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The Runt 6: Children and Their Games

Following the Runt Story Ark, by [Nekko fox]

Warning! Contains cub, twincest, anal, oral, female ejaculation, cum swallowing, and fingering...Enjoy.

Dawn probed into the Baron household tentatively, creeping rays of golden light trickling in through the curtains to splash lazily upon the floor. As the sun began to creep ever higher, the light slowly shifting over the mismatched lot that was camped out beside the decimated remains of a pizza dinner. On one of the couches lay Sheila, curled tightly into a ball, her tail twitching back and forth as she dreamed. Snuggled up behind Sheila and holding her close to himself lay Mark, his arms and legs both holding Sheila against his body.

Upon the floor lay Amy, propped up against a chair with Dante asleep on her shoulder and his mouth hanging open slightly. In the chair lay Eric, snoring noisily, his upper body laying half in and half out of the chair and one arm dangling carelessly down, his fingertips brushing the carpeting. Below Eric, with his head resting lightly on Amy's breasts and one of his thumbs in his mouth, slept little Tod. He shifted his small form without conscious thought so that he no longer faced the sun, making tiny churring noises of comfort as he nestled down lower into the sheet that covered his naked body.

But, while shifting his body to accommodate the sun, the little dog shifted out of his deep, restful sleep into a state of awkward consciousness wrapped in a thick fog of drowsiness. The pup's ears flicked up, and Tod stirred. He accidentally rolled back towards the sun and groaned aloud as intense fall sunlight hurt his eyes. He weakly lifted a hand to shield himself from the visual assault and attempted to undo the damage he had done to his sleep by redirecting his course of movement back towards Amy. He dimly decided that her breasts were nice and warm, and that they made very good pillows. As well, his sensitive nose (also dulled by sleep) seemed to pick up a curious scent, one which he couldn't place. He turned over, placing himself onto his stomach so that he may crawl back towards comfort when suddenly he found himself looking into a strangers eyes.

Tod blinked once, then twice, and then a third time. It wasn't until the third blink that Tod's mind registered that the face he was looking at was not one that he knew, and so he reacted in the only way that his slow mental processes would allow. He blinked again, filled his lungs, then screamed as loud possible.

The resulting chaos was immediate. Amy jumped nearly a foot into the air from a prone position, accidentally knocking Tod backwards and burying the poor pup in blankets. Dante, having been comfortably asleep on Amy at the time of the disturbance, was rudely knocked sideways into a small table. The lamp that proceeded to fall from it's resting spot was only barely saved by his quick reflexes, despite the wolf now having a headache and only the use of one eye because his other eye was smacked violently as Amy jolted awake.

Sheila, too, reacted with alarming violence to Tod's frightened howl, kicking off of the couch and knocking both her and her boyfriend to the floor to land in a disorderly heap. The frightened tabby gave a startled mewl of shock as Sheila accidentally sank her claws into his leg.

Eric, meanwhile, continued to sleep like the dead, drool trickling down his cheek only to fall a short distance into a steadily growing puddle at the base of the chair. Amy, having finally landed, placed her paw in the puddle and proceeded to curse violently while viciously rubbing the saliva onto her brothers exposed knee. As everyone began to calm down (except for Eric, still blissfully unaware of the current situation), all eyes turned towards a small, wriggling heap of blankets in the middle of the room.

Tod emerged from the mess of fabric, his fur rumpled and one of his ears lopsided. He looked around at the teenagers that were staring at him with varying degrees of irritation.


Amy heaved a sigh and pulled the naked collie out of the blankets, sitting him in her lap and twisting him so that he was forced to face her. She tapped his nose, and Tod sneezed, then sneezed again.

"Tod, what on earth were you thinking when you started yelling like that? You scared the living daylights out of everybody!"

"Except for Eric."

Dante gestured with the lamp that he still held in his grasp. Indeed, the only motion created by Eric was to roll his face out of the sun to bury it amongst the seat cushions. Amy begrudgingly agreed, but then turned back to Tod.

"Honestly Tod, that wasn't very nice! Dante is hurt, I think Mark is bleeding, my bottom hurts from hitting the floor after my jump, and Sheila looks like she got hit with a stun gun!"

Tod looked around at the others. Sheila indeed looked as if she had come in contact with something of high voltage. Her fur was standing on end in all manner of places, and her breathing was quick and labored. Mark was shooting annoyed glances at Tod in between dubiously rubbing his thigh. Tod could see small blotches of red beginning to bleed through the fabric of the cat's pants. Tod turned his gaze to the only person who didn't have an angry expression on his face, Dante, who merely grinned at Tod from beneath the paw that he held to his eye.

Tod turned back to Amy, and saw that she too was mad. Her brow was furrowed, her arms were crossed across her chest, and her ears were laid flat against her head. Tod visibly wilted under her glare. He started to stammer an apology, but his words dissolved into tears. He gripped his tail and buried his face in it, and, in between sobs, he tried to explain.

"I-I didn't mean to scare everybody! I was asleep too, b-but I woke up and there was a stranger in the house! I rolled o-over and he was just kneeling there, staring at me! He was really close, and I got scared! Please don't hate me Amy! I'm sorry! Please don't be mad at me anymore! I didn't mean to, I promise I didn't! Please...Please don't send me away...please don't send me away..."

The puppy started to sob his little heart out. Amy had never been mad at him before, and Tod didn't know what to do. She was always so nice and sweet, and now he had scared her. What if she kicked him out so that he wouldn't do it again? Thoughts of gloom and drear filled his mind and he sank forward, wrapped up in his own sorrow. But, yet again, Amy's arms fell protectively around him, her voice hushing away all his fears and doubts. After a few moments, she leaned back and Tod looked up, tears dampening his cheek fur. Amy took a breath, then shouted loud enough to make Eric grumble incoherently.

"Shade! Quit hiding and get your ass out here!"

There was a moment of silence as everyone waited patiently, then suddenly, from behind the television set a pair of white rabbit ears emerged, one ear pierced in nearly seven different places. Warily, Shade's voice followed after his ears.

"Is Hell done breaking loose, or should I crawl back into my shelter. I have rations for another week if the situation is grim..."

"You goof-ball! Quit skulking around like a thief and join us already!"

The rabbit emerged, smiling like a boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and didn't care. He sat beside Dante, looking the group over with bright, energetic eyes. Dante gave him a playful shove that nearly tipped tipped the rabbit over, then pointed over at Eric.

"Would you do us a favor and wake up Mr. Snooze over there?"

Shade groaned, but he stood and walked over to Eric without further comment. Shade leaned down close to Eric's exposed ear and began speaking in a language that Tod could not understand. Tod's memories stirred, bringing up a vision of his father sitting down his three sisters to watch a foreign film that was spoken entirely in French. His father explained to the girls that the were watching the film because it would help them appreciate other cultures, and that all good families should do so. The girls, being so young, grew bored with the films quickly and over time wandered off to pester Ashton and Terrance. Tod once asked his father if he could watch the film with the girls. His father's answer was quite simple.

"What would be the point?"

As Tod reminisced, Shade's tone changed. It went from quiet and playful words to hot, sensuous moans. For the first time, Tod noticed that Shade was speaking in a voice that could easily be mistaken for a females. Tod also noticed Eric's reaction to the breathy words, spoken so erotically into his ear. The fox growled lustily, pawing softly at Shade's face as he slept, whispering something to this effect.

"Mmmm, yeah baby, you know I like it when you..."

But soon his words dropped off into mumbles and Shade continued his teasing whispers. Tod looked back at Mark and Sheila and saw that the were doing their best to keep from laughing too loud. Tod also saw Sheila's paw comforting Mark's leg, five thumb-print sized blood spots soaked through his pant leg and causing Tod a pang of guilt. Next, his head swiveled to face Dante who was now nestled up against Amy's side, his paw covering his mouth to keep him from bursting out into hysterical laughter as well.

Tod scooted closer to Amy and the vixen wrapped an arm around his small, naked form as they watched in silence as Shade continued manipulating Eric's dreams with a girly voice and French words. Tod listened intently, trying desperately to understand what Shade was saying because the very sound of the bunny's voice was starting to get Tod aroused too. Suddenly, Tod caught the sound of a word in English. Soon followed another, and another, until every other word was in English. In less than a minute, Shade was hopping from one language to another, his tone becoming steadily more masculine. Considering Eric's expression, his dreams weren't turning for the better.

Just as Shade's voice returned to normalcy, he raised his left paw high over Eric's rear end.

"Now, get that cute ass into the kitchen...and make me a sandwich!"

SMACK! The paw came down, square on Eric's bottom, causing the fox to yelp in pain and surprise, jump sideways out of the chair, and land in a heap on the floor, groaning insults and curses. It was at that time that all those present threw caution to the winds and started laughing. Even Tod let a giggle escape as he watched Eric groggily push himself into a sitting position, his fur ruffled from his impromptu landing. Eric glowered at Shade as he attempted to salvage his dignity by smoothing down his fur.

"Should have known that dream was too good to be true. And then the smack on my ass...thanks, you damned carrot-muncher."

"Always glad to be of service M' Lord."

Shade spoke this in a perky, English accent, and then hopped up and made an exaggerated bow. He even prompted to add an immaculate ear wiggle, causing his earrings to jingle merrily together. Eric was not altogether amused, but the others were. When they had all settled down, Shade cast a critical eye around the group, his gaze settling momentarily upon Tod. He turned to Sheila.

"I thought you said there was a new member of the family here...something about showing him the ropes. Now, I know very well what that means, but all I see is you guys and a puppy. Where's the other guy? Showering or something?"

Tod scooted so that he was laying in Amy's lap, his small, naked bottom up in the air. Dante took that chance to playfully run a finger up Tod's backside, up his testicals and over his tail hole. He gave a small meep. Shade's jaw dropped and he pointed at Tod.

"It's HIM?!"

Tod nodded and smiled as did all the others. Shade simply stared and continued pointing. Suddenly, he threw his arms into the air and shouted
something rather rude.

"Pedophiles! All of you! Tainting a youth so early in his years! He never even had a chance to blossom!"

Shade dramatically knelt by Tod, resting his paw between Tod's ears.

"I'm sorry little guy..."

Eric's foot materialized out of nowhere and booted Shade sideways, eliciting a loud grunt of pain and surprise from the rabbit. Eric sat where Shade stood moments before and cast a glower at him.

"You dork, we aren't pedophiles. This is Tod. He's roughly as old as us and just so happens to be small for his age, and he enjoys what we do just as much as us!"

Shade looked around. Sheila smiled and nodded, Mark gave him a thumbs up. As he turned, Eric winked, Amy gave Tod a loving squeeze, and Dante smirked in manner that would scare small children.

Shade raised an eyebrow.

"You've all played with him? "

Tod nodded and rolled onto his back in Amy's lap. Shade gave a dejected sigh and sat back. He looked up, his eyes hardening, then scooted close to Amy. His paws grabbed Tod's shoulders and he pulled Tod close so that they were staring eye-to-eye. Tod gave an uncomfortable cough and blushed, but then Shade spoke to him in a quiet whisper.

"You are adorable....I could use you to get a girlfriend!"

Eric's foot appeared again, knocking the rabbit sideways once more. Tod looked up at Eric, who was now rubbing his head as if he had a migraine.

"Shade, Tod isn't a chick magnet, okay? If you want a girlfriend so badly, why don't you try asking a few of the girls at our school."

Shade sniffed and crossed his arms, looking away adamantly.

"Those girls aren't bunnies! I want to date a cute bunny, but there aren't any bunnies at our school! They all go to that snobby, preppy school ten miles to the north!"

Sheila looked up at the mention of the school.

"You mean Saint Rudolph's School for Girls? I wanted to go there, but my parents sent me to the public school here. They said I'd get a more well rounded education."

Mark patted Sheila's side and kissed her cheek.

"And if you hadn't come here, you never would have met me!"

Sheila giggled and nuzzled against Mark's neck before returning the kiss. Shade stuck out his tongue and made a retching noise at the two cat's display of affection.

"Rub it in, why don't you?"

Tod gently tapped Shade's knee and looked up at him.

"Um, Mister Shade? How did you and everyone meet? I know you all go to the same school but..."

Shade cut Tod off mid-sentence by lifting his paw over Tod's mouth.

"First off, don't call me 'mister'. I work for a living. Second, in answer to your question I used to date Mark's brother Andy and that got me mixed in with this little group here."

"Why aren't you still dating Andy?"

The room went silent, and Tod suddenly felt as if he had said something unbelievably rude, though he couldn't figure out what it was. Mark cast his eyes downward and Sheila placed her paw over his which he took and held onto firmly. Shade, for once, seemed to lose some of his enthusiasm, his mouth open as if he were about to speak once more but no sound issued forth. Amy wrapped her arms around Tod's middle and gently laid her head on top of his. Eric was the one with the answer, and it came as a shock to Tod.

"Andy died, Tod...a couple years ago. You see, Shade isn't gay, or bi, or even all that curious. He's just..."


Everyone gave a faint smile as Shade filled in where Eric trailed off, but he fell silent again as he retreated into the sanctity of his own thoughts. Eric continued slowly.

"Shade couldn't get a date. He never could, the poor guys got bad luck with the ladies. Anyway, Shade got noticed by Mark's little brother Andy, and he was a good kid. He saw Shade sad and dejected and asked if Shade would like to go see a movie sometime. Well, after a while, they took a shine onto one another and start seeing eachother more regularly. Shade's family didn't know..."

Shade held up his paw and Eric grew quiet, and the bunny took a deep breath before continuing where Eric left off.

"They wouldn't have accepted Andy because he was gay, and they wouldn't have liked that I was... well playing with another boy. My families old fashioned, you see...But, I was actually falling in love with this little kitten. He was a year younger than me, about twelve at the time. Well, you see Tod, I was starting to get interested in this thing that I heard about, called sex. I overheard my older brothers talking about it when I was supposed to be asleep. Well, about that time, my hormones were kicking in and sweet little Andy, ever so curious, wanted to know about it just as much as I did. Well, we went for a bike ride out towards the edge of the woods. It seemed like a good idea because no one would be around there that late at night."

Tod leaned in closer, his little ears perked. He saw that Shade's eyes were glistening wetly.

"Well, we...played. Andy was the first one to orgasm, and I did a little bit after that. We both thought it felt pretty good, even though our bottoms hurt a bit. But, anyway, we were riding home in the dark by the road..."

Shade's voice cracked. He covered his face with his paw as his shoulders began to shake uncontrollably. Eric got up and gently placed his paw on Shade's quivering shoulder, whispering something softly into his ear. Shade slowly got control of himself and gave a sigh.

"It was dark...we were riding by the side of the road. I guess it sounds cliché, but there was some teenagers. The police report said they had been drinking all day. Well, as they were speeding along the road, they didn't see Andy and me. I was farther towards the side of the road than Andy was, so I only got clipped. The impact destroyed my bike, broke one of my legs and cracked four ribs. They hit Andy head on. They didn't even stop when they hit him, they just kept driving. The police found Andy in the ditch by the road the next morning, nearly fifty feet away from me. He died two hours after they got him into the hospital..."

Shade sat down heavily, tears dripping freely down his cheeks, his ears limp against the back of his head. Eric, who was still standing by him, knelt and gave the bunnies shoulder a gentle squeeze. Mark cleared his
throat, and Tod turned to him.

"My little brother loved Shade. He always talked about him, and he always got so excited about his dates with Shade. I...always made fun of him because he was gay. I thought it was disgusting, and the thought of a homosexual in my family kind of scared me. After the accident my family took me to the hospital, and I got to his bedside minutes before he regained consciousness. He squeezed my hand and asked, 'Is Shade okay'? I told him that Shade was fine, and asked how he felt. 'I'm okay' Andy told me. He smiled, pulled my paw up, and kissed it. 'I love you big brother' he said...'I love you too' I told him...minutes after that, his life signs gave out. The doctors couldn't revive him..."

Tod looked down at his paws. He pulled himself out of Amy's lap and slowly walked over to Mark and took his paw. The tabby looked up as Tod tugged it gently, pulling the cat to his feet. He then walked Mark over to Shade, sitting him down so they were side by side. Gently, in turn, Tod gave each of them a hug around the neck.

"I'm sorry..."

Mark returned the hug, but Shade merely smiled. He pulled away from the embrace and looked Tod up and down.

"I guess your not too bad for a kid..."

Tod cocked his head to the side and looked at Shade with curiosity in his eyes.

"I was said you aren't gay, or bi, but you dated Mark's brother. Why don't you just go out with another boy instead of a girl?"

Shade gave him a wan smile and shook his head.

"I promised that I wouldn't date another boy after I was with Andy. Besides, I still think girls are prettier than us dirty old men."

They all had a good laugh as Eric reached down and lifted Tod up into his arms.

"Hey, I think that's enough sadness for one day. Let's go do something fun! It's our last day off before school starts again, so what should we do?"

Shade's ears drooped and he took on a pained grimace.

"Ugh, I hate three day weekends. They fly by too fast for me to enjoy them..."

And so the debate about the days activities began, it became more animated than when they were deciding what to have for dinner the night before. They immediately agreed that they should avoid the mall, at least for a few weeks, because of Tod's little run-in with his brothers. Shade was the least helpful of the group because he kept suggesting things that ranged from hang gliding to bungee jumping to chasing parked cars.

Tod laughed at the rabbits antics, as did Amy, Eric, and Dante. Sheila and Mark, too, smirked a few times but feigned exasperation at the quarky rabbits quips. Over the course of a few minutes, they decided that going to the park may be a good idea, and it may give Tod a chance to enjoy the outdoors and other people without fear. Tod had to admit that the last time he had spent any length of time outside was before he was 'adopted' by the Baron family...and only because he was deposited their against his will by his less-than-caring kin. Tod reflected on his astoundingly good fortune on finding a family that took him in, cared for him, and had shown him love. Conversely, Tod very well could have been picked up and thrown back in the street by a different, and probably angry, home owner and left to die in the street. Tod assumed that even his death would have gone unnoticed up until now.

On that thought, Tod leaned back and wrapped his little arms around Eric's neck and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. Eric, confused by the puppies sudden display of affection, merely smiled, expecting some sort of explanation, but when Tod offered no answer he just shrugged it off as part of Tod's undeniably sweet nature. Amy stood up and walked over to Eric and Tod, giving the young pup a gentle tap on his furry bottom.

"Come on now, naked puppy-butt! You just went shopping for clothes the other day, but here you are running around like a child nudist!"

"With a huge sexual appetite..."

Amy glanced accusingly at the one who had made the remark, Dante, but the wolf was meticulously cleaning one of his claws and pretending that nothing at all had been said. Amy rolled her eyes and gave Tod another playful swat on his rump, slowing her movement enough to trail a finger over his exposed boy parts and his tail hole in one swift gesture. Tod gave a shuddering gasp as Eric gently set him upon the floor. Not wishing to show off the now-emerging tip of his penis to Shade, he turned and made a dash upstairs to the room he shared with his foxy brother and sister.

He skipped through the doorway to the room which just so recently held the orgy of the preceding night, and Tod's sensitive nose could still pick out the cloying scent of sexual gratification, subtle though it was. He stopped and opened the window and, just for good measure, turned on the ceiling fan before looking around for his clothes, the ones purchased for him by his new family. He found them still in their bags by his bed, apparently put their by Eric when he came up to the room the evening before. Tod reached in an pulled out a pair of boxers, a pair of simple jeans, a big bag of socks, and a nice, green t-shirt that accented his eyes (so he was told by the young otter girl at the store).

As an afterthought, he reached into the bag and pulled out a soft, dark-blue hooded sweatshirt with pockets in the front. He paused momentarily to nuzzle his cheek against the soft fabric, letting out a gentle murr of private enjoyment. He had never owned anything this soft before, all of his previous pieces of clothing being hand-me-downs from his older brothers. By the time they were passed on to Tod they were dirty, ragged, and smelt faintly of mildew or some other nauseating odor that Tod couldn't specify. Thusly, Tod stood for nearly a full minute just enjoying the new piece of outerwear, letting his nose savor the light, crisp scent of new clothes.

Shortly after he came out of his little trance, Tod heard the front door shut downstairs. He hurriedly scrambled to put his clothes on and inadvertently jerked his shirt over his head too hard, raking it against the many, small scratches and cuts on his cheek, courtesy of his older brothers. He winced and scolded himself, and his irritation at his own haste doubled when he touched his injured cheek to find that he had re-opened several of his cuts, leaving small smears of crimson on his blond paw fur. He calmed himself and set about opening the package of socks so that he could keep his paws warm when he was running around the park. Tod had to admit that he was nervous, but excited. He had never gone to a park before, again thanks to his less-than-caring family, and he was interested in what he could do.

All that Tod knew was what Ashton and Terrance had spoken of to eachother, and they had not known that Tod had been eavesdropping. Tod shuddered as he thought of what the older brothers would have done to Tod if they had known that he was listening in on their conversations. He decided that it would not have been overly pleasant. He shrugged off his thoughts with a stern reminder that he had a new family now, that his past was behind him.

His cheek gave a twinge, as if reminding him that his past was not so easily forgotten. He sighed and pulled a pair of socks on over his paws and he trotted out the door. He stopped at the top of the stairs when he heard the voices of Eric and Amy, mingling with the voice of his new mother and father. His father's voice carried the best, and Tod listened intently to the conversation.

"Well, we've gotten everything taken care of...we're sorry that it took all night. There was an unbelievable amount of paper work, and when we were through it was nearly two so we just grabbed a hotel. Regardless, everything is fine. Oh! That reminds me! We asked if there were any missing persons while we were at the station, and they said no runaways or the like had been reported for nearly a month and a half."

Tod's ears perked up curiously and his cheeks mantled in a smile as he listened more intently, awaiting the news that he was sure to come.

"Well, the officer talking to us said that it seemed strange that nothing has occurred for so long, but he blamed it on the winter coming up....Anyway, no one is missing, or no one is looking for anybody...Anybody, most notably a young collie pup with blond hair."

Tod peeked around the corner, a smile on his lips. Mr. Baron, Tod's father, was staring at him knowingly, an equally large smile on his face as he continued.

"We'll get the legal issues out of the way Tod, don't you worry, and soon you'll be a legitimate member of the family!"

Tod gave an excited bark and skipped down the stairs, wrapping his father's leg in a warm embrace. He looked over his shoulder and saw his mother smiling at him. He barked again playfully, his hips swinging gently with the force of his tail wagging. Tod crooned, enjoying the feelings of happiness that were overwhelming him. Suddenly a light weight fell upon Tod's head, right between his ears, and the pup looked up curiously to see the source of the weight and found Shade's paw neatly placed atop his head.

"Come on Tod. We're walking down to the park. The others are already waiting outside."

Tod dashed out from under Shade's paw and right between his legs, causing the rabbit to yelp in surprise and tip over. The laughter of Tod's parents followed him as he raced outside to the garage and jumped, bodily, into Dante's arms. The wolf gave a start and nearly fell over, only holding his balance due to the fact that he was close enough to the wall of the garage to fall against it. Despite that, the wind was still blasted from the wolf's lungs from the impact.

"Whoa, there Tod! Did something good happen to you?"

Tod could only nod his head emphatically, grinning from ear to ear. Dante only shook his head, chuckling as he held the enthusiastic collie pup. He placed Tod on the driveway and looked around at the others.

"Shall we be on our way? We're burning daylight."

The others nodded and the group began heading down the street in the direction of the park, Tod leading the way with his wagging tail flicking on his rump.

Tod was originally in the lead, with Eric not two steps behind and Amy at his side. Sheila and Mark, walking hand in hand, were a few paces behind Amy, while Dante and Shade formed the rear. Their reasoning was that if they were ambushed they would be the only ones to escape. They walked for nearly fifteen minutes this way, but Tod grew tired from walking while they were only halfway to the park. His steps began to lag, and he began drifting backwards until he was scooped into the arms of Dante who then moved the pup upwards onto his shoulders. Apologizing wearily for being such a burden, Tod wrapped his arms around the wolf's forehead and looked around at his surroundings while he took his rest. Tod watched with interest as people in the neighborhood attended to last-minute preparations for the winter, occasionally lifting a paw and calling out a greeting to the group of teenagers passing their homes. Tod noticed that the others waved and greeted the people in turn, but Tod could only wonder as to why.

Amy noticed and slowed her pace to walk beside Dante, looking up at Tod.

"You know Tod, those people won't yell at you for saying hello. It's considered polite to wave and say hi to people you pass...didn't you know that?"

Tod's ears drooped. He didn't realize he was being rude, but he shook his head to Amy's question.

"My family never greeted others...Ashton and Terrance usually threatened people they met in passing, or insulted them. My sisters didn't talk to people and hid behind my father because they were all shy, and my father and mother always said that greetings needed to be polite, formal,"

Tod paused as he tried remembering what his parents taught his siblings...lessons that he usually only learned through eavesdropping, and a moment later he remembered.

"...polite, formal, and ingratiating. Father also said never to raise
your voice because it was...well, he said only people of the lower class would be so pres...presumt...presuptu..."

"I think the word your looking for is 'presumptuous', Tod."

Tod glanced back at Shade who nodded to himself, agreeing with his own remark before continuing..

"Your old family was too uptight"

Tod could only smile and nod his agreement. Inside, he hoped that Shade wasn't thinking ill of him because of how snobbish his old family was. He would have continued in that line of thought for quite a while had it not been for the park coming into view. It was a simple park, with a set of swings, a jungle gym and a play set for cubs and pups. It was surrounded by a copse of beautiful fir trees that quickly thickened into forest beyond, and on one side the park was cut short by a delightfully well-manicured soccer field. To Tod, it was heaven. The sun shone at it's zenith now, smiling down as Tod watched a couple otter boys chased a young male squirrel with a football, traipsing down the field, laughing as he leapt and dodged out of the way of the otters hard tackles. The squirrels team mates laughed and cheered as they darted between their less agile opponents, but soon groaned when an otter leapt through the air and grabbed the squirrels foot, making him face plant into the grass.

Tod giggled as he saw all of the kids making a mad dash for the fumbled ball, then looked down at Dante. The wolf looked up at him and their eyes met, and Tod's smile grew to such proportion that it hurt his cheeks. He didn't mind though, and showed his happiness by licking Dante on the nose. Laughing at the pup's playfulness, Dante lifted Tod and set him on the ground.

"Go on Tod, go run around and have some fun. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on you."

Shade asked if Dante would probably also be eying the other children while he was in the park, and if he had any particular preference among the children. Dante smacked him and told him to get his mind out of the gutter, but he laughed nonetheless. Tod looked around excitedly. His eyes quickly settled on the play set. There was a little husky girl sitting on the edge of one of the ladders that protruded from the play set, and Tod walked over to her. She looked up, a smile on her muzzle when Tod approached.

"Hi! I'm Luciana Shanes. I haven't seen you at the park before! Did you move here recently?"

Tod smiled and sat beside her.

"I'm Tod... well, I don't really have a last name. But, yeah, I moved in just a few days ago with my foster family."

"Foster family? Are you an orphan?"

Tod paused, then shook his head slowly.

"I was abandoned..."

Luciana grew quiet. Tod cleared his throat and tried to steer the conversation away from such delicate topics. He still had difficulty opening up to his new friends and family without crying so he doubted the progress with a complete stranger would glean better results.

"So, Luciana, how old are you?"

He heard movement over his shoulder and Tod glanced back. He noticed that there were two golden retriever pups, both female, staring down at him with unnerving interest from their perch in the play set. He looked back to Luciana, trying his best to ignore the eavesdroppers. Luciana apparently hadn't noticed the distraction and answered Tod's question.

"I'm eleven. I turn twelve in about three months though...and call me Lucy. Only my mom calls me Luciana. Anyway, how old are you Tod? I'm bigger than you...are you nine?"

Tod opened his mouth, and suddenly felt a bit vulnerable. He looked away from Lucy and cleared his throat again.

"I'm...well, I'm fifteen."

Lucy stiffened, and Tod glanced at her. Her eyes were wide, and she was staring at him with a mixture of surprise and distrust.

"You...can't be fifteen! I'm bigger than you!"

She straightened up, as if that proved her point. Tod shook his head and tried to explain.

"No, you see, I'm a runt...I...well, I didn't really grow up...kinda. So, now I'm kinda small for my age and..."

"You're a pervert!"

Tod jerked around to stare at Lucy. She was standing now, her face set in a glower as she pointed an accusing finger at him.

"My mommy told me about people like you! You act like a little kid so you can take advantage of people like me! I'm telling!"

"No Lucy! Let me explain-"

But before another word could come out, Lucy slapped him across the face. Hard. Not expecting the blow, Tod jerked sideways out of his seat and landed face first in the sand. Tears trickling down his cheeks from the sting, Tod slowly pushed himself to his knees. In the distance, he could here the husky girl Lucy screaming about the bad person she met in the park. He kept his head down as running footsteps brought Dante screeching up to Tod.

"Tod! Are you okay? What happened?"

Tod merely stood and began walking away.

"I...need to think about some things..."

Tod glanced up into the play set, and there sat the golden retriever puppy girls, their heads cocked to the side as they watched him walk past. They had sat there and watched the humiliating spectacle without a single word of comfort to Tod, and feelings of sadness hampered Tod's mood further. He sighed and walked on, in no direction in particular. He could here Dante calling his name, to come back, but Tod kept walking. He only wanted to be alone for the moment.

He had hoped that the park would be a pleasant experience. Perhaps meet some kids and play some games. Tod had hoped that he had finally reached a part of the world that wouldn't judge him as harshly as his own family had before. But now, his faith wavered. He had met such nice people here in the past few days, but he wasn't prepared for the reaction he had just witnessed...and felt. He gave out a choked sob and tried in vain to stem the flow of tears now trickling down his cheeks. He looked up to make sure he wasn't about to run into anyone, or anything, and found that he had walked nearly a hundred yards away from the park and now stood at the edge of the forest that lined the edge of the park.

Tod let the hush of the trees calm him somewhat, but the stinging in his cheek refused to give him any solace. It also didn't help that the young husky girl slapped him on the cheek that had the bruise, so graciously given to him by a gang of kids not so long ago, and yet in a time so far removed. Tod sighed, surprised that but a few days ago his only possession was a dirty, used jacket that he had stolen from a jacket-donation bin at a supermarket, and his home but a cardboard box that was quickly succumbing to the weather.

Tod began to weep silently to himself as he kept walking into the forest. He needed time to think, and to come to terms with what just happened. He didn't know if his heart could take such treatment again, after his hopes had been built up so much by his family. He had so desperately wanted to get away from the harsh judgments of others, and the pain they caused. Tod stopped a few meters in from the edge of the forest. It grew darker as he moved in, and now he stood in what felt like a comfortable sense of twilight. Dappled specks of golden light, the few that made it through the thick leaves, lit up the ground at Tod's feet. He decided that he had gone in far enough, that he most certainly didn't wish to get lost in the woods.

So, instead of moving on, Tod turned around and faced towards the park, and slumped against a tree. He put his head in his hands and started to cry. His shoulders shook terribly as he let out all of his frustrations through his tears, and didn't notice the company he kept. That is, until a voice spoke on either side of him.

"He's really sad."

"It was because she hit him and said mean things."

"Luciana is mean!"

"She made him cry...but he's cute."

"Yeah...he's cute. I've never seen a boy cry before. He's cute when he

"We should make him feel better!"

Tod looked up slowly, glancing from left to right. There was no one around. He turned and looked behind the tree trunk on which he leaned, and there was no one behind the tree. He raised an eyebrow, and settled back, somewhat unnerved. Suddenly, the inverted face of a golden retriever dropped to his right, suspended at shoulder height. Tod cried out in surprise and jerked away, only to be startled again by another face that dropped to his opposite side. Tod curled his legs up to his body, his tail wrapped around his feet as he shivered in fear. He looked up at the creatures who had found him during his emotional venting and discovered that it was the golden retrievers from back at the park. The girls hung upside down, their legs expertly wrapped around low branches. Tod also noticed another interesting fact about them. They were identical in every way, from the color of their fur and shades of green in their eyes, to the subtle curves of their breasts, neck, and jaws. Even their ears perked at the same angle when they watched Tod glance between them.

"Um...Hello. I'm..."

The girls giggled and broke in.

"Tod. You're an abandoned foster kid, you just moved here recently..."

"And you are a runt. A cute runt, who was crying and needs to be cheered up."

"And we can cheer you up! We cheer each other up..."

"All the time! Mom and dad don't know, but we do it a lot..."

"I think every night!"

The girls giggled conspiratorially and dropped down on either side of Tod. They leaned in close, their eyes closing as they pressed a soft kiss onto each of Tod's cheeks. Tod stared at them, mouth agape and his ears turning a bright pink as he blushed. Suddenly, as one, the girls leaned back and scooted in front of Tod. He noticed that they, like Lucy, were larger than him by a couple of inches. The one on his right smiled at him, and the one on his left repeated the motion in tandem with another smile. The one on the left spoke first.

"I'm Tiana Michaels! Call me Tia."

Right side spoke.

"And I'm Miana Michaels. Call me Mia"

The girls scooted forward to the point where they laying on either side of Tod, but Tod was shocked by the fact that both girls left their hands in his lap. He didn't know what to do, or say, so he blurted out the only thing that came readily to his mind.

"Should we be doing this? We just met!"

The girls both looked up at him curiously and asked in the same voice.


Tod couldn't think of anything to say. He didn't want to be rude and push them off of him, but he felt like the situation was spiraling rapidly out of control. He opened and closed his mouth, in a futile attempt to force his mind to come up with a plan to pull him out of this. He decided stalling would be the best way.

"What do you two mean by 'play'? And how did you learn how to do it?"

The retriever pups looked at eachother and started giggling. Tia, the one nestled at Tod's left hip, spoke first.

"Well, one day, Mia and I were at the pool..."

"We always swim together!"

"We always do, but one day I was drying off with my towel, but I couldn't get completely dry."

"She was getting really annoyed! Her ears were flat and everything!"

"Well, Mia said she would help and so she started drying me off."

"I thought I could make her fluffy too."

"Well, she got me dry, but she didn't stop at my tummy when we usually
help eachother dry off."

"I thought that since I was her sister, I could go lower. It's not a bad thing!"

"Well, she started rubbing against my flower..."

"I call it a pussy! I heard it on television once, but she says the word sounds dirty, so she calls it a flower."

"So? I just think 'pussy' should be on a cat, not a pretty pup like me! Anyway, she rubbed me dry, but she hit something with the towel and it felt really good."

"It totally did! She was twitching and everything. She kept asking me to do it, but then I saw that the more I dried her the more wet she got! And we weren't even in the pool!"

"Well, my body did start doing things, and Mia wanted to try it too. So, after we went home, we went upstairs and I tried rubbing her with a towel."

"It was bulky and weird."

"Yeah, so I just used my paw. After a few minutes of doing what she did to me she ended up falling down and twitching."

Tod decided to break into their diatribe with his own insights.

"You...gave eachother orgasms?"

The girls nodded and began giggling again. Mia was the one who carried on with the conversation.

"Well, Tia and I do it all the time now. We looked some stuff up on the net and we found out a bunch of things you don't learn in school!"

"They made Mia wet, so I had to play with her again!"

"Hey, you did too! We also saw that there were some girls licking eachother, so we tried that."

"Mia tastes funny. Blech. I prefer using my fingers on her."

"I like fingers too, but I think Tia tastes yummy! Anyway, we thought that since you looked so sad, and that playing with eachother made us feel really good, maybe we could share the fun!"

Tod had no idea what to say. He admitted that he was interested, and these puppies were taking his mind off of his own problems, but he still didn't know what to feel about having two ten-year-old puppies groping him. That was, until one reached up and undid his pants while the other quickly slid his pants and boxers down without another word. And they stared at him.

"What's that?"

"It doesn't look like ours."

Tod looked down and knew that they were talking about his cock. Though the girls had played with one another, they've never played with a boy before. Tod cleared his throat, and tried to push his pants back up his body without touching them. The pups, though, had other ideas. Tia leaned down and began licking him. Tod gasped, as did Mia.

"Tia, what are you doing?"

"Well, we lick and rub and touch one another, it should work with a boy, right?"

Tod accidentally let out a moan of pleasure. Tia beamed with pride.


Mia shrugged in agreement and leaned down beside Tia. The girls let their tongue roam over Tod's fully erect, and fully unsheathed penis, learning and enjoying as much as Tod was. Mia stopped and let her eyes wandered lower and saw Tod's testicles, and her mouth dropped open.

"Tia! I know what that picture was! The one with the girl and the guy! It was a boy! That thing he was sticking inside of her was this thing!"

Tod blushed at having his puppyhood called a 'thing' and he clarified.

"It's called a penis...or a cock...or a..."

Mia and Tia were apparently only half listening because they began chattering away, apparently about one of the pictures they had happened upon in their search for answers in their personal games. From the gist of what Tod heard, it was a wolf and squirrel woman, with the squirrel riding the wolf. The wolf was inside of the squirrel, and the two puppies had know idea what the piece of anatomy was called, and so disregarded it. But, now that they knew that all boys had them, they seemed even more excited.

"We can do things like in the pictures!"

"Oh my God! I wanna try first!

"Do you think he'd want to?"

"Sure he would!"

As Tod watched in amazement, the two retrievers undid the buttons on their pants and slid them off. Without asking, Tia, or possibly Mia, straddled Tod and promptly pushed her hips down onto his. She gave a soft cry of pain which dissolved into a soft moan. Her sister was quick with questions.

"Tia! Are you okay? Does it feel good?"

"I-It feels good. It's really tight, and it hurt at first, but it feels good inside me...Maybe if I go slower."

Tia lifted her hips and slowly pulled Tod out, releasing a loud moan, her whole body shuddering with the thrill of such forbidden knowledge gained so early. Tod, too, was enjoying these playful, and experimental, puppies. His back arched as Tia rode him, his teeth gritting as he felt her forcing more and more of his shaft into her wet, virgin passage. He blinked in surprise when Mia squatted down over his face, forcing her pussy against his muzzle in a not-so-subtle bid for him to lick her slit. The pup did as she wanted and gripped her bottom with both paws as he forced his muzzle against her entrance, pushing as much of his tongue into her as he could. He could feel with his tongue as well as his cock that the similarities between the sisters weren't simply centered around looks. Mia and Tia both had extraordinarily tight cunnies, and Tod admitted to himself that he was now thoroughly enjoying himself.

Tod felt Tia's innards suddenly tighten around his gender, contracting almost painfully because of her tightness. He started to force his tongue deeper into Mia, causing her to tip over and clench the ground as she gasped and whimpered. Without thinking, Tod's hips began to thrust upwards into Tia, letting the young girl take every inch of him. He felt his own orgasm swelling already, even though Tia had only been riding him for a few minutes. By how tight she was becoming, Tod's hazy mind guessed that Tia was closing in on her own climax.

Tod's orgasm struck first. The pup howled as he poured his seed into the beautiful young creature riding his lap, and the sheer force, volume, and sudden heat of his unfertilized cum inside of her made Tia scream with pleasure, her orgasm hitting her as soon as Tod's seed filled her young womb. Mia, as well, with Tod's tongue deep inside of her, began to thrash and twitch in the throes of carnal gratification. But with Mia's orgasm, there was a little extra in store for him when she climaxed. When the little girl climaxed, she ejaculated, and much of it splattered into Tod's open mouth. He gasped and choked, but found that he was not disgusted with the young girl's juices. In fact, he enjoyed the spicy, and somewhat sour flavor of the young female pup.

Tod didn't have long to revel in her flavor though because Tia jerked herself off of his cock with unnatural ease, letting a thick splatter of his cum dribble into his lap. Because of his orgasm, Tod immediately began to get soft, and Mia glowered at him.

"Hey! I want to try that too! Make yourself hard and long again, like before!"

Tod began to splutter the excuse that he didn't know how to just make it happen, but Tia cut him off by taking his cock into her mouth. She suckled on him for a moment, but her eyes grew wide, and they seemed to sparkle.

"Mia! Mia! The white and clear stuff that came out tastes sweet! Like
cookies or something!"

Mia twisted around in surprise.

"Really?! I want to taste him too!"

And so, Tod remained on his back, his cock growing hard once more as the two puppies began to lick and suck on his shaft, trying their best lo lap up every drop of his sweet fluids. But, once he was hard again, the two girls stopped and Mia looked down at his exposed body hungrily.

"I want to do what Tia did! Let me try it too!"

Tod sat up, his mind thinking of something else.

"Okay, but get on your knees, okay? My sister taught me how to do this?"

Mia did as she was told without any notable hesitation, though she did
look back at him, imploring gentleness.

"Will you cum in me like you did to Tia?"

Tod nodded, blushing as he thought how he was stealing these pup's virginity only a few short days after he had lost his own. He had to remind himself that these girls had come to him to play and that they had been already been fooling around for far longer than he had. Tod scooted up into a kneeling position, and Mia lifted her tail, showing him her still-dripping cunny, and puckering tail hole. Tod leaned down and licked it, and Mia gave a surprised gasp. Tod asked her if she wanted to try something a little different.

"Like what?"

"Well, I could be in your tight pussy, or we could put it in your
bottom. It feels good in there too..."

Mia thought for a moment, considering her options. She looked over her shoulder at Tod.

"Can we do both? Put your cock in my pussy some of the time, and your cock in my butt the rest of the time?"

Tia giggled and, surprisingly, so did Tod.

"Okay. We'll start with your pussy."

Tod lined up, giving a gentle churr as he let his member sit at the entrance of Mia's slit, teasing her as she waited for him to push into her. Or so he thought. Tod hadn't realized how impatient Mia was, though considering how Tia straddled and road him without a word of warning should have given him some idea. Without pausing to let Tod drag out the moment, Mia pushed herself backwards and her tight pussy, as tight as Tia's, rapidly engulfed Tod's throbbing member. She moaned and quivered, staying perfectly still for a moment as her body tensed and twitched, her insides adjusting to the latest occupant. Tod gave her but a moment to relax and catch her breath before he started slowly thrusting into her.

Mia gave a sigh and pushed back against after he withdrew his cock and made to push it back in. This went on for a few minutes, and Tod could tell that Mia was enjoying herself. Of course, it wasn't hard for him to guess because of the wide smile spread on her muzzle. She barked playfully, yipping whenever Tod hit a good spot inside of her, and she always punctuated each deep thrust with a loud grunt of satisfaction. Tod was enjoying her reactions, but he wanted to teach her something that his sister Amy enjoyed. Anal sex.

He pulled his cock out of her, a long string of precum and girl juice still connecting them at the genitals. Mia looked back expectantly, smiling brightly.

"Are you going to do my butt now?"

Tod nodded and held Mia's tail. He paused as he remembered Amy confiding in him that it took her a while to get used to having a penis inside her bottom, and that it usually hurt the first time. She also said that some people were different and could take it easily, but Tod was still worried. His pause dragged out, and Mia's impatience showed through once again. Without waiting for Tod to take the lead, She forced herself backwards onto his cock, lubricated naughtily with their own sexuality, driving it deep inside of her bottom before she could really contemplate what she had done. Tod expected her to scream, to cry, to yank out and get mad at him. He was positive, considering the force she had used to slam herself back into him, that it must of hurt her badly.

Instead of whimpers and tears, though, Tod heard a surprised, and satisfied, moan.

"Tod! Please don't stop! This feels really good!"

Tod blinked in astonishment, and his hips began to move of their own accord. Tia moved around to the other side of Mia, spreading her legs so her sister could lick her as Mia was fucked from behind. She obliged and Tod felt her lean over and begin pleasuring her sister orally. He leaned sideways and watched with fascination as Mia's tongue, warm and pink, slid down and over her sister's flower. The sight aroused him further, and his thrusts became more pronounced. Mia noticed, apparently, and gave an approving groan. Tia, noticing her sisters enjoyment, took Mia's head and forced her keep licking. Tod gritted his teeth as he started thrusting harder into Mia's tight, warm ass, so much tighter than her passage was.

" you want me to c-cum in your bottom or your pussy?"

"M-My pussy! Ooooohhh...."

Tod jerked his cock out of her bottom, making her gasp, but he didn't pause or hesitate this time as he plunged his member deep into her. His second orgasm in nearly ten minutes was already on him, and Tod wanted Mia to be happy with him for doing as she asked. Tod slammed his cock into her with all the force his little hips could muster, causing Mia to cry out repeatedly as his penetration went deeper than she had expected, her back arching as she tried in vain to keep licking her sisters dripping sex. Again, Tod's orgasm struck him hard, and his testicles practically emptied into Mia as he pushed his cock into her as deep as he could manage, letting her feel the hot surge of his juices filling and hearing him murr softly, lustily, into her ear. He heard Tia cry out, and he could tell that Mia's licking had done a good job on her sister as well.

Inevitably, Tod got too tired to continue and had to withdraw his cock from inside of Mia. He heard her whimper pitifully, obviously wanting him to continue because she hadn't climax again. Tod sympathized grabbed her bottom, scooting close to he could lick her slit...and also push a finger into her bottom. Not complaining in the least, Mia settled back as she received oral for the second time from Tod that day. Tod's stamina was beginning to wane, so it was probably best that Mia's orgasm was so close. She let out a sudden, low howl and Tod felt her tighten not only around his tongue but around his finger as well. He started thrusting his finger into her bottom harder, licking her more enthusiastically, and the results were just as he had hoped. Mia screamed as a second orgasm hit her, the scream increasing into a long howl. The tightness around his tongue grew hot, and he heard the soft patter as, again, Mia ejaculated during her orgasm.

Leaned back and slumped over to the ground, his pants and boxers still snug around his ankles where the two sisters had yanked them before. He was tired, but satisfied. Mia and Tia though, seemed to be getting warmed up. Tod leaned sideways to look at the girls and ask if they felt as content as he did, and found that both girls had several fingers in eachother. His eyes widened when Tia withdrew her fingers, fingers now white from the cum that he had pumped into her sister, and promptly licked the paw clean. The girls noticed Tod watching, and both smiled at him.

Tia cleared her throat and winked.

"You taste yummy Tod! Can we have more?"

"More what?"

Tod was tired, and honestly couldn't fathom the meaning of their question. Tia answered by holding up her fingers, then wiggling them. Mia backed her sister up by spreading her legs and holding her passage open, forcing out a minuscule stream of his cum to trickle down the cheeks of her bottom. Tod blushed, and shrugged.

"Maybe...but, I'm tired...I don't know if I can do any more..."

Bother girls pounced on him simultaneously, pinning him down. The grinned at one another and Tod, in his weakened state, couldn't do much to deter them. The girls reached down and began stroking and fondling his soft penis, Mia even going so far as to use some of the cum dripping out of her cunny to lubricate her finger enough to slip it into Tod's bottom. The retriever girls were getting more excited and aroused as they forcefully pleasured their helpless new friend, and Tod began growing hard again despite his exhaustion. Tod let out a pitiful sniffle.

"Please! I don't know if I can do this again! Please..."

But Mia and Tia weren't listening. They dropped to their elbows and began licking either side of Tod's cock. The puppies lay in the dappled shade of the slowly waning afternoon, the air now rank with the scent of desire, and Tod was in the center of it all, spinning of a sea of half-formed objections and lascivious thoughts. He didn't notice as Tia sat up and Mia dipped lower. He did noticed however when Tia wrapped both of her silken paws around his cock and started pumping them up and down, while Mia alternated between licking and fingering his bottom and teasing his testicles. Tia barked excitedly.

"Cum again Tod! Cum again! Give us more, it's yummy! Do it again!"

Tod's breath started to get hot and quick, his back arching him off of the ground as Tia continued stroking him, adding a slight flick to her wrists that made her hands twist and spin gently on his member, while Mia eased a second finger into Tod's tight bottom as she took his testicles into her mouth to suck on them gently. Tod gave out a soft cry as Mia and Tia picked up their paces, Mia thrusting harder, and Tia stroking faster. Tod cried out as his body screamed at him, and his back arched once more. Both girls were shocked and surprised by the intensity of the orgasm that hit the smaller canine that they were practically raping.

A hot splatter of Tod's cum rushed upwards and the twins rushed close to lap up the cum as soon as it left the tip of his penis. Their hot breath on his phallus, coupled with the fact that Tia didn't stop stroking, prevented Tod's orgasm to end quickly. He twitched, he jerked, he screamed in agony and pleasure alike, wanting it to end but not wanting to finish so soon. Both girls were murring and crooning as they lustily licked up the length of his cock and back down, all the way to the base of his knot, trying their hardest to get every last drop of cum they could.

Tod meanwhile, broke down into quiet sobs. His body was done, he was physically and mentally exhausted, and he just wanted the world to leave him alone for a second. The girls noticed Tod's quiet tears and snuggled close on either side of him, wrapping their arms around him and licking his cheeks. As one they whispered how good he made them feel, and how amazing he tasted, and that they hoped that he felt a little better. The most often repeated phrase was centered around an apology for getting 'carried away'. Tod drowsily asked how they could have kept going for so long when they were so young. They both giggled and answered at the same time.

"We play every night!"

Tod nodded quietly and passed off into slumber, restful and serene with two beautiful golden retriever twins snuggling to his sides.

"Tod...Tod, it's time to wake up...Who are your friends?"

Tod opened his eyes and looked blearily upwards. He could feel Mia and Tia on either side of him, their breathing shallow and even, obviously asleep. Above him stood Dante and Shade, one with a puzzled and somewhat worried expression on his face, the other with an aloof look that screamed "I don't give a damn." Dante was the one who looked worried, and was the first to speak.

"Tod, it's, um, starting to get late. I think these girls are going to have to start heading home...and, um, I think you do too. Eric and Amy were wondering where you were, so Shade and I came to find you."

"We're the rescue party Tod, so slip your britches on, and wake up your new girlfriends. I had to give up talking to one fine, young bunny girl so that we could find you, so make it quick."

Tod nodded, still too sleepy to comprehend most of what Shade said, but he gently shook Mia and Tia awake. The girls groaned and sat up, shaking leaves out of their fur and looking around lazily. Dante and Shade covered their eyes and turned their backs as the girls pulled their pants on, but neither of the twins seemed to be self-conscious of their nudity. When they were dressed, they stretched and yawned, then both girls leaned over and licked Tod's cheek. As usual, they spoke together.

"Bye Tod! Come play with us again sometime!"

The girls turned and trotted out of the cool shade of the forest and out towards what Tod assumed was the direction of their home. Tod shakily brought himself up into a sitting position, and looked up at Dante. The wolf raised an eyebrow and let a sly smile peek through.

"Twins, Tod? Isn't that a bit advanced for someone who just started."

Tod shrugged and struggled pathetically to pull up his pants. Dante noticed his difficulty and gave the pup a little assistance. Shade, on the other hand, merely stood a few feet away, yawning, scratching his butt, tapping his foot, and making it apparent that he wanted to get going as soon as possible. Dante tossed a pine cone at Shade, and the bunny stopped his antics. Before long, Tod was again seated atop Dante's shoulders, walking through the golden sunlight that heralds the coming of dusk. Eric and Amy, standing in the middle of the park, noticed Shade and Dante, with Tod slumped wearily forward on Dante's head, and jogged over.

"Tod, where were you? We were worried that you might have been kidnapped or ran away."

Tod merely smiled dizzily at them, before shutting his eyes. He heard Dante clear his throat.

"Well, Tod had a bad run in with another kid, and he wanted some time alone."

"Yeah, that didn't last long."

Tod smiled as he heard Shade's interjection, but Dante carried on regardless.

"He wanted to be alone, and later he met some new friends. They...uh, played together and we found them asleep in the woods."

"Bullshit! It smelled like a brothel back there, all three of them were half naked from the waist down, and there were puddles of cum on the ground! I'm going to have to sanitize my shoes!"

Tod opened his eyes at Shade's latest outburst, and looked over at Amy and Eric. They looked at him curiously, wanting more information, but Tod only shrugged.

"I made some new friends, and they showed me some new games...It was really fun..."

Eric let out a relieved laugh and Amy smiled, reaching over and taking Tod down from Dante's shoulders. The collie pup nuzzled close to her, putting his thumb in his mouth as he shut his eyes again, feeling very happy to be alive. He heard Eric declaring that they would need to get something to eat when they get home, and the others cheered in agreement. Amy hugged Tod close, and he took the opportunity to whisper into her ear.

"Thank you Amy...for everything. I love you."

Before Amy could turn to reply, Tod had already fallen asleep, his thumb in his mouth, dreaming of the adventure he just had. Amy, watching the adorable pup fast asleep in her arms, smiled.

"Children and their games..."

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2009-01-19 [moira hawthorne]: explain please

2009-01-20 [Araglas]: lol ok it was explained to me so please dont try and tear me apart because of it.

Buffalo is an animal
Buffalo is a place
Buffalo is what is known as a group of Buffalo
Buffalo also means to act towards another Buffalo
Buffalo also mean being Buffalo'd

I might have gotten the last one wrong but I think thats how it was explained to me..

2009-01-20 [moira hawthorne]: but that doesnt make sense... you still need other conjoining words!

2009-01-21 [Nekko fox]: Punctuation, you see.

2009-01-21 [Araglas]: Not the way it was explained to me.

Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.

Basically means a group of buffalo are buffaloing towards other buffalo that buffaloed in and or from buffalo

It made more sense when johny told me...

2009-01-21 [Nekko fox]: Confusion...making brain...implode.

2009-01-21 [Araglas]: lol sorry...I guess I should be quiet now...

2009-01-21 [Ranon =3]: Love this story :)
Very well done!

2009-01-21 [moira hawthorne]: im gonna give up on that one... it has me buffaloed... =p

2009-01-21 [Araglas]: lol nice one

2009-01-23 [Nekko fox]: Heh heh...

2009-01-23 [Araglas]: lol ^_^ So how i everyone?

2009-01-23 [Nekko fox]: Horny

2009-01-23 [Araglas]: lol wow, honost aswer! lol

Almost in the same boat, but not yet, reading some fanfics...telling people what it think...

2009-01-23 [Nekko fox]: Good fanfics, or....not so much.

2009-01-23 [Araglas]: lol really good fanfics lol ^_^ Im the same boat now

2009-01-23 [Nekko fox]: HUZZAH!

2009-01-23 [moira hawthorne]: hey hey share! I need some good fan fics!

2009-01-23 [Araglas]: Yes indeed HUZZAH!!!!!!


Well Im on yiffstar and deviantart and

Lol Amazing fanfics.....

2009-01-23 [moira hawthorne]: Im on but im waiting for updates to all the storys I read

2009-01-25 [Araglas]: same here...cept Im not there on that

I am waiting for continuations of stories though...Im so excited to read them~~

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