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The Royalty of Elftown

You are sitting atop you horse, or pony, whichever you choose to ride. Upon looking toward the sky, you spot a large, stone castle, massive and surrounded by a wide moat, as to keep out dangers. The drawbridge is lowered; the inhabitants have been expecting you.
You click your tongue, urging your beast to follow the trail towards the castle, and with a look of regret behind you, you cross the moat.
Royal Courtyard
Royal Throne Room
Royal Drawing Room
The Histories of The Royalty of Elftown
Royal Members
This is the wiki for those who believe they are of Royal descent, such as princesses, knights, lords, ladies, and even those of you who are only Royal by marriage or those of you who were one Royal but were removed from the royal family**must be able to prove this**
**and nobles**
Want to be a part of this ***brand new*** wiki? Message me [Furor Scribendi] or [Chalanea] with a brief description of your lineage and the title you would like to have. I will then add your name and title. Tell your friends about this wiki!

*****Note, "Current Royals" has been moved!! See above!!*****

**As a member, you may draw you character and I will post it with a small caption of your choice. Or you may write a story involving you character.**
**If someone would like to make a badge for this particular wiki, go ahead, then submit it to me, and I will post it!**
**NOTE**If you are abusing you right as Royalty and either [Chalanea] or I [Furor Scribendi] find out, you will be shunned and will be removed from the list, or will be titled as "beggar"!!!!
****Histories will now be placed in another room!!!****

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2006-01-23 [lordjoesnow]: finnaly! monty pythons great!

2006-01-23 [Furor Scribendi]: uh....

2006-01-23 [THE IRISH MAN!!]: tis' but a flesh wound

2006-01-24 [Furor Scribendi]: *sigh* I suppose I should throw in a line or two, so here goes. "Where'd you get those coconuts?" "What coconuts?" There. Just to prove I've seen the bloody film. ^__^

2006-01-24 [Lady_Elowyn]: A flesh wound?!?!?! Your whole ARM is cut off!!!!!o.0

2006-01-24 [THE IRISH MAN!!]: it could ave been an african swallo'

2006-01-24 [Duke Devlin]: heeheheheheh MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL!!!

2006-01-24 [sir toaster monkey]: we are the knights that say NI

2006-01-24 [Lady_Elowyn]: Well then, knigts who recently said NI. May we pass? It would greatly please us. ACK! You said the word! What? What word. I didn't know we were even saying a word? How can we say a word with out knowing it? ACKKK You said it again!!!

2006-01-24 [Lord Kügenheim]: we are now the knights who say! Ikey Ikey Ramma P'tang!!

2006-01-24 [sir toaster monkey]: we require a shrubery

2006-01-24 [Lady_Elowyn]: That's nice. I dont' have a shrubbery and I'm too lazy to get one! So you're just going to have to let me pass, wont you!

2006-01-25 [Duke Devlin]: Cut down the tallest tree, with a HERRING!!!

2006-01-25 [Lord Kügenheim]: or we COULD poke you with a twig? That would hurt methinks ^^

2006-01-25 [lordjoesnow]: NI!

2006-02-25 [lordjoesnow]: me say visit hot or not! cos ther was some cheating involved but me and [Victoria Louise] can still make up somem points...i just need some help...please go on hot or not! and vote for [Victoria Louise] in the girls bit and [lordjoesnow] in the boys...ill be your friends...honest

2006-02-25 [Furor Scribendi]: Wow... I thought this was MY wiki. Oh wait. It is. Therefore = please, no advertising. *nods*

2006-02-26 [lordjoesnow]: damn it :(

2006-03-07 [Lord Kügenheim]: make some rules Sew. on my wiki I delete posts like that :-)

2006-03-07 [lordjoesnow]: good diea lol

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