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               welcome to the fanlisting for the australian    author, Juliet Marillier. Please take a look around and join the fanlisting for this wonderful author. If you have any other questions or comments please send them to [jesska]

                 <img:> the sevenwaters trilogy codes<img:>

                 <img:> the sevenwaters reviews<img:> +book covers and some fanart.

                  <img:> the author<img:>

                 <img:> pronounciation guide<img:>

                 <img:>  sevenwaters links<img:>

                 <img:>  <poll:52256><img:> which book is your favorite?

                <img:> the sevenwaters tour<img:> a tour of sevenwaters related artwork, in the style of tours featered on elfwood.


[please note; i am not juliet marillier and do not own any of the characters, and storylines. juliete does.]

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2005-06-01 [Phenomenon]: Ah, my librairy doens't have any of her books, I'm going to try another librairy next week.

2005-06-02 [jesska]: you can always suggest to your librarians to order the boook for you.

2005-06-02 [Phenomenon]: I did but that usually takes a month or so, in the meanwhile I'll just look in a bigger librairy

2005-06-03 [jesska]: ok

2005-06-10 [slapper]: yeah my library dosent have most of her books either

2005-07-29 [Wild Rose]: these books are amazing

2005-07-29 [Phenomenon]: I've read them now too and they were rather good. I did think the forbidden love thingy was getting a bit boring after the first book though. To be honest I think 'weel of time' is better.

2005-07-29 [Wild Rose]: well maybe the books are a bit alike in general, but I loved the lovestories, but I'm a big romantic. weel of time, think i saw them in the library, i wanted to read em but when i red the flap it seemed more of a fantasy book going mostly about war and i don't really like reading about warscenes all the time, sure battles are great, but one big war nah not for me

2005-07-30 [slapper]: im a sucker for romance. by favorite couple is liaden and bran

2005-07-30 [Phenomenon]: I thought the first book had the best story, the third was a only bit less but the second didn't seem to even have one. Yup, the first was my favourite.

2005-07-30 [Wild Rose]: i can't seem to chose, I loved the first one because it was so magical, i loved the second one for the emotional scenes and the third one for the exciting storyline and the unexpected ending

2005-07-31 [jesska]: the third one was probably my least favorite, i was a bit disapointed in it.

2005-07-31 [Wild Rose]: i don't know, i liked it a lot, Darragh is such a sweetheart! My heart broke during the scene when Fainne saw him falling down the cliff, it was so sad

2005-08-01 [Rider]: i loved all the books but yeah i liked the first 2 more and had a better story line but i fell in love wif darragh ^_^

2005-08-01 [jesska]: i quite fell in love with dog from the second book. when he died i cried.

2005-08-08 [slapper]: i kind of had a thing for eamon. i know hes meant to be a bad guy but i felt sympathy for him.

2005-08-08 [Phenomenon]: Heh, me too.

2005-10-20 [jesska]: im going to make a tour of art relating to the seven waters trilogy. kind of like the tours they have on elfwood. if anyone has any fan art or knows of some could you please send them to me.

2005-11-05 [slapper]: cool

2005-11-05 [jesska]: thanks

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