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Main plot: A lost part of The Pantom of th Opera, a part none have dared reveal, unil now. Two centuries after the Theater was rebuilt after it's epic crash, the day the Phantom stole his prize, a legend was conceived, and a new line was born. 
Generation to generation, a new 'Phantom' has been born to the lucky lady that the Phantom who has caught his eye. Each one has been a boy, and each legacy has been taught by the 'Father Phantom'. Until now.
Lucillia Drew, the first daughter born to a Phantom's Lady, was born on 8/13/1994, at 11:59 in the evening. No father was reported as being present.

What will happen now...? It's... the baby... its.. a... female... The bewildered Phantom turned from the cradle and to his father, also a Phantom.

the old, silver haired Phantom shook his head. "I don't know, we go on, teaching her what we've taught the rest, though we alter it a bit, so she seduces the gentleman of her eye... which will be a bit harder..."

The younger Phantom ran his fingers over his mask and removed it. The ugliness that was inherited had long been weeded out, but the mask, and a slight dryness of the skin remained. The dark hair and dark eyes, the red lips and the pasty white skin remained inherited. He sighed and stroked his child's face, the mother's weak body lying in the bed next to the cradle. He pulled the sheet over his love's face, and wept for her.

The Silver Phantom took the young child and left to their home, in the bottom of the Theater, talking softly to her, secretly glad for the change. He sat down at the desk and opened the ancient leather tome, taking the feather pen and dipped it in the ink, writing down in teh next slot the name of the new child. Lucillia Drew - 1992/13/August - 11:59 p.m - first female - directions will be altered accordingly.

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- If you feel this is too good an opportunity to pass up for roleplaying, feel free to goof around, playing the roles I set out for you, then by all means, go ahead. if there is a lack of characters, please contact me. - TPB - PAGE 5

The Phantom's Book

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