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[Mina Sol]: Well, it's been awhile sin' I've been here, but it seems a few of ye have enriched me page, eh? Many thanks to ye fer that.

Nothing can take me, break me from
Something so integral
I'm empty without.
A habit so hard to let go of
But easy to hate and
Sated because of
A lover's neglect;
A world torn apart
By those uninclusive
And those undeveloped
Of heart and of mind.
[Mina Sol]

i feel this tearing
and burning, and peeling--
from inside to out.
my being has changed,
made over by lifetimes
of lessons i'm learning.
my life has become
a wonderful strange,
and bittersweet lessons
have brought me to reason
that maybe the worst and the best
are the same.
i've realized everything
is for a reason,
but reasons aren't always
good reasons to stay.
but tides are now turning,
and friendships are burning,
the fires may rekindle
and always remain.
[Mina Sol]

nothing is good here at this point in time.
forever i'm damned, alone here shall i lie.
evoking the worst of the people i touch,
i ask how can my life ever mean enough
to the person who made me feel it could?
i feel right now that it won't do me good
to pursue this, but still its so empty i find
myself. i know i'm not blind,
yet i miss the signs when i shouldn't
passing my turn and left where i wouldn't
be found. and nothing can find me, bring me
back. except understanding, for free.

[Mina Sol]

Forever I'll Love You
I love you...
I always have...
I always will...

There will never be a time,
That we are truly apart...
We are like the wings of angels,
And can never be seperated...

You may be hundreds of miles away,
But in your heart, I'll be there,
With you forever...

If for some reason the sun shall set and rise,
On a day were I am not there for you,
Dont worry, because I am there for you,
In your heart closer that ever...


If you should be walking and it starts to rain,
That will be me, yearning for you
Forever I'll love you...


Copyright ©2004 Matthew Alan Purdy

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