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Banner by [Lerune]


Welcome! Are you a someone who likes the idea of things that remain yet change, having something solid and set that moves on constantly? Do you like the passing of time? Do you like to pass your time with art?

Well, you'd better, since you're here.


This is a monthly contest about the months.
I want your artistic interpretation about the current month


be it writing (on their separate wikis please), visual art, music or anything you can imagine. Be creative, and remember, most of the stuff you do on Elftown is actually art. For example, role-playing is a form of art.

Deadline is always the end of the month in question.


Rules, we gotsa have rules!
1. I am the over-lord of this particular wiki here. So what I say, goes. On the positive side, I'm Finnish, so I don't talk much! :P
2. Remember the uploading art rules. And just be nice in general. Unless rudeness is what you are after in your work... O_o
3. I'm not fust about nudity or gory stuff or anything, so run rampant.


~Visual Artists:
I want a small max 150 x 150 pixel sized thumbnail that is a piece of the artwork. Not a clickable ET-thumbnail but the sort you see in professional art-pages. Under it I want the link to your artwork (uploaded to ET or anywhere - as long as it works - I hate broken links!) that is to be clicked in order to view the full thing.

~Literary Artists:
I want a link to your writing (a wiki-link or any other where it is and where it will stay - I hate broken links!) and hopefully an except from the story/poem/script/whatever it is, max 2 lines in the page (about 4-5 lines in the edit-form). I'll let you do the choosing, so I won't enforce it.

~Something else Artists:
A link to your work and a description of what it is if you wish. If it is a Flash-thing, a thumbnail of a screenshot will be welcome.

Now the reason for thumbnailing like this is a silly one: it's more exciting this way! Sides, we avoid the annoying long load of this page and it's fairer for those entries that can't be entered into Elftown and need to be link-clicked anyway. So everybody gets a tiny spotlight for their entry in here - even the writings do (I want samples, short passages) - and then visitors can just click the links to the ones they find interesting, or click all of them and see their computer die with shame. So the thumbnail will be your advertisement for your entry.


Unclear? Good. Ask me questions, and I shall tell you no lies!

Suggestion of the moment:
If you find one month too short a time for your exceptionally excellent piece, then think ahead. Start your submission ahead of time and submit it by the appropriate month. Or if you miss the deadline, then keep working over the year and submit it the next time around we get to that month.

Thus endeth this long ramble by your local [iippo].

Past Months:
TMMC - Nov05 - Winner: [Linderel] - SiP - November
TMMC - Dec05 - Judging


Related wikis
The Four Seasons - An on-going photography contest
What if... - *cough* O_O;;; Just go there... :P


Dividers by [Lerune].

Username (or number or email):


2006-01-13 [Jitter]: /me on the contrary loves winter

2006-01-13 [Linn Scarlett]: *grumbles* if i lived in norway i could submit barbarians all the year round (its always cold there anyways X_X) and i havent seen a snowflake all freakin winter here (netherlands) it kinda sucks >_< the main things here in january is: COLD WINDY and of course RAIN lots and lots of RAIN

2006-01-13 [Skydancer]: well, how about a sodden, dripping hulk of a man with red eyes and a really big axe

2006-01-13 [Linn Scarlett]: ...been there done that ... his name is Beowulf X_X *chuckles* he looked like a drowned kitten in that drawing :p twas kinda cute

2006-02-12 [gone from elftown. deleted.]: when is someone gonna judge december?

2006-02-12 [iippo]: Sorry, everything's been so... hectic.

2006-02-13 [Stephen]: It's not January anymore...

2006-02-13 [gone from elftown. deleted.]: Yes.. I'd say its... February now? :P

2006-02-13 [Stephen]: Nearly halfway through the month.

2006-02-13 [nokaredes]: But February is so short! :P

2006-02-13 [iippo]: I'm so sorry about neglegting this wiki, but as some might know, the Role-play tournment has now stopped accepting entries and starting judging, so that (and real life work) has been keeping me a bit busy.

2006-02-14 [Linn Scarlett]: omg indeed X_X

2006-06-11 [gone from elftown. deleted.]: Still nothing happened... and it's like.. June..

2006-06-11 [iippo]: I'm sorry, this died indeed didn't it :( I'll go for a revival at some point.

2006-06-11 [Stephen]: It's hard to keep something like this active all the time, I know from experience.

2006-06-11 [gone from elftown. deleted.]: Yeah... I know... It's a shame though..

2006-06-12 [.|| Edd ||.]: hmm i forgot about this contest... how long does the judging usually take?

2006-06-12 [iippo]: Holy crap I didn't do the December judging! X_X *dies a very painful shameful death*

2006-06-12 [gone from elftown. deleted.]: Hahaha well.. better late then never right?

2006-06-13 [Kiddalee]: *throws a rose at [iippo]*

2006-06-14 [iippo]: *stem of rose hits a critical point and revives iippo* Hokae, judging now... X_x

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