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Hey everyone welcome to my wiki page, The Raven's Den. I hope you guys find this wiki alot better than alot of the others. it is still under going construction and i add things everyday... if i feel like it that is. But if you'd like to become a member just freely add your name and you can also choose a banner for your house and while you're at it, you can take a look at the poems, jokes and stories I have put down and other wiki pages that are famous across elftown. Have Fun!









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Members of The Raven's Den:
1) [RA\/E/\/]
2) [Feryanti]
3) [miniminx33]
4) [blueplayboytiger]
5) [Emo Stripper Rock Star Rapper]
6) [silkysmooth69]
7) [wounded_iguana]
8) [short_black_rose]
27) [aphrodizzeeack]
12)[Wicked Devil]

[short_black_rose]- I'm a random person and will ask about anything, or do anything that is weird and crazy, you are welcome to ask me any questions.

[RA\/E/\/]- You think she is random??? Don't even bet on it. I am the most randomest, corniest, stupidest, caziest, funniest, most retarded person You'll ever see. You can ask ME whatever you want.

[short_black_rose]- I laughted at black dots on the walls for 15 mins straight and find anything intertaining when im bored lol!!!

[RA\/E/\/]- well i guess i cant argue

[aphrodizzeeack]- The most important person here, I took care of all the GRAMMER mistakes and the layout of the wiki!

[RA\/E/\/]- ignore aphrodizzeeack, he just wants to get

[short_black_rose]- well bein noticed isnt special gosh!!










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2005-08-11 [RA\/E/\/]: Welcome to the Raven's Den

2005-08-11 [RA\/E/\/]: please help urself and put wat ever you want to...

2005-08-11 [Feryanti]: porn O_o... eewww lol.... ppl are gonna start makin this place a masterbration hangout place or somethin lol

2005-08-12 [RA\/E/\/]: yea so least ppl will see it...LOL

2005-08-12 [miniminx33]: lol this page r0x my s0x!! mwahahaha!

2005-08-13 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...nice to see someone is enjoyin it...and it doubt ppl will put porn on

2005-08-14 [Emo Stripper Rock Star Rapper]: i love yer page its hot

2005-08-14 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...thx...

2005-08-14 [miniminx33]: heheh hey! back off he's me bitch! lol..jk! i <3 u drew! hehe...=P

2005-08-14 [RA\/E/\/]: now girlz dnt be gettin jealous...i kno im hot

2005-08-14 [miniminx33]: LOL!!!!! ...0_o uh wait we're you serious? heehee...sorry i thought u were just joking...=P

2005-08-16 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...haha not so funny...yes im serious! CUZ I AM HOT! lol...

2005-08-16 [blueplayboytiger]: course you are! ^^ lol

2005-08-16 [RA\/E/\/]: hahahahahaha...thx at least someone appreciates

2005-08-16 [silkysmooth69]: I only did this cuz its my brothers page

2005-08-16 [RA\/E/\/]: kinda of u...

2005-08-16 [short_black_rose]: HOLA PEOPLES!!!!

2005-08-17 [RA\/E/\/]: welcome athena

2005-08-17 [The Crimson King]: HOTTIE ! ! !

2005-08-17 [short_black_rose]: thanks hot stuff lol, What ya been up to?

2005-08-17 [wounded_iguana]: yo nice shyte goin on here :p

2005-08-17 [short_black_rose]: i know right

2005-08-17 [short_black_rose]: Ok Im gonna ask questions, What the weirdest thing yall have dreamed about in the past 6 months?? Whats your fav cookie?? What would you bring or who would you bring if you were stuck on a island forever?? Whats the best thing that has happend to you in the past 6 months?? What the best website you have ever gone to??

2005-08-17 [RA\/E/\/]: i hav to answer all those

2005-08-17 [short_black_rose]: no you dont have to but you can answer some of them , i just wrote them so people have choices of which questions they wanted to answer

2005-08-17 [RA\/E/\/]: da best thing dat ever happened to me in da past 6 months wuz I GOT LAYED!!!!

2005-08-17 [short_black_rose]: well i guess that can be exciting

2005-08-17 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...yea of course it wuz...

2005-08-18 [short_black_rose]: lol i bet

2005-08-18 [RA\/E/\/]: how do u guyz like wat ive done wit da place?

2005-08-18 [RA\/E/\/]: nice or wat?

2005-08-18 [short_black_rose]: it is nice its beautiful, i did all the work though not you gosh, drew dont take all the credit i added something to it

2005-08-18 [miniminx33]: lol...drew u did this...=P hehehe...right i'll give you a cookie if you do mine as

2005-08-18 [short_black_rose]: NO NO NO i did all of this he did nothing it was all my idea hehe

2005-08-19 [RA\/E/\/]: stfu all of u...none of u did this...aphrodizzeeack did it...

2005-08-19 [short_black_rose]: You know what NO the grammer mistakes are a good thing GOSH!!!!

2005-08-19 [aphrodizzeeack]: Dam you, all of you little gremlins that eat away at the core of my sole, devouaring all that is rightious and stuff... oh by the way yes it was me!!!

2005-08-19 [RA\/E/\/]: stfu habib...u dnt kno wat da hell ur quite or ill put u down a a peasant!

2005-08-19 [short_black_rose]: im no pesant im a god GOSH!! bow to me peoples

2005-08-20 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...who said ur a peasant?

2005-08-20 [short_black_rose]: ooo im not YEAH!!!

2005-08-20 [RA\/E/\/]: LOL....duh!

2005-08-21 [short_black_rose]: lol, im so silly

2005-08-21 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...and stupid

2005-08-21 [short_black_rose]: awww thanks drew i feel love in this room lol

2005-08-21 [FIDDY]: u know ur da best in this hommie

2005-08-21 [short_black_rose]: i know i am lol you dont have to tell me ^_^

2005-08-22 [RA\/E/\/]: uh i think he wuz tlkin to thx bro!

2005-08-22 [short_black_rose]: fine gosh lol! yall are just a talkative bunch arent ya

2005-08-22 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...yes we r...hahahahahaa

2005-08-22 [short_black_rose]: *dances in the middle of the road* drew you suck the big ones the big huge old wrinkly ones lol

2005-08-22 [RA\/E/\/]: hahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahaha....*continues laughing*...oh im sry i wuznt laughing at ur corny joke athena

2005-08-22 [short_black_rose]: aww thanks drew and the guy who wrote you earlier isnt my bf he just says he is cause hes stupid and gay lol

2005-08-23 [RA\/E/\/]: ummm....ok which dunno who ur tlkin bout

2005-08-23 [short_black_rose]: the guy chris that was talkin to you yesterday when you wrote me on yahoo messanger and you said hey and he was like athenas bf is makin a cd

2005-08-23 [RA\/E/\/]: oh him...ok...

2005-08-23 [short_black_rose]: yup yup

2005-08-24 [short_black_rose]: AN<SCBjlSFHzduieryagiuhkl;SEHgdlaperuigh;fuibhyzodugtshpotya0e78rghy yes its true

2005-08-25 [RA\/E/\/]:

2005-08-25 [short_black_rose]: yup

2005-08-27 [RA\/E/\/]: ok so...wher haz evryone gone?

2005-08-28 [short_black_rose]: ive gone insane in the membrain

2005-08-28 [RA\/E/\/]: then get out!!!! jusssssssssssst

2005-08-28 [short_black_rose]: lol, maybe i like bein there gosh!

2005-08-29 [aphrodizzeeack]: So...

2005-08-30 [short_black_rose]: so what gosh.........., i ate a spongebob poptart today it was good and glass of milk

2005-08-30 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...i dnt think anyone woud evn care...LOL

2005-08-30 [short_black_rose]: thanks drew gosh, i see how much i am loved lol, well i had a peachy day today, how was everybody elses?

2005-08-31 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...i wuz only jokin athena...chill i havent had sleep in 2 dayz...and otha dan dat it haz ben kewl

2005-08-31 [short_black_rose]: why havent you got sleep in the past 2 days? I started school so i only get 6 to 7 hours of sleep each night cause i go to bed at 11 or 12 depending on if im tired or not

2005-08-31 [RA\/E/\/]: long

2005-08-31 [short_black_rose]: well you can tell me on yahoo whenever your on when im on if your on for awhile plzz i want to know im interested

2005-09-03 [Deadlock jester]: stealing immages and editing them is still stealing..

2005-09-03 [RA\/E/\/]: who said im stealin images?

2005-09-03 [short_black_rose]: he's "borrowing" gosh lol

2005-09-04 [aphrodizzeeack]: Hay, I would just like to inform all that Drew is currently unavaliable, as he can't drive for shit and nither can his friend, thats why he went though a car window, but don't worry hes ok... dam... I need to try harder next time!

2005-09-05 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...nice try actually alright...dnt lsn to him hez a complete retard as he cnt drive for shit...

2005-09-05 [short_black_rose]: neither can i so dont feel bad, but i drive anyways

2005-09-06 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...humm...dats a tip to not get in da car wit u nxt

2005-09-06 [short_black_rose]: thanks drew, i drive good though when people arent yellin in my ear, i take drivers ed today YEAH!!! i get to spend 10 wonderful days with a taecher for 3 extra hours how exciting

2005-09-07 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...have fun

2005-09-07 [short_black_rose]: dang it my drivers ed dosent start till next week on the 12th damnit i really wanted to take it

2005-09-07 [aphrodizzeeack]: Yer well, if you don't like my driving then I'm not taking you anywhere EVER AGAIN!! but yer anyway, my driving is great!

2005-09-08 [short_black_rose]: haha drew has to walk, drew do you remember when i told you that there was a guy at are school that looked like you and your brother when i saw yall when i was like like 8? but anyways i saw him and he had a shirt on that that said im alergic to stupid people and it made me think of you lol

2005-09-08 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...ha ha...dat wuz soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not funny...

2005-09-08 [short_black_rose]: lol yes it was cause he looks like yall. i should scan the pic from the yearbook and show you it lol

2005-09-08 [RA\/E/\/]: dats cool...plz do dat...i rly hav to see this

2005-09-08 [short_black_rose]: you will lol, youll love it

2005-09-09 [aphrodizzeeack]: I want to go to sleep... *yawns*

2005-09-09 [short_black_rose]: no dont go to sleep you have to look at this pretty clock======= look look look

2005-09-15 [RA\/E/\/]: HABIB!!!! I MISS YA MAN!!! COME BAK!!!!

2005-09-15 [short_black_rose]: Welcome back drew havent been on here in a while hehehe, im listening to hilary duff hehehe im all girly right now cause its oppiste day at are school and im gonna take pics

2005-09-15 [RA\/E/\/]: ...

2005-09-15 [short_black_rose]: we have spirit week at pinecrest

2005-09-15 [RA\/E/\/]: oh im sure dats gna be fun...not...LOL...jokin

2005-09-15 [short_black_rose]: well tommrow is the last day im gonna have white shirt so everyone can sign it

2005-09-15 [RA\/E/\/]: oh ok...coolios

2005-09-16 [short_black_rose]: yup yup then we have a football game tommrow WOOHOO and then a dance YEAH!

2005-09-16 [RA\/E/\/]: cool...dnt trip on da dance floor...lmfao!

2005-09-16 [short_black_rose]: thanks drew, and im not gonna fall on the dance floor ill have jami to catch me if i do gosh

2005-09-16 [RA\/E/\/]: lol...sry i wuz jst

2005-09-16 [short_black_rose]: lol i know, today was fun at school i got everyone to sign my shirt yeah!

2005-09-17 [RA\/E/\/]: cool...we do dat at da end of skewl here...instead of signing year bookz...we sign each othaz shirt

2005-09-17 [BrwneyedCutiepie]: HEy you guys. Drew, Im sorry to say but your wiki is pretty lame if the only person talking is Athena.. lol

2005-09-17 [aphrodizzeeack]: Oi, I'm also chatting and I had to take time doing stuff to it... I would like to see you do any better... oh and by the way... England RuleS!!!

2005-09-17 [short_black_rose]: ooo my god england is sooo AWSOME i love england it ROCKS!!!

2005-09-18 [aphrodizzeeack]: Yup yup...

2005-09-18 [short_black_rose]: i cut my hair and it looks pretty

2005-09-18 [RA\/E/\/]: sry taylor but ther r otha thingz besides chattin here ya yay habib!!!! how iz UK dude? u havin fun?

2005-09-18 [short_black_rose]: well we are kinda chattin and its like were talkin anyways so ya i kinda agree with taylor and i am the only one talkin about stuff, gosh i do bring up some subjects gosh.

2005-09-20 [RA\/E/\/]: well taylor...y dnt u start tlkin here...geez...maybe it wnt be so lame...

2005-09-20 [short_black_rose]: lol cause she is so much cooler then you lol

2005-09-22 [RA\/E/\/]: yea she iz so

2005-09-22 [short_black_rose]: *folds arms and pouts* not fair..

2005-10-18 [short_black_rose]: well dont yall talk alot lol

2005-10-18 [aphrodizzeeack]: ummm... well... does anyone want to join the WHDC its the We Hate Dennis Club, it dosn't matter if you don't know him he is [silkysmooth69] go check out how much you hate him!!!

2005-10-18 [short_black_rose]: hey thats not nice lol, drew were are you? i got a dog and its cute lol

2005-10-19 [RA\/E/\/]: yea i kno i got ur offline messages...but i actually think dat this club is fuckin hilarious!

2005-10-19 [short_black_rose]: lol yall are weierd to make a chat about your brother

2005-10-20 [RA\/E/\/]: but its funny...n btw i dint make it

2005-10-20 [short_black_rose]: true true, i got a puppie!!!

2005-10-20 [RA\/E/\/]: sweetness...ITS MA BDAY!!!! IM FINALLY 18!!!!

2005-10-21 [aphrodizzeeack]: HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. MR. PRESIDENT... oh ummm... wrong person sorry!!!

2005-10-22 [short_black_rose]: Happy Birthday! *dances*

2005-10-22 [RA\/E/\/]: hahahahaha...nice one habib n thanks athena!

2005-10-23 [short_black_rose]: your so welcome!

2005-11-13 [aphrodizzeeack]: Hummm... whats happening here, I havn't been here for a long time!

2005-11-13 [short_black_rose]: why do people say ages its not like there not like there gettin older lol

2005-11-14 [aphrodizzeeack]: Who said anything about ages... and if you read what you wrote, it dosn't make much sence, but I think I understand what your saying *giggles like a little school girl*

2005-11-15 [short_black_rose]: lol, when i write it never makes sense and i was hyper when i wrote that so ya lol

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