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The Runt: Personal Hygiene

By [Nekko fox]

   Tod's eyelids flickered open and he found himself staring at his bedroom ceiling. His throat burned like fire, and his stomach was voicing it's discontent with the occasional ripple of nausea. The pup smacked his lips, and immediately regretted the taste that he met. He grunted in disgust, and he heard movement nearby. Turning his head to the side, he saw Amy was dozing with her head in her paws, nestled comfortably into his bedsheets. Off to the side, seated on his bed sat Eric, strumming lazily on his guitar, a placid look on his face as he plucked out a lilting melody.

   Tod smiled as he watched Eric's fingers gliding over the strings, the sweet tune making his heart flutter blissfully. The tune reminded Tod of butterflies in a field of flowers, fluttering as his heart was, free and happy. Tod shook his head, putting his mind onto more important matters, like getting rid of the horrid taste in his mouth. He coughed quietly a few times, trying to work up enough spit in his mouth in order to swallow back the taste. Suddenly, a water bottle full of some reddish liquid appeared in front of him, held in a delicate paw.

   He turned and looked at Amy who was smiling sleepily at him, and she gave the bottle a little shake. He sat up and took the bottle in his paws, and glanced at his sister curiously before looking back to the bottle.

   “It's just water Tod...we added some of that juice mix to it, so it should taste like cherries now. You do like cherry, don't you Tod?”

   Tod gave a shrug and opened the bottle, pausing momentarily to sniff it.

   “Never had anything cherry before....the only time I even came close to trying a cherry was when my mom made a cake and put cherries around the edge. One of them fell on the floor and I picked it up. She was going to throw it out, I knew, but when I picked it up she slapped me in the face. Told me 'Don't touch that! These sweets are for my guests tonight!'...Then she tossed it into the sink and washed it away...”

   A tear, unbidden, slipped down his cheek and he hastily wiped it away. Deep inside, he knew that his old family left a trail of scars on his soul, but he didn't want to burden his new family with his problems. And yet, after he spoke of his past, he felt a squeeze on his shoulder and he gave the paw a gentle nuzzle before putting the drink to his lips. His eyes widened in surprise.

   “Wow! Wooooow! This is great!”

   The pup's tail wagged in glee as he continued sipping the delicious treat as Amy watched on, giggling as she watched him enjoy himself. The music stopped and Tod looked over at Eric to find him smiling back at the collie, his cheerful eyes gleaming in the light. A smile of contentment was spread on his face, and Tod couldn't help but smile back at his big brother, a brother that didn't violently beat him for the simple crime of his birth.

   “You okay now Tod? Everyone was worried about you...I made Shade and Sheila clean up that little mess in the hall. I thought it only fair, being as it was there game that made know...”

   “Freak out...”

   Tod's ears drooped as he said what he knew his brother and sister were thinking. He leaned against the bottle of water, his eyes closing as a sigh escaped him. It was wonderfully cool, and reached nearly his shoulder when he was sitting up. He smiled to himself at how small he must appear to Amy and Eric. When he opened his eyes again, Eric stood and moved to sit beside Amy on the floor. Tod sipped the drink as he thought of everyone enjoying the video games and his mind brought up another issue.

   “Eric? Where are the others?”

   “Oh, they left a long while ago Tod...”

   Tod felt his heart break a little. Did they not care if he was alright or not? Well, why would they? He was just a stray who walked in on a good family, he didn't have any solid connection with them, so why should they care? But still, it hurt that they weren't around...

   “Tod? Hey Tod! Hello space cadet, come back to earth little guy!”

   Tod jerked out of his reverie when Eric waved his paw in front of Tod's face. When he had Tod's attention, Eric continued.

   “They all left around ten. They were hoping you'd wake up, so we stayed in the room together. We didn't want to worry the folks so we told them that you were worn out from the park and we put you to bed.”

   “They...they left at ten? That',... seven hours? They sat and waited with you for seven hours to make sure I was okay?”

   “Yep, except for Dante. He stayed until midnight. He was really scared about if you would be okay or not.”

   “Midnight?....What time is it?”

   Eric lifted his arm, showing Tod a digital watch snugged tight on his wrist. He tapped a button and the screen lit up with a bright vermilion hue. The blocky letters clearly read two forty-six. Tod did some quick math in his head and raised an eyebrow. Nearly twelve hours he had been out.

   “I hope I didn't worry you guys too much for being...well unconscious...and...Um....I'm sorry about throwing up in the hallway.”

   Eric shook his head and ruffled Tod's hair.

   “Don't worry. Me and Amy have puked all over this house since we were little kits. Especially Amy. She always got sick. She threw up a lot. In fact, one time she-”

   “Shut up Eric...”

   Amy gave Eric a shove and turned away from him, her face in a pout. Tod leaned over and licked her cheek. She let out a playful squeal and hugged Tod close to her, as if he were a large plush toy. He wriggled comfortably in the warmth of her arms before looking up at Eric.

   “That was a really pretty song you were playing Eric...I never heard anything like that before...”

   The big fox gave a lop-sided grin and shifted uncomfortably, glancing this way and that as his ears took on a delightful pink color.

   “'s kind of a uh...a special...thing...”

   “It's Eric's lullaby. Mom used to sing it to him when he was a little kit, and he couldn't go to sleep if she didn't sing it to him. He'd run screaming into our parents room, crying for mommy to sing away his nightmares.”


   “Payback for the puke remarks. Anyway, he's always liked the song, and when he took up the guitar he figured out how to play his favorite lullaby on it. If our friends ask though, he tells them it's for some mysterious girl he has a thing for.”

   Eric pounced on his sister and began trickling her in retribution, Tod squeezed in between them. Tod decided to tickle both of them equally and soon they were rolling around on his bed, laughing and wiping away tears of mirth. Tod sat up after a time and yawned, stretching his shoulders and arms. He noticed he was naked, but he assumed that they had undressed him before putting him in bed.

   “I'm kind of sleepy still...”

   Eric gave Tod a hug and a kiss on his forehead before moving back to his bed, and Amy did the same. They bid him good night, but before Eric could flick off the light, Tod held up a paw for attention.

   “Um, Eric? Could you play that song again? For me?... Please?”

   Eric stared mutely at Tod, his hand frozen half-way to the light switch. His face slowly broke out into a sheepish grin and he shrugged.

   “I usually don't take requests, but since my audience has been through a lot today, I suppose could play my song for you Tod.”

   With that, he grabbed his guitar and began strumming away, and Tod's ears perked up even as his eyes began drooping as the melody took his thoughts away to pleasant dreams.

   Off in distant dreams, Tod began to feel warm. And not just warm, but curious as well. It was a familiar feeling that he knew, but he couldn't place it exactly. It made his body tingle and twitch and shiver, but his dreams made answers elusive. All he knew was that he did not want the feeling to go away as a long murr of pleasure escaped him. With that guttural noise, Tod's body begrudgingly began to stir. To his surprise, the feeling did not leave when his dreams fled, but instead grew more intense. His breathing was growing hot and shallow, and with a startling revelation his eyes popped open and he looked down to find Amy's head between his legs. Her naked bottom was lifted into the air, her tail wagging excitedly.

   She was sucking on him with a ravenous urgency that made Tod gasp, one paw squeezing and fondling his testicles, the other maintaining a firm grip on his shaft. She did not stop or slow, even when Tod's whimpering made it obvious that he was awake. Instead, she glanced up with his cock still in her mouth, smiled at him, and continued to suck on his length. Tod couldn't complain about the wake up, but he had to admit that he was somewhat surprised.

   With a deft flick of her thumb, Amy began stroking up the underside of his shaft. The paw cupping his sack let free a finger to tease the small spot in between his testicles and his tail hole. Tod's body decided that it was a wonderful time for it to go ballistic with pleasure, and Tod had to bite down on his paw to avoid screaming with the rapturous sensations. With an explosive jolt, his cock unloaded a large amount of his puppy cum directly into Amy's mouth. She made a noise of surprise at the volume that Tod gave up with his orgasm, and some dribbled down his length as she continued to suckle upon his tip, milking several more, smaller spurts out of the collie.

   As Tod lay there gasping, bewildered but satisfied, Amy sat back and wiped her muzzle with her paw. Tod groaned for a few seconds before sitting up.

   “A-Amy?...What was that about?...And didn't you say that you and Eric had school today?”

   “You're a pretty smart puppy, you know that Tod? Yep, Eric and I usually have school, and I have to wrestle him out of bed so that we can leave on time. Well, I decided I didn't want to wake him up because he was up late watching after you and playing his guitar so I thought, 'hey, why not let him sleep in?' and then I noticed that you were having nice dreams. You were hard, so I decided to wake you up in the best way I could think of. Oh, and by the way, you still taste like sugar cookies.”

   “I...But aren't you going to be late for school?”

   Amy's response was simply pointing towards the bedroom window. Tod turned to look outside, and his eyes widened in surprise. It was the purest of whites outside, as if nature had laid out it's cleanest linens in anticipation of winter's arrival, and she seemed to have wanted winter to have extra thick bedding because of how thick the snow appeared to be on the ground. Tod couldn't even tell where the yards ended and the road began.

   Tod stared at it, and suddenly he began to shiver visibly. He hugged his arms around himself as his body quivered as realization stole over him, and his voice came out in a whimper.

   “I could have been out there...”

   “What Tod?”

   Tod glanced back at Amy, his eyes brimming with tears.

   “I could have been out there. If you hadn't let me into the family...I'd be out there in the cold...I...I would have frozen to death, I'm sure of it...I only just barely made it through the blizzard a couple weeks ago. I don't know if I would have found a place to stay warm if mom hadn't picked me up and brought me inside.”

   He leaned forward and rested his head against Amy's body as he started crying, and her sheltering arms did little to stem the flow of tears. A few more days alone and he would have been frozen in a gutter somewhere, covered with a pure white blanket, to go unnoticed until the snow melted. If not for his new family, no one would have cared if he'd died. What his old family had said about him, under their breath but always loud enough for him to hear, rushed back into his mind.

   “Not fit for a family. Not fit to live.”

   The realization of how close he had come to dying alone and cold, coupled with the reminder that his real family, family connected by blood, cared less for him than complete strangers who found him in their yard did, made Tod sob harder. He heard Amy shushing him quietly, telling him that it's alright and he's warm and safe with them now, and he wasn't going to be put out. It was a long while before Tod finally brought his sniffling sobs under control. He sat up, blushing and wiping th tears from his cheeks.

   “Um...I'm Sorry...I didn't mean to cry on you Amy...I got you all wet...”

   She chuckled and pulled him close and kissed his forehead before hugging him.

   “It's okay Tod, you don't have to worry about that. You know, it's hard to remember that your look and act like your a lot younger, and you're so cute! I just want to hug you close to me forever.”

   Tod's ears drooped just a little when she commented on his size, but they were interrupted when a Eric, wrapped entirely in his blankets, rolled over and fell out of bed. He groaned from within the covers and his hand emerged from the folds, grabbing the alarm clock from the night stand by his bed. The hand hovered above an opening in the sheets for a moment, before the large, naked fox veritably exploded out of the sheets.

   “OH SHIT! AMY! Amy, we're late! Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap! Where's my pants?! Dammit, I should have set my alarm clock, I just had this feeling...Where's my socks? Gods, I never have socks!”

   Tod opened his mouth to tell Eric about the snow, but Amy's finger crossed over his lips, keeping him quiet. She had a smile on her face as she watched her brother hopping sideways with one leg in his pants and his shirt on backwards. When he finally pulled his pants on, Eric dashed out the door in the direction of the bathroom. Tod glanced at Amy who merely raised an eyebrow as she smiled at him. A few seconds passed and Eric flew past the door again, his toothbrush still in his paw. Amy called out that he still had his toothbrush, and almost instantly he was rushing past the door again to return his toothbrush to the bathroom.

   He zipped passed the door once more and Tod could hear him stomping down the stairs. Suddenly there was a crash and a bang, followed by cursing.

   “Who put a wall here?! I'm going to be late!”

   The door slammed open and Amy picked up Tod and carried him over to the window. They watched together as Eric flew out the front door, stumbled a few steps into the snow, and then pitched face first into the fresh powder. He emerged with his fur caked in white, looking left and right in apparent surprise. Tod watched with a smile as comprehension dawned on Eric's face. The muscular fox stood and brushed some of the snow from his muzzle as he stepped back into the house. Amy sat back down with Tod comfortably nestled into her lap. She took the opportunity to tease the tip of his penis, which was still dripping a small amount of cum from the mind-blowing orgasm she had given him. He shivered and let out a soft whimper.

   Just then, Eric stepped into the bedroom, dripping snow and water onto the floor. He glowered at Amy as he stripped off his shirt, but Amy merely smirked, watching in silence as her brother began undressing. When Eric had stripped off everything except his pants, he pointed at Tod.

   “'re dripping there little guy...”

   “I gave Tod a special 'Good Morning'.”

   Eric lifted an eyebrow, then shook his had and chuckled. Tod began to squirm and Amy set him on the bed.


   Tod nodded and began looking around for something to cover his puppy parts with. He thought it best not to be running around his new home in the nude, it wasn't polite. Eric called to him, and when he looked up, Eric tossed him a pair of boxers that were Tod's size. Tod pulled them on and made a mad dash for the bathroom. After the bottle of cherry water and the morning orgasm, Tod's bladder was not comfortable in the least.

   Diving into the bathroom, Tod gently clicked the door shut and rushed up to the toilet and yanked his drawers down. With a relaxed sigh of bliss that one can only make when relieving oneself, Tod began peeing. He closed his eyes and let out a soft churr, and gave himself a little shake. He reached up and tugged the little metal handle to flush the toilet before turning away to face the sink. He ran his tongue on the inside of his mouth and met with the unsatisfactory flavor that only comes with morning. With a shock, the little pup realized that he hadn't brushed his teeth for some time. Of course, he chided himself, for several weeks he didn't have a sink, much less a toothbrush and toothpaste.

   His shoulders slumped sadly, Tod pulled up his boxers and turned back to the bathroom door. He found it open, with Amy's head peeking in. She tossed him a long, thin package.

   “I noticed the other day when I was carrying you home. I guessed that Eric didn't take you to get your own toiletries, so I asked mom to grab you a toothbrush when she went shopping. You're cum may be sweet like cookies, but a couple of weeks without a toothbrush is noticeable.”

  Tod's shoulder's sagged more and his tail curled up between his legs. His cheeks were heating beneath his cheek-fur as embarrassment filled him. How could he not have noticed the absence of something as simple as brushing his teeth? He did have to do without before, and in the past few days he had been busy, but still!

   As Tod was thinking of these things, Amy slipped into the bathroom and stood beside him. Between the time he had rushed off to pee and now she had put on her clothes for the day. He looked up at her, and she scratched his ear before pointing to the sink.

   “Okay Tod, little tour of the counter since we never really went over it. Right side is mine, while the left is Eric's and your's. We both share the toothpaste, but it's always on his side.”

   Tod examined the counter and noticed that the right side, the side connected to the wall, had perfumes and lotions, beautifying tools and make-up, as well as many other things which Tod could not identify. In stark contrast, the left side, Eric's side, had one brush, deodorant, and a body spray and the toothpaste. In the corner was a bottle of mouthwash. In the center, beside the sink, sat a toothbrush holder. There were only two toothbrushes in the holder, one blue and one pink. It being obvious who's toothbrush was who's, Tod didn't ask. He looked at his own toothbrush and found it to be a dark green.

   As he was examining his new toothbrush, Amy leaned close and nipped the tip of his ear well letting her hand slip into his boxers to tease his testicles. The little pup whimpered at her teasing affectations, his little body twitching ever so slightly. Suddenly, without warning, she stopped and turned away to start the shower up. She hummed a little tune to herself, testing the temperature of the water with her paw. Tod, pausing momentarily to adjust to the sudden cessation of pleasure, picked up the toothpaste and, after wetting his toothbrush, squirted some of the blue and white toothpaste onto his toothbrush. Having not brushed in some time, Tod began brushing his teeth meticulously, just as his mother had told him to before his family abandoned him.

   “I may have to look at you all the time, but I don't have to smell you. You will bathe, groom yourself, and brush your teeth regularly, or I swear you won't like the punishment!”

   Tod only forgot to brush his teeth once when he was younger, on a Christmas morning when he was seven. He never forgot to brush his teeth again after his mother's beating. Her angry screams still echoed in his mind. As he was brushing over his molars, savoring the cleansing spice of mint as it cleared away the nasty taste in his mouth, Tod heard something light drop to the floor. He turned and found Amy had taken off her shirt and tossed it aside, and was in the middle of taking off her pants and panties. Tod felt his ears redden with a delightful shade of surprise to find he was staring at Amy's raised tail, revealing her tail hole and the soft, pink lips of her flower. Despite having seen her naked several times before, and they had played quite a bit in the past few days, Tod still felt somewhat embarrassed to be staring so blithely at his new sister while she was naked.

   He realized his arm was still cocked to the side for brushing, and his open mouth was beginning to drool a little, so he leaned over the sink and spit out the froth. He washed it down quickly and rinsed his toothbrush before clearing his throat.

   “Um...I'll uh...just go back to the room now that my teeth are brushed...”

   Before his paw could even reach the doorknob Tod was scooped up from behind by his sister. He gave a startled meep as he was lifted into the air and squeezed close to Amy's bare chest. He could feel her nipples, perky from the chill air, rubbing against his back. His tail, instinctively curled up between his legs, was rubbing against his crotch. He let out a helpless moan, then covered his mouth, somewhat shocked that he was doing it out loud. He heard Amy laugh and felt her sharp teeth tease his ear again. Little sparks of pleasure traced down his spine as her nips turned to soft sucking.

   “Come on Tod...don't you want to take a shower with me? I could wash your back...and you could wash mine!”

   The little kit looked up at her.


   The fox winked at him, a lusting glint in her eye. Holding him under the arms with one of her own, she used her free hand to pull off the puppies boxers, revealing him to be half hard, his pink tip peeking out of his sheath. He heard her let out a croon at the sight of him, then felt her paw stroke up between his legs, pausing to caress the silken fur of his inner thighs.

   “Amy?...Um...why are you doing this?”

   Amy set him down and she sat in front of him with a sigh, a sad smile on her face. She ruffled his hair before pulling him into a gentle hug.

   “I'm sorry Tod...yesterday was supposed to be fun, but it didn't quite turn out as we planned it. I knew Shade and Sheila like their games, as do the boys. Well, except Mark. Anyway, I know that when they start betting each other, they always turn around to that fighting game. They always go back to it eventually. I've seen it so much that it doesn't bother me anymore...And I forgot to take into account your feelings Tod. I don't want you to feel pain just because I take my life for granted.”

   Tod pulled away from her and kissed her cheek.

   “It's okay Amy. I...well, I didn't think it would bother me either. At least not like that. It's not your fault! Really!...”

   He shuffled his feet and stared at the tile in between them for a moment.

   “I still love you...I'm not mad or angry. So...So I still love you, and Eric, and all the others too!”

   When his gaze lifted, he saw that Amy's eyes were wet, but she hid it by pulling Tod into another hug. Tod let the warmth of her body comfort him for a moment, but then he heard Amy make a small noise.

   “Hey! I can feel your cock in between my boobs when you hug me like that!”

   Despite the embarrassing comment, Tod burst our laughing. Once again he pulled away from Amy, but this time they were both laughing instead of near tears. As Tod brought himself under control, he gave Amy a special smile.

   “Hey, Amy? You know how you woke me up?...Well...I was thinking, maybe I could return the favor for you?”

   “Okay, but we both need a shower...”

   Tod couldn't help but giggle as Amy lifted Tod into her arms and set him in the shower. With the warm water sluicing over his soft fur, Tod shivered with a tinge of delight. The house, what with the snowfall, was somewhat cool, and the warm water felt fantastic. As Tod sat down in the shower, the water pouring down over his head, Amy stepped in with him and pulled the curtain closed. She turned and sat down with Tod, both legs on either side of the little puppy. He shifted so that he was laying down, and he wriggled through the warm water that trickled around him until he was right in front of Amy's flower.

   He glanced up at her, and was greeted by her loving smile. He hesitated only for half a second before leaning close and flicking his tongue across her entrance. He felt her shiver slightly, and so he licked her again, and again, each tiny lick making his new sister tense up. In moments, her flavor changed from a curious, near sour flavor to something altogether different. Tod's sensitive nose, being nestled between his sisters thighs, was nearly overpowered by the amount of pheromones he could smell from his sister, and the scent was making Tod's mind fuzzy with lust.

   He began licking deeper inside of her, making use of his long canine tongue, even going so far as to press his nose up against her lips as he licked her so as to give his tongue just that little extra bit of reach. From the soft, gasping moans that Amy was making, he could only assume that she appreciated his effort. With those moans, Tod decided to let his tongue roam as he licked her, feeling no need to rush as he enjoyed Amy's unique flavor. Between the hot water trickling down Amy's fur and between her legs, and Tod's tongue exploring her intimately, Tod could only imagine how Amy's body was reacting to all of this.

   As if to answer Tod's thoughts, he felt Amy's paw on the back of his head, pushing his muzzle up against her pussy , forcing his tongue in deep. With a gasp louder than any of the others, followed by a long groan, Amy's body tensed up. Tod felt the muscles inside of her clenching and tightening around his tongue, and suddenly he felt a hot rush of her fluids splatter across his muzzle. When her shivering subsided, Amy reached down and pulled Tod up to her. With him laying atop her, Amy reached between them and gripped his throbbing member and teasingly placed his tip at her entrance.

   “Come on Tod...just a little push...”

   He felt the her hands reach back and grip his bottom, wrapping around his little cheeks and giving them a playful squeeze. He looked up into her eyes and she quirked an eyebrow and pulled his hips closer to hers, drawing him in closer. Tod's little body quivered as he felt the tip of his puppyhood pop into her tight cunny, her scent driving his sensitive nose wild. He continued to hesitate, despite the lusting urge to thrust deep into her. Though he had certainly played with Amy, and she with him, this was much more...personal. When he was alone with Eric, it seemed more playful, almost brotherly, despite how erotic it was. Now it was just Amy, a girl, with him. The two of them, together in the shower. It felt much more intimate, more personal. Tod was on the edge of feeling profoundly uncomfortable at the sensation, and completely intoxicated by it.

  “Amy...are you sure?”

   In answer to the timid little pup's question, Amy wrapped both her legs around his minuscule hips and pulled him close, forcing every inch of his length into her cunny. His body shook as he groaned, little droplets of water slipping down his back as his whole body quivered. With his head hovering just below Amy's perky breasts, Tod again had to look upwards to meet Amy's gaze, and was a little shocked by the glint of carnal need in her eyes. Her breathing was growing fast and heavy, and there was a smile spreading across her muzzle that enticed Tod while at the same time unnerved him. He knew Amy was a little bit on the promiscuous side, but he had never seen her this intense before.

   Amy reached down and gripped Tod's shoulder's, pulling him closer while simultaneously hugging him close with her legs. The result was an even deeper penetration that left the fox girl moaning Tod's name.

   “Oh Gods Tod...I know I haven't told you, but, ever since we started playing, I wanted to do this with you alone. Just me and you, together...”

   Tod was a little surprised to hear these words coming from Amy. He felt his ears reddening as she whispered these intimate things to him and her fingers stroked down past his ear and cheek. She let her legs settled back down on the ceramic edges of the bathtub, and Tod cleared his throat and glanced away.

   “I've wanted to try this with just you too, Amy...ever since Eric and I played, I was kind of hoping that you and me could...well, you”



   “Silly! Then why didn't you just ask?”

   “I...well, I didn't want to seem...too forward.”

   “Tod...You've only been here a few days, but you are part of the family now. And, Eric and I...well, you can ask us anything...we won't get mad. Even if it means a one-on-one fuck session with our new little brother.”

   Tod's blushing worsened and Amy giggled.

   “Now come on Tod...let's play...”

   Tod needed no further urging from his big sister. He pulled back his hips, feeling her juices sticking to his cock, but the hot water of the shower quickly washed it away. Tod accommodated by plunging his shaft back into her, coating his little shaft in her juices once more before pulling it out again. Each time a sheet of hot water poured across his gender, Tod let out a soft whine, dragging out each withdrawal to enjoy both the warmth of his sister and the heat of the water. It was rapture, and Tod's mind was in a different place entirely. His head tilted back and a low, moaning howl escaped him. The pups howl began rising in pitch, and suddenly he felt a paw clamp over his muzzle. Startled, Tod looked up into Amy's eyes.

  She smiled at him, and shook her head. She placed a finger to her lips, and Tod nodded as he realized what she meant. The parents, still home because of the snow, would hear the little pup if he started howling in the shower, caught in the throes of passion. Tod quieted immediately, but the smile on his face remained. Part of him worried about what his new parents would think if they caught them playing, but a little piece of him was excited by the danger involved. With his newfound self-control over his voice, Tod returned to thrusting, but he decided to slow his pace, measuring out each thrust so that just his tip entered her lower lips.

   Amy let out a soft churr at the change of pace, and Tod watched her face contort as he teased her. Finally, Tod pushed deep inside of her, as far as his little hips could push, and it earned him a long, drawn-out moan of profound happiness. Amy lifted her hips while Tod continued thrusting, forcing the puppies member to rake up the inside of her passage walls and along her g-spot. Amy bit down on her paw, quelling a scream of pleasure for each thrust that brought Tod's cock in contact with her g-spot. As Tod's little hips slammed into Amy's, his body informed him that his climax was drawing dangerously close.

   “A-Amy...Amy, I'm gonna cum...”

   Amy, breathless from their exertions, wrapped her legs around him once more, preventing him from pulling his shaft out of her any more than an inch or so. He felt her paws grip his minute shoulders, her claws sinking into fur and flesh as she gasped a response.

   “Keep it in me Tod, I want to feel you filling me up!”

   She emphasized her point by forcing her hips against his and tightening all of the muscles in her abdomen, squeezing her cunny tight around Tod's erection. Tod's body was more than willing to comply with Amy's desires, and in the span of half a breath, Tod's back arched violently and his breathing stopped. He gritted his teeth as his puppyhood throbbed inside Amy, each shivering thrust that he made pumping more and more of his young semen into her. He felt Amy tighten sporadically around his member, and saw her back arch as she experienced her own climax, but Tod only noted it. He was in his own world, swimming in a sea of immeasurable pleasure.

   Finally, exhausted, and incapable of thrusting anymore without the sensation becoming painful, Tod collapsed on top of Amy, his face flat against her furry stomach as his body twitched with the lingering sensations his orgasm had given him. He felt Amy's arms encircle him gently, and he looked up into her eyes. With the mightiest effort, Tod sat back and eased his softening penis out of her, and with it came a hot rush of puppy cum. Amy glanced down and gave a shocked “Oh my!”, and Tod couldn't help but blush. Amy stood, wobbling for a few seconds before finding both her balance and some renewal of her strength. Tod merely watched her as his flesh slipped back into his sheath, a smile on his face.


   “Yes, Tod?

   “That was amazing...”

   Amy paused for a moment as she was bending over to retrieve the bottle of Fluffy Fox Fur Foam Shampoo, the foam with the orange and cream scent. She glanced at Tod, a sly smile on her face.

   “Yes Tod, it think it took us this long to try it together.”

   Her paw finally completed it's journey to the bottle and she squirted a large amount into her palm. She hooked her finger at Tod, indicating she wanted him to come closer to her. He came with reluctance, the water of the shower feeling delightful. He scooted on his bottom through the water until he was at Amy's feet and away from the hot water, at which point she promptly began slathering the foam over his head. He giggled as he squeezed his eyes shut and Amy began working the foam into his hair, the fur on his cheeks, neck, and finally down his back. She took care to avoid going near his groin, which Tod appreciated, and soon Tod was as sweet smelling as an orange cream pop. With his eyes closed, Tod heard Amy move and he felt her hands underneath his arms. Soon, he felt the warmth of water pouring over him, washing away the soap and bubbles.

   He hugged Amy tightly, nuzzling his muzzle into her wet neck fur, and she responded with a tight hug of her own before setting the pup down to wash her own body. Tod scooted out of the way, though not far away enough to abandon the hot water, and waited patiently as Amy worked the foam into her fur, and the stepped into the water to wash it all away. Shaking water from his eyes, Tod reflected at how beautiful Amy was, and how lucky he was to have such a wonderful and loving family take him in. He had to admit that he also had no complaints about the special attention that his new brother and sister gave him, and all the fun things he'd learned from them.

   As Tod explored his thoughts about his family, Amy shut off the water and reached out of the shower, her paw re-emerging with a towel within her grip. She squatted down and wrapped the towel around Tod, who smiled appreciatively, then stood and retrieved another towel. As they dried themselves off, Amy stepped out of the shower. Tod tried to follow, but he had to a small amount of trouble getting over the edge and nearly fell flat on his face because of it. He grumbled to himself about being so small, allowing himself a moment of self pity before completing the task of drying his fur. As he dried, Amy stepped over to the sink and began brushing her teeth, combing her hair, and attending to her morning ablutions. She looked over at Tod as he attempted to re-hang his towel, needing to clamber on top of the toilet seat in order to reach the towel rack.

  “We should hurry downstairs after you get your fur brushed Tod, Mom and Dad will be up and about in a bit, and I wanted to surprise them with breakfast! What would you like to eat?”

   “Eggs?...And toast?”

   “Would you like waffles with that?”

   Tod's ears perked up at the mention of waffles. He always enjoyed waffles when he was with his old family, it being something that all the kids of the household enjoyed. Because of the that, the parents saved and energy by just getting the kids waffles for their morning repast rather than having them squabble over what they should have for breakfast. So, more often than not, it was frozen waffles. Of course, Tod reminded himself, he always got the smallest portions, with very little syrup, and Ashton and Terrance made a point of burning Tod's waffles in the toaster oven.

   “Tod? What's the matter sweety?”

   Amy was watching him, and the expression on Tod's face obviously belied his inner thoughts. He forced a smile and tried to banish the painful memories, which only went with great reluctance.

   “Nothing, just remembered a bad breakfast I once had...What kind of waffles are they?”

   “The home-made kind!”

   The bathroom door opened and Eric stuck his head in.

   “Are you guys done in here yet? I think I hear the...Holy cow, you guys smell like those popsicles Mom likes! Anyway, I think I hear the folks getting up, so hurry up. That, and I need a shower really bad...”

  Tod and Amy assured him that they would make haste, and Eric left them with a smile. Amy turned picked Tod up, sitting him on the edge of the sink and began brushing his hair for him. He closed his eyes and sighed happily, happy to be alive. As Amy worked, she kept edging closer and closer to the sink, working herself between Tod's legs. When he began feeling her rubbing her stomach against his testicles, he began wondering if Amy had something more in mind beyond a simple brushing. Lo and behold, Tod's suspicions were confirmed when Amy dropped the comb in the sink, fell to her knees, and fondling and licking Tod's balls and his sheath.

   He whimpered softly, pawing at the top of her head as Amy's vulpine tongue worked around his member and sac. His small body, already having enjoyed two orgasms this morning, was both enjoying and disliking the attention. Soon, the little pink tip of his cock began emerging, at which point Amy's mouth closed around it and she began suckling softly and slowly. As Tod's cock grew hard, it slid out of his sheath and into Amy's expectant mouth...And with startling abruptness, Amy stopped. She lifted the pup in her arms, scooped up her clothes with her free hand, and opened the door to bathroom. Eric was standing there, with his back to the door as if he were standing guard over a room full of treasure. He looked over his shoulder at the two of them, his gaze lingering on Tod's now-throbbing penis. Tod whined, and Amy shrugged.

  “What can I say, I'm a tease. So, you heading in there Mr. Bouncer Fox?”

  Eric didn't answer, but instead slipped into the bathroom behind them and pushed them forward so that he could shut the door. As Amy stood in the hallway, holding Tod, and both of them completely naked, they heard the shower turn on. A moment passed and then came Eric's voice, shouting in distress.

   “HOLY CRAP! It's like freaking ice water!”

   There was a crash, and the clatter of bottles on tiles, and a loud thud. There was a moment of silence, and then the water was shut off. A few seconds more passed, and the door opened. Eric stood before them, dripping wet, shivering violently. He stared coolly at his sister and Tod, then promptly wrapped his arms around both of them, hugging them close to his cold, wet body. Amy shrieked in surprise at the cold while Tod let out little meeps. After a moment of struggling, Amy broke free and trotted back to there room, Eric following less quickly.

  Amy set Tod on his bed and began pulling on her clothes, while Eric stepped in and shut the door behind him. Tod noticed that Eric's cock was somewhat hard in his sheath, and he had to wonder if Eric was jealous of Amy and his playtime in the shower. As if noticing that Tod was staring at his crotch, Eric casually covered himself and crossed the room, pausing to tickle Amy's sides and wink at Tod before grabbing a new, slightly less damp pair of jeans from his dresser. After pulling them on, Eric tugged on a shirt and Amy and Tod.

   “I think I'll just take a shower later. I mean, if I wanted to freeze, I could just lay outside in the snow.”

   “Oh quit being such a big baby! If you wanted hot water, you should've grabbed the shower before me and Tod did.”

  “Well, I didn't know you two were gonna bathe! When Tod went in, it was to pee! And then you disappeared, and next thing I know it's been forty minutes and the hot waters gone!”

   He harrumphed and crossed his arms, sticking his nose in the air as he looked away from them. Amy looked at Tod with a smile and stepped over to Eric. She hugged him around the middle and put her head on his shoulder.

  “If I make you breakfast, will you forgive us? Tod and I are having eggs, toast, and waffles. Anything you want in particular big guy?”

   “Mmmm, waffles...”

  “Well, I guess that answers that. There'll be eggs and toast if you want any. Me and Tod will be downstairs if you need us. Breakfast will be ready soon.”

   Tod hopped off his bed and followed Amy as she opened the door and stepped out into the hall, to come face to face with their father, Arthur. He was dressed in his robes, and his glasses were slightly askew. He looked blearily at Amy and Tod, groaned, then turned and walked over to the bathroom, scratching his messy hair. The door shut with a click, and they heard the water turn on. Amy called down to the bathroom.

   “Daddy! There's no more...”

   “HOLY CRAP! It's like freaking ice water!”

   Amy hurriedly took Tod's paw into her own and made a hasty retreat for the stairs. Down in the kitchen, they found their mother seated at the table, sipping something that smelled like tea. She looked up and greeted them with a warm smile and a “good morning”. Amy and Tod both greeted her, but Tod stepped over and wrapped his arms around her waist in a hug. She chuckled and kissed the top of Tod's head, right between the ears. She paused, sniffed, and then hugged Tod again.

   “Aww, Tod, you smell like my favorite popsicle!”

   “It's the shampoo I got, Mom. It smells like orange creamsicles.”

   “I hope you don't mind me stealing some of that shampoo, it smells positively delightful!”

   Amy laughed and stepped into the kitchen. Tod hopped onto the stool he had used the day before and watched as Amy began preparing breakfast.

   “Mom usually doesn't eat breakfast, and Dad only eats on occasion, so I'll just make enough for you me and Eric, plus a little on the side in case anyone else wants some.”

   Just then, Arthur walked into the kitchen, his fur wet, and a look of general discomfort on his face. Liliana stared at him, a look of confusion on her face.

   “Why are you all wet, honey?”

   “Tried to take a was very cold. No hot water.”

   He looked meaningfully at Amy, and she cleared her throat and busied herself with the preparation of the morning meal.

   “Well, I tried to tell you Daddy. I took a shower, and Tod took one too. Eric tried to take one too, but there was no hot water left so he decided to wait. You should have too, you know?”

   Arthur grunted and stepped into the kitchen. Opening a cabinet, he grabbed a coffee cup and filled it with the tea that Liliana was drinking. As he passed Tod, he set his cup down and picked Tod up. He smiled at the puppy, and then kissed the Tod right on his nose. Tod giggled helplessly and wrapped his arms around Arthur's neck, then kissed the grey fox on the cheek. Setting Tod down, Arthur looked to where Amy was cooking.

   “I don't suppose telling you to take shorter showers is going to do much good, huh?”

   “Daddy, I'm a young woman, and I need to keep up with my personal hygiene!”

   The older fox sighed and shut his eyes, rubbing his temples in small circles. When he opened his eyes again, he looked at Tod.

   “So, what do you kids have planned for the day now that your brother and sister don't have school?”

   Tod thought of Eric, still upstairs and possibly still aroused.

   “I'm sure we'll think of something fun!”

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