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The netpaper about Elftowners, by Elftowners, for Elftowners.


Issue 22, now published!

Current Issue: The Town Herald - Issue 22 -

The Town Herald - Issue 22

featuring cover artist [blu.nation]

Now Available for Download!

Hi-res: <URL:stuff/The-Town-Herald-Issue-22.pdf>
Low-res: <URL:stuff/The-Town-Herald-Issue-22-lowres.pdf>

If you wish to peruse past issues of The Town Herald, please visit our archive: The Herald Archive


Town Herald News & Updates

Currently working on Issue 23:

ATTENTION! To all writers:

We are always interested in featuring guest articles, reviews and tutorials on anything art, photography, writing, fantasy & sci-fi, or Elftown related!
Maximum 3000 words and all entries should be spell checked. Check out Herald Guest Submissions if you're interested! If you have art or poetry that you think fits our theme, you're invited to submit it at the Poetry Corner and the Art Corner! Or if you're interested in contributing to the Herald on a more permanent basis, check out Herald Hopefuls!


Herald links:

Town Herald Public Forum: <joinforum:177:union> (Town Herald : Come one, come all) - chat with readers and crew

-Herald Hopefuls: For those who wish to contribute regularly to the Herald.
-Herald Guest Submissions: For those who wish to make one-off contributions to the Herald.
-Herald: Suggestions: For those who have ideas for the future of the Herald.
-Heralders: A list of our current staff
-Town Herald Honourable Mentions A list of our illustrious staff and helpers from the past.
-Herald Covers: Where you can see the wonderful Herald cover art!
-The Herald Archive: Here you can find all our past issues, so you can re-read them whilst waiting for the next issue!


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2006-09-11 [Kaimee]: Herald advertisment is Herald business. How ET is organised is not ;) Suggestions of that sort can go in the suggestions forums. This page is for specific Herald talk, preferably about the issues and articles, or what you'd like to see more of :)

2006-09-11 [iippo]: Could the themes/issue names of the non-wiki Herald issues be written on this page as well? Like 12 has "music of life" reading next to it, could 10 have "the future cyberpunk and sci-fi" and so on so forth...? Could get new people to read the old issues when they see the topic they like.

2006-09-11 [Kaimee]: Very good idea! :D

2006-09-11 [Faery]: Maybe we could associate with [Happy Birthday] and put a link to the Herald in the message...

2006-09-11 [Kaimee]: We don't ususally associate with other wikis, but anyone can add links to other wikis and ET projects in the classifieds section :)

2006-09-11 [Faery]: What I mean is, since Happu Birthday sends a message to each and every elftowner on their birthday, if the link to the herald is in the said message, everyone would get a reminder once a year...

2006-09-11 [Kaimee]: I so have no objection to that, because it's wonderful advertising, but sunny runs happy birthday doesn't she? If she wants to volunteer it, of course it'd be great, but otherwise.. :P

2006-09-11 [Faery]: Of course, but we could ask her...

2006-09-11 [Kaimee]: Go ahead :P

2006-11-06 [Janouk]: Hey, what's going to happen to the thing I did not mention? ^^

2006-11-06 [Kaimee]: When the people working on the clues are finished it will be announced... until then, shh! It's secret! ;)

2006-11-06 [Janouk]: Oh, ok!
*sneaks to previous comment and deletes :)*

2006-11-28 [hanhepi]: just checkin in. still alive, but too poor to fix comp. :( miss yall.

2006-11-29 [The Red Baron]: Speaking of being too poor to fix computers, my laptop died on me yesterday and I'm in the same boat as you are. Damn! Almost all the stuff I study is on it...

2006-11-29 [Diiwica]: What is wrong with your laptop.. I know it is strange to ask, but It culd be something that could be fixed easily...

2006-11-30 [The Red Baron]: It's a long story and this comment box is not the place for it.

2006-12-03 [Chrysilla]: I have some suggestions... but there`s kind of much to say... should i go on and post everything here or just message [Kaimee]?

2006-12-03 [The Red Baron]: sending her a message would be more apropriate methinks.

2006-12-03 [Chrysilla]: me thanks you ^_^

2006-12-03 [The Red Baron]: you is welcome

2006-12-25 [I'm off elftown now!]: Just a question or idea, which ever, We have poetry corners and Art corners but what about story corners? sounds a bit like a kindergarden, but I was just wondering. have I missed something?

2007-05-25 [The Red Baron]: Roger that. So, what happened to the Arabian Nights issue?

2007-05-26 [Mordigen]: It's being published on the 29th

2007-05-26 [The Red Baron]: I hope our articles have been delivered to you?

2007-05-26 [Kaimee]: Yes they have, you should look forward to seeing them published in the upcoming issue :)

2007-05-26 [Kaimee]: Koala, themed short-fiction is ususally considered for featuring as long as you get it to a Heralder within a good amount of time :) Keep an eye on the upcoming issues and themes, and if you have anything you should contact [Mordigen] or [Kaimee]

2007-05-26 [The Red Baron]: Roger roger (someone remove that battle droid out of my head!)

2007-05-29 [shotokan_gal]: Just fixed the image link.

2007-05-30 [Kaimee]: I'll post the pdf and this link in the news when I get home :)

2007-08-03 [ally]: Mmm there seems to be a typo in the link to issue 15. It leads to an empty wiki.

2007-08-03 [irulan]: Fixed! :)

2007-08-04 [iippo]: And the links to Herald issues 1-10 are dead.

2007-08-04 [Mordigen]: it's because of the recent switch over to the .com domain instead of the lysator --- there's been a template tag entered to change any of the olde lysator links over to the .com domain, so everytime we try to correct it it's automatically switched over, BUT because the Herald was built outside of et on the Lysator, they were not switched over to the domain with everything in inside there sort of stuck, i'm going to post a comment about it the Bug forum though to see if they can be switched over to the domain also, or if we can get a tag to allow us to succesfully post the original lysator links without them automatically being changed :/

2007-08-06 [Perplexity]: Very much enjoying the newest issue, everyone. Thank you for all your hard work!

2007-08-06 [Mordigen]: Thankya Thankya ^_^ -- oh, and iippo - the links have all been taken care of, they should be working now :)

2007-09-30 [iippo]: Would you mind if I added keywords to the articles of the past wiki-issues of the Herald? (I'm feeling idle and I noticed none of them have keywords at all :C Keywords would make them findable to people in and out of ET)

2007-09-30 [Mordigen]: i dont mind it :) but i think maybe you should wait to here from kaimee too...:/

2007-10-03 [Kaimee]: Oh, I never mind when people want to do lovely helpful things, I just then subsequently work them to death >:P Go ahead :)

2007-10-03 [Jitter]: The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.<img:stuff/mood7-gif.gif>

2007-10-03 [Jitter]: Nice :3

2007-11-13 [Hedda]: The URLs like
don't work right now after the upgrade. The files where in a strange place that I totally forgot to copy, so they are on a disconnected harddisk now.

2007-11-13 [Hedda]: I'll fix as soon as I figure out a simple way to do it.

2007-11-14 [Kaimee]: Thankyou, it's not too urgent but it would be nice if they worked :)

2007-11-14 [Hedda]: They are working now!

2007-11-14 [Duke Devlin]: Yay ^^ It was noticed ^^ And noted ;)

2008-05-26 [Chimes]: Anyone have any idea when the next Herald will be out?

2008-05-28 [Mordigen]: Hopefully before father's day :-/. I know that's not much of a promise, but currently *all* the heralders are having some real-life priorities take over ..... we are all still here, and's just going much more slowly than usual.

2008-05-28 [Chimes]: Fair enough. :] Life stuff = more important, as a rule. :]

2008-05-28 [Mordigen]: :)

2008-05-28 [Chimes]: Or at least I reckon it should be. Who knoooows. ^^

2008-07-15 [Chimes]: Wow, that cover is STUNNING!

2008-07-15 [Imperator]: *stunned*

2008-07-20 [Ramirez]: I wonder if you guys would be interested maybe in adding another little section. Like perhaps during the gardening seasons or right before them suggestions of types of flowers and whatnot to plant, or gardening supplies/decorations that can maybe be bought through Elftown. Having people design some fairies or toads or something that can go in gardens for decorations, and the money can go towards keeping Elftown running so that anyone can donate designs for the benefit of Elftown. (I'm not sure of the actual costs of making such items though).

Or maybe another section about vacation spots that are outdoor-sy and have people review them who have been there and/or write about the history of them. Have maybe National Parks or other vacation spots. Who knows, just been thinking about the Herald a lot and how great an idea it was. I wish I had started reading it right away when it came out. Now I'm trying to catch up. XD

2008-07-20 [Chimes]: If you're interested in helping out yourself... maybe you should suggest it on Herald Hopefuls.
You may stand a chance of joining us. ^^

2008-07-20 [Ramirez]: I would actually really like to apply for a position, but I'm also starting college soon and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to invest in the position I'd like. And I don't think they'd appreciate it I joined and then had to take a leave of absence while I got my stuff down for college. =/

2008-07-20 [Chimes]: Then maybe you should submit some Herald Guest Submissions:]

2008-07-20 [Ramirez]: -gasps- Maybe I should! I'll look into it. Thanks. =D

2008-07-20 [Hendercrazy]: Yes, the Herald is always looking for new ideas and material! Way to "Chime"-in there [Chimes]. :P :) Sorry, couldn't resist that. Anywaaay... *walks off whistling*

2008-07-20 [Imperator]: Yes, I do like your suggestions [Ramirez]. I could contribute something about Florida for the vacation thingy. :-)

2008-07-20 [Chimes]: Ibiza for me.

Ahaha! Hender that was brilliant! :D

2008-07-21 [Mordigen]: Ramirez -- Thanks so much for the suggestions. Unfortunately, the Herald as no sway on ET merchandise or donations made through them -- that is something you would have to suggest and talk to [Hedda] about the reality of that idea before bringing it to the Herald :) 
And - We do already have a travel section included, that was written by [Faery], and even though she is retired now, she is still writing guest submissions for us from time to time --- so if you have anything to contribute to that, that is something we could definately feature since we already had it included in past issues :) 
So if you, or anyone else, has anything travel related - you can definately check out Herald Guest Submissions and send it over :D

2008-07-21 [Ramirez]: All right, I can go to the Suggestions forum and see if [Hedda] approves or disapproves of the idea. =D

And I haven't quite read all the Herald yet, so that must be why I didn't come across [Faery]'s traveling section. My apologizes! DX

2008-07-21 [Mordigen]: Hey, no problem - but the point was, since we have that section included, of course we'd take submissions for it ;D so you can send anything you have our way

2008-07-21 [Ramirez]: All right, I'll keep that in mind. =D

[Hedda] also decided that selling those things would be pointless since Elftowns Merchandise isn't selling very well as it is and doesn't want to have to bother with something else that will more than likely not sell well.

2008-07-22 [Mordigen]: Yes, I saw the conversation in the Suggestion forum. Makes sense though, but thankyou for the update and the suggestion anyhow :) We appreciate it!

2008-07-22 [Ramirez]: You're welcome. ^^ I hope that one day I can have the time to apply for a part of the Herald. Maybe some time after college starts for me and I know for sure I'll have time and some openings are waiting I'll apply. =D

2008-08-04 [Imperator]: Shouldn't "Issue 16, now published!" be "17"? And there's a ">" under the picture...

2008-08-04 [Mordigen]: Yes, it should be -- I thought I corrected that, thanks :)

and where is the ">" ? I do not see it :/

2008-08-05 [Imperator]: Uh... It's gone now. Never mind. :-)

2008-11-30 [Venus 53]: Gah thanks guys, now you've gotten me onto Steampunk! This could be dangerous... =P

2008-11-30 [Imperator]: :D

2008-12-01 [Mordigen]: So now that we have infected you with our theme, why don'tyou contribute! XD

2008-12-02 [Venus 53]: ...I can't think of anything I can do =( Will try to come up with something though... =)

2008-12-02 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Sorry I'm applying so much. I've been wanting to write for ages and I can't get enough time for a novel. So, I decided articles will clench my addiction. xD

2008-12-05 [Chimes]: *is dying with lack of internet... is currently in a lesson at college* I'll be back tonight! I hope.

2009-02-13 [Empee]: Waiting for the PDeeeeefff! ^^

2009-02-14 [Venus 53]: Indeed. Me also.

2009-02-18 [Mordigen]: I'm sorry folks, but the PDF versions wont be available for the past issues, or the upcoming ones for quite a while. We just don't have the staff do get everything done that we have to do now already, on top of workin gon a PDF :( 

2009-02-18 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: What is PDF, if I may ask? =s

2009-02-18 [Chimes]: It's a file type. :)

2009-02-18 [True, plain and simple]: [Mordigen] - If you supply the content, I can always fire up Acrobat and produce a PDF version for you if you want.

2009-02-18 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Oh. Thank you. =] I should've figured. << But, oh well. xD

2009-02-19 [Mordigen]: Thankyou for the help True :) Unfortunately, it's getting the content ready that is so time consuming XD

2009-03-20 [Imperator]: The picture is broken... And what's up with the new divider bars? What's wrong with the old ones?

2009-03-20 [SilverFire]: You mean the cover image? It still works fine for me. :/ (and even if you don't mean the cover image, all the pictures on this page still work fine for me o.O)

2009-03-20 [Chimes]: They all work fine for me too.

2009-03-21 [Imperator]: Now the cover is fine. Hmmmm. But still, what about the divider bars? I liked the old ones better. These new ones don't fit the color scheme.

2009-03-21 [SilverFire]: What colour scheme?

2009-03-21 [Chimes]: There is no colour scheme... and the old ones were huge... and kinda tacky looking... :/ *shrugs* I like these better. The page looks more professional.

2009-03-22 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: 'Color scheme' is green. I think that's what [Imperator] meant at least. The background, links, and other stuff is either black or green.

2009-03-22 [SilverFire]: That's Elftown's colour scheme, not the Herald's. *shrug*

2009-03-22 [Chimes]: The Herald used to have gold dividers... so if it were the green... that would break it too...

2009-03-22 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Well, I learned a little history then. =D I didn't know the Herald had a color scheme all it's own. =3

2009-03-22 [Chimes]: Neither did I... hence why I'm confused at Imperator's comment. :P

2009-03-23 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Touche!

2009-03-24 [Imperator]: These don't match the gold emblem thingy at the top of the page, that's what I meant by "theme"... :P

2009-03-24 [SilverFire]: I think they do. <_<

2009-03-24 [Chimes]: They look fine. :P And if need be we have back ups, or tweaking the colours in the emblem would work too... :P But that's only in dire need. The current ones look good, better than the old ones.

2009-03-25 [Imperator]: Can't we have them be the same shade of gold/yellow in the emblem?

2009-03-25 [Chimes]: ... Well, these were from Elftown graphics. We could change 'em for the other ones we have... buuut, I don't really think it's worth it... :/

2009-03-25 [Imperator]: I don't like these! :'-( Waaaaa!! They just don't match!

2009-03-25 [Chimes]: The old ones didn't either... and they were huge and missing outlines in places, this is a vast improvement. :P
If it really bugs you that much and others agree, I could change 'em to these, or someone else could, if they have the patience/time: <img:>
(Probably at the weekend)

2009-03-26 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: -laughs at the argument-

2009-03-26 [Chimes]: It's not an aaaargument. :P It's a discussion. ^^ Unless Imperator thinks it's an argument... then we are at a confusing mesh of pathways. XD

2009-03-26 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: lol. argument = discussion* then. =D

2009-03-26 [Imperator]: Mesh of pathways? I prefer catwalks but whaaaateve'. I do like the divider you put in your comment a lot better than these though.

2009-03-26 [SilverFire]: Think I got them all.

2009-03-26 [Imperator]: Yay! That does look much better. Don't ya think?

2009-03-27 [Chimes]: Well, they'll match the issues now, so it must be a good thing. :]

2009-06-15 [SilverFire]: Showing front cover beforehand = fail.

2009-06-15 [Kaimee]: Check through the page histories, the front cover has often been shown beforehand to give people a taste of what we'll be putting out :P

2009-06-15 [SilverFire]: And that stops it being fail... how? <_<

2009-06-15 [Kaimee]: As I said, it gives people a taste of what well be releasing for the next issue. Any way of generating interest is good, especially for the Herald which is in a constant state of needing it! :P
Personally, I find it more interesting to see the upcoming cover and go "Hmm, that looks interesting", rather than secretively hoarding everything until the release. Think of it as advertising :P

2009-06-15 [SilverFire]: I think of it as cluttering the page.

2009-06-15 [Kaimee]: Hmm, maybe we should ask the others in the forum if they wish to continue using it like this, or not? I personally like it, we've often done it in the past when we have the covers organised on time (which is meant to be always! :P), and I think the page looks nice like this. Also, it is intended to provide inspiration to get people to contribute to the upcoming issue :P

2009-06-15 [Rice]: The front cover looks amazing.
I love the use of Hans Gigers Alien.

2009-06-15 [Kaimee]: It's the work of [Katie Staines], one of Elftown's old school awesome artists :P

2009-06-15 [Rice]: It's brilliant 8D...I love it...

2009-06-15 [Kaimee]: Always good to hear :D

2009-06-15 [iippo]: Oh, that was confusing, I thought the new issue was out. Having the front cover before the actual issue spoils the surprise (does for me anyhoo). :/

2009-06-15 [Rice]: I forget, do the elftown public know the theme before the herald comes out?

2009-06-15 [Kaimee]: Yup, the upcoming theme is always listed on this page

2009-06-15 [Rice]: Then I see nothing wrong with having the front cover out before the issue 8)
Seems like a nice idea to show people what's coming up.

2009-06-15 [iippo]: But it still kind of... doesn't cancel the disappointment of "bwee new issu- no what the heck? Oh..."

2009-06-15 [Rice]: I don't think it cancels the dissapointment at all.

2009-06-15 [Chimes]: Maybe, instead of having the whole cover we should have a teaser? Then there would be less disappointment and we'd get to advertise it beforehand. :]

2009-06-15 [Rice]: Like a snipit of it...>8)

2009-06-15 [Chimes]: Exactly. :]

2009-06-15 [Rice]: Oh [Chimes] you tricky little fox you~

2009-06-16 [Kaimee]: Great idea! There you go, teaser in place :P

2009-06-16 [Teufelsweib]: I do think it tickles the interest actually, instead of spoiling the surprise with the new cover

2009-06-17 [Kaimee]: Great! :D Well from now on, instead of posting upcoming covers we'll use the header/teaser graphic :)

2009-09-28 [Nioniel]: :P

2010-05-10 [Ravendust]: Clicking on the link: The Town Herald Archive leads to a blank wiki page, also I think that for issue 22 the January date is incorrect.

2010-05-11 [Kaimee]: Thankyou! The correct link should be there now :)

2010-05-17 [Ravendust]: Has a deadline for Issue 22 been decided yet?

2010-05-18 [Kaimee]: No it hasn't, it will be finished when it's finished :) All our volunteer Herald workers have had busy little lives lately, and the Herald has been on the backburner, but were hoping to pull it all together soon and get it out looking great! :D

2010-05-21 [Ravendust]: Mmkay then, thanks. :)

2010-09-06 [shotokan_gal]: Yay, new Herald :)

2010-09-07 [*Phoenix*]: YAY! Issue 22 was great! I hope the Herald becomes a bit more regular again because I love reading it!

2010-09-07 [Kaimee]: We're hoping to have the next issue out before the end of the year! :)

2010-09-07 [hanhepi]: crap, i linked to this on facebook, and next to the pretty cover issue, it gave me the 3rd comment on the page, rather than a cool description of the herald/this issue. any way to fix that in the future?

2010-09-07 [Chimes]: You can delete the description the link gives you on facebook and write your own. :)

2010-09-07 [hanhepi]: it wouldn't let me! dag nabit, i thought there was a way i could do that.

2010-09-07 [Chimes]: You just click on it. O.o It let me. :P

2010-11-06 [kamisch]: Ooh...I actually have a poem & short story of sorts involving creation!'s on DeviantArt and I can't get to that place from work :\ I NEED TO REMEMBER TO GO THERE WHEN I GET HOME! There was a painting that went with it too...but it wasn't very good. Weee! I'll try a new one :D

2010-11-07 [Kaimee]: Good! :D Deadlines coming up quickly though...

2010-11-21 [Mortified Penguin]: You should let me have an article to inform Elftowners about the origins and meanings of various different idioms. Like 'a piece of cake', 'a dime a dozen', 'a chip on your shoulder', 'break a leg', 'close but no cigar', 'dark horse', and the like.

2010-11-21 [SilverFire]: You should submit them as a guest. :3

2010-11-21 [Mortified Penguin]: No, you!

2010-11-21 [hanhepi]: that does sound like a pretty cool article. you should submit it to  the guest submissions. i'd read it :D

2010-11-21 [Mortified Penguin]: Yes, but that wouldn't result in me getting a badge now, would it?

2010-11-21 [Kaimee]: herald guest submissions is always open...

2010-11-21 [Mortified Penguin]: As you should all be well aware of, I want to collect all the badges, so that one day I can face the elite four and be an Elftown MASTER.

2010-11-21 [SilverFire]: That almost makes me want to badge you. :P

2010-11-21 [Mortified Penguin]: You should go with that gut feeling and throw a Guard badge my way (privs included, of course).

2010-11-21 [Kaimee]: I know, me too ._.; Well, the Herald badge is crazy easy to get. You just have to convince me you'll keep submitting.

2010-11-21 [Thunder Cid]: Mother of God it all makes sense now.

2010-11-21 [Ravendust]: hey, I have every intention to keep submitting myself :) I love to come up with new things; whether they be drawn, written, or anything in between.^^

2010-11-21 [Mortified Penguin]: Well, my work load is light at the moment, so I'll keep submitting for at least 5 months. After that, more likely than not, I'll get bored of it and resign.

2010-11-21 [Mortified Penguin]: I mean, forever. I would keep submitting forever.

2010-11-22 [Kaimee]: I'm pretty hard to convince. It takes longer than 5 months to get past the apprentice period :P

2010-11-22 [hanhepi]: but hey, after that 5 month period you could keep contributing... i knock most of my shity well written articles out in just a day or two. (not that it shows or anything. :/) one day to wright, sleep, then re-read it all to check and see if it still makes sense. 

2010-11-22 [Eyden13]: I plan to keep submitting ^-^ and submitting and submitting for each paper.

2010-11-22 [Ravendust]: one day to wright? :P

2010-11-22 [Kaimee]: We do a lot of editing in the Herald too ;)

2010-11-22 [Ravendust]: haha, fun fun xP

2010-11-23 [Eyden13]: If you need any help let me know ^-^

2010-11-23 [hanhepi]: crap! and i fixed that "wright" from "right" XD. and now you see why the editors all grumble about my stuff behind my back.

perhaps i should spend 3 or 4 days on editing. XD

2010-12-21 [Mirime]: aw, but then we'd have nothing to do ;)

2010-12-21 [hanhepi]: yeah, that's it, i'm just keeping y'all on your toes!

2011-01-09 [All_Most PUNK]: 'sides, universe could implode.

2011-02-27 [Akayume]: When is the next issue due? :D I can't wait to read it! <3

2011-02-27 [Chimes]: We're working on it. It should have been out a while ago but in true Herald fashion... it's really late :P

2011-02-27 [Akayume]: S'oke. :D I am just eager because I actually contributed something for once. XP As opposed to all the years I've been here and haven't contributed anything.

2011-03-03 [Kaimee]: You can continue contributing if you like :P

2011-03-03 [Akayume]: I shall. :D

2011-05-04 [Akayume]: Pssst! What's the font used on the old issue? The one you used to "sign" your name [Kaimee]?

2011-05-05 [Kaimee]: I'm so glad someone asked! x)
It's a variation of Liza Pro (by Type foundry which has Liza Display Pro, Text pro, Caps Pro and Ornaments. It's one of the very few typefaces utilising the full range of type options available, including not only extensive ligatures (joint letters), but also something new called Contextual Alternates.
Each letter has contextual alternates, which means there are many different versions of each letter, which are used depending on which letters are used in conjunction with it!
Which means if you wrote something like "Ho ho ho", every single letter would look different.
My explanation was horrible, but there are some great examples at their site :)

It's huge fun to play with, and amazingly versatile :D It's not a free font though, and I own the full license through my design business, so I can't share it with you :(

2011-05-05 [Kaimee]: We'll be using it on our lovely upcoming cover too (a sneak peek will be posted soon!) so you can admire it some more :)

2011-05-05 [Akayume]: It's so pretty! I absolutely adore it! <3 Depending on how much it is I might actually pay to acquire it. >.>'' Yes, I like it that much. X3

2011-05-05 [Kaimee]: Well, if you use Adobe Illustrator it's well worth the cost, because you get the full range of amazing options available, which other programs wont have complete access to :(

2011-05-05 [Akayume]: Ahhh. I have paint shop pro *is oldschool* :P

2011-05-05 [Kaimee]: Oh wow o.o That is old school! :P Well, it will still work for you, maybe google "ligatures" and "contextual alternates" to see if paint shop pro supports them?

2011-05-05 [Akayume]: I could also wait until I update. XP I have the means to, but I am super lazy and have not yet. XD even though psp has a special place in my heart since I learned most of what I know on that program. :P

2011-05-06 [Kaimee]: Aww, I know what you mean. I started on Corel and opencanvas, and the switch to mac adobe software was sad, but made more sense for my work. Oh well! We should probably stop chatting on an official page now :p

2013-01-16 [Ravendust]: So... any news on when the next issue might make an appearance? It's been over a year, I'm mostly just curious at this point xP

2013-03-08 [Paul Doyle]: When an artistic e-community's own e-zine is dead, it's probably safe to say the entire site is dead, not just in traffic but also dead in creative spirit. What a shame.

At first I thought it was merely stupid ET drama (and talented yet overly temperamental personalities) that killed this e-zine (along with the ridiculous decision to reduce the "official" status of both this function and the Elftown Academy. If ET does get a full-fledged reboot (if it isn't, in fact, put out of its misery in the not-too-distant future)may this e-zine (along with the Academy) rise again. The right staffers + the right contributors + no favoritism + the right overall website direction = enduring awesomeness. It can happen, but will it ever happen? I'm not holding my breath. Neither should you. Elftown, shame on you.

2013-03-08 [Flisky]: Our editor actually had a lot of real life issues going on, so this is one of the items that is being revamped. Since it is difficult to redevelop something with so little help, it is taking some time.

2013-03-08 [SilverFire]: I'd like to point out that issues regarding the "official status" of both this and the ET Academy are more complicated than your comment would indicate, and I'd, perhaps naively, also like to think that favouritism hasn't played a significant role in deciding anything on ET for a rather long time.

Also, the Herald's publication has always been erratic, and barely holding on, so if we took that as the bench-mark for the whole health of ET then the site has apparently always been a rather sickly thing. :P

This website undeniably has seen better days, and it looks increasingly doubtful that it will ever see such days again. There's just too much incompatibility between the various groups and people trying to (or trying not to) do things. Trying to do anything on Elftown is a thankless task and rather stressful, and the amount of people who are both prepared to put themselves through that, and actually capable of constructively contributing is currently very, very small. </pessimism> <_<

2013-03-08 [Mortified Penguin]: *coughs loudly and hatefully*

Yep. Nobody willing or capable to help out. Nope, not a single person.

*goes back to reading his self-help book, Passive Aggressive Pick-up Lines, and sighs dramatically*

2013-03-08 [Mortified Penguin]: Wait...

"You know, a Datsun is pretty cheap and somewhat reliable. But whatever. It's not like you care about quality or anything."

Goddammit, this is Passive Aggressive Pick-up Trucks...

*tosses the book into traffic*

2013-03-09 [Paul Doyle]: From my perspective (historically, an often critical one and frequently correct despite the inevitable backlashes) the days of blatant Elftown favoritism in the contests and pretty much everything else, have long since gone by the wayside. Yet the evidence is still there, easily seen in most of the major official contests between about 2005 and 2009. That stuff came and went . . . but so did most of the people who really enjoyed participating in these events.

Yes, I personally stopped participating in these contests---originally BECAUSE of all of the rampant bullshit that was happening back then, but now it's because (1.) I stand by the statements in my year-old "mood update" as well as my diary . . . I'm here, I'm present, but stay mostly quiet in hope ET will be rebooted in a wonderfully vibrant incarnation that actively embraces and promotes the original artistic e-community feel (2.) Very few people actually enter these contests anymore, because they were either burned by past contest experiences or they don't care anymore or they left ET (3.) I'm way too busy with trying to get ahead with both my (ET-unrelated) real-life career as well as getting this huge ongoing writing/artwork (and possibly music as well, further down the road) project out of my system and into print whether it sells or not, before the day I die.

In the right hands, with the right publicity and the right care (and a drastic graphic facelift!) people might enthusiastically come to this website in search of creative inspiration, like they did from 2002 until we started pandering to kiddies and pedos and Myspacers and retards (thereby slowly killing this website's creative artistic core). The e-zine and the Academy might have new life, new purpose, and those people who left in a huff (or came up with some cozy excuse to get the hell out of ET) could be replaced by fresh blood, people with burgeoning talent . . . you know, kind of like the way Elftown used to be, way back in the day. 

People who say they have "outgrown Elftown" possibly didn't belong here in the first place, or they're making an excuse so they don't have to be present on this website anymore. The creative fire never dies, and it never abides by whatever's considered "appropriate" by the ignorant outside world.

2013-03-09 [Mortified Penguin]: I think I understand what Paul is saying. Elftown needs new people in charge of contests and stuff. People who are dedicated and knowledgeable and can bring new, exciting things to the site. The kind of person who runs successful wikis about Mazes and Diners and unrelated things like that. I agree wholeheartedly with this.

2013-03-28 [kians mummy]: God, it's been so long. :)

2013-08-31 [Slayer Chick]: I agree with Paul and Mortified Penguin ^_^

2014-07-13 [Eyden13]: Is there ever going to be a new issue?

2014-09-11 [kians mummy]: I hope so.

2016-05-27 [Kaimee]: Nope (:

2016-05-28 [Mortified Penguin]: Luckily, there's always The Unofficial Elftown News (and Mort's Member of the Month).

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