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2004-09-02 00:56:29
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Hehe I did it


there happy nav i put one up

The Monkey Army</h1></b>

<b>Monkey army badge contest

Okay who can draw? Well if you can (or not) I'm going to put up a link so you can enter your own badge to replace the one we have now. I'll put up the wiki link soon!

yo bla bla bla [goth dinah] and [TheNavigator] here to present the monkey army

          Berrac's Pub:
Come Hang out and have a relaxing drink!
You'er always alowed to hang out, Welcome!

no preaps aloud  (unless alowed by Sargent Nav.)

u must l*ve monkeys or be a monkey to jion(t) Hehe!

 This means war! Or atleast, it could if you wish to propose war in a cuncil which I will build a council room latter. The leaders will concider it while we look over the detales. If you don't wish to anger another army in Elfwood we could do a synthetic battle! Yet after a battle has been set up we'll really take that into full gear!

HaHa I told you I would make it and I did.
Monkey metting room Now you can come and prpose you plans to the Army and we can have votes and tally them on the big chalk board or post notes of any kind on the tack board (which will be a wiki too soon). I'll even give you the pass word to the page if your a member, so you can post stuff. the monkey army cuncil room is a role play area. If you read this and you want the pass word for the page still message [TheNavigator].

General: [goth dinah]

[this user is dead]
[Daemon's mistress]
[shotgun monkey]
[Monkey Boy]

Any public data can be found at.... bbbb

Also I know how much you wanted to know your army rank so check it out at The Monkey ranks

Missing: </h1>

Username (or number or email):


2005-06-09 [goth dinah]: oro! watashi wa tanoshii desu yo

2005-06-10 [this user is dead]: ummm what?

2005-06-12 [Dragonite]: Hi again.

2005-06-14 [goth dinah]: Hi ya...why don't we achually talk about someting

2005-06-18 [this user is dead]: maybe...what to talk about

2005-06-21 [Dragonite]: Attacking the mufins we must attack the muffins

2005-06-22 [this user is dead]: umm why attack them

2005-06-22 [Dragonite]: cause monkeys don't like muffins!

2005-06-23 [this user is dead]: okies lets eat the muffins

2005-06-27 [goth dinah]: muffins? What kind of MUFFINS

2005-06-28 [this user is dead]: banananananananananannaanana

2005-07-07 [goth dinah]: lets eat *grabs a fork and knife* umm....where did they go.....i only want to be there friend*has fingures crossed*

2005-07-08 [goth dinah]: Join my Yahoo Group you have to have a yahoo acount but it's free so join

2005-07-12 [this user is dead]: what is it about?

2005-07-30 [TheNavigator]: It's about Hellsing the anime (just anwsering for darky). How's everyone?

2005-08-11 [goth dinah]: ya i didn't miss how is every one

2005-08-24 [TheNavigator]: Where is everyone!!!

2005-08-31 [Dragonite]: I'm baaack in black! I have finally returned form my quest to rid mars of chickens and baby I am back. Now do that fandango! w0000t yeah!

2005-09-30 [Dragonite]: awwwwwwww no one is here!

2005-11-10 [TheNavigator]: Wow weird, feels odd to be around old stomping grounds. How has you others been?

2007-05-13 [goth dinah]: it's been almost 2 years I bet no one even goes on any more

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