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The Runt

By [Nekko fox]


WARING!!! This story contains explicit, adult content.

The dawn came, watery and chill. A tiny, lone figure shambled slowly along the street. The dawn light caught on the blond, silky hair of the creature and sparkled admirably, then appeared to die as the figure moved slowly into shadow.

The figure lifted up a paw and looked at it for a moment, then looked at the sky. He shivered, and whispered to himself the same thing he had whispered a thousand times before.

"Not fit for the family. Not fit to live."

He shrugged the scraps of the discarded coat he wore more snuggly about his tiny shoulders, and tightened the ragged scarf more neatly about his neck to ward off the chill. A solitary tear dripped down his muzzle and he choked back a sob.

He looked up, then around, noting for the first time what his surroundings were. There were neat, one story houses all around him, with pristine lawns just beginning to lose their green color with the chill of Autumn. This was somewhere new indeed.

He touched his cheek, wincing as he came into contact with the bleeding bruise there. He had been attacked in an old neighborhood by some wolves the night before. They laughed and jeered, pushing him around in a circle between eachother. They thought the sight of a homeless runt was amusing. More amusing to them was the fact that they could knock him around without worry. No passerby seemed to care.

He tried to fight back, but his attempts were feeble at best. Having not eaten a decent meal beyond bread scraps and old vegetables he got out of the local supermarket dumpster, he was at his limit. It ended with one of the wolves growing tired of pushing him and deciding to simply slam his fist into the pup's face. He gave a shuddering sigh, a second tear tracing its way through his golden fur.

"Why me....why is it always me?...."

He staggered to a fence and clambered, slowly, over it. The house looked empty, but he truly didn't care nor attempted to take any effort to examine it closer. He was tired...just...tired. Maybe he could find some food in one of the backyards, perhaps from a carelessly left-out barbecue dinner...He looked around the yard for plates or food scraps. No such luck.

He took a few steps towards the fence in hopes of trying another yard, but he stopped short and blinked. Something didn't seem right. His vision swam for a moment and he promptly collapsed to the ground, succumbing to his hunger after so many miles. His last thoughts before unconsciousness took him was "a family that cared for me...that's all," and then the warm embrace of darkness took him.

He sat up suddenly, his eyes wide with shock. He was no longer cold. The ground that he had collapsed on had somehow turned soft, silken. He rubbed his eyes and looked around him. No, he was no longer outdoors. He was in a room. His ears drew back against his head, and he curled into a ball.

Is he in jail? Did a police officer pick him up? Where was he? None of the answers were readily available to him as he scooted backwards until his back touched the headboard of the bed he lay in. His roving eyes took note that the room was sparsely furnished. A small dresser against the wall with a mirror atop it and a small stool beside it was the total furnishings he saw. There was a window as well, but the shade was down and didn't offer any view. He decided that he couldn't be in prison, simply because such amenities weren't for the punished. At least, that was what his brother's had told him.

He reached up and touched his cheek. There was a bandage over it, and it didn't hurt so much when he touched it. When he put his paw down, he noted a curious lightness to his shoulders. He looked down, examining his body. He was promptly alerted of the most startling fact that he hadn't noticed before in his panic. He was naked. Completely, and utterly, naked.

"Was I raped?!"

He felt panic rising within him. Had a pimp or sleaze-bag picked him up and taken him home for their personal enjoyment?

He touched parts of his body...nothing was curious hairs or questionably dry fluids. Then what was going on?

He heard the door catch click, and he dove under the covers, his tail sticking out comically as he shivered, whimpering gently, afraid of what he would see. He felt a hand on his back and he yipped with fright, scooting back under the covers more.

"Please don't hurt me! Please!"

He started crying, sobbing aloud in fear and panic.

Then the touch came again, soft, gentle, and a soothing voice came with it.

"Hush now, it's alright young one. Don't be afraid, no one here will hurt you."

His fears lightened, but didn't leave. He peeked out from under the covers and saw for the first time who had touched him. It was a slender female fox. Her red fur seemed to shine, and a smile spread across the milky white fur on her muzzle.

He sat up a little more, but his ears were still against his head as a sign of submission. Seeming to not notice this, the fox gave him a gentle pat on the head.

"What's a young collie like you doing, wandering around outside at night without your parents?"

He looked away, not answering. He cleared his throat and asked a question of his own instead.

"D-do you have my c-coat?"

The fox nodded and patted his head again. He finally started to relax a little, but not enough to let down his guard.

"It's in the wash right now as we speak. May I ask you name?"

She smiled again, innocent, guileless.


It surprised him that he remembered his name. His parents had told him often that he wasn't worthy of a name, so they gave him the most droll name they could think of. Having not been spoken to, or ever been told to recite it, he thought he had forgotten that little piece of himself.

"Tod. What a sweet name for such a sweet boy. What is a young pup like you doing out there all alone?"

The fox seemed adamant on having a few answers. Tod knew he couldn't delay any longer. He pulled his legs up to himself under the sheets and buried his face in his knees. His reply was quiet, choked.

"My parents left me. They said they didn't want someone like me in a pure-breed family like theirs...they said I was a tarnish on the family, and therefore didn't deserve one, much less deserve to, they drove me into the middle of nowhere. They pushed open the car door, kicked me out, and drove off."

He started sobbing quietly to himself. His cheeks burned with humiliation. Then came the dreaded need for explanation, he had known it was coming but couldn't hate it any less.

"'Someone like me'? What do you mean? Your not old enough to be anywhere on your own. I'd guess...maybe nine? Ten?"

Tod shook his head, his golden hair falling over his eyes, obscuring his already watery vision.

"I'm fifteen ma'am...I'm a runt....My brothers and sisters loved to wrestle with me, and humiliate me. They always told me that I didn't deserve anything I got. I was kept at home for everything...I was even home schooled...then my parents said that they were tired of me and had had now I'm on my own..."

Tod looked up at her pleadingly.

"May I please have my jacket back? It's the only thing I own..."

The fox leaned forward. He was sure she was going to strike him across the face, just as his parents had done numerous times for no apparent reason. His eyes winced shut and he prepared himself for the blow. It didn't come.

Instead, he felt soft, warm arms wrap around him. He blinked in surprise at the hug. This was certainly unexpected. The female's voice whispered into his ear.

"No one will turn you away from this house. Please. Stay as long as you like. You no longer need your coat, because, if you wish it...this can be your home..."

Tod didn't know what to say. He had no idea how to react. He stared at the fox that was hugging him until she broke the embrace. She sat back and smiled again, this smiled laced with sadness and hope.

"My name is Liliana. If you wish to stay with me and the family, you can call me...Mom."

It was too much. Tod stared at her for the longest time, then threw his arms around her, sobbing again. Heartfelt, racking sobs of joy and happiness at being, for the first time in his life, safe...and loved.

His new mother helped him dress. His legs were shaky, and his arms lacked any kind of strength, but she was kind and gentle, helping him get into some pants when he fell over, and sliding a warm, silken shirt over his head when he was semi-decent.

"There now. Let's meet the rest of the family."

She lifted him easily into her arms, with Tod being so small and underfed. She walked through the doorway, down a short hallway and finally down some stairs with pictures lining the descending wall. She stepped into what appeared to be a living room. A television with ads for cereal was on in the corner, and on the couch sat two foxes, both in their middle-teens. Their fur glinted golden-orange in the early sunlight. In the corner opposite the television and sitting in a chair was a quiet grey fox where spectacles and reading the paper as he sipped his coffee.

When Tod's mom entered the room, everyone turned to her expectantly. She set Tod on the ground and he hid behind her, peeking out at all of them. He felt childish, but he was afraid of these new people. Somehow, he had already come to trust his new mother more than anything. But Tod could feel the scrutiny of the others as they watched his every move and left Tod feeling intimidated.

The teen foxes, one a male, the other a female, leaned in and whispered something. They nodded to one another and looked back to Tod. The grey fox, obviously the father and husband, looked at his wife. His eyes trailed down to Tod, whose nose sat somewhat well below his new mother's waist. Tod could feel his ears burning. He thought to himself.

"He sees how small I am...he's not going to like me...he's going to kick me out one would want me in their home...I can't stand this! I don't want to lose my family! Not again! Oh please not..."

The grey fox smiled at him. He set down the paper and bowed his head gently to Tod. Tod could only blink. No mocking words? Voiced disgust? Anger? Irritation? He looked at the teens on the couch. They were both smiling at him, not moving but simply watching him. Suddenly, Tod felt the silken paw of his new mother on the top of his head.

"Everyone, this is Tod....his family disowned him and he's been living on his own for some time...he's had it very rough, and doesn't have a home."

She glanced down at him, flashing the gentle smile of hers that warmed Tod's little heart, before she looked back at her family.

"I want you to come over here and properly greet your new brother and son."

The boy and the girl leaned together and whispered something between themselves, then they stood up and came over to him, kneeling down beside him. Tod whimpered gently and tried to hide behind his mother again, but the boy reached out and pulled him closer. His mind panicked as he thought quietly to himself.

"Oh no! Not again!"

Thoughts of his siblings yanking him to the ground, hitting him, laughing and playing pranks on him, came rushing to his mind. He whimpered aloud again, eyes shutting tight. But again, he was surprised. The young male wrapped his arms around him. Then a second pair of arms joined, and he knew it was the sister. Then a third, and a fourth pair of arms wrapped around him, comforting, safe.

Tod's eyes opened and he saw the whole family was hugging him, even the grey-furred father. A smile broke across Tod's face, and tears began trickling down his cheeks all over again. He got his wish.

When the family had been introduced to Tod, they began introducing themselves to him. The young female fox stepped forward.

"My name is Amy. I'm your big sister from now on. I'm only sixteen, but I'm still your boss. I'm just kidding!"

She added in a hurry at the look on his face. Tod had heard those words before, and the stinging slaps that usually followed. Amy hugged his head lovingly, giggling.

"I'll protect you and keep you safe Tod..."

Then the boy stepped forward, pushing his sister aside gently.

"I'm sixteen too. My name is Eric. I'll be your big brother from now on, and I'll keep you safe, no matter what. We both will."

Eric leaned forward and hugged Tod again.

The father patted Tod on the back, smiling warmly at his new son.

"I'm Arthur, but you can call me Dad. Or pa. Or papa. Or Daddy. Or whatever variation you want."

Another hug followed and Tod felt as if the smile could never leave his face. The looked around at everyone who sat helter-skelter around him, and he laughed. For the first time since he was no more than a pup, he laughed.

"He's so cute! I just want to hold him forever!"

Amy giggled and pulled Tod into her lap. She tickled his small paws and hugged him every time he yipped happily. She sat him up and smoothed out his silken blond hair.

"Why would anyone hate a cute little puppy like you?"

Tod's ear drooped again, sadness returning suddenly, without warning.

"My family, they said they were higher class and pure-bred...they said they don't want a runt in their family..."

He sniffled gently, wiping away a tear that was sneaking across his muzzle. He felt those warm, comforting arms wrap around him once more.

"We won't turn you away Tod...never. You're just too cute"

Amy whispered gently into his ear, squeezing him gently. Tod immediately felt better. He knew her words were true. Then Eric spoke up, looking curiously at Tod.

"Your not a runt though, Tod. Ten-year-old's are only supposed to be that big..."

Tod cleared his throat and averted his eyes.

"I'm fifteen..." He whispered.

There was a moment of silence, and he felt Eric's and Amy's eyes on him. Again he remembered his taunting, cruel siblings and the things they did to him. It was going to be like his old life, all over again, he just knew it.

"Well then, just gives me one more reason to keep you safe, right?"

Eric spoke up, breaking the silence neatly, severing Tod's worries again. Just then, though, Tod's new father stood up.

"First off, Tod. We need to make something clear..."

Tod cowered down, ears flat, tail between his legs.

"We here in the Barron family eat at least three meals a day. Do you have a problem with that?"

Tod blinked, confused.

"N-no daddy."

"Then lets all have breakfast! I'm pretty sure everyone here is starving...Especially you, Tod."

He gestured towards the kitchen and everyone followed after, Tod taking up the rear, a grin on his face that glowed like the sun.

Tod enjoyed his first meal with his new family, a meal of the like which he hadn't enjoyed for longer than he cared to admit. He couldn't deny it, bacon, eggs, sausage, orange juice, pancakes...all were infinitely better than old vegetables and bread crusts. He felt sick afterward, having eaten so much and not being well-fed for so long, so his new brother and sister took him to their room. It was slightly farther up the hall from the room that Tod had been taken to while unconscious.

"We can't have you sleeping in the guest room, now can we? You're not a guest...your family!"

Eric laughed and picked Tod up in his muscular arms, and Amy giggled, following after. Tod was astounded at the room they shared. It was almost as big as the living room, and all over the walls were posters. Metal bands, posters of models, movie ads, circus ads, it was an eyeful just to stare around himself in awe.

"What's the matter Tod?"

Amy's voice sounded worried, apparently not understanding why Tod had grown so quiet all of a sudden. Tod pawed gently at Eric's shoulder, then gestured at the posters.

"Y-you can have those on your walls?"

Eric looked taken aback, and Amy raised an eyebrow.

"Of course we can...Haven't you ever wanted something on your bedroom wall?"

Tod blushed, embarrassed at the question.

"I once put a picture I drew on my old mommy tore it off the wall, ripped it apart, then slapped me...she said I was ruining the paint job they had just done...I...I just thought she would like my picture..."

Eric stood, stunned and staring at the small collie in his arms. Amy, looked away, but not before Tod saw a tear trickling down her cheek as she shook her head. Eric finally regained his composure and held Tod close.

"I'm sorry Tod, but your parents were not good parents...not at all. Here, you can put whatever you want on these walls Tod. Anything you want, and no one will hit you."

He then kissed Tod's cheek. Tod blinked, blushing gently. He had just been kissed, and by his brother. What was that about? No one had ever kissed him before. Not even his parents.

Just then, Tod's new father walked in, lugging what appeared to be parts for a bed. He began setting it up, taking advantage of the ample space in his children's room. He left and soon returned with a mattress, then again with a box spring. Tod's new mother came in and spread sheets and a blanket over the bed. Before he could even react, Tod now had a place to sleep with his new brother and sister.

Eric set him down on the bed gently, ruffling his hair, then scratching him under his ear. Tod blanked out for a moment. It felt amazing having that part of his ear less than a minute, his leg was kicking, and he felt Amy's paw scratching his other ear. He heard faint giggling as he drifted off to sleep with his new siblings scratching his ears.

Tod woke up again, but this time kept his eyes tightly shut.

"It was a dream...nothing more...I'm just under a newspaper in a box near fifth street..."

Tod remembered the cold alley he had slept in but had abandoned after he had been attacked by the wolves. With vivid detail he recalled the water-stained box, it's rumbled left corner, and the old newspapers he had packed into it to keep from freezing to death at night. That's when he realized.

"I must have been hallucinating...when that big wolf punched me, he knocked me unconcious and I was hallucinating...when I open my eyes, I'll probably be back in the park behind a bush..."

He opened his eyes. There was the roof, with the ceiling fan that he saw before. He looked down, seeing that he was still in his new clothes in his new bed. He looked over, and there sat Eric, strumming slowly on a bass guitar and singing a sad, lilting melody. Tod sat up and Eric stopped singing. Eric smiled at Tod.

"Evening sleepy-head. Amy and the parental units are in the kitchen, making dinner. Dad said you might want to take it easy at dinner, otherwise next time you might throw up."

Eric stood up and crossed over to Tod, sitting on his bedside. Tod looked away, blushing. He remembered that gentle kiss from before, but didn't know how to sort the feelings.


"Yes Tod?"

Eric smiled at Tod, sincere and happy. Tod cleared his throat, then leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. Eric didn't move, merely blinked in surprise. Tod saw the strong foxes ears turn pink as he blushed and immediately new he had done something wrong.

Tod started crying again, whispering that he was sorry, over and over again. He felt ashamed. He had just kissed a boy. A boy! And not just any boy, but his new brother! What was wrong with him?! He could feel the bitter shame of realization that his brother would now, officially, from then onward, always...

Eric pushed Tod's hair out of his face and kissed him gently on the lips in return. He smiled. Tod gave him a confused look through his tears.

"Tod? It's okay...I like boys and girls. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Ask Amy. She's the same way."

Tod blinked again, then leaned forward, kissing Eric on the lips again. Tod was feeling much better about it this time around, and was even pleasantly surprised to feel the fox's tongue slip into his mouth to which he responded in kind...until he heard the door swing open. He pulled away to see the startled look on Amy's face.

Tod didn't know what to say. He sat there, frozen with shock and surprise at being caught kissing his brother. As if to add more guilt to his situation, a thin string of saliva still connected Tod's and Eric's mouths. He expected a shout, a call down to the parents from Amy, just as his old siblings used to tell on him whenever he got into trouble. He remembered the beatings he would get for something as simple as running in the house. The other pups didn't get into trouble for the same things though....only Tod was ever punished.

But then Amy smiled. She stepped into the room and shut the door behind her. There was a click and Tod knew she had locked the door.

"Eric...I thought you said you would wait for me?"

Tod's head swiveled from staring at Amy to glowering at Eric. Waiting?! Does this mean these two were planning on taking advantage of him? Tod pulled away from Eric and moved to the corner of his bed. His anger cooled instantly, changing instead to fear.

"They want to rape me..."

The thought chilled Tod to his marrow. He was all too aware, too, of his own helplessness. Both these foxes were nearly twice as big as him, and he was not nearly stupid enough to not realize he was outnumbered. He would simply have to wait it out, and hope they don't hurt him when they were finished with him...

Seeing his look, curled-close tail, and ears held tight to his head, Eric immediately new what Tod was thinking.

"Calm down Tod...we won't do anything you don't want us's just...well, me and Amy..."

He looked over at his sister who stepped forward. And they kissed. Deeply. Tod could hardly believe his eyes, seeing such affection...between family members! When they had withdrawn from the kiss, Amy smiled, a little embarrassed, at Tod.

"Eric and I have been playing around for nearly six months now..."

She gave a noncommittal shrug and sighed.

"I'm sorry Tod. We just thought, maybe, you would like to play with us're so alone; we just want to make you feel safe and loved, make you forget what you went through..."

She laughed and touched his cheek tenderly.

" orgasm, what happens when you have sex, is the most satisfying thing you can imagine..."

Tod looked at Eric, then looked back to Amy. His tail uncurled from between his legs, and his ears relaxed. He looked at his new kin and smiled a lop-sided grin. He looked away as he drew them into his confidence.

"I've...I've never had an orgasm before...Actually, Eric was my first kiss..."

Eric laughed, but it wasn't cruel or hateful. It was full of mirth and relief. When Tod looked at him curiously, Eric shook his head, waving a paw through the air, wanting to explain.

"Tod, if that was your first kiss, then you're a natural kisser. You do it really well."

Amy sat beside Eric, but closer to Tod. She blushed, just as Eric had, then looked at Tod with a different kind of interest.

"I've been thinking about what me and Eric do...I've enjoyed every minute of it...but when I saw you, I thought that maybe you would like to play with us too. I thought of how cute, sweet, and innocent you looked...I just wanted to make you forget your pain..."

She looked into Tod's eyes, her voice slightly shaky with emotion.

"T-Tod?...Would you kiss me too?"

Tod stared at her. He couldn't deny how he felt at the moment. Amy was voluptuous, with short shorts showing the gentle curve of her bottom, and her tank top shirt which announced her ample breasts. His eyes slid over to Eric who was looking away. His muscled arms were relaxed, his paws in his lap. His t-shirt fit nicely over his body, but couldn't hide his athletic build. His eyes dropped to Eric's pants and he noticed for the first time that there was apparently something else that Eric had that would set him apart from other foxes. He looked back to Amy, then nodded.

The kiss was soft, gentle. When Tod slid his small tongue into her mouth, he felt her shiver gently. She tasted of mint, while Eric had tasted faintly like cinnamon. For a moment, they sat there, kissing with quiet relish, enjoying one-another's flavors. Too soon, they pulled apart. Amy caught her breath and sat back.

"Eric was are good at kissing."

Tod could only blush at the compliment.


Amy asked gently, her paw stroking his soft cheek-fur again, careful not to touch the bandaged wound. Tod noticed a curious scent in the air, one that he couldn't identify, not having smelled the like of it before, but he immediately noticed that his body was reacting to it.

"Would you like to play with us?"

Tod looked into Amy's eyes, staring quietly into those soft grey eyes that held his rapt attention. He nodded, slowly, almost fearing to move too quickly lest he break the spell. Amy's smile came again, filled with excitement. Then Eric touched Tod's leg, leaning in to whisper into Tod's ear. The warmth of his breath scent tingles of excitement up Tod's spine.

"You can smell it too, can't you?"

Tod looked at Eric, then nodded again. Eric smiled.

"That smell, that's getting you and me riled up,"

He pointed at Tod's crotch and the obvious erection in his pants.

"That smell is wouldn't quite know how we react to it, but those are called pheremones Tod."

Tod nodded his understanding. He knew his parents had skimped on his education, but he had read a few books. One was physical biology book. He almost laughed when he realized that that book had taught him more than almost anything his parents ever had. b=But, he had to admit, he wasn't fully prepared for what was happening.

Amy gently pushed Tod onto his back, her smile turning from innocent to pure excitement.

"We'll show you how it's done first, then we'll let you join. Just watch, and you'll catch on in no time."

"But what about dinner?"

Tod's question seemed out of place in this particular setting, but he thought they should be prudent. It wouldn't be good to suddenly be late for dinner, being upstairs moaning and thrusting while his new parents called their names. But Amy just smiled and gave a dismissive gesture with her tail.

"I was helping get it ready. Mother is a good cook, but she wanted to try making some fancy French cuisine; it's mostly in French, the instructions, and the recipes ingredient amounts are for a party of twenty people. Mom has got her hands full. She said we should come down in about two hours or so..."

"Plenty of time to play around and learn the ropes."

Eric spoke up and squeezed Amy's bottom. She gave a soft yip, and pushed Eric over. The playing stopped there. She fell atop him and kissed him. Slowly, deeply at first, then with intensifying passion. Eric returned the kiss with gusto, and soon Amy's hands were expertly undoing Eric's shirt buttons, then his pants. Before Tod could gasp in amazement at the speed and efficiency that this had taken place, Amy had slid down, taking Eric's pants and boxers with her. Eric lay before Tod, his throbbing flesh naked and ready in front of him.

Amy crawled up and licked teasingly at Eric's shaft. A soft moan escaped Eric's lips as his sister began to suck on him. Tod noticed immediately that the scent of pheromones was growing stronger, and that his pants were becoming far too uncomfortable. Under the covers, he undid his pants and pushed them off, not rousing the suspicion of his new brother and sister. He looked under the bed linens to look at himself. He had never before been aroused before, having never had an occasion to be so, so he was surprised to see what he saw. His pink tip protruded slightly from his sheath, the fur tickling his shaft somewhat.

He turned back to his new siblings just in time to see Amy scoot up and sit down on Eric's lap. She winked at him and shifted enough to give him a wonderful view of what she was doing. Eric's cock slid in and out of her flower, all the way from the base to the tip of his shaft. Amy's moans were soft and subdued, but it was obvious that she was enjoying it. Then Amy laid down across Eric, allowing him to thrust at his leisure. Tod watched her paws grip Eric's shoulder fur, could see the sweat matting their fur. He wanted to join in too.


They both stopped, and Eric and Amy looked at Tod. He felt somewhat uncomfortable, as if he had interrupted something direly important, and should have waited until they were done...and yet, he felt that if he waited, he would explode. And yet, Amy didn't seem to mind. She winked at him.

"Yes cutie?"

"What can I do?"

Tod's question was meek, but he still wanted things, and he wanted them badly. Amy merely laughed and slid off of Eric, who groaned pleasantly, and laid down in front of Tod. She touched the covers that hid his naked lower half from her sight, and the slight pressure on his gender made Tod shiver. She pulled the covers off and Tod lay exposed before her, helpless and innocent. A part of him cried out against all of this, whereas another part of him firmly throttled the objecting half. Amy looked down at Tod's half-free dog-hood. Her tail wagged back and forth lazily as she examined him. Tod felt his ears heating under her scrutiny. Then she spoke softly...

"Oh Tod, your so cute and small. I bet if I sucked on you, I could deep-throat you easily...I feel like I'll be yiffing a puppy almost."

Amy giggled and smiled up at him. Then she dropped her head and began sucking on his tip. Tod didn't know what to make of these new sensations that rocked his whole body. He whimpered aloud as her coaxing mouth got Tod fully erect and out of his sheath. She pulled back and looked at him.

"I'd say your about four and half, maybe five inches."

Eric nodded and smiled.

"Perfect for your size and stature Tod...I'd do you right now, but I'd probably hurt you so we'll lay off of that for a few months."

Tod blushed gently. He felt somewhat embarrassed that he was so small compared to Eric, who looked to be nearly twice as long as him, but Eric's and Amy's smiles reassured him. Then Amy's head dropped into his lap again, her muzzle taking every inch of him easily. He could feel her throat vibrating gently as she murred quietly. It was almost too much for his first time. His body quivered and the puppy gave a quiet yiff. His muscles contracted in the most painfully wonderful fashion, and Tod felt his first orgasm rush over him. It hit him like a wall, and the world blacked out around him.

Tod awoke, blinking in surprise.

"Amy? Eric?"

A gentle paw on his cheek told him they were there. Tod sighed with relief and shut his eyes again. Amy's voice came, was right next to his ear, and once again the warmth of breath on that sensitive part of his body made him shiver with pleasure.

"My my Tod. You came quickly...and alot! I couldn't swallow all of your cum!"

He knew it was true from the sound of surprise in her voice. He opened his eyes and looked over at Eric. He was nodding gently then pointed at the covers. Tod saw that there was a small smear of his juices on the bedsheets. He looked at Amy, who merely giggled.

"Collie cum tastes good! You tasted like sugar cookies Tod...probably because you're so sweet!"

Eric pitched in as well.

"And you passed out too...Probably a bit too intense for your first session Tod, but you did good. You were out for nearly ten minutes had me and Amy worried."

Tod smiled in relief. Eric laughed, then pulled Amy towards him. She squealed in mock surprise and pawed at his hair as he pulled her lap to his muzzle. She stopped pawing when Eric's tongue flicked out across her clit. Tod watched with a curious fascination as Eric began lapping at her entrance, Amy's moans changing pitch quickly. As he watched, Tod slowly became aroused again. The sight and sounds of his new siblings made the pup shiver yearning so he got up and scooted up behind Amy. Seeing him do this, Eric scooted himself upward so that his fox-hood was even with Amy's slit.

"Just slide it into my tailhole Tod...don't worry, it won't hurt me..."

Amy turned and smiled down at Eric.

"I've always wanted to try a threesome..."

She gave a soft sigh and slid down Eric's waiting cock. His blissful moan filled the room. When she had taken as much of him as she could, Amy lifted her tail for Tod. Tod hesitated for a moment, then pressed his hard flesh to her tailhole entrance. He felt her tighten, then relax as he pushed himself all the way to his knot. With her juices soaking her lower half, probably from yiffing Eric earlier, then sucking on Tod, Tod's hard cock slid in easily and without pain. He couldn't deny how wonderful it felt to be inside of her.

Then Eric started thrusting slowly, measuring himself so that Tod could keep up. Tod could feel his brother's flesh moving inside of Amy and it excited and stimulated him immensely. He pulled out, then thrust back in as he had seen Eric do, and was given the satisfaction of bliss. He started thrusting rhythmically, just as Eric was doing, his eyes closed and his breath coming in quick, ragged pants. It was hard having sex, but he felt that it was beyond worth the effort.

Suddenly, he felt Amy tightening around her, and a soft whimper traveled to his ears.

"Oh God. Guys! Guys, I'm cumming!"

Tod kept thrusting until he felt warmth rush across the front of his legs. Amy leaned forward, biting down on Eric's shoulder to muffle her screams of pleasure. Then Tod could feel it building inside of him again. His second climax. He pushed his hips hard against Amy's, pushing all five inches of himself into Amy, feeling her bottom tighten a little more with each deep thrust. Just then, Eric gave a groaning cry or pleasure, and Tod could feel Amy grow warmer from the hot seed that now filled her passage. That was what set Tod off, and his second climax hit him just as hard as the first. He bit his paw and screamed against the fur, muffling himself as Amy had done.

But it was too much for him. Tod collapsed sideways, his body twitching gently from the after effects of the intense orgasm. He started sobbing quietly to himself, and he felt Eric's strong arms wrap around him and lift him up, cradling him to his muscular chest. Eric's voice shushed him gently while Amy's velvety paws stroked his ears. Tod couldn't help it and continued sobbing quietly for nearly two minutes. When he finally calmed down and wiped the tears from his cheeks, Amy and Eric looked at him worried.

"Are you okay Tod? Did I hurt you?"

Amy's quiet, worried whisper touched Tod's heart. He shook his head and hugged Eric, licking his chin lovingly. Amy moved close and he licked her too, his pink tongue roughing the fur at her neck.

"I-I'm okay...It just felt...felt really g-good."

Tod's voice was shaky, to say the least. He slumped into Eric's grip, and Eric set him gently back onto the bed, then moved to the window, opening it and airing out the pheromone-rich room. Amy pulled the comforter up to Tod's chin as his eyes began to droop. He heard Eric walk past and Amy stood, then he heard the rustle of clothes being pulled on.

"He is so cute..."

Amy's voice whispered to Eric.

"I know...I'll tell mom and dad that he's asleep, and we can bring him up his dinner after he's rested a bit. They'll understand. Then, later, if he wants to, we can try other things."

Amy's sounded curious in her question.

"What other things do you want to try?"

Tod heard Eric giggle quietly.

"I want him to cum inside me too Amy..."

Tod smiled at the thought, then drifted off to sleep, a tear sliding down his cheek and falling to the bedsheets. The last thought going through his mind before sleep took him was "I have a family..."

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2007-09-25 [Keir Devlin]: BOOBS! >D

2007-09-25 [orchidflame]: *looks down at my own*boobs? what about boobs?

2007-09-25 [Keir Devlin]: Boys like.

2007-09-25 [orchidflame]: lol ya that's very true

2007-09-26 [Keir Devlin]: Most boys at least. :D

2007-09-26 [Nekko fox]: OKAY! ENOUGH!

2007-09-26 [Nekko fox]: If I set up a link to the sequel, will people stop badgering me? Please? I'm already really stressed out right now, so much I might cry, and I'm still trying to work on this story without screwing it up...yelling at me isn't helping! *Starts crying right then and there*

2007-09-26 [orchidflame]: look what you've done, Keira*goes and hugs Nekko*shh, it will be okay nekko

2007-09-27 [Keir Devlin]: ...
I was jopking... DX
Shut up, Flame. ><
-snuggles Nekko-
I'm sorry... I was just joking... ><

2007-09-27 [orchidflame]: keep it calm Keira*steps a side to let Keira snuggle Nekko*

2007-09-27 [SunCloud]: it's good as far as i have read.. where the fox lady found him .. but i'm going to bed for now (otherwise good good!) =]

2007-09-28 [Nekko fox]: *Sniffles and smiles* I'll put up the link for everyone...

2007-10-02 [thesong_remains]: well, that was lovely! enjoyed're such a wonderful writer! can't read the second part now, but soon! can't wait! *smiles*

2007-10-03 [Nekko fox]: *Blush*

2007-10-03 [The Last Dragoon]: not too bad, eh! Nekko-Dono?

2007-10-03 [Nekko fox]: Nekko-kun.

2007-10-03 [The Last Dragoon]: you know I call you Nekko-Dono

2007-10-04 [Nekko fox]: I prefer Nekko-kun. Has a nicer ring to it! ^_^

2007-10-04 [The Last Dragoon]: if you say so Nekko-Kun..

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