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Gentle Rains
Alas, sitting here alone
The only thing keeping me calm is the sounds of these gentle rains,
The soft drips of water that each destroy my sadness and gloom,
The soft drips of water that cast a calmness of spirit,
Because I am all of gin, I sell my sense withall for this time,
A summer-seeing youth intwindeled with modern ecstacy of just guise,
I open my wings of courage that my loved ones have givin to me,
Full of modest wisdom with a volutuousness of knowlage,
My virtues of faith are strong and show in noble ways,
And the only thing keeping me in the ways of sanity,
Are the sounds of these Gentle Rains


Copyright ©2004 Matthew Alan Purdy

I am
Just like the wind
I've always been
Drifting up high in the sky that never ends
Through thick and thin,
I always win,
Cause I would fight life and death to save a friend

I face my destiny everyday I live
And the best in me is all I have to give

Just like the sun
Wheres the day is done
Sometimes the person I've become I dont like

I can pretend
I am the wind
And I don't know if I will pass this way again
All good things must end
Goodbye, my friend
think of me when you see the sun or feel the wind

I am the wind
I am the sun

Someday, we will all be one


Copyright ©2004 Matthew Alan Purdy

Never Cry
Dont cry,
I am here for you
I'll always be here for you
Never will I leave you
Not ever...

Your tears are like rain,
Pouring forth a heartnumbing storm
Sadness, your cloud overhead looms
Encirciling your emotions
Flooding you deepest desires of passion

Alas my dear, I will stop this storm of fright,
This horrible rain shall give way
To the beautiful rainbow that follows
The rays a sun shall warm this cold, and dark place
Returning it to the way it was before

never cry
I am deeply saddened by your cry
I wish I can solve your problems
I can't, but I'll try my best, so please
Never Cry


Copyright ©2004 Matthew Alan Purdy

In your eyes as they gaze into mine
As if throwing off saddness and pain
I flap my wings
And in my heart, I spread forth the courage
You have givin to me
In our youths we seek each other
Without being afraid of our faults
Writing a distant neverending story
We shall stand firm and fight
Beliving in Passion we will never give up
The truth that we share
We don't need nothing more
We quietly express our overflowing emotions
With our bare skin
As if to embrace
The strength to be gentle
I want to feel the warmth of this irreplacable love
So much, its heart-renching and maddening
Passionitly uniting our dreams into one
We don't need anything more...

Matthew Alan Purdy

Copyright ©2004 Matthew Alan Purdy

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