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To believe in things that go unseen
Lying in worlds in-between
That only dreamers dare to dream
That things aren't always as they seem

It's safe to stay away and bide
in one world, But if you tryed
you could see so many splendors
Look in deep and see what renders
by [cheesecake]

The rose petal falls to the floor
Not knowing its fate not feeling anymore
it lies on the ground alone and forlorn
Waiting like a phoenix, to be reborn

My love for the girl is like the rose
She that came tore me out of my woes
The resemblance of elvendom in one place
I cannot look at the sorrow in her face

She is the one that my hearts bleeds for
She is the one with the essence, amor
If only i could hold her tight
fight away her demons of the night

But it cannot be, her and me
We shall never be what i long to be
Her on the throne with the nobles and like
Me on the windowsill in the cold dark night

And so i watch her tred the stair
all the while wishing i was there
Holding her hand as we slip into bed
stroking her body and kissing her head.


Poundings of the restless sea,
The stormy sky's jubilee,
Just thoughts etched on my memory.

The song of pipe, the cry of bird,
Sails blust'ring wind hath spurred,
But never a sound have I heard.

Sensing the sun's gentle hand,
Joy at sighting the first land,
Not feelings I should understand.

The sounds, the sights, the smells,
On me the ocean's cast a spell,
All from picking up one shell.


Happiness and sorrow
Fill tomorrow,
As Memories are with yesterday,
Thus conflict comes marching in with today.

But who can say,
What the day,
that follows the tomorrows will bring.
For quickly those many tomorrows turn into todays,
then disappear into yesterdays.
By: [Lynxie]

  A poem for all you open minded folks to  enjoy, and for those not so... to ponder on for a while. hope you like! [deleted, gone]

Women with short hair.
Boys who carry purses.
Girls who dont care.
I know cruel jokes,
about the tight pants
someboys wear.
Snickers that state...
"What a freak!
Is that boy gay?!"
Yes my friend he is.
What have you to say?
For who knows where he'll be
In five or ten years?
Be he a famous lawyer?
A Dr. in N.Y. state?
May he clear a free man.
Or invent a cure for aids.
Who are you to say,
"Hes a waste of life.
Just another flammer."
You'll change your tune,
when he fights your disclammour.
For his is a life not unlike yours,
or mine.
Each life is sweet.
May you be...
or Straight.
Each life is sweet,
all carring,
  BY Laura Caron [deleted, gone]

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