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The Old Cemetery



(top one I found on google)

This dilapidated cemetery used to be a place where only good could enter, but during one of the Elder Wars, innocent blood was spilt on the holy grounds and demons and other terrible creatures were set loose.
Now very few come here and the dead are always restless and looking for more blood.
As you enter through what is left of the old iron gate, you are struck by an overpowering sense of grief, hate, and pain.
You find it hard to breath and a deep chill enters your skin, making you shiver uncontrollably.
You can feel a wrongness about the place and desperately wish to leave, yet you seem to be drawn towards the center of the cometary where a large mausoleum is located.
Fresh blood stains a head stone and the smell lingers in the air.

The Tower of Seletar

The Woods of Semedia

The Northern Caves

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2010-09-09 [Ravendust]: "Well then I suppose he'll just have to work hard and change himself." Raven replied.

2010-09-09 [Silver Moon]: Shard nodded

2010-09-09 [Lirerial]: *Shade said nothing as she walked away*

2010-09-09 [Silver Moon]: "Shade...are you alright?" Shard whispered

2010-09-10 [Lirerial]: No, I'm not. He deserves to die. I want to feel his blood on my skin and watch the life leave his eyes! *she hissed furiously*

2010-09-10 [Ravendust]: "Come on, Elyria, lets head home," Raven sighed tiredly.

"Okay." Elyria nodded in relief.

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: Garathias looked to his daughter. "Where should I go?"

Shard hugged Shade. "I feel the same way."

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: "Where you feel like going." Raven replied.

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: "I don't know. That depends on what you want me to do"

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: Raven frowned, "It is your decision where you go."

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: "I have no where to go."

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: "How do you have nowhere to go?" Raven asked.

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: I can't go back to the caves

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: "Why not?"

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: They have turned against me."

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: "Then... There are rooms available on the farm I'm staying at." Raven replied, "You're welcome to stay until you find a place to stay..."

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: "Thank you."

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: Raven nodded briefly, "Come on then," She said, heading back for the woods.

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: He followed

2010-09-11 [Lirerial]: *Shade nodded and pulled him into the northern caves*

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: he followed

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