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The Old Cemetery



(top one I found on google)

This dilapidated cemetery used to be a place where only good could enter, but during one of the Elder Wars, innocent blood was spilt on the holy grounds and demons and other terrible creatures were set loose.
Now very few come here and the dead are always restless and looking for more blood.
As you enter through what is left of the old iron gate, you are struck by an overpowering sense of grief, hate, and pain.
You find it hard to breath and a deep chill enters your skin, making you shiver uncontrollably.
You can feel a wrongness about the place and desperately wish to leave, yet you seem to be drawn towards the center of the cometary where a large mausoleum is located.
Fresh blood stains a head stone and the smell lingers in the air.

The Tower of Seletar

The Woods of Semedia

The Northern Caves

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2009-11-16 [Ravendust]: Elyria gained her bearings and lashed out with an explosion of light.

2009-11-17 [Silver Moon]: Shard cried out in pain but lashed out with an explosion of dark energy

2009-11-17 [Ravendust]: Elyria ducked out of the way quickly, "That's not all I can do. Please do not force this to continue!"

2009-11-17 [Lirerial]: *Shade seemed lost on what to do, she was still to inexperienced in battle.*

2009-11-17 [Silver Moon]: Shard panted. "Nor is that all I can do little girl."

2009-11-19 [Ravendust]: "I take it that neitherwill surrender and allow me to pass..." Elyria sighed.

2009-11-20 [Silver Moon]: Shard grinned his eyes flashed dark and she realized he was more than he seemed. "No."

2009-11-20 [Ravendust]: Elyria frowned, "I was afraid of that..." She murmured.

2009-11-20 [Lirerial]: *Shade watched the exchange, her heart skipped a beat when Shard's eyes flashed and she felt her admiration of him grow*

2009-11-21 [Silver Moon]: Shadows rippled around Shard. "I seem to have little choice in revealing myself." He said as shadows mounted around him. His hair lengthened and darkened to a complete black. His eyes went black and he seemed taller with more power around him. "I am Artrice Lord of Shadows and secrets. Leave now before I destroy you." He said his voice darker and more powerful.

2009-11-21 [Lirerial]: *Shade watched with wide eyes and flinched back automaticaly.*

2009-11-21 [Ravendust]: "I cannot, I'm sorry." Elyria shook her head, "Raven is my friend and I cannot abandon her."

2009-11-21 [Silver Moon]: "Than I am afraid I must kill you. I can't allow you to interfere with my servants business."

2009-11-21 [Ravendust]: "How is rescuing my friend interfering with your servants business? She doesn't belong..."

2009-11-21 [Silver Moon]: "She is his niece."

2009-11-21 [Ravendust]: "She is my friend. She is not part of what is here. She is a good person."

2009-11-21 [Silver Moon]: "Are you saying my servant is a bad person? Who are you to judge people mortal?"

2009-11-21 [Ravendust]: "I am saying that he has darker aspects to his personality that are unnerving. And his reasons for taking Raven in... I don't believe it's all for the fact that she is his niece."

2009-11-22 [Lirerial]: *Shade watched in silence, her wide eyes concentrated on Shard. listening to his claim to be her father's master*

2009-11-22 [Silver Moon]: "He won't hurt her. And perhaps you judge people too easily.Go home little girl."

2009-11-23 [Ravendust]: "My home is with Raven. I've said I will not leave her." Elyria replied.

2009-11-23 [Silver Moon]: She felt a force of energy shove her into a tombstone roughly

2009-11-23 [Ravendust]: Elyria stood, not noticing as her bracelet snapped and fell uselessly to the ground, she was a little surprised, though not hurt, "I'm not going to give up." Her tone had taken on an edge, and the silver of her hair bled into a darker color without her notice.

2009-11-23 [Silver Moon]: "Darkness is in you little child."

2009-11-23 [Ravendust]: "Darkness?" Elyria blinked, momentarily surprised and her fingers groped for her bracelet out of sheer habit, when she didn't feel it she whirled, her gaze on the ground, she found it in several pieces.

2009-11-23 [Silver Moon]: "I see. You knew about it didn't you?"

2009-11-23 [Ravendust]: "Knew about it?" Elyria echoed, confused. (The bracelet was a charm given her, but she didn't know what it really was)

2009-11-24 [Silver Moon]: "Or does it come as a surprise to you?"

2009-11-24 [Ravendust]: "I don't understand." She replied. (I'm thinking that in actuality she is a black unicorn, though has white blood in her, hence always appearing white due to the bracelet)

2009-11-24 [Silver Moon]: "You are a dark unicorn."

2009-11-24 [Lirerial]: *Shade watched in fascination*

2009-11-24 [Ravendust]: "It doesn't matter what I am." Elyria shook her head.

2009-11-24 [Silver Moon]: He smirked. "If you are a dark unicorn than I can control you."

2009-11-24 [Ravendust]: Elyria frowned at his comment uncertainly.

2009-11-24 [Silver Moon]: "I am the lord of shadows and darkness."

2009-12-19 [Ravendust]: "That doesn't mean anything to me!" She replied fiercely.

2009-12-19 [Silver Moon]: He sighed and flicked his hand up she found herself take a step back. "You have darkness in you. I can control you, but you have some light in you as well so you can resist...if you believe you can. Why are you so persistent on trying to endager yourself?"

2009-12-19 [Ravendust]: "Because Raven's my friend!" Elyria exclaimed, shifting back to her previous position, "I won't give up!"

2009-12-19 [Silver Moon]: "what is it you plan to do?"

2009-12-19 [Ravendust]: "Like it matters to you." Elyria replied, "I'll find a way to get her back and return her memories."

2009-12-20 [Silver Moon]: "It matters. What will you do? Take her from her uncle?"

2009-12-20 [Ravendust]: "Take her back where she belongs. It doesn't matter if he is related to her... He's not right to help her."

2009-12-20 [Silver Moon]: "He won't hurt her and she is safer with him anyway."

2009-12-20 [Ravendust]: "I don't believe that." She replied.

2009-12-20 [Silver Moon]: (waiting for her)

2009-12-20 [Ravendust]: (kk)

2009-12-20 [Lirerial]: *Shade was quiet* ((you guys can go on if I'm not on. I don't mind reading back*

2009-12-20 [Ravendust]: ((yeah, but we don't like to leave anyone in the dark :) ))

2009-12-20 [Silver Moon]: "He is the only one her aunt fears."

2009-12-21 [Ravendust]: "Even so... She doesn't belong there." Elyria responded.

2009-12-21 [Silver Moon]: "Why do you say that?"

2009-12-21 [Ravendust]: "I've already told you, why don't you try opening your ears?" She replied simply.

2009-12-21 [Silver Moon]: He sighed. "You haven't given a good reason so I will continue to ask. Is it because you believe he is evil that you won't allow her to stay? Perhaps she belongs with him more than you think."

2009-12-21 [Ravendust]: "He is dark, manipulative." Elyria replied, "And refused to allow me along, something is not right with that and I won't settle until she is safe at home."

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: "She is home. He isn't her uncle. He is...more."

2009-12-22 [Lirerial]: *Shade's ears pricked forward* wait, what? What do you mean more? *she asked*

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: He is her fatherHe replied silently keeping it from Elyria

2009-12-22 [Lirerial]: *Her face grew even more pale as she stared at him in disbelief* I.. I... that can't be right *She replied as a cold chill swept through her body*

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: "It is."

2009-12-22 [Lirerial]: How do you know? You look just as old as myself!

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: I am mush older...I am several thousand years old

2009-12-22 [Lirerial]: *She turned away*

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: Are you angry with me?<?i>Missing: </i>

2009-12-22 [Ravendust]: "What do you mean he's more?" Elyria's gaze narrowed.

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: "He is her father."

2009-12-22 [Ravendust]: "That can't be true." Elyria shook her head, "Her parents died years ago."

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: "Her mother did and yes he did too until I brought him back."

2009-12-22 [Ravendust]: "If he was brought back then why didn't he taker her from her aunt?"

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: His memory...wasn't all there and Tsuba hid her well."

2009-12-22 [Ravendust]: "Even so, to just take her from my care... It isn't right."

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: "You're care?"

2009-12-22 [Ravendust]: "Yes, my care. Weve been living together for a while now, and I rather think it was rude of him to just run off with her after finding out she'd lost her memory."

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: He wants to help her and doesn't know if he can trust you."

2009-12-22 [Ravendust]: "Yes, well, how does that allot for my trust in him?" Elyria countered.

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: "You aren't related."

2009-12-22 [Ravendust]: "That doesn't matter."

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: He sighed looking bored. "It does."

2009-12-22 [Ravendust]: "No it doesn't."

2009-12-22 [Silver Moon]: "To you perhaps. But who do you work for?"

2009-12-23 [Ravendust]: "I don't work for anybody." Elyria gave an exasperated sigh.

2009-12-23 [Silver Moon]: "But you ally yourself with the Magi of Seletar

2009-12-25 [Ravendust]: "Who is the magi of Seletar?" Her tone was confused.

2009-12-26 [Lirerial]: *Shade watched quietly, listening since she herself was interested in the question*

2010-01-04 [Silver Moon]: "Their leader is Sestera."

2010-01-04 [Ravendust]: "I don't even know who that is."

2010-01-04 [Lirerial]: I don't either. *Shade spoke up*

2010-01-05 [Silver Moon]: "You know who Lilian and Minoku are?"

2010-01-05 [Ravendust]: "I do not."

2010-01-05 [Silver Moon]: "Who do you know than? Aside from Raven."

2010-01-05 [Ravendust]: "Nobody, really..." She shrugged.

2010-01-05 [Silver Moon]: He looked thoughtful. "Than why do you want to know who the evil magi are?"

2010-01-05 [Ravendust]: "I never said I wanted to know." Elyria replied.

2010-01-05 [Silver Moon]: "You asked."

2010-01-05 [Ravendust]: "I did not, I asked who the magi of Seletar was... I'm only here for my friend."

2010-01-05 [Silver Moon]: He shrugged

2010-01-05 [Lirerial]: *Shade plopped down on the ground and yawned*

2010-01-05 [Silver Moon]: "Shade? Are you ready to return I grow weary of this."

2010-01-06 [Lirerial]: *She leapted to her feet and nodded eagerly* Of course!

2010-01-06 [Silver Moon]: He held his hand out for her.

2010-01-06 [Ravendust]: "I'm not going to just sit around." Elyria said, "I'm going to find Raven."

2010-01-06 [Silver Moon]: "You can try. Sit tight and I will speak to Garathias."

2010-01-06 [Lirerial]: *Shade took his hand*

2010-01-06 [Ravendust]: Elyria frowned and crossed her arms, "Why should I listen to you?"

2010-01-06 [Silver Moon]: "Because I am trying to keep you from getting yourself killed

2010-01-08 [Ravendust]: "I don't plan on getting myself killed."

2010-01-08 [Silver Moon]: He shrugged and vanished with Shade back to the caves

2010-01-08 [Ravendust]: Elyria frowned and began to pick her way through the graveyard.

2010-01-08 [Silver Moon]: She felt someone watching her

2010-01-08 [Ravendust]: Elyria paused and glanced around nervously.

2010-01-08 [Silver Moon]: glowing gold eyes watched her

2010-01-09 [Ravendust]: "Whose there?" Elyria called.

2010-01-09 [Silver Moon]: The eyes flashed s they closing

2010-01-09 [Ravendust]: Elyria took a few hesitant steps towards them.

2010-01-09 [Silver Moon]: Do you want to find your friend?

2010-01-09 [Ravendust]: Elyria gave a small startled sound before responding, "I-I do!"

2010-01-09 [Silver Moon]: She vanished and appeared in The Northern Caves

2010-04-14 [Silver Moon]: Garathias appeared holding Raven. "Are you alright?"

2010-04-14 [Ravendust]: "I'm okay... what about you, daddy?" Raven replied, blinking as she looked around.

2010-04-14 [Silver Moon]: "I am feeling better....but we can't return there..."

2010-04-14 [Ravendust]: "Where will we go?" She asked softly.

2010-04-14 [Silver Moon]: "Is there somewhere you want to go?"

2010-04-14 [Ravendust]: "I don't know." Raven shook her head, "Where is there to go?"

2010-04-14 [Silver Moon]: "We could head across the mountains."

2010-04-15 [Ravendust]: "Okay." Raven nodded.

2010-04-16 [Silver Moon]: He gently picked her up but stopped when Shard came into view snarling in rage

2010-04-16 [Lirerial]: *Shade emerged close behind, her teeth bared angry*

2010-04-16 [Ravendust]: Raven frowned worriedly as they approached, clinging to her father.

"Let her go." Elyria said in a low voice as they approached Garathias and Raven.

2010-04-17 [Silver Moon]: Garathias stroked his daughter's hair. "I am leaving with my daughter."

Shard shifted back. "You must pay for your evil."

"Evil? That's the pot calling the kettle black, you were the one who ordered me." Garathias replied.

Shard growled

2010-04-17 [Ravendust]: "Leave us alone!" Raven exclaimed.

2010-04-17 [Silver Moon]: Garathias stroked her hair gently. "I will protect you."

2010-04-17 [Lirerial]: *Shade chuckled coldly* Like you protected my mother? *She taunted*

2010-04-18 [Silver Moon]: He growled. "She is the one who tried to kill me!"

2010-04-18 [Lirerial]: And you sent a silver wolf after her head! It almost killed her! *Shade snarled, and lunged for his throat*

2010-04-18 [Silver Moon]: He erected a shield quickly. "Silver wolf? I know nothing of a silver wolf going after her..." He seemed to speak the truth

2010-04-18 [Lirerial]: *Shade didn't pause, ignoring what he said as she circled him slowly*

2010-04-18 [Silver Moon]: "What silver wolf are you talking about?"

Shard growled. "You don't know? Funny, my father was able to pick up on Zateria's distress, why couldn't you?"

Garathias glared at him

2010-04-18 [Lirerial]: *Shade drifted in closer*

2010-04-18 [Silver Moon]: Garathias growled and backed away holding Raven protectively

2010-04-18 [Lirerial]: *Shade snarled and snapped at the air*

2010-04-18 [Silver Moon]: "You are scaring my daughter."

2010-04-18 [Lirerial]: At least I won't kill her

2010-04-18 [Silver Moon]: He held her protectively

2010-04-24 [Ravendust]: Raven buried her face in her father's chest, making a small sound of worry as she did so, she didn't want anything to happen to him...

"She wouldn't be frightened if she were herself." Elyria called out.

2010-04-24 [Silver Moon]: He gently stroked her hair. "Leave us alone! I want only a chance to live in peace with my daughter since all of you took everything else from me!"

2010-08-29 [Ravendust]: "She hated you," Elyria said, swallowing a hard lump in her throat, "You took Raven from her life for your own selfish wants."

2010-08-29 [Lirerial]: *Shade snarled bitterly* Don't bother appealing to his better side... he doesn't have one

2010-08-29 [Silver Moon]: He looked down at Raven sadly. "I...may not have a better side...but I do truly love her..." He waved his hand restoring her to her natural age and memories. Tears ran down his face. " sorry."

Shard glared at him in suspicion

2010-08-30 [Ravendust]: Raven took a few uncertain steps backwards as memories flooded back into her mind, "What..." She managed, shaking her head to clear it, "What happened?"

"Raven!" Elyria exclaimed, pulling the surprised girl into a tight hug, "Thank goodness, you're back to normal!"

"E-Elyria? What happened to you?" Raven blinked, taking in her darkened features.

2010-09-01 [Silver Moon]: Garathias watched silently a pained look on his face

2010-09-01 [Lirerial]: *Shade stood silently*

2010-09-01 [Ravendust]: "Its not important now." Elyria shook her head and turned her cool gaze to Garathias, "I must admit I am grateful you've returned her to what she was. There were better methods to gaining her affections."

Raven frowned, unsure of what to say.

2010-09-02 [Silver Moon]: He looked down and slowly nodded. "I...forgive me....I wanted to raise her from childhood...but she has grown into a beautiful young woman."

2010-09-02 [Ravendust]: "That's the problem, I've already survived through my childhood and you were not a part of that life. Trying to recreate something like that just doesn't work." Raven replied.

2010-09-02 [Silver Moon]: "I you want nothing to do with me?"

2010-09-03 [Ravendust]: "I want nothing to do with what you are now." Raven replied slowly, "Your ideals and much of what you do is questionable... Too much of my life has been that way... I want a change."

2010-09-04 [Silver Moon]: He looked down. "I well...." He took out a dagger and prepared to plunge it into his chest. "Good bye daughter."

2010-09-04 [Lirerial]: *Shade seemed to perk up and her lips curved into a blood thirsty smile as she waited for him to kill himself*

2010-09-04 [Silver Moon]: Shard looked at him than Raven. He wanted to tear his throat out but it ultimately relied on Raven on what the next move would be.

2010-09-04 [Ravendust]: "That's not what I mean." Raven reached out and a thick tendril of shadow wrapped around his arm and the dagger, "You can change... for the better."

"Raven?" Elyria questioned softly.

2010-09-04 [Lirerial]: *Shade hissed softly*

2010-09-05 [Silver Moon]: He looked at her with tears in his eyes. "How...I have walked this path so long..."

Shard leaned against a tree and watched. "Perhaps you should allow your daughter to help you on the endeavor. can only change if you truly want to."

Garathias' eyes snapped to Shard and anger filled them. " are the one who has been giving me the orders! You are the one who is evil!"

Shard looked at him and shook his head slowly. "You misunderstood my orders."

2010-09-06 [Ravendust]: "Enough is enough." Raven said, "There are always splits in the path... You can atone for what you have done and make things right."

2010-09-06 [Silver Moon]: "how?

2010-09-06 [Ravendust]: "By working to better what you previously wreaked havoc upon... You have a lot of enemies and its going to take a lot of work. In the end... its all up to you on what to do and how to go about it." Raven replied.

2010-09-06 [Silver Moon]: He slowly nodded

2010-09-06 [Lirerial]: *Shade's eyes gleamed with cold fury as she slipped quietly away*

2010-09-06 [Silver Moon]: Shard gently grabbed her arm. "I know it is not the result you wanted, but odds are he won't be able to change, you still have a chance for revenge." He whispered to her as he kissed her.

2010-09-06 [Ravendust]: "What will you do?" Raven asked of Garathias.

2010-09-06 [Silver Moon]: "I...want to change."

2010-09-06 [Ravendust]: "Then do so." Raven said.

2010-09-06 [Silver Moon]: "I will try."

2010-09-07 [Lirerial]: *Shade looked up at him* I will kill him regardless if he fails or not. *She whispered softly as she leaned against him*

2010-09-07 [Ravendust]: "Raven, is this such a good idea?" Elyria questioned softly, worry in her tone.

"Everyone deserves the chance to change, no matter what they've done." Raven replied.

2010-09-07 [Silver Moon]: Garathias looked at Shade and in only her head she heard You can try! but to everyone else he remained silent.

Shard gently held Shade close and whispered in her ear. "I will help you, I have a score to settle too."

2010-09-08 [Lirerial]: *She turned her silver eyes to look at Garathias and for a split instance it was as if Zataria stared at him with pain and betrayal*

2010-09-08 [Silver Moon]: He looked away

2010-09-08 [Ravendust]: "We're going to head home," Raven said, glancing between the others briefly with a frown.

2010-09-08 [Lirerial]: *Shade turned to Shard and pulled at his hand* Lets go

2010-09-09 [Silver Moon]: Shard followed her. "Raven. If he doesn't change I will kill him." Shard said over his shoulder.

2010-09-09 [Ravendust]: "Well then I suppose he'll just have to work hard and change himself." Raven replied.

2010-09-09 [Silver Moon]: Shard nodded

2010-09-09 [Lirerial]: *Shade said nothing as she walked away*

2010-09-09 [Silver Moon]: "Shade...are you alright?" Shard whispered

2010-09-10 [Lirerial]: No, I'm not. He deserves to die. I want to feel his blood on my skin and watch the life leave his eyes! *she hissed furiously*

2010-09-10 [Ravendust]: "Come on, Elyria, lets head home," Raven sighed tiredly.

"Okay." Elyria nodded in relief.

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: Garathias looked to his daughter. "Where should I go?"

Shard hugged Shade. "I feel the same way."

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: "Where you feel like going." Raven replied.

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: "I don't know. That depends on what you want me to do"

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: Raven frowned, "It is your decision where you go."

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: "I have no where to go."

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: "How do you have nowhere to go?" Raven asked.

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: I can't go back to the caves

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: "Why not?"

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: They have turned against me."

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: "Then... There are rooms available on the farm I'm staying at." Raven replied, "You're welcome to stay until you find a place to stay..."

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: "Thank you."

2010-09-11 [Ravendust]: Raven nodded briefly, "Come on then," She said, heading back for the woods.

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: He followed

2010-09-11 [Lirerial]: *Shade nodded and pulled him into the northern caves*

2010-09-11 [Silver Moon]: he followed

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