again. It was just that somehow there seemed to be a hole in what surounded the baby & it was allowing the fluid to leak out, but that everything else had seemed fine.

2013-05-26 [Fallen Child Athena]: ~hugs Night~

2013-05-29 [Angelis Nightfall]: ** leans against Fallen, then whispers gently.** Thanks

2013-05-31 [Fallen Child Athena]: ~kisses Night's head~ Its alright, love. Loseing a child hurts very bad, I know.

2013-06-05 [Angelis Nightfall]: ** Curls up a bit, then nods gently.**Yea it has hurt, real bad & it leaves a empty spot in your heart to.

2013-06-08 [Fallen Child Athena]: Sweetheart, if you need to talk you can message me, alright?

2013-06-23 [Angelis Nightfall]: Thanks so much Fallen! I will have to do that sometime ok, thank you so very much.

2013-06-25 [Fallen Child Athena]: Your welcome hun

2013-07-13 [†Sweets†]: update: my baby is due at the end of feb :)

2013-07-15 [Fallen Child Athena]: Congrats Sweets. My sister's baby is comeing in less then a month

2013-07-31 [†Sweets†]: awesomeness!!

2013-08-02 [Fallen Child Athena]: Yep^^ The baby is due the 12. My birthday is on the 17th lol

2013-10-23 [Angelis Nightfall]: Combats sweets & fallen

2014-01-02 [†Sweets†]: My son will be here march 4th ^^

2014-02-20 [Angelis Nightfall]: Well everyone I have a lovely update for you, me & my fiancé are expecting. I will find out on March 3rd when I am due to have the baby & then in time we will find out what the little one is. It's funny to how my birthday will be March 11th & there is to be Sweets little one that will be due the 4th, congrats for the news sweets!

2014-02-21 [XxTsomexX]: YAY!! Congrats!! <3

2014-02-25 [Angelis Nightfall]: Thank you very much [XxTsomexX]! ^_^

2014-03-25 [Fallen Child Athena]: Congrats^^

2014-03-31 [Angelis Nightfall]: Thank you [Fallen Child Athena]! ^__^ Also just to let everyone know the update of the babies due date, im due on Sept 3rd as far as the doctors can tell. That is unless I get high blood pressure again & have to be induced like I did with my son Korvin. They already said I will be watched since it looks like im already showing signs on having high blood pressure & they hope that I don't have to be induced, but they still want to keep a watch on me to be sure.

2014-04-06 [Fallen Child Athena]: Yay =D Keep us updates?

2014-04-16 [Angelis Nightfall]: I have an ultrasound coming up on the 24th of this month & they are going to tell us what we are having, however I will say this. This little one is strong, I have been feeling kicking the past week like no flippin other & gah has it been having a blast with my blader as its kicking toy lol.

2014-05-05 [Fallen Child Athena]: Ll so what are you having?

2014-05-09 [Angelis Nightfall]: Apperantly they think im having a little girl, we are being sent to Savannah, Ga on the 16th though to have them check to see if anything is wrong with the baby & if they do find anything they will be able to tell us better that will need to be done. They don't think that there is anything wrong, but they are sending us to their other facality that has better equiptment in finding things if anything could be wrong & they are just wanting to make sure nothing is.

2014-05-10 [Fallen Child Athena]: Awesome^^ Congrats

2014-05-13 [Angelis Nightfall]: Thank you Fallen!

2014-05-22 [Angelis Nightfall]: Well it is a girl for sure, im at 25 weeks so far & her name will be Samantha Castieal Keller the first name after my best friend.

2014-06-11 [Fallen Child Athena]: Yay!!!!!!!!!! Aww sooo cute!!!!

2014-06-12 [Angelis Nightfall]: Thank you & as for the update on what's going on with her, well we are to go back to the doctor on Friday to see if things have corrected themselves & if they have then we won't have to drive more than 3 hours out of the way just to get ultrasounds or doctors visits done. Im just praying that they will tell us that things are good now & that we will be good to go about things normal again.

2014-06-13 [Fallen Child Athena]: Good luck hun.

2014-06-16 [Angelis Nightfall]: Thank you very much.

2014-06-17 [Fallen Child Athena]: Your very welcome. My nephew is almost a year old

2014-06-17 [Angelis Nightfall]: Awww, well when his birthday comes. Give him a hug for me & my little boy is almost 4 now lol. XD

2014-08-17 [Fallen Child Athena]: I gave him one for you^^

2014-08-21 [Angelis Nightfall]: Awww thank you, also just as an update. Im to be induced this coming Tuesday night at 8pm, so little miss Samantha Castieal Keller will be here by Wed of next week.

2014-08-28 [Angelis Nightfall]: Well little mis Samantha Castieal Keller is here, she was born 8/27/2014 at 4:12pm & weighed in at 6lb .07oz!

2014-11-08 [Fallen Child Athena]: aww!!!!

2014-12-01 [Angelis Nightfall]: Well everyone its time to update whats going on with my little girl, she has Cystic Fibrosis. It's something that makes her imune system, digestive system & respratory system much weaker than our own. If not watches for the rest of her life & mu7t on medications that will keep her healthy when they are needed, it could cost her her life. It will never go away & she will forever have it, she may one day have to be no a breathing system to help keep her breathing correct. Lets just hope that she will make it safely.

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