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The Old Ruins

The Woods of Semedia

(image from google)

These ruins look to have once been a large castle.
Moss and weeds grow over the cracked and broken stones that once made the structure so strong.
Some of the stones are blackened and look like they had once been burned by intense heat.
The place has a feel of magic that still hangs over it, though some areas feel tainted and others more pure.
A stone basin is located in the middle of the rubble and is the only truly intact thing in the area.
Clear gold liquid fills the basin and runes of power are carved around the basin in a spiral pattern.
Some of the bricks that appear to have once been walls are also covered in these runes.
Though the place has a mixed feel to it you can still feel the power in the stones.

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2009-10-07 [Ravendust]: "The caves?" Elyria questioned.

2009-10-07 [Lirerial]: *Zataria nodded* Yes, I sent Shade to you. *she smiled softly*

2009-10-08 [Silver Moon]: Garathias looked toward Elyria. "You should go home unicorn."

2009-10-08 [Ravendust]: "Raven's my friend. I'm not going to leave her." Elyria replied.

2009-10-08 [Silver Moon]: "You're not coming with us."

2009-10-08 [Ravendust]: "Then she stays with me." Elyria replied, "She has protected and watched over me, I will do the same for her."

2009-10-08 [Silver Moon]: "She is my niece. What can you do for her?"

2009-10-08 [Ravendust]: "I can be there for her. I know her." Elyria replied, "I don't know you."

2009-10-08 [Silver Moon]: Garathias shrugged. "That doesn't matter. I don't trust your kind."

2009-10-08 [Ravendust]: "I don't trust you."

2009-10-08 [Silver Moon]: Garathias sighed. "Zateria what do you suggest?"

2009-10-08 [Lirerial]: *Zataria turned to Elyria* I don't think we should take you. You don't belong with us and she, by blood, does.

2009-10-08 [Ravendust]: "I'm not going to leave Raven." Elyria replied firmly, "Whether I belong or not, I'm staying with her."

2009-10-11 [Silver Moon]: Garathias grinned. "How will you achieve that?"

2009-10-11 [Lirerial]: *Zataria just watched, pityingly*

2009-10-11 [Ravendust]: "I will stay with her. And if you take her away from me, I will find her. Your personality, the way you act... I don't think she belongs with you." Elyria replied firmly.

2009-10-11 [Silver Moon]: Garathias cocked an eyebrow. She is my niece and I helped save her." He looked to Zateria. "Lets go. Can you carry Dark?"

2009-10-12 [Lirerial]: *Zataria nodded, carefully lifted Dark and holding him over her shoulder*

2009-10-12 [Silver Moon]: Garathias vanished heading to the caves

2009-10-12 [Lirerial]: *Zataria flashed a smile at Elyria* I'll keep an eye on her *She said softly and disappeared after him*

2009-10-12 [Ravendust]: "I'm not going to let this happen..." Elyria muttered, "I'll find you, Raven... I promise I will." Angry tears flooded her eyes and she ran into the woods.


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