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The winds shifted, the cool evening air brushing through her short black tresses. The strings of sacred beads fluttered in the breeze as she eased her hazel eyes shut. The priestess mouthed a silent prayer as she folded her hands. The time had come for the rift to open and for her Knights to transcend time. When she had finished her prayer, Nexah eased her eyes open again. She stared at the crystal city's structures in silence. Knowing that her Knights would arrive soon enough she spread her feathery pinions and took off into the sky. She would have to find them and train most of them before they were found by the other, darker side of the war.

He smiled. Her prayer had been said and completed. After centuries spent in waiting he would meet her in combat once again. Ragna smirked, his demonic features brought out by the moonlight. Yin and Yang he and the priestess were, and always had been, so since she had begun it, he would continue it. Stepping into his temple, reciting the ancient summoning spell in his mind, he couldn't help but wonder what forms his minions would take this time around. Ragna pulled the curved dagger from his waist, closing his eyes and repeating his end of the prayer.

Lacan was busy at work deep within the bowels of Ragna's castle, preparing himself for the mission to come. A small frown came to his thin lips, however, when the priest's prayer began echoing through his mind. "Fa-" He managed to get out just before he was teleported out of the building and to the front entrance, "-ther..." His frown grew as he tugged at the door. Of course, it was locked.

A low growl resonated deep in the demon's throat with the realization. He wasted no time, energy swirling at his feet. Darkness accumulated soon after before enveloping the fallen completely, and he disappeared, "Was that truly necessary, father?" He asked, placid facade settling in once more as he addressed his lord.

Vincent moved swiftly through his quarters. Dressed in his tunic, slacks and boots, readying himself for the day he grabbed his overcoat and mojo bag. He exited his quarters, damning his absentminded nature having forgotten his hair tie. He turned around quickly, reentering his quarters. "What is this?" he asked as he watched his hair tie emit a light blue light. Compelled to touch the essence of magic he sensed, Vicente brought his fingertips to the cloth.

Pushing himself from the ground, Vincent stood, dusting himself off. He glanced around at the strange crystal environment, stumbling backwards in awe. "What? What happened?" he demanded, "where am I?"

Naya woke just before sunrise, swiftly moving around her campsite to prepare for the day's travel. She began to pack up the fish that she had left out to smoke in the hot ashes from the previous night's fire, wrapping the fish in soft cloth to keep the flavor of the fish fresh. She quickly then strapped on her sandels and then put on her arm/wrist bracers, before pulling back her hair in a loose tie. Her eyes scanned the horizon as she stood up, pulling on her pack as she did. She pulled on her bow and quiver of arrows. If she had any other weapons, they were securely hidden and placed somewhere on her body. "Another day..." she started to say to herself, but stopped. A breeze blow up around her from the south, the smell of moister was brought to her nose. She looked south, and sighed. "...a storm's coming..." Naya started off to the north.

Naya wasn't very off on the storm thought. Not long after having started making her track from her last campsite, did a wind storm blow up around her. Blinded by the harsh winds, Naya did not notice the change in her surroundings until the wind died away. Looking around, Naya cautiously took in her surroundings. "Where am I? What is this place?" she questioned softly.

Naya was standing in a field of tall violet grasses that seemed to twinkle. She saw trees off aways that the bark had a greenish-blue shine to it, and there were silver mixed into the deep green of the leaves.

Karien moved down the hall of her Mistress’s manor with a small dance like movement, today was a good day, Lady Mary would be leaving to see her father. Trips to the castle always brought good conversation to a usual dull day. With the King taking a new wife, Mary was already showing signs of disapproval, but it was up to Karien to make sure of her mistresses’ safety as well as making sure she never had to ask for something more than once. Quietly she entered Lady Mary's bedchamber. She walked to the bay window and threw open the curtains, before walking into the closet to pull out the day's travel dress when she was bathed in a very white blinding light that she had never bore witness too. What seemed only a life time but was mere seconds the blinding light faded and gave to a new surrounding, that of buildings made out of what looked like crystal. 

Karien turned about frightened. "Hello?" She shouted in the sternest voice she could manage, which still sounded scared.

Demos stalked through the woodlands just outside his home. There was small game, and he needed a meal. He was silent as the grave as he made his way through the trees, his body blending in with near perfection. A bush stirred to his left, and he smiled, spotting the small hare that would be the perfect meal. Just as he was about to pounce, a white light started around him, startling the hare, causing it to shoot out of his grasp. Demos threw his arms over his face and stayed crouched.

As the light faded, Demos saw his crystalline surrounding and lowered his arms. He looked around, crouched low, and pulled out his swords, preparing to defend himself.

Kyoran slammed his fist down on the filthy table that lay before him; the old frame shuddered and nearly gave out as he glared between the shifty countenances of three men, “Just what are you telling me?” He demanded.

“They’ve banded together, sir… Combined their armies; with their numbers… We may not be able to win. P-Perhaps it would be best for us to forfeit this battle.” A middle-aged man with a scraggly beard and large belly muttered.

“Run away like dogs with our tails between our legs? Because we’re afraid that we may not win?” Kyoran snarled, “Just what do you think that will accomplish? Especially when word gets out that we have fled battle? We will be ridiculed! I will not back down!”

“Sir…” The second, younger of the trio shifted forward on his feet briefly, “The odds are stacked against-” He gasped, his breath gurgling in his throat.

The other two men leapt away from him in terror, watching as a thick tangle of roots danced on the other side of his body, dripping blood into the dry soil. Kyoran clenched his fist and the roots expanded. With a sickening, wet tearing sound the man’s body fell free of the roots in several pieces. “Are we still under the impression that this battle is a futile effort?” Kyoran glanced between the other two men, a smirk tilting his lips upward, “Or can we get on with the attack?”

Both men paled and quickly shook their heads, ducking out of the commanding tent as Kyoran sat on the corner of the table, his axe a comfortable weight between his shoulder blades. They were so close to victory… A few more villages and he’d have conquered the region… Forcing the villages into slavery he could drive them further into battle and draw the world into his chaotic vision; it was a beautiful thought- blood quenching the land, himself ruling above all others; all but a god with his glorious powers.

Frowning he jerked to his feet as silence engulfed him; it was far too quiet… Drawing in a deep breath he pulled his axe free and stalked out of the tent… And into a strange, bustling city. The large buildings were crystal-like and beautiful, something he’d never seen before.

Sipping on her steaming mug of coffee, Enna leaned back against the counter of her small bookshop, paperback held open roughly a foot from her curious gaze. It had been a slow day and now that the haze of night was settling onto the city fewer and fewer people traipsed past the well-lit entrance to Pages Past.

Unwilling to give up on her dream of running a successful shop she stubbornly opened early and closed late on a daily basis. As the sole employee and owner she didn’t have much time for personal wants, though she didn’t mind. Enna was a recluse, an introverted young woman who spent a good portion of her time with her nose buried in a book. As it stood she had only a few books left in the shop that she hadn’t yet opened.

Taking another drink Enna set the mug down and flipped through the last few pages of the novel she’d been reading. Sighing she closed it and set it aside, tapping her fingers on the folder that lay unopened on the counter. It contained plans to refurbish the shop… Turn it into a sort of cyber-café- her mother’s idea to bring in business. As much as she didn’t want to change a thing, Enna knew that most people didn’t care to buy books anymore. She had to give her final decision on the changes tomorrow, things had been put off for far too long…

Glancing at her watch Enna allowed a small, playful grin flit across her lips. It was closing time, looking through the files that her mother had put together would have to wait until she got home. Straightening, Enna tucked a loose tress of flaming red hair behind her ear. Quickly she counted down the register, stored the cash in the safe in her office, and began locking up.

It was at about this time that two things happened- first; a strong wave of dizziness overwhelmed her, forcing her to keep her balance by pressing herself against the cool brick of her store. Second; she heard the faint whisper of a blade opening, “I don’t think you’re ready to close, yet, lady.” Came a cool whisper in her ear.

The door was pushed back open and Enna forced to stumble inside, trying to contend with the confusion of dizziness and comprehend the fact that she was in physical danger. “I want all the money you keep in that fancy little safe of yours- don’t turn around.” Was the command that followed her attempt to get a look at the man that had pulled a blade on her.

Numbly she allowed herself to be lead to the back office, conscious of the cold steel pressed against her lower spine. Fear knotted in her belly, pushing nausea to the forefront of her focus. Pressing the back of her palm to her lips she collapsed before the safe and lifted her other shaky hand to the lock. Twisting it she tugged the safe open and lowered her gaze.

She missed the movement behind her and suddenly heat engulfed her frame as a sharp, agonizing pain flared up in her back. Crying out she collapsed forward, arms wrapped tightly about her knees as numbness began to overtake the pain… As her consciousness began to fade Enna was unaware of the fact that her shop was a blazing inferno; and when darkness finally claimed her she was lying on cool dirt rather than the clean linoleum of her office… Trees rose around her and the air grew eerily silent.

Lorelei hummed softly to herself as she moved through the dense forest, her wool cloak pulled tightly around her to protect her from the drizzle that made its way through the branches above. Spying a clump of misteltoe growing on a nearby juniper tree she smiled and drew out her small knife, cutting several sprigs of both and tying them with twine before hanging them from her staff.

As she rose once more, a patch of yellow caught her eye and using her small bone trowel, she quickly added a few dandelion plants to her collection before continuing on into the forest. She had just collected a nice bit of betony when an odd glimmer of light caught her attention. Slowly she made her way toward it, finding an ancient group of standing stones all but buried under the roots of a willow tree.

Not one to ignore such a sign, Lorelei stepped through the opening and into the light. She squinted against the brightness for a moment, her eyes dazzled after the dim, shadowy comfort of the forest. When they cleared a little while later, she found herself within another forest and one that she instinctively knew was far from her home.

A different glimmer caused her to turn and she spotted an odd, crystalline city sparkling some distance away. Once more her instincts tugged at her and gripping her staff, the young Druid made her way toward it.

Aubrey sighed after a long night or work. He poured himself into his bed still fully clothed and too tired to care to undress. Between work and school he had no time to sleep during the week and it was Friday night. His first night off.

His amber eyes eased shut, fluttering open as he fought the temptation to shower and the pangs of hunger on top of that. Releasing a sigh, he rolled onto his stomach and fell asleep.

His dreams were wild and fantastic. There were visions of a gorgeous crystal world that he had never seen before, could never hope to see. The wildlife was scarce, but it did exist, and the flora all seemed to be made of crystal, too.

Aubrey dreamed that he walked through that forest. He could smell the sweet smells of blossoming flowers and he could feel the cool, refreshing breeze. The powdery white soil felt soft and almost fluffed on his flesh. A shadowy figure
with black wings perched in a tree before him, holding out a hand for him to take. As his dream ended, he reached for the shadowed figure.

He smiled as his dreams gave him a peaceful mindset as he woke. His eyes eased open to find that it was not a dream. "The hell?" he demanded, startled as he gazed at the dreamworld his mind had shown him the night before.

Kakra crouched, hidden neatly within a tree. In position, and ready to attack, she waited for a beat or two. With dagger clasped tightly in hand, she posied, intending to strike the intruder.

Overhead, the bright, white moon suddenly went dark, as something dark passed over it, enveloping all in darkness.

A shrill cry could be heard, and Kahra screamed.

As the shadows past, the moon shone bright it slight onto a floored Kakra, dangling from a branch.

A flurry of wings passed over her, and Kakhra growled in frustration, pulling herself back up. The intruder had left.

Kahra stood up, balancing herself on a thick branch. The moonlight bathing her strong, lean body in an etheral glow. Dressed in tan leather crop topped armour, and a long tan leather skirt, splits thigh high, she replaced her dagger back into its strap on the inside of her thigh.

Where her back was exposed, a new tattoo began to appear. Although Kakra did not have eyes in the back of her head, she sensed what the tattoo depicted.

A large, fanged, feathered creature-a Demola had been slayed, and Kahra stood triumphiantly atop the demola's body.

Kakra smiled, and bided her time. Spreadng her neatly folded wings, she glided smoothly to earth. As her feet hit the earth, the environment changed to crystal.

"Qui, qui..." Serge answered question after question throughout his short little meeting. Artists were such pansies. Especially the one he was forced to work with now. If the little twit didn't get her way, she did nothing but throw a tantrum until his answer changed. And god forbid if he disapproved of one of her pieces. None the less, he was grateful that it was over with, for the time being atleast.

The rest of his day was similarly drawl, dealings with various nobles and merchants, selling the art from her display. It wasn't very popular, but that was mainly because of the price tag he'd labeled them with. Yet somehow, he always found the perfect customers for his clients. "Mn, qui, I hope your wife will be quite pleased as well, adieu." He gave a farce of a smile, just to get him to leave all the quicker so he could lock up the gallery. Nightfall had crept upon him, and the cathedral-esque building was kind of creepy by candle light. His main mission now, was getting the hell out.

Of course, before he could do that though, all the displays had to be locked away in the vault, and he had to do one last sweep of the building just to make sure no one was lurking around. The thieves the city was infested with were getting more and more vivacious. And even his gallery had caught enough attention to have a few break ins.

Closing the vault door after the last piece had been safely tucked away, Serge noticed a faint movement out of the corner of his eye. "Who's there?" His English was nearly drowned out with his french accent, the words slurring out almost uselessly. But when he turned around, nothing. Until he noticed it again on his opposite side. Now, it was kind of getting freaky. He moved swiftly from the basement of the building, heading into the main gallery hall, all the while followed by something he could not see. Finally, his patience had worn with it, the male muttering something quite threatening under his breath, which was enough to bring the figure to light.

Seeing the lithe person's silhouette, he couldn't believe that he'd even been spooked, he wasn't a large man by any stretch of the imagination, but even he towered over the figure. Moving closer to it, that same twinge of fear pinged at the back of his mind, something wasn't right, no matter now the light hit the small figure, it was still completely enveloped in darkness. Even when he was face to face, so to speak, with a candle in his hand, nothing, just darkness.

He jerked back when it moved, a hand raising slowly towards him, and with a flick of the creature's wrist, every candle in the hall blew out at once, and darkness overtook him.

He awoke to the night sky staring down at him, the stars glistening far more brilliantly than he'd ever seen in the city. Was he kidnapped? No, he couldn't have been, why wouldn't they have tied him up? Rising to his feet, the surroundings overtook him, crystal. Everything was made of crystal. Even the trees? Where in the hell was he? The last thing Serge remembered, that dark clad figure reaching out to him...then...nothing. 

Teles Peisinoe was in the court of the Pharaoh, looking at him with eyes that were meant to ensnare and trap him. This wasn't her first mission in Egypt and would not be her last. With her exotic looks and her odd abilities, her village leader had sent her here many times to retrieve items of use to the Amazons.

Dancing to the music that was being played, the metal at her waist chiming in time with her hips, she danced along with the court entertainers. She knew that the Pharaoh's eyes never left her, and she moved closer to the dais where his throne was. Using some of the natural drafts in the room, she more or less glided up to the edge of the dais, her hips swaying, the coin anklets and bracelets jingling in time.

A sudden darkness descended on the court. Women screamed, men shouted, Teles hit the ground in a crouch. She hissed lightly between her teeth, wondering what had dared to invade the Pharaoh's court. Arms wrapped around her waist, and Teles struck out without thinking.

When she opened her eyes, she was in a crystal forest. She was still crouched, but not where she had been. Looking around, she hissed between her teeth again before standing slowly, taking it all in.

Karien hesitantly started to move down the empty street, her gown rustling with the sound of satin against the stony crystal mixed gown looking about, she wasn’t sure if she needed to protect herself or if she was safe. “Hello?” She called out as she made her way down the street looking at the buildings around her. They were made of what seemed to be crystal but she couldn’t see through it. “Anyone here?”

Ragna smiled, "My son, you are part of this. Now, why don't you go find my other Knights?"

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