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2005-07-30 07:26:49
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The Town Herald


The netpaper about Elftowners, by Elftowners, for Elftowners.

The Sea - Myth & Fantasy

Enter Issue 11:
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Thankyou to all our regular Heralders for their continual help and contributions that keep this whole thing going, and to the guest and prospective Heralders who have contributed to this issue.

Cover Image by [Charybdis] for The Herald Contest Arena (HeraldContestArena - Sea Myths & Fantasy)
Cover designed and edited by [Kaimee]
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2005-07-31 [so???]: wow, gr8 pix

2005-08-01 [beccalambertxxx]: dat pic is freaky

2005-08-01 [sequeena_rae]: wow 0_o

2005-08-01 [Miss Lady Bitch]: that pic kicks ass i love it

2005-08-15 [PrincessArwen]: gorgeous =)

2005-10-18 [CHRISTMAS_ELF]: way awe

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