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Perfect Moment
This is a perfect moment
We have each other
Locked in true loves embrace
An I never want to let go,
Not ever...
You are my only cherised prize
I dont care what others think
Just as long as I have you
In an enchanted embrace...
Alas, my dear we are together
That is all that we need
Because this will forever last in my memory
This Perfect Moment...


Copyright ©2004 Matthew Alan Purdy

Like a dream I once saw
It passes by as it touches my cheek
This street leading to the ocean
Carries the sent of the sea
Before love makes me feel a white lie
This lonliness...
I want to hold you now, in sweet embrace
If you will always be by my side
There will be no tears in my eyes
I can't live without you
Why do you have to decide?
You won't be aware of my pains and my lies
Don't leave me alone. Stay with me
I don't know if you will ever look back
I'll always remember you forever...

Matthew Alan Purdy

Copyright ©2004 Matthew Alan Purdy

Undying Beauty
I will always ador you'
Your undying beauty will never leave my memory
It will eternely be in my mind
A vision of undying beauty

Many people see you as a normal person, just like the next
But to me you are the princess to my minds kingdom
You will never be replaced by anyone or anything
Your sacred supremness looms all in my heart

The day the sun shall set when you are not here
The longing saddness of my heart shall overtake me
Gloom of loss will drain out my happiness
Untill we meet again, the next time

But this time will be diffrent, much diffrent
This time I won't leave you, not ever
Because this next time is forever
Loving your Undying Beauty...


Copyright ©2004 Matthew Alan Purdy

Speak once for your words are wonders
Speak twice so I hear more
Speak of what I've never known
The essence of your core

by [cheesecake]
Steal this and die!


They come from everywhere you know
From slums and city heights
They're spawned by insecurities
And their families petty fights
 And darker things, much deeper things
Born from which, despair
They hide their problems away as if
They're never even there
 But you can see it in their eyes
When you ask if they're okay
They'll smile and nod to ease your mind
And that mask will slip someday
 Someday you'll see the real them
A broken doll or lifeless toy
A shell of what they used to be
Some little girl or boy
 That was never really looked at
The way they should have been
So they wore their mask on top of them
Just like a second skin
 But those eyes remained a window
Of what really lay inside
A frightened child, still all alone
Who can't do anything but hide.


You lie, you betray
You wallow in your ignorence
You think of no one, don't care

Your sickness inside works slowly
Your distance from the world is too great
Your nothing to me anymore, to no one.

I hope you guilt swallows you whole.

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