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The Bella Mafia
Police Records


Sara walked in, she sighs as she makes her way to her desk. Ever since she joined the force and became a detecive things were always difficult and full of adrinaline......just the way she liked it. Sara always wanted answers and so far nothing. As she took off her burgandy coat and laid it on her chair she noticed something...everyone was looking at her. She turned her head and looked at a rookie then took her seat and started her paperwork once again. Since the funeral of the Police Chief, the NYPD wasnt gonna let this just fade away like they do with most of thier cases...and as usual it was up to her to "get to the bottom of this".

"Right," Acting Chief Leigh stalked into the room, slamming some files on the desk at the front, "Here is what we have so far - It seems our esteemed Police Chief was actually on the payroll of one of the gangs, at this point all the information we have uncovered points to the Giovannis being his controllers. Therefore we must assume it was the Camenitis behind this hit. How the press got hold of this I don't know - let me remind you we're trying to maintain a complete media blackout on this, this information could destroy the reputation of the force." Leigh cleared his throat, "However, forensics found a set of prints on the bag he was wrapped in - the prints of a Russian Immigrant, hitherto with no known affiliation." Leigh nodded, "Right then, back to work. Officer Ikuyo - can I speak to you please."

Sara banged her head on her desk softly then laid back in her chair looking at Leigh from across the room. Her expression was that of tiredness and annoyance...after 3 years on the force and many busts, night shift and idiots around her werent helping much. But knowing he would want to talk privatley, like he always does, she got up and walked hurriedly in his "temporary" office. She turned around and sat on his desk "What is it now Leigh....what did I do this time..."

"Nothing," Leigh smiled paternally, "I actually want you to work with me on arresting the suspect and interviewing her later today - after the press conference."

"oh no....does this actually mean I have to comb my hair" Sara laughs a bit, then looks down "uh...sorry, you know ever since my last partner was transfered no one has ever survived working with me."

Leigh nodded, "But you're a damn good interviewer and we're gonna need you on this one." He pulled out a file and handed it to Sara, "This contains all the information you need."

Sara took the file and then looked at Leigh. "Let me guess....Im bad cop as usual right" smirking with delight. Looks away shaking her head "Wouldnt it be better if we got the suspect before the press conference..." Looks at Leigh crossing her arms about her chest.

"Actually, you're good cop this time round - she'll relate more to a woman of her age who's also experienced loss." Leigh cracked his knuckles, "We want to put some more pressure Camenitis - never know, they might try and move her or do what they did last time and send us a button man with a 'confession'. These are the details on the Russian," The chief pulled out a certain file from the pile
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"But she's of no known affliation, we've worked with Russian authorities - she had no history over there, not an assasin or gang member, infact a famou ballerina."

Sara looks through the file then looks at Leigh "one page..." shakes head "who had the task of getting information on this...this pretty ballerina thing?" throws hands up and sits up starting to walk back to her desk, stopping and looking at Leigh first "shall we go and arrest her then...or shall we stick to your plan..."

"Yeah it's a poor folder, but then see how innocent she is? Before we arrest her we're going to have to try and find a link between her and the Camenitis." He rubbed his chin "I've ordered up a copy of the case file, and copies of each witness statement for you," He looked at his watch "Should've been here by now." He grumbled, "Anyway, I want you to go over these files with a fine toothcomb, and I want you to find the witnesses and reinterview them. Take a picture of Romanova and ask if they saw her with anyone else. If they know we're this close to catching them they shouldn't be too hesitant to cough up a Cameniti."

Sara nods and reaches over slamming the door shut, then slapping Leigh across the face hard. "Next time you want me to do something...leave my family out of this..and Leigh..." she grabs his shirt and pulls him close " careful where you go...keep on your guard and if you so much as breathe a word of this to anyone outside the precinct it could ruin not only us...but New York itself." She lets him go and opens the door walking back to her desk.

An intern scurried up to Sara's desk and breathlessly put down a folder marked 'Witness Statements' before her, "I'm sorry but the copier's broken, it will be a while before we can get you the Case file." She looked at the Officer warily,

Sara looked at the folder and then to the intern, and stands taking her jacket off her chair her eyes still fixed on her. She leans forward to her "You have exactly one-hour before I come back and if the case file isnt on my desk by then.....go bug another Officer with your incompetance.." She takes both the file with the statements and the picture of Natalya, points at the intern. " hour...." Sara walks out of the precinct having her badge in her coat and her gun strapped securly to her side.

The Press Conference

Lucinda showed off her I.D. before stepping inside. She would have to wait a while before sneaking off - she didn't want to seem too suspicious. She had also brought along a small notebook - so that it would look like she was going to take notes.

"Right ladies and gentleman," An officer announced "If you can just follow me Acting Chief Leigh is waiting for you in the conference room," He began striding off down the corridors, confidently expecting the press to follow.

Lucinda hung back a bit, and when the time was right, she slipped away from the group, dropping the unused notebook into the trashcan. She hid her I.D. in an inside pocket of her coat. Now to find Mr.Officer Jarrod Kane... She thought. Even if she did find him, he's have to be alone for her to do her best.

"This motherfucking copier! ARGH!" Officer Kane slammed his fist violently onto the photocopier, there was a backlong of case files to copy and the photocopier was happily printing out page after page of pure black ink

'Bingo,' Lucinda mouthed, slowly walking over to him. "I don't trust these machines.." She said, standing up against the wall off to his side. She twirled a strand of hair around her finger.

Jarrod looked up and blinked in surprise, pushing his glasses further up his nose "Err yeah..." he said, trying not to oggle Lucinda's long legs.

Lucinda decided to stay with the aloofness she had going. "Seems kinda lonly around here.." She said taking a small step closer, though she tried to make it not obvious.

"Err yeah..." Jarrod said again, clearing his throat slightly, "I'm not... not normally stuck down here. I'm working on a big case... but I need to uh copy files. That's why I'm... yeah it's broke..." Jarrod trailed off uncomfortably

Lucinda smiled, then asked innocently, "And what case is that?" She asked, taking another step foreward, batting her eyelashes at him.

"The one on Reeves," Jarrod said proudly, before blushing and stopping abruptly "But I'm not meant to talk about it,"

Lucinda ignored the last bit. "You must be very important to work on a case like that.." She said, letting the sentense trail. She had a tone she enjoyed using - a mixture of awe and impressment. He shouldn't be hard to crack. She thought.

Jarrod visibly puffed up with praise, he stuck his chest out a little and held himself a little straighter "Yeah it's a big thing,"

Lucinda continued to smile, this time her step foreward obvious. "Your wife must be very proud." I'll go around the easy way..don't know how far we'll have to take this to get the information. She mentally planned out.

"I erm," Jarrod coughed "I don't have a wife. Or a girlfriend for that matter. I live at home... look after mother."

Momma's boy. Not that surprising. "Really? I would have thought that such a charming guy would at least have someone.." Lucinda said, putting her hand on the copier so she could lean forward a bit.

Jarrod desperately tried to avert himself from the ample cleavage now on display, he coughed a little and clutched the piece of paper in his hands so tightly it crumpled, " I'm er... I work a lot."

"A working man huh.." Lucinda said, stepping forward. She was so close so could easily put out her hand to touch him. She shifted her weight so that her thigh brushed against his leg. "Don't you ever have time for a little fun?" She asked, licking her lip lightly. 

Jarrod gulped and prayed she couldn't feel the bulge in his pants "Er yeah... I'm sometimes my mother's bridge partner when Joan's ill,"

"hhmm..I could show you some real fun.." Lucinda whispered, giving him a wink. Bridge? No wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend..well, maybe it'll do him some good to get laid. Lucinda thought, realizing she might have to do something like such to get his information. She pressed her lips against his, seeing as how he wasn't about to do anything.

Jarrod blinked with shock and stood still, like a rabbit caught in headlights. Unsure what to do with himself he held his hand lightly and nervously around her waist, hoping she wouldn't feel his sweating palms

Nervous much? Lucinda thought as she drew back for a moment. She kissed him again, lightly sucking on his lower lip. Relax... She thought. It'll be much easier to get you to talk.

Jarrod had to restrain from pulling away in shock, he silently prayed for it both to end, yet continue, continue into some kind of seedy office liason like he'd read in many a magazine.

Lucinda stopped for a moment, still close to him. She could feel his breaths against her skin. COme me what you can do.. She thought, putting her hand on his chest. She ran it up, to his shoulder, and let it rest there. She looked up at him, licking her lips, and lustful look in her eyes (though in no way would she be doing this out of choice).

Jarrod eagerly ran his hands up Lucinda's back, pulling her closer to him, greedy for more.

Lucinda brought her lips to his, then kissed down his neck. Only a little longer.. She thought.

"D-do you work here?" Jarrod gasped

Lucinda brought her lips to his once more, trying to get him to forget that question.

Jarrod's glasses steamed up and his question quickly forgotten with Lucinda's renewed vigour, "Y-you're not a reporter are you?" Jarrod checked quickly.

"Now why would I want to be a reporter? Such a boring job I say.." Lucinda muttered, ending her sentence with a kiss. A little while longer, and I'm outta here.

"Oh... oh good," Jarrod replied, "Coz otherwise I'd like... have to arrest you or something,"

"let's focus on something else...shall we?" Lucinda asked, her voice hinting.

"Err..." Jarrod's voice cracked audibly

Lucinda seemed to ignore this, and went about working him over for sometime before she said softly, "So...this big case..and they trust you with all the details?" Come on..spit it out..

"Y...yeah, I was the one that noticed Cameniti's car at the scene,"

"mmmhmm..." Lucinda murmured, urging him on.

"Yeah one of these things I'm photocopying is the warrant to search the car," Jarrod bragged, "I'm gonna be present at the arrest as well!"

"And who will you be..arresting?" Lucinda asked.

"Tony!" Jarrod looked at her incredulously, "We've got him for removing a body, won't take much to convince the Russian to confess witnessing him killing Reeves,"

Lucinda nodded her head. "And who told you all this? I mean..who was the imformant?"

Jarrod looked at Lucinda suspiciously, "We pinned it together from the witness statements," He said warily "Only one person in the city drives a red sports car at breakneck speed,"

"You're right.." Lucinda murmured. He's getting suspicious...this should be enough. She thought, then added, But how the hell do I get outta here?

Jarrod swallowed then licked his lips greedily, moving in for another kiss

Lucinda allowed him to kiss her (though she had to direct it, he didn't seem to know much about kissing). She put her hands on his back.

Sara pushed open the doors running down the hallway, bumping into everyone she crossed in her path. She got to her desk and noticed the case file wasn't there...."oh my freakn' lands!" unzipping her coat and throwing it down, Sara angrily looked for the person in charge...shoving everyone out of her way. "Jarrod! where the hell-" turning the corner stopping, and looking at them both ", you cant get a date but you order a hooker right Jarrod..." She looked at the lady, a disgusted look in her eye. "!"

Lucinda ran a finger over her lips puling away, an odd smile on her face. Thank you. She thought, walking past the woman, brushing shoulders with her. soon she was out the door.

Sara entered the room and gently closed the door locking it. She looked at Jarrod and smiled, leaning against the door " about a heart to heart..."

"Errrr..." Jarrod pushed his glasses up his nose uncomfortably, then wiped his sweaty palms on his trouser legs.

Walks to him slowly, stopping beside him "Where is my case file?" says softly, trying hard not to loose it.

"H-here!" Jarrod shoved a file marked Case 1076 - Chief Reeves into Sara's hand and belted towards the door

Grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him back "So...who was that.." smiled a bit. Before Jarrod could answer (or come up with some legitament reason for that matter), the door swung open. "Lucky break..." she whispers and lets him go...walking out the door herself back to her desk. Having been stressed she got up and locked the case file in her desk...and left the precienct to the streets.

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