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The River Torast

Semedia: Dragon Knights

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This river leads to the Lake of Ishan. It is wide and impossible to cross without a boat.
The river is deep and flows at a fast pace; small driftwood is swept down the river.
Most of the bank is bordered by large boulders and jagged rocks.
Trees fringe various areas along its bank.
The water has an almost blue-colored tint to it. It looks fairly calm, but you realize that it is faster then it appears.

The Lake of Ishan

Saverad and Zateria's hut

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2010-04-18 [Lirerial]: *Ice scoffed* Shade is as bad as Zataria, my brothers... I havn't seen them in so long...

2010-04-18 [Silver Moon]: "Don't speak ill of family. We are a pack!"

2010-04-18 [Lirerial]: *Ice fell silent*

2010-04-18 [Silver Moon]: He hugged her

2010-04-18 [Lirerial]: *Ice returned the gesture*

2010-04-18 [Silver Moon]: "I am sorry...I have failed to protect our family."

2010-04-18 [Lirerial]: *Ice spoke soothingly* No... you've done your best

2010-04-19 [Silver Moon]: "Have I really?"

2010-04-19 [Lirerial]: *She nuzzled him* You always did what you thought was best..

2010-04-19 [Silver Moon]: He hugged her closer

2010-08-26 [Lirerial]: *She carefully kissed his forehead* I will help you fight, I will do this final thing for my mother

2010-08-29 [Silver Moon]: He nodded. "I...were should we search for your siblings?"

2010-08-30 [Lirerial]: Lets start where we saw them last. In the northern caves

2010-09-01 [Silver Moon]: He nodded and headed that way looking to her to follow

2010-09-01 [Lirerial]: *she jogged after him*

2010-09-02 [Silver Moon]: "Are you ready?"

2010-09-02 [Lirerial]: Yes, I am... but where are we going? *Ice asked warily*

2010-09-02 [Silver Moon]: He turned to regard her. "The Northern Caves."

2010-09-03 [Lirerial]: *She nodded* Ok

2010-09-04 [Silver Moon]: He headed to the Northern caves.

2010-09-04 [Lirerial]: *she followed*

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