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The Runt: Double Trouble

By Nekko

  Tod winced, his body shaking gently. Something had awoken him from his slumber, but he couldn't recall what it had been. He was hot, almost to the point where he couldn't stand it, and he felt as if it were difficult for him to draw breath, as if the air were too thick for him to inhale and fill his lungs. Feeling his shoulders growing cold he tried rolling over to warm himself, but he felt a kind of resistance holding him down, and with it came a familiar voice.

  “Hold still Tod....I have to get these out or it will be worse later...”

  Suddenly, Tod felt his cheek fur lifted gently, then a light pressure, hardly noticeable, against his cheek. Then Tod felt a tug, and a sharp pain coursed through his cheek. He gave a startled yelp, his eyes shooting open, the pain forcing him to back up suddenly. Water sloshed around him as he jerked away, and Tod inadvertently smacked his head painfully against the tiles of the bathtub wall. Through his half shut eyes and the haze of pain, he noted the heavy clouds of steam floating through the air, coming to the conclusion that the steam was why it was hard to breath.

  Wincing and sniffling, he rubbed his head as it began to throb and looked up towards the owner of the voice that spoke to him before. It was Amy, smiling in the soft yellow light of the bathroom. She had a small pair of tweezers in her paw, and in the pincer tips was a small, needle-like shard of glass, a bead of his blood gathering at its tip. She reached over and dropped the shard into a small cup, and Tod leaned over to examine it. Inside the cup were nearly a half dozen such shards. Tod looked up at Amy, his head cocked to the side with curiosity.

  “These were embedded in that cute little cheek of yours. Eric brought you in with Sheila, and I nearly lost it when he brought you in with blood all over your face. I thought that you had died Tod! I was so scared!”

  Tod reached out and placed his paw upon Amy's, giving her a reassuring smile.

  “No, I'm okay Amy. Really! You see, what happened was...”

  “Ashton and Terrance.”

  Tod blinked when Amy finished his sentence for him. He opened his mouth to speak, when all of a sudden Sheila's head peeked out, having been hidden by the shower curtain that hung from the rod overhead. She gave him a playful, knowing smile.

  “I told her everything that had happened. Your brother is downstairs explaining things to your parents right now.”

  Tod nodded as he understood, then he realized something that made him grow very, very shy. He was sitting in the bathtub, completely naked, in front of a girl that he had only met a few hours before. Tod felt his ears heating as he felt Sheila's eyes roving up and down his body, drinking in his young, lithe form. He knew that he was being silly for feeling this way because this same thing had happened with Amy and Eric, and he still recalled vividly the night previous that he had spent with those two, yet he felt that this was somehow...different. As if his privacy was being invaded.

  At that moment, Sheila leaned close to Amy's ear and whispered softly, but not so softly that Tod couldn't hear.

  “You were right Amy! He is adorable! And he's even cuter without his clothes on...”

  Tod cast a glower at Amy, feeling as if his new sister had betrayed him by divulging such information so carelessly, but Amy merely ruffled his hair and tapped his nose, causing him to sneeze. This elicited a giggle from both girls, and Tod couldn't help but let a small smile shine through. Nonetheless, he scooted his small frame closer to the edge of the tub in order to hide the lower half of his body from Sheila's playful glances.
  Amy began cleaning his fur again, washing him all over with the sweet-scented shampoo that he had used that morning, bathing him as if he were naught but a wee pup. All of a sudden, there was a loud bout of yelling from downstairs. Tod could not make out the words, but he knew it was his father yelling. By the sound of it, he was swearing vengeance and bloodshed for what had happened to his new son, but Tod could not be sure. A worried frown stole across his face, and Amy kissed his nose.

  “Don't worry cutie. Dad can have a bit of a temper, but he'll cool down and think this out in the morning.”

  Tod nodded is understanding, and then yawned wide. He looked up at the sky light overhead, but it was filled with the black of night. He rolled his shoulders, releasing some of the tension that had built in them over time as he lay unconscious in the bathwater. His eyes glanced at the water he lay in and noted the liquid was tainted by dirt and tinted a light pink. His ears drooped when he realized that the pink was from the blood that had covered his face. He looked to Amy, squeezing her paw to get her attention.

  "Amy...Mom and Dad didn’t see me when Eric brought me in, did he?"

  The young vixen shook her head and gestured over her shoulder with her thumb, indicating Sheila behind her.

  "She brought you in. She says that Eric told her to bring you to me so that I could clean you up, otherwise dad would probably have done worse things than yell and demand vengeance."

  Tod nodded, and reclined into the water. He felt drained, not being used to so much attention. He realized that he was hungry, but he did not want to bother Amy about such a trivial thing. He smiled to himself, recalling how he used to go for days without something to eat. What would be a few minutes, or a few hours to him? Just as he said this to himself, vowing to keep his silence, his stomach gave a rolling growl of protest to his thoughts. Both Amy and Sheila's ears perked up as they looked at the puppy sitting in the bathwater.

  "I...I think I'm hungry..."

  Tod stammered as his ears turned a light pink as he blushed. The girls laughed, and Amy pulled a towel off of a hook from the wall. She turned to Tod, towel in paw, and told him to stand so that she could dry him. Tod hesitated, glancing nervously at Sheila, but then did as he was told. Amy scooped him up in the towel and dried his head before setting him upon the rug, rubbing up and down his fur. Sheila bent down and began helping as well, much to Tod's chagrin, but he kept his mouth shut, preferring not to voice any complaints lest he ruin his new friendship. He smiled softly at Sheila, hiding his discomfort behind the smile.

  But, he felt that something was amiss. He felt as if he were forgetting something, and that it had to do with Sheila. He searched his thoughts, going through the events of the evening piece by piece. He remembered going to the stores with Eric, then doing off on his shoulder. Eric woke him up to meet his friends and Sheila asked if she could hold him for a bit. Then she set him down and Tod...

  The thought struck home. He was going to draw Sheila a picture, and he remembered that he was drawing Mark, Sheila's tabby boyfriend. He was almost finished with the picture, but at that moment Ashton and Terrance had discovered him and spirited him away to harass him. Tod gave shuddered inwardly, realizing how close he had been to death. But what had become of his sketchbook, and his other new belongings? In all of the excitement, he had forgotten about them completely!

  Tod's eyes widened in shock. They were lost. He had left all of his possessions on the ground at the mall when his older brothers had kidnapped him. He knew that he couldn't have grabbed them while he was being grabbed, but Tod began feeling ashamed. Eric had bought Tod such nice things, and now he had lost them. Unbidden, a tear slid down his cheek and fell on Sheila's head. The cat shook her head and looked up at Tod, smiling.

  "Hey there! Your dripping on me, cutie! Tod? Tod what's the matter, hun?"

  Tod hurriedly wiped the tears from his face, but by now both Sheila and Amy had seen. The girls simultaneously began asking Tod why he was crying, but the tears kept Tod silent lest he lose what little control he still had. Seeing the poor puppy unable to answer her questions, Sheila cupped his chin and looked him in the eye before leaning forward and giving him a full, deep kiss right on Tod's lips. Tod stopped crying immediately when this happened, the tears stopped by shock. At the blank stares she was receiving, Sheila explained.

  "Nothing stops tears like a big, tell me what's wrong Tod..."

  Tod gave himself a moment to find his voice again before explaining.

  "Eric bought me some nice things...My sketchbook, some pens and pencils...But when my old brother's found me and took me away, I left those behind! We never went back and got them Sheila! I lost my new presents! I'm such a bad brother for losing the things Eric bought me."

  Tod broke down into tears, wracking sobs making his small shoulders shake. Tod felt miserable, wondering how disappointed Eric would be with him once he heard how his new little brother lost that which he had just been purchased. Tod's misery was complete when he imagined the heart-broken look that Eric would have on his face, and how his older would surely feel about the young puppy after this.

  Amy and Sheila exchanged a glance, and the two girls wrapped their arms around the young retriever out of sympathy. Sheila whispered to Tod that everything would be aright, and when the puppy began to calm down, she lifted his chin with her paw.

  "Tod…those things you left on the ground. Your pencils and stuff were in a bag, right?"

  Tod nodded sadly, wiping his nose as he sniffled.

  "And your sketchbook was black, right?"

  Tod looked up at Sheila, not sure where this was going. The feline merely winked at him and reached behind her, and when her hand reappeared she was holding his sketchbook. Tod gasped in surprise at the sight of it, hardly daring to believe his eyes. He reached out and tentatively took the book in his hands, his furred paw trailing over the black cover in disbelief. He opened the cover, and there on the first page was his picture. He looked up at Sheila, his mouth hanging open, the pup having apparently lost the ability to speak.

  Seeming to read his thoughts, the cat leaned over and hugged him gently. She smelled like cinnamon, Tod decided, and he relaxed into the hug. He closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around Sheila as best as his little arms could, and whispered his thanks. Tod's thoughts drifted as he kept leaning into the hug, enjoying Sheila's scent and the warmth of her golden-orange fur. He felt as if he were in heaven.

  When they pulled apart, Sheila was smiling warmly at him, and he returned the smile gladly. Just then, she glanced down his body again, and he saw her ears turning pink as she blushed. Tod glanced down and realized that his body was still unclothed, and it was reacting with the same kind of tenacious excitement that it had learned only recently with Eric and Amy. The tip of his gender was peeking from his sheath, announcing to the world that he was becoming aroused.

  Sheila, her ears now a bright shade of pink, turned towards Amy and covered her eyes with her paw, stammering an awkward apology. Amy leaned close to her embarrassed friend and spoke into her ear.

  "He tastes like sugar cookies…"

  Sheila dropped her hand in shock, then looked over at Tod again, her gaze falling briefly between his still-uncovered legs. She then looked back at Amy, her eyes wide with shock, but glinting with the light of excitement.

  "Amy! You've…You've done that with...with Tod? Already? But…"

  She seemed at a loss for words and so she grew quiet, as if deep in thought. Lost in thought, her eyes seemed to fall automatically on his peeking manhood, and Tod had to clear his throat loudly before Sheila realized that she was staring. Tod took the towel from Amy and covered himself, then sat down with a quiet "humph!", still uneasy about allowing Sheila to stare so obscenely at him.

  Sheila looked at Amy, then leaned very close to the young vixen. Amy turned her ear curiously to her friend, and Sheila held up her paw conspiratorially to the side of her mouth, preventing young Tod from reading her lips as she spoke into his new sister's ear. Tod gave up as Sheila seemed to extrapolate some plan to Amy, and both girls giggled at what appeared to be random moments. Tod, sitting quietly as the girls cast quick glances in his direction, began feeling uneasy.

  Finally, Amy nodded, and a grin spread across her face in a way that made Tod gulp. She stood and easily lifted Tod into her arms and quickly carried him back to their shared room. Sheila followed quickly after, her paws not making a sound as she stepped into the room.

  Amy set Tod on his bed and got onto her knees to she was eye-level with him. She smiled disarmingly, and Tod's ears droop. He was nervous and didn’t exactly like the way Amy was smiling at him.

  Amy reached over and scratched his ear while Sheila sat knelt beside her friend. Tod's body immediately began relaxing despite his best efforts to maintain his tense awareness of the two girls and he was forced to abandon his vigilance when Sheila emulated Amy's action, her velvety, orange paw reaching out to stroke the pup's ears.

  Tod's body felt limp and he felt himself sinking backwards onto the bed, his eyes drooping, his leg kicking unconsciously. He distantly heard Sheila's voice through the fog of his mind, and he slowly connected what few coherent thoughts he had to interpret what she said. The results were thus;

"Amy, look, he's still a little hard from before…Mmm, looks like he really is enjoying ears scratches!"

  Tod couldn't bring himself to understand the meaning of these words, but Amy's voice intruded on his momentary reflection.

  "I know…he's five inches long, and tastes delicious…"

  "Gods…just staring at him is making me wet…I almost feel like I'm about to suck off a puppy, though…"
  Amy's voice spoke again, this time filled with a lustful edge.

  "I know, that's what I said! But if he let’s you suck on him, I'll be happy to lick you while you’re doing it…"

  Tod's ears perked up, and his eyes opened widen when he finally realized what Amy had said. He leaned up, his mouth open in shock, but before he could protest Sheila pressed her mouth to his own, taking advantage of his open mouth by slipping in her tongue with the kiss. He pulled away, and Sheila let him go, instead staying crouched over him. She winked at the puppy, her eyes glinting.

  "Please Tod? After everything Amy told me, I really want to try it too."

  Tod didn't know what to say, and he looked over to where Amy was originally kneeling, but found that she had disappeared. A hot breath on his now erect puppy hood told Tod exactly where Amy had vanished to, and a small whimper escaped him, the lovely sensations he felt the night before returning with a vengeance. Sheila looked down at Amy and pouted.

  "Hey! I thought you said I could try!"

  Amy winked up at Tod, then looked up at the disappointed Sheila.

  "I said you could if Tod said it was alright…"

  Both girls looked at Tod expectantly, as if on cue, and waited for his response. Tod thought this over, and though he had to admit that he was indeed excited about the prospect of Sheila playing with him, he had his reservations. He knew Sheila was dating Mark, and Tod didn't know how the tabby would react if he found out that his girlfriend was pleasuring a collie pup that she had only just met. But, seeing his trepidation, Sheila spoke confidently to Tod.

  "Don't worry about my lover, Tod. We spend our evenings over here at Eric's and Amy's place all the time, and Dante usually comes too. Believe me, we don't just watch scary movies like his parents think we do…"

  Tod looked down at Amy who still sat dangerously close to his gender, and the vixen smiled and nodded in agreement. At Tod's continued hesitation, Amy gave him a soft lick, bringing a second whimper from Tod. Tod slowly inclined his head in a nod and, before he could blink, Sheila's mouth clamped down on his gender and she started sucking and licking him with such intensity that the poor puppy nearly climaxed before she could even truly begin.

  Tod lay back, his eyes shut, his small hips bucking gently as he felt the slightly coarse tongue of the feline playing over his sensitive flesh, forcing his back to arch and fall as wave after wave of electric pleasure coursed through him, and tears began welling in his eyes as he tried desperately to sift through the feelings that were forcing their way up.

  Sheila seemed to notice his reactions because Tod could feel her head drop a little slower, and her licks were slightly less rough. He began relaxing, losing himself in the delights of the moment when all of a sudden Sheila shifted her position. She seemed to put her weight on one of her legs, then deftly shifted to the other. Following this bizarre procedure that left Tod wondering, he heard a new noise. It was the sound of clothes being tossed carelessly off into the corner of the room.

  Sheila suddenly gave a soft gasp, her open mouth allowing cold air to touch Tod's naked cock, making the young dog shiver and squirm, drawing a soft 'meep!' from him. Curious as to why Sheila stopped her tender administrations, Tod leaned over onto his side, propping himself up on his elbow to see what the source of Sheila's distraction was.

  The first thing Tod noticed was the lack of pants on Sheila's body. The second thing to grab his attention was the sight of Amy's paws holding the cat's legs open from behind, her black-tipped ears bobbing up and down, the rest of her face hidden by the felines exposed rear end. Seemingly unnoticed, Tod slipped out from under Sheila and scooted to the side of his bed and looked back. There indeed knelt Amy, her open muzzle pressed against Sheila's wet slit, her pink tongue lapping deep into her friend without pause.

  Tod dropped to the floor and touched Amy's knee with his paw, making Amy open her eye and glance at him. She smiled and winked, ceasing the movement of her tongue. Sheila gave a protesting whine, and Amy gave her one last deep, lingering lick before turning to Tod.

  "Does my little brother want to help me make this bad kitty cum?"

  Tod smiled and nodded his head. He replayed in his mind the evening where both he and Eric were yiffing Amy at the same time. He wondered if this would be the same. By this time Sheila had turned around and was staring at the two of them curiously.

  "What are you two scheming?"

  In answer, Amy pulled Sheila close, then turned and pushed the cat onto her back. She gave a startled cry but Amy's paw flicked out gracefully, stroking one finger neatly through the cats damp slit. Immediately, the cry changed in pitch, turning into an erotic moan. Amy tapped Tod on the nose, the young dog's attention riveted on Sheila's open legs, and he sneezed. She giggled, and pointed at Sheila.

  "Crawl onto her tummy and face me, and I'll show you what we can do to this naughty little kitten."

  Sheila gave a pewling whine of protest, but her heart didn't seem to be in it. Tod gently clambered atop Sheila, his small legs dangling on either side of her muscled abdomen, his back facing her and his tail a small blur of gold through the air as it wagged, the motion occasionally causing his tail to bat at her breasts. He heard her giggle for a moment, then looked to Amy for instruction.

 "Okay Tod. What I want you to do lie down…"

  Tod scooted back, his bare bottom pressing awkwardly against Sheila's breasts, and gently lowered himself down so that his head was between her legs. He heard the cat croon teasingly as she spread her legs wider for him.

 "Oh dear! I have puppy butt under my boobies...”

  He looked up at Amy, and the young fox winked. She reached forward and took his paw in her own, guiding it to Sheila's entrance.

  "I want you to lick her, just as I was doing, but don't forget that you can still use your fingers, okay?"

  Tod nodded his understanding but then looked up, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

  "If I'm playing with her like this, what will you do?"

  In reply, Amy licked her, dropped to her paws and knees and promptly pushed her finger into Sheila's exposed tailhole. Tod heard her gasp in shock and saw the cats long orange tail wrap around Amy's arm. With Tod still being excited as he was, it did not take him long to fall into his duty. He placed his paw at the entrance of Sheila's flower, and pushed in his finger, only one, and teasingly began licking the top of her slit as hard as he could. Unbeknownst to him, Tod's heavy licks were falling directly on Sheila's sensitive clitoris.

  The reaction Sheila gave them was surprising to Tod. She moaned, her paws immediately gripping his sides as he lapped at her sex, his paw a blur as it pumped in a out of her, Amy's arm matching Tod's motions with every thrust. Tod winced when Sheila squeezed his sides, her claws digging through his fur as she was forcefully pleasured by the pup and his new sister. Panting with exertion, Sheila made a pleading whimper.

  "Please Tod…more!"

  Tod didn't quite understand what she meant, but assumed she meant his fingers. Obliging her, he pushed in a second as well as a third, his arm barely slowing its pace. He felt her quiver beneath him, heard her soft whines, and felt her tighten and relax around his fingers as she adjusted to him. He watched as Amy followed suit, pushing another finger into the cat's furred bottom.

  Sheila's reaction was profound. She gasped, her claws now biting into the flesh of Tod's sides, making him whimper despite his best efforts to contain the noise. Apparently Sheila heard his whines because her claws retracted from him, but her hands remained, and Tod continued his studious administrations.

  The poor cat bucked her hips with each thrust into her holes, her airy gasps increasing with depth and intensity as her cunny and tailhole tightened around the fingers of her two friends. Tod had to admit to himself, he was enjoying himself immensely, the scent of her flower filling Tod’s sensitive nose with carnal pleasure, and as he gave her an extra long lick across her clit he felt Sheila move her paw from his side, and he had only a moment to guess what she was doing before she wrapped her silken hand around his length, rubbing in time with Tod and Amy's desperate thrusts.

  Tod gave a gentle grunt and his milky precum splattered across Sheila's stomach, each caress forcing more of his fluids out of his shaft. Tod heard Sheila mewing softly as he continued licking her, and Amy's arm became a blur. Both the puppy and the vixen could feel Sheila's orgasm building, and judging by her insistent strokes Tod assumed that Sheila wanted him to climax as well. He heard her pewling whines shift in pitch and heard her give a helpless moan.

  "Oh God you guys! Harder! Please! I'm almost…"

  But Tod's tongue was too quick for her to finish her sentence. Realizing that when he licked over a particular spot, notably the clit, he received a more intense reaction, he decided to pay particular attention to that spot. The results were instantaneous. Sheila gave a sharp cry of pure pleasure, but hurriedly bit it back. She bared her teeth and growled emphatically, her form arching and writhing beneath Tod's small form.

  With a gasp, Sheila collapsed, her body falling back against the floor, but almost immediately she lifted Tod off. She rolled onto her side and set him standing up, and she knelt there on all four's, her gaze falling hungrily upon Tod's throbbing cock, a glistening trail of precum tracing down his flesh. She reached behind him and cupped his bottom in both her hands, teasingly pulling his cheeks apart, and Tod felt her fingers brush against his hole just enough to make him shiver.

  Amy moved beside Sheila, and the girls shared a glance, a knowing smile passing between them. Tod stood there, unable to backup because of Sheila's paws on his bottom, so he was left to stand, helpless, in front of two very lustful females. It was Amy that moved first, placing her paw gently on his testicals and rubbing them gently. Tod shivered against his will, and this was when Sheila moved in. She knelt close to his shaft and teasingly ran her tongue up his length, catching the dribbling trail of puppy cum on her tongue with ease, eliciting a soft moan from Tod as she reached his tip.

  Amy seemed to enjoy this new game and leaned in as well, licking the one side of Tod's cock while Sheila continued her attention on the other. As Tod began to swoon from the teasing sensations coursing through his body, Amy moved behind him. He felt his tail lifted, and he glanced over his shoulder at Amy, noting with trepidation the growing smile on her face.

  "I've always wanted to try this with you, little one."

  Tod was about to ask what she was going to try when all of a sudden Sheila closed her muzzle on his puppy-hood, and the world stopped working for a moment for Tod. When he finally could rationalize thought was the time that he found out what Amy was going to try. Hot breath and a warm tongue running over his tailhole gave him all the information he need to understand what it was that Amy was excited about.

  He felt her tongue teasing his entrance, and then felt her pull away. He was somewhat happy that she had stopped, but also mildly disappointed. He couldn't bring himself to deny that it felt good, but he wasn't entirely comfortable with what she was doing. And yet, seeing that Amy hadn't moved back to her original position, Tod ventured another glance over his shoulder and saw Amy licking a finger and he knew what she intended.

  Tod leaned over slightly offering her slightly easier access into his rear, and he was immediately rewarded by the feeling of Amy's finger pushing into him. He groaned, his eyes closing Amy began thrusting gently into him. Sheila's mouth and tongue worked magic around his member, milking precum from his quivering tip with every tantalizing swirl of her tongue. Without conscious thought, Tod began thrusting his hips gently, pushing his shaft into Sheila's eager young mouth. He heard Sheila make a surprised noise, but he didn’t quite understand it, or anything else for that matter.

  Tod continued his gentle thrusts, slowly building speed as Amy forced her finger in deeper and Sheila sucked harder. Before long, Tod could feel in the unstoppable rush of climax. His pants and whimpers began fervent with need, tears trickling down his cheeks as Sheila's velvety paws cupped his bottom and held him close, the cat easily pulling every inch of his cock into her mouth and into her throat and Amy's soft finger teasing his prostate.

  With one more desperate thrust, the orgasm hit Tod full force. His cock tightened, tensed, then released a hot torrent of his milky seed into Sheila's awaiting mouth, her throat moving as she gulped, laboring to swallow every hot drop of the puppies sticky juice. Amy pulled her finger out of his bottom and expertly caught Tod as he fell backwards, his flesh releasing a final spurt of his cum to splatter across Sheila’s muzzle.

  His eyes fluttered as the world slowly returned to him, and Tod looked over at Sheila who sat a few feet away from him, slowly licking cum from her paw and muzzle, a smile turning up her whiskers. She was watching him and her ears perked up when they made eye contact.

  "That must have been quite intense for you little guy…Even Mark rarely has orgasms that big. I don't know where you keep all that cum, but damn! Although, I have to agree with Amy…You tasted like sugar cookies…"

  Tod felt his ears heating as he blushed, and he looked down at his paws, adamantly avoiding her eyes. He didn't know what to say, so he simply said nothing at all. When he finally looked up and locked eyes with the female again he saw that she was beaming brightly. She crawled close to Tod, purring loudly as she moved near him. She scratched him under his chin, making him kick his leg as he giggled. Sheila and Amy both laughed and started to tickle the small, naked, cum-covered puppy in unison.

  Tod squealed like a child and wriggled around helplessly, but stopped when he heard the bedroom door click open. Eric, Dante, and Mark were laughing and talking animatedly amongst themselves, but they grew silent when their eyes played over the scene before them. Tod, completely naked with his flesh still half out of his sheath, Sheila, droplets of the puppies young milk splattered across her muzzle, and Amy, her hair in disarray from licking both puppy and kitten alike.

  There was an awkward silence as the two groups stared at one another, and Tod was worriedly glancing at Mark, fearing what the tabby would say having caught his girlfriend mere moments after she had swallowed ounce after ounce of his seed. The silence stretched for what seemed like hours, when suddenly Dante stepped forward and pulled his shirt off of his hard, muscular frame. He smiled at Amy.

  "Your parents left to go to the police station to file a report, so the evening is ours."

  He paused momentarily, his eyes locking on each of the three pheromone-covered teens in turn.

  "Is there anywhere us guys can squeeze in and play, too?"


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