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Play-gan: The term used to refer to those who claim the religious identity of Pagan out of ignorance and an attempt to either a) be cool or b) be weird.
The term is therefore a play on the words "pagan" and "play" as the individual(s) in question are essentially playing at being a member of the Pagan faiths.

You may also have heard them referred to as being "fluff bunnies" and "wiccas" the later being a running joke due to the number of people who claim that they are "Wiccas" rather than the correct term "Wiccan".

Playgans, usually "Wicca Wanabees" take utter delight in being "persecuted" for their religious beliefs and will take any opportunity to demonstrate their holier than thou paganish ways. Their delight in persecution comes from the misinformation that Wiccans were burned at the stake during the witch hunting era and they will do anything to glorify this tragic event in history to make themselves in to a modern day living martyr.

They also miss out on the irony of proclaiming that their faith is better than yours while their websites usually sport the "all Gods are one" mantra.

If the contents of Playgans offends you and your sense of reality, then you are probably one of them.


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