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           The Potions Shop


(image from google)

This place is filled with jars and powders, with a musty smell and is a little on the dark side.
You can see a large glass column that is filled with some amber liquid that looks horribly like blood.

The City of Dowen

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2007-01-22 [Lirerial]: *looks around*is anyone here???

2007-01-22 [Silver Moon]: Yes may I help you?

2007-01-22 [Silver Moon]: WE don't sell poison it is outlawed

2007-01-23 [Sir Riddle]: *appears in the doorway, stumbles inside* is there a healer close?

2007-01-23 [Silver Moon]: A man rushes over and begans to heal you.

2007-01-24 [Sir Riddle]: thanks..., I...think..I feel better

2007-01-24 [Silver Moon]: "Your welcome.May I ask what happened?"

2007-01-25 [Sir Riddle]: I was attacked by a group of bandits..., one blew me to the ground with a water-blast...

2007-01-25 [Silver Moon]: In the woods?

2007-01-29 [Sir Riddle]: yes, they chased me to the grounds of Seletar

2007-01-29 [Silver Moon]: "The Witches Tower?" Looks startled by this.

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: I think so..., I'm not sure, I don't know 'the witches tower' but I was attacked in the vicinity of that tower...

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: "Evil sorcerers own that tower or so the warlord has warned us." looks uncomfortable

2007-01-30 [Sir Riddle]: good! if true, I can tell you certain things....

2007-01-30 [Silver Moon]: Cocks his head in interest

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