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           The Potions Shop


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This place is filled with jars and powders, with a musty smell and is a little on the dark side.
You can see a large glass column that is filled with some amber liquid that looks horribly like blood.

The City of Dowen

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2007-01-22 [Lirerial]: *looks around*is anyone here???

2007-01-22 [Silver Moon]: Yes may I help you?

2007-01-22 [Silver Moon]: WE don't sell poison it is outlawed

2007-01-23 [Sir Riddle]: *appears in the doorway, stumbles inside* is there a healer close?

2007-01-23 [Silver Moon]: A man rushes over and begans to heal you.

2007-01-24 [Sir Riddle]: thanks..., I...think..I feel better

2007-01-24 [Silver Moon]: "Your welcome.May I ask what happened?"

2007-01-25 [Sir Riddle]: I was attacked by a group of bandits..., one blew me to the ground with a water-blast...

2007-01-25 [Silver Moon]: In the woods?

2007-01-29 [Sir Riddle]: yes, they chased me to the grounds of Seletar

2007-01-29 [Silver Moon]: "The Witches Tower?" Looks startled by this.

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: I think so..., I'm not sure, I don't know 'the witches tower' but I was attacked in the vicinity of that tower...

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "Evil sorcerers own that tower or so the warlord has warned us." looks uncomfortable

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: good! if true, I can tell you certain things....

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: Cocks his head in interest

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: no, no, no, not yet, first tell me why the warlords would trust you...

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "I supply them with...things that are hard to aqquire ."

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: such as?

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "I am not allowed to state that unless you are an agent of the Warlords, and you have proof of such a claim."

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: HAH! if I have proof...*shows left wrist, there's a black heart, surrounded with thorns on it* this should be enough...

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "I..I..see. Follow me." Walks to another room and holds the door open for you.

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: *walks through* thank you..., now show me your mark...

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: Bottles of acids, poisons,and other things that are sold on the black market line walls and feel tables. "These are some of them."

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: your mark *penetrating voice*

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: Shows you a brand of a lion. "Satisfied?"

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: it's enough...

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "Is there something you were sent to collect?"

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: yes, but I can't get it here..., I was sent for Risika...

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "The name does not not ring a bell. Sorry."

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: I know, she's one of the tower..., I attacked her, that was the injurie...

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "I see.What does the warlord want from her?" Looks confused as he starts to place things on shelves.

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: her skills..., telekinesis, and forms of healing...

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "Hmmm. I wounder if it has something to do w....Never mind that can't be right." Looks troubled as he runs a hand through his hair.

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: what?

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "Nothing that can't be right The Warlord said that would be prevented."

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: I'm only asking you once again, what?

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "Don't You Dare threaten me boy. I am not allowed to discuss it. If you want to know so bad go talk to the Warlord he can tell you more than I!" Looks angered at your questions, as he places more things on shelves.

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: and give me one reason I wouldn't threaten your life? I'm not afraid of anything..., so certainly not you...

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "I am sure you are of the warlord and he would hate to see something happen to his supply man."

2007-01-31 [Sir Riddle]: oh, but he can't show me pain I do not know already...

2007-02-01 [Silver Moon]: Laughs. "He can show you worse boy, I have seen him do things that no mortal should witness."

2007-02-01 [Sir Riddle]: should I care? I don't think so...

2007-02-01 [Silver Moon]: "You should, he hates to be displeased." Looks at you with a strange look

2007-02-04 [Sir Riddle]: well..., I don't...

2007-02-04 [Silver Moon]: "Don't be a rash fool. Throwing your life away by misplaced anger is not intelligent!"

2007-02-05 [Sir Riddle]: first, I am not angry, if I was, you would have noticed, and second, I don't give a damn about my life, so I am not afraid...*laughs a joyless laugh*

2007-02-05 [Silver Moon]: "Well I can see that you are a fool. And you don't know who I am do you?"

2007-02-08 [Sir Riddle]: nope, glad to be...

2007-02-08 [Silver Moon]: "Have you ever heard of a man called the Death Caller?"

2007-02-09 [Sir Riddle]: and that should be you?

2007-02-12 [Silver Moon]: Smiles eyes glow a faint blackish red. "That would be correct."

2007-02-12 [Sir Riddle]: and your purpose is...?

2007-02-12 [Silver Moon]: "My own, young lad."

2007-02-13 [Sir Riddle]: as you wish..., but now let's get to business..., got anything strong, poisonous, and dangerous?

2007-02-13 [Silver Moon]: "Yes. I have the venom of the red wyvern."

2007-02-14 [Sir Riddle]: hmmm..., strong, but not good for my purpose..., I need something that puts the victim in such a pain that he or she won't be able to move or anything, and it musn't kill him or her...

2007-02-14 [Silver Moon]: "Ah. This is very rare, but I am sure we can work out a price. This is the venom of a water demon."

2007-02-15 [Sir Riddle]: *grins* that would be fine..., what would be the price?

2007-02-15 [Silver Moon]: "1000 hundred gold."

2007-02-15 [Sir Riddle]: hmmm, is it worth the price?

2007-02-15 [Silver Moon]: "I will put it this way, it is double that price usually."

2007-02-15 [Sir Riddle]: what's the exact effect?

2007-02-15 [Silver Moon]: "Pain, to the point that one believes every fiber of their being is a flame. Followed by numbness, and the inability to move. Then a coma like state that can last up to two weeks. Do not exceed half of the bottle less you want the target to die."

2007-02-15 [Sir Riddle]: how must it be inflicted upon the target?

2007-02-15 [Silver Moon]: "The useful thing about that venom. Is it can be used any way as long as it comes in contact with their skin. However it is more potent if digested."

2007-02-15 [Sir Riddle]: and if inflicted with an arrow?

2007-02-15 [Silver Moon]: "Depends where it strikes. If in the chest it could prove deadly, in the arms or legs it will enter the blood stream much like digesting it will." Shrugged.

2007-02-18 [Sir Riddle]: good..., I'll use it that way...*places a small bag of gold on the table* that's enough...

2007-02-18 [Silver Moon]: He checks the amount. (Is it the price?)

2007-02-19 [Sir Riddle]: yes, it may look small, but that's an illusion..., it's my specialty...

2007-02-19 [Silver Moon]: he counts it to make sure. He chants a spell to insure the money is real then hands over the vile. "Very nice doing business with you." 

2007-02-20 [Sir Riddle]: *grins* always that suspicious?

2007-02-21 [Silver Moon]: "Rough times call for careful measure."

2007-02-22 [Sir Riddle]: Sure thing, but I'm off... *leaves store*

2007-02-23 [Silver Moon]: ***************************************************************

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