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[AmiRitter]Wow, you guys are really good! I like it.
Well, I'll put up a few...
Follow me
beyond the sea
and to the sunlit shore.
Tell me
You'll never leave
and love me even more
Give me
You're every breath
and I will give you mine
Follow me
into death
and walk the burning line.
 Well, it gets a bit morbid at the end... Well here's another-

Just a crush
A little crush
Is what they say about me and you.
Just a crush
A little crush
Is not my feelings true.
I hurt when I'm not near you
I cry when I'm alone
I can't stop thinking of you
So I call you on the phone.
There's no one there to answer
There's no one there to talk
There's no one to save me
Or go out for a walk.
You left so unexpected
You didn't even say
Maybe it hurt to tell me?
Had you tried to tell me today?
So I sit here all alone again
And I begin to cry
I miss you already
And I begin to wonder why.
Do I really love you?
Or was it just a fling?
And then I start to laugh
You always made me do that sort of thing.
I really did love you
And now it's too late
If I only knew
Could we have gone out on a date?
So now I really miss you
And I doubt I'll see you again
But I can't help but wonder…
If you had loved me too
How would life have been?
Hmm... Probably my most depressing one. Now an uplifting one!

When the sun sets
And the fish come out to play
Many a drunken sailor
Have been known to say
This is when magic grows
And this is where it lingers
In a tree where the river flows
You can feel it in you're fingers.
The home of the faeries,
A private, secret race
Making homes in stumps
And making clothes of lace
If you're lucky you'll see one
Though it's very rare indeed
But wait till after the sun
And bring something they need.
Only talking in whispers
And step extremely light,
Don't disturb their timbers
For they have keen sight.
Bid them tell you their secrets
For the only ears to hear be your own,
And maybe they'll tell you,
Or from their home you'll be thrown.
 Okay. Those are the one's I'll put up. Thanks for taking them!

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